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After COP26 – Wasted Time or Time Well-Spent?

Union of Concerned Scientists

People blocking progress need to get out of the way. Science Communication climate-change

Waste 195

Redo of a Famous Experiment on the Origins of Life Reveals Critical Detail Missed for Decades

Scientific American

The Miller-Urey experiment showed that the conditions of early Earth could be simulated in a glass flask. New research finds the flask itself played an under appreciated, though outsized role. -- Read more on Biology Evolution

2021 103

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Why Putting Solar Canopies on Parking Lots Is a Smart Green Move

Yale E360

Solar farms are proliferating on undeveloped land, often harming ecosystems. But placing solar canopies on large parking lots offers a host of advantages — making use of land that is already cleared, producing electricity close to those who need it, and even shading cars. Read more on E360



According to Narok Senator, Ledama ole Kina, it takes over 600 days for medical orders to reach Kwale County after requisition from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA). It might seem a ‘normal’ thing to us who are used to slothful services from some government agencies. But it surely shows how much we devalue human life. How so? You ask… Well how much damage would 600 days do to a person gripped with a disabling illness?

QuTech launches a browser for the quantum Internet

Physics World

The event I attended on Friday caught my attention for several reasons. Billed as the Quantum Network Explorer (QNE) Launch, it took place in the Hague, the Netherlands, not far from where I live.

Democracy in Peril: Top Political Scientists Highlight What’s at Stake with Freedom to Vote Act

Union of Concerned Scientists

"To lose our democracy but preserve the filibuster in its current form.would be a short-sighted mistake of historic proportions.”. Science and Democracy

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Where Is The Water Going?

Circle of Blue

Where Is The Water Going? Small farmers struggle as ag titans wheel water for profit.

2009 101

Visualizing Air Quality with BreezoMeter's Pollution Heatmaps


Our color-coded pollution heatmaps are one of BreezoMeter’s best-loved features and have always been a key part of what we do: Highly visual representations of air quality in a way that anyone can understand and act upon.

Robotic exosuit uses ultrasound imaging to provide personalized walking assistance

Physics World

Wearable robotic systems have great potential for assisting locomotion during clinical rehabilitation, as well as use in recreation and to ease demanding occupational tasks.

2021 97

What Does Corporate Consolidation Mean for Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Skyrocketing turkey prices are driven in part by consolidation in the industries that slaughter and process meat and poultry products. Food and Agriculture corporate consolidation department of justice Thanksgiving Tyson Tyson Foods USDA

2021 169

Marine Oxygen Levels are the Next Great Casualty of Climate Change

Scientific American

The increasing frequency of dead zones will affect billions of people who rely on the ocean for survival. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change

How Domestic Violence is a Threat to Economic Development


By Rasmane Ouedraogo and David Stenzel. Stopping violence against women is not only a moral imperative, new evidence shows that it can help the economy.

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: November 23, 2021

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food.

2021 86

Superionic ice phases could explain unusual magnetic fields around Uranus and Neptune

Physics World

For a relatively simple chemical compound, water – especially its frozen varieties – is surprisingly poorly understood.

Branches of science

Frontier Sin

Author: Leticia Nani Silva. Haleh Moravej is a registered nutritionist, a scientist and a founder of MetMUnch. She is also a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

2021 81

New COVID Antivirals Do Not Replace the Need to Vaccinate

Scientific American

With the advent of new COVID drugs comes the fear that people will opt out of vaccination altogether. -- Read more on Health Vaccines

2021 114

4 unexpected places where adults can learn science

Environmental News Bits

by Jill Zarestky, Colorado State University Modern society benefits when people understand science concepts. This knowledge helps explain how cryptocurrency works, why climate change is happening or how the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person.

How a Federal Drought Relief Program Left Southern Oregon Parched—and Contributed to the Ongoing Groundwater Crisis in the West

Circle of Blue

This piece is part of a collaboration that includes the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), California Health Report, Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism, Circle of Blue, Colorado Public Radio, Columbia Insight, The Counter, High Country News, New Mexico In Depth and SJV Water.

