With Climate Change, Nights Are Warming Faster than Days. Why?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Extreme heat and heatwaves are growing more frequent and more severe because of climate change. While climate change is making our days hotter, the fingerprints of climate change are even clearer for nighttime temperatures than for daytime temperatures.

Solutions to Climate Change-Fueled Droughts in the Western US

Union of Concerned Scientists

One of the most important steps to limit the risk of droughts and reduce their impacts—and all other impacts of climate change—is to bring global CO 2 emissions to zero and even negative (capture more CO 2 than emitted) by mid-century.


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Climate Change Threatens Africa’s Cultural Heritage

Union of Concerned Scientists

This year’s theme is “Arts, Culture and Heritage” and UCS is helping to raise up climate change in that context. Climate Change Africa archaeology capacity-building Climate Vulnerability Index climate-change cultural heritage CVI ICOMOS protected areas Resilience UNESCO World Heritage

Climate Change Threatens Already Poor Air Quality in California’s Central Valley

Union of Concerned Scientists

California’s Central Valley consistently experiences the country’s worst air quality, and climate change is poised to make air quality even worse. Even without the effects of human-caused climate change, the Central Valley experiences some of California’s worst air quality.

Climate Change, Danger Seasons and the Need for Global Action

Union of Concerned Scientists

Deadly heatwaves, extreme drought, food and water shortages, catastrophic flooding, rapidly intensifying tropical storms, raging wildfires—around the world, climate change is exacerbating extreme conditions and their harsh toll on people and ecosystems.

Climate Change Impacts on California Central Valley: The Warning Shot the US Is Ignoring

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change California Central Valley climate change Drought extreme heat San Joaquin Valley waterIt's not a "them" problem.

Do We Really Need New Technology to Fight Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

I was invited to speak at a panel discussion last Wednesday as part of The Economist ’s annual Sustainability Week, titled “What technologies are needed to avert a climate disaster?” Technology isn’t holding back climate progress.

The Supreme Court’s Latest Decision Is a Blow to Stopping Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists

is a serious blow to the EPA’s ability to fight climate change—and could have dangerous repercussions beyond this case. The limited approach permitted by the court ruling will constrain the ability to drive the major cuts in emissions that are necessary to meet climate goals.

Climate Change Lawsuits Plague Oil and Gas Producers

Energy & the Law

The allegations in this 2018 suit are that fossil fuel companies concealed the effects of fossil fuels on climate change and disingenuously marketed their products to the harm of the people living in Boulder County.

The Supreme Court Could Block Climate Change Protections

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Energy Science and Democracy environmental justice EPA scotus Supreme Court RulingWest Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency could have far-reaching impacts for health and the environment.

Climate Change Is Turning California’s Wildfire Season into Wildfire Year

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change has sped up the arrival of spring, with major consequences for wildfires (Fig. Climate change has disrupted historical trends and created conditions for year-round wildfires. Climate Change California climate impacts climate-change Global warming wildfires

Top 35+ Climate Change Law Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Climate Change Blawg

The following are some of the top climate change legal influencers on Twitter. They are some of the best lawyers, legal academics and legal organisations trying to turn the tide on climate change through change in the law across many different jurisdictions.

2020 83

New Study Finds Climate Change Exacerbates Neighborhood Smog

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Clean Air Act fossil fuel companies ozone SmogThis groundbreaking report is important for three main reasons: impact, scale, and attribution.

Four Pieces of 2021 Progress on Agriculture and Climate Change Worth Celebrating

Union of Concerned Scientists

The year 2021 showed (again) how vulnerable farming and food production are to climate change, but also how much potential there is for farmers to be part of the solution. Climate Change Food and Agriculture 2021 agriculture ARA climate-change farmers healthy soil

2021 185

Making climate change illegal

Climate Change Blawg

One of the most robust laws on climate change yet was created in Denmark in 2020. Could failing to act on climate change be made illegal? Read more thoughts on Denmark’s Climate Act in this excellent article here. The post Making climate change illegal appeared first on Climate Change Blawg: Climate Change Law Blogs, News & Insights. Climate Change Law

Climate Change and Me

Academy of Natural Sciences

The first climate change presentation I saw was back in the 1970s when I was working for the National Weather Service. Murray Mitchell, was the top climate scientist for NWS. Today, the great majority of climate scientists and meteorologists have accepted the science.

Fighting Climate Change Might Have Just Gotten Easier

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate ChangeA court in The Netherlands has ruled that Royal Dutch Shell must reduce its carbon emissions—and more.

Four Things to Know—and a Word of Caution—about EPA’s Climate Change Indicators Website Reboot

Union of Concerned Scientists

It’s great to see the EPA recommitting to climate change as a high-priority issue. Climate Change climate-change EPA Global warming indicators

South Korea and Climate Change

Legal Planet

South Korea has made significant international climate commitments. At the moment, South Korean climate policy is in flux. Yoon is committed to the “40% by 2030” national climate target. The post South Korea and Climate Change appeared first on Legal Planet.

Climate Change Library Lab

Environmental News Bits

The Climate Change Library Lab provides information and advice specific to libraries to help them prepare for climate-related disasters or deal with post-disaster recovery within their communities. Read more → Climate change Information tools Libraries

Climate Change and Black History

Legal Planet

Since this is Black History Month, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of the prominent contributions by Blacks to understanding and addressing climate change. He has pioneered computer modeling of climate change.

Climate Change and the Major Question Doctrine

Legal Planet

They seem to think that everything involving climate change automatically becomes a major question. It’s clear that the SEC’s mission is protecting investors and the operation of the securities market, not fighting climate change.

Core collection: Facing climate change

Environmental News Bits

Booklist published its first core collection on climate change in 2006, and all of the books listed there are still urgently important because the reality of global warming is still being denied in spite of ever-rising planetary temperatures and the ever-worsening impacts of climate change. Once again, we offer a list of exceptional books explicating the … Continue reading Core collection: Facing climate change. Books Climate change

California Climate Change Suit Returns to State Court

Energy & the Law

Climate Change Energy Policy California climate change litigation Climate change litigation remand to state court removal to federal court sea level riseCo-author Brittany Blakey. In City of San Mateo, et al v.

What is the Supply Chain for Clean Energy and Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

To deliver new clean energy, the country will need changes in transmission and transmission policy. Climate Change Energy FERC PJM solar wind

Climate Change Adaptation Lessons from Freezing Texas

Environmental and Urban Economics

Due to climate change past histograms of winter and summer weather are likely to understate the likelihood of extreme weather days going forward. If climate change risk is a "known unknown", then a regulator with a taste for Robustness will sign up more customers for CPP.

Climate change’s attention deficit disorder

Environmental News Bits

Remember climate change? Climate changeRead the full story in GreenBiz. It’s not an entirely facetious question.

What Is Climate Change Law?

Climate Change Blawg

Climate change law encompasses the policies and regulations implemented throughout the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conquer global warming, and prevent climate change. Climate change policies can be international, national, or even local, so they may vary significantly from one location to the next. Climate change regulations generally fall into two categories. Climate change […].

2020 40

Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change

Environmental News Bits

The Working Group III report provides an updated global assessment of climate change mitigation progress and pledges, and examines the sources of global emissions. It explains developments in emission reduction and mitigation efforts, assessing the impact of national climate pledges in relation to long-term emissions goals. Reuters has an overview of the … Continue reading Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change.

Legal Action on Climate Change a ‘Global Phenomenon’

Climate Change Blawg

Legal action on climate change is now a global phenomenon. As reported in CNN, a report from the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science has considered litigation in respect of climate change from 1990 to May 2019.

2020 52

Climate change is drying up Italy’s longest river

A Greener Life

climate change Europe impacts Weather climate crisis climate impacts drought food Italy Po River Po ValleyRice fields in Po Valley are flanked by the river Po. Photo credit: By Alessandro Vecchi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying

Environmental Law Centre

Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change August 9, 2021 Press Release The impacts of climate change are becoming. Climate and Energy Climate Change Sustainable Communities

What Does My State Treasurer Have to Do with Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Treasurers are seeing that demands for climate action can’t wait, and they're in a position to pressure fossil fuel company investors to finally vote for serious climate leaders and all-important climate risk disclosure.

Ski resorts and climate change

Environmental News Bits

The effects of climate change are already being felt by some ski resorts, but filling in the slopes with artificial snow may not be a good solution. Read more → Climate change SportsRead the full story at JSTOR Daily.

Climate change & wine

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Climate Central. Fine wine production is likely to shift due to climate change. Premium wine grapes can only be… Read more → Climate change WineriesAmong agricultural products, wine grapes are one of the most sensitive crops to variations in temperature and precipitation. In the United States, the average growing season temperature (April-October) has risen 2.0°F F since 1970.

Public Comment: EPA Must Consider Climate Change When Reforming Chemical Disaster Rule

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Science and Democracy EPA public comments Risk Management Plan

Warmer Nights Caused by Climate Change Take a Toll on Sleep

Inside Climate News

Science Climate Change Environmental Justice Health heat researchA massive data crunch reveals how much sleep people across the planet could lose by the end of the century. By Victoria St. Martin Trouble sleeping?

The role of felt responsibility in climate change political participation

Environmental News Bits

“The role of felt responsibility in climate change political participation.” ” Oxford Open Climate Change, 1(1), kgab012. Behavior change Climate change Publications

Fighting climate change with food

Environmental News Bits

One of the solutions to climate change is right under our feet…soil! Not only does that help mitigate climate change but it grows healthier food. Eat healthier and fight climate change? Read more → Agriculture Climate changeRead the full story from ReFed. When farmed using sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices, soil can sequester atmospheric carbon. Yes, please!

Book review: The Climate Change Cook Book

A Greener Life

I figured it would be a matter of time before somebody wrote a climate change cookbook. It’s a collection of fairly generic recipes with an introduction about climate change, and then they more or less forget about the theme afterwards. By Jeremy Williams.

WEBINAR – Lessons Learned from Canada’s Record on Climate Change

Environmental Law Centre

Lessons Learned from Canada’s Record on Climate Change Join the Environmental Law Centre as we welcome Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) to discuss federal climate change actions. Climate and Energy Climate Change Webinars

Lewis Hay wins Law Society’s COP26 & Climate Change Student Essay Competition

Climate Change Blawg

Congratulations to Napier University law student Lewis Hay who has won the Law Society of Scotland’s COP26 and climate change student essay competition, answering the question ‘How do you consider that developing a universal definition of ecocide may assist in fighting climate change and environmental harm?’ Climate Change Law

Longer, more intense allergy seasons could result from climate change

Environmental News Bits

Allergy seasons are likely to become longer and grow more intense as a result of increasing temperatures caused by humanmade climate change, according to new research from the University of Michigan. Climate change Environmental health Publications