Ozone Pollution: An Insidious and Growing Threat to Biodiversity

Yale E360

Ground-level ozone has long been known to pose a threat to human health. Now, scientists are increasingly understanding how this pollutant damages plants and trees, setting off a cascade of impacts that harms everything from soil microbes, to insects, to wildlife. Read more on E360

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New Climate Research From a Year-Long Arctic Expedition Raises an Ozone Alarm in the High North

Inside Climate News

Science Climate Change mosaic Ozone researchWarming of the surface of the Arctic is matched by a colder polar vortex high in the atmosphere, which is speeding the breakdown of the Earth’s shield against ultraviolet rays.

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Landmark Ozone Treaty Could Prevent More Than 400 Million Cases of Cancer

Scientific American

The Montreal Protocol has helped heal the ozone layer that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Environment Pollution Public Health

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New Study Finds Climate Change Exacerbates Neighborhood Smog

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Clean Air Act fossil fuel companies ozone SmogThis groundbreaking report is important for three main reasons: impact, scale, and attribution.

Ozone layer treaty will slow climate change by protecting plants

New Scientist

The international treaty to protect the ozone layer has had the inadvertent benefit of protecting plants and avoiding up to 1°C of future climate change this century, almost as much as the world has warmed to date

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Oceans may start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs

Successful Green

The world’s oceans are a vast repository... The post Oceans may start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs appeared first on successful GREEN.

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Ozone Hole Would Have Killed Plants and Raised Global Temperatures

Scientific American

Without the Montreal Protocol, more solar radiation would have destroyed plants, lessening the CO2 they absorb. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Environment Climate Change Ecology

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Lower-income ZIP code residents feel worse effects of extreme heat, ozone pollution: study

Environmental News Bits

The combined health effects of ozone pollution and extreme heat disproportionately hurt poorer areas, according to a new study analyzing hospitalizations by ZIP code in California. Read the full story at Smart Cities Dive. Wealthier ZIP codes and populations with better access to healthcare, lower stress levels and reduced car traffic faced were less vulnerable to negative impacts… Read more → Environmental health Environmental justice Publications

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Montreal Protocol Averted an Additional 2.5 Degrees C of Warming, Study Says

Yale E360

The Montreal Protocol, which phased out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals, not only saved the ozone layer, but also staved off an additional 2.5

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Celebrating Ozone Layer Protection Milestones of the Clean Air Act


Ozone layer protection in the United States reaches an important milestone in 2020. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been helping to protect and heal the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer by phasing out ozone-depleting substances (ODS). By Anne L. Austin.

Huge gaps in detection networks plague emissions monitoring

Environmental News Bits

Plug gaps to measure ozone-destroying chemicals and greenhouse gases and verify compliance with Paris and Montreal treaties. Read the full story at Nature. Read more → Air quality Climate change Regulation

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How Does The U.S EPA Report on Air Quality ?


Ground-level ozone (03) Particle pollution (PM2.5 Ground-level ozone (03) Particle pollution (PM 2.5) E.g. The ozone AQI has an 8-hour exposure index & a 1-hour index, while the calculation of P M 2.5

Summer Air Pollution Trends: Factors Affecting Air Quality


Levels of Ground-level Ozone Pollution Can Increase in Summer. As ground-level ozone requires the presence of sunlight to form, high heat and sunny weather can function to increase concentrations of this particular pollutant.

Public Comment Period Opens as Ohio EPA Issues Draft Revisions to Reasonably Available Control Technology (“RACT”) Requirements for Control of VOC and NOx Emissions

Vorys Law

Ohio EPA has proposed rules that will require additional Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission controls for certain manufacturing and industrial operations located in the Cincinnati and Cleveland 2015 ozone nonattainment areas. The Cincinnati ozone nonattainment area includes facilities located in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren Counties. Like VOCs, NOx is a precursor compound which can form ozone.

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DEP Issues Code Orange Air Quality Action Day Saturday, June 5 In Southwest PA Counties

PA Environment Daily

On June 4, the Department of Environmental Protection issued a Code Orange Air Quality Action Day for ozone for Saturday, June 5 in the southwestern counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland.

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What If We Succeed?

Legal Planet

Succeeding in the climate arena will also show that human beings can cooperate to address global issues, just as we did in protecting the ozone layer and eliminating smallpox. Suppose we bring climate change under control and deal with its fallout. What will have we achieved?

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Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control hosts Program Advisory Group Meeting

Vorys Law

The topics discussed during the PAG meeting included: anticipated regulatory changes to address non-attainment of the 2015 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS); a report on improvements in air permitting efficiency, and current air permit projects including new exemptions and permits-by-rule for certain sources; amendments to the nuisance and malfunction rules under OAC 3745-15; updates to the eBusiness Center online portal; and DAPC staffing and budget changes.

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DEP Issues Air Quality Action Day Alert For Sunday, June 6 For Southwest PA, Susquehanna Valley, Lehigh Valley, Southeast PA

PA Environment Daily

On June 5, the Department of Environmental Protection issued a Code Orange Air Quality Action Day for ozone for Sunday, June 6 in the Lehigh Valley, Southwest and Southeast PA and the Susquehanna Valley.

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The Origins of Climate Awareness in the Legal Academy

Legal Planet

But it’s not totally clear what he meant, because “climate change” was used at the time to refer to a range of issues including acid rain, damage to the ozone layer, local weather control efforts, and desertification.

IWIC 2020 – Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology Prize Winners

Water Research & Technology

Woorim Lee (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), for their pitch: “Elimination efficiency of halogenated methylparabens during ozonation and UV/H2O2 treatment of drinking waters”. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology was delighted to sponsor prizes at the 6th International Water Industry Conference 2020 , which took place both online and in Daegu, Korea from the 22 nd – 23 rd September 2020.

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Air Regulators Tackle Trucking at Southern California Warehouses

Clean Energy Law

The rule includes a sunset date, whereby the WPCO requirement expires after both an EPA finding that all SCAQMD air basins have attained the federal 2015 ozone standard of 70 parts per billion (ppb) and a CARB finding that all SCAQMD air basins have attained the state ozone standard of 70 ppb.

Sparklers & Fireworks: How Do Festive Traditions Impact Air Quality?


Studies have also shown that fireworks can create a ‘burst’ of ozone formation, also harmful to human health. Should we be paying more attention to the impact of holiday traditions on the air we breathe? 1) Beautiful but Toxic: Firework Pollution During Popular Celebrations.

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Climate Change and Me

Academy of Natural Sciences

Ozone smog pollution reached unhealthy levels on twenty days. The first climate change presentation I saw was back in the 1970s when I was working for the National Weather Service. The speaker, J. Murray Mitchell, was the top climate scientist for NWS.

The definitive CO2/CH4 comparison post

Real Climate

Methane emissions have a feedback on its own lifetime, serve as an ozone precursor, and reduce the production of sulphate and nitrate aerosols (and consequently indirect cloud-aerosol effects), all of which amplify its net warming effect to about 1.2

Women Voices on Climate Change

Academy of Natural Sciences

I often think back to being a kid in the nineties when saving the ozone was taught as a shining example of international cooperation fueling innovation.

Why I Was Wrong About Methane

Legal Planet

Because methane contributes to ozone pollution, emissions cause immediate health effects as well as warming effects. I didn’t use to think that eliminating methane emissions should be a priority. True, methane is a potent greenhouse gas.

DEP Announces $3 Million In Grants For Cleaner Truck, Bus Fleets Under The Driving PA Forward Grant Program

PA Environment Daily

Conversions to clean diesel trucks and buses reduce large amounts of nitrogen oxide pollution from these vehicles, leading to less fine particulate matter and ozone formation. On September 29, the Department of Environmental Protection announced $3 million in funding through the Driving PA Forward - Truck & Bus Fleet Grant Program (formerly the Class 8 Truck and Transit Bus Grant Program).

Top 5 ECO-Friendly Outdoor Camping Hacks – 2021 Edition


If all campers travel via car, we’re facing hundreds of thousands of vehicles emitting fumes that are ravaging the ozone layer.

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Deciphering the ‘SPM AR6 WG1’ code

Real Climate

In addition, ozone depletion higher up in the stratosphere has caused a cooling high up in the atmosphere.

Bike to Work!

Academy of Natural Sciences

Motor vehicle exhaust is one big source of ground-level ozone or smog, fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Urban Heat Islands and Equity

Green Law

Air quality also suffers from heat-induced ozone; the increased reliance on air conditioning expands energy use, further exacerbating air pollution. Elisabeth Haub Law School of Law. Pace University. Land Use Law Center. Supervisor: John R. Nolon, Distinguished Professor. Blog No. 9 of the Land Use, Human Health, and Equity Project. Editors: Jessica Roberts, Jillian Aicher, Colt Watkiss. Contributing Researcher: Rhea Mallett [*]. Urban Heat Islands and Equity.

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99 maps visualizing human impacts on the planet

Physics World

The book has some positive pictures too, such as one showing the dramatic global reduction in consumption of substances that damage the ozone layer as a result of the Montreal Protocol that was implemented in the 1980s.

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Why is future sea level rise still so uncertain?

Real Climate

The CPDW is thought to be affected by the shift in the westerly winds around Antarctica which have increased in recent decades due to a combination of greenhouse gas forcing and the polar ozone hole ( Miller et al, 2006 ).

Mack Trucks, 30 Other Businesses Call On Pennsylvania To Accelerate Electrification Of Trucks And Buses

PA Environment Daily

On July 20, dozens of businesses, including global vehicle manufacturing leaders, urged Pennsylvania decision makers to accelerate the electrification of trucks and buses throughout the Commonwealth.

Scanning the cosmos for signs of alien technology

Physics World

They do this by analysing the electromagnetic absorption spectra of an exoplanet’s atmosphere as it transits its sun, seeking the presence of gases such as oxygen, methane, water vapour and ozone (a proxy for oxygen).

Decarbonizing California Transportation by 2045

Science & Climate

Particulate matter harms lungs and hearts, while nitrogen oxide compounds contribute to ozone pollution and other health impacts. Decarbonizing California Transportation by 2045. Report to State Outlines Policy Pathways to Meet the Zero-Carbon Time Crunch.

Clean Air Act turns 50

Environment, Law, and History

Clean Air Act programs have lowered levels of six common pollutants — particles, ozone, lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide — as well as numerous toxic pollutants. Dan Farber recently posted on the subject at Legal Planet.

Proposed DEP Regulation Would Require 22% Of Passenger, Light Duty Vehicle Fleet Offered For Sale In PA Be Zero Emission Vehicles Starting In 2025

PA Environment Daily

Carbon dioxide emissions are the leading cause of climate change, and nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, which affects the health of children, older people, people with lung diseases such as asthma and emphysema, and people who work or are active outdoors.

Air District Targets Southern California Logistics Industry

Clean Energy Law

The Basin does not meet the state or federal ambient air quality standards for ozone and particulate matter, and existing regulations have to date proved insufficient to bring the Basin into compliance.

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Federal Courts Need to Allow the EPA to Clear the Air

Vermont Law

Every year, about 200,000 Americans die from smog, which is a mix of ozone and fine particulates (PM. The Clean Air Act (CAA) regulates smog, setting National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone and PM. Many cities in the Northeast fail ozone and PM. SIP Call to control ozone in the Eastern half of the United States. At the end of every year, each polluter had to have enough allowances to cover its ozone season (May-September) NO.

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