2001 83

Deep learning for disease diagnosis confounded by image labels

Physics World

Artificial intelligence (AI) has potential to play a pivotal role in many areas of medicine. In particular, the use of deep learning to analyse medical images and improve the accuracy of disease diagnosis is a rapidly growing area of interest. But AI is not perfect.

2021 91

10 Air Quality Influencers You Should Know


Air pollution impacts every aspect of our lives, especially health. Companies across all industries now seek to integrate environmental intelligence into their offerings and provide actionable insights to improve daily health choices.

When Did Life Start in the Universe?

Scientific American

Interstellar xenia, or the welcoming of cosmic strangers, could solve this mystery. -- Read more on Space & Physics Astronomy

2021 106

Biden taps the Strategic Petroleum Reserve – What is it? Where did it come from? And does the US still need it?

Environmental News Bits

by Scott L. Montgomery, University of Washington President Joe Biden ordered a release of oil from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve on Nov. 23, 2021, as a part of a coordinated effort with five other countries to tamp down rising fuel prices. The U.S.

2021 82

Merging black holes may create bubbles that could swallow the universe

New Scientist

The area between a pair of large black holes on the verge of colliding could provide the conditions to create dangerous bubbles of "true vacuum

2021 107

Exoplanet orbits tilted 90° by unseen object

Physics World

Exoplanets have been spotted orbiting at right angles to each other by an international team of astronomers led by Vincent Bourrier at the University of Geneva.

2019 93

EPA Proposes to Use Science to Identify Waters of the United States. I’m Shocked, Shocked.

Law and Environment

Last week, EPA and the Army Corps proposed a new rule to define what constitutes “waters of the United States.” Déjà vu all over again.

Law 82

Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Are Finally Coming into Focus

Scientific American

Twenty years after their initial detection, enigmatic blasts from the sky are starting to deliver tentative answers, as well as plenty of science. -- Read more on Space & Physics Astrophysics

2021 104

How to Build Engaging Mobile App Experiences with Air Quality Data


BreezoMeter's air quality app is used everyday by users all around the world. It also ranks as one of the highest in the air quality app categories on both the Apple and Google Play stores. how did we do it? Building an Air Quality App for Consumers.

HotSpots H2O: Unusually Powerful ‘Atmospheric River’ Pummels British Columbia and Pacific Northwest

Circle of Blue

This summer’s heat wave and wildfires weakened the landscape’s ability to absorb rainfall, further contributing to the destruction. Flooding in British Columbia last week snapped the Sowaqua Bridge in two. Photo © B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

NASA launches first-of-a-kind DART mission to deflect asteroid

Physics World

NASA has launched a mission to test whether it is possible to deflect an asteroid using “kinetic impact”.

2024 89

Red light therapy could improve eyesight that has declined due to age

New Scientist

Exposure to deep red or near-infrared light can improve the function of the eye’s mitochondria, the powerhouses in cells, resulting in slight but lasting improvement to declining eyesight

2021 112

Albatross 'Divorce' Rate Rises as the Ocean Warms

Scientific American

Monogamous black-browed albatross may split up from the stress of less food availability. -- Read more on Biology Animals Environment Climate Change

Ocean 98

Frontiers wins coveted ‘Special Jury Prize’ at Vaud International Business Awards 

Frontier Sin

Frontiers is pleased to announce it has won the Special Jury Prize at the 2021 Vaud International Business Awards.

2007 72

What’s Up With Water – Novemeber 22, 2021

Circle of Blue

Transcript. Welcome to “What’s Up With Water,” your need-to-know news of the world’s water from Circle of Blue. This is Eileen Wray-McCann. In western Canada, officials and residents are surveying the damage from a regional flood catastrophe.

2021 83

Wearable sensors could detect respiratory infections before symptom onset

Physics World

In the not too distant future, wearable biometric sensors may be able to detect the early stages of acute viral respiratory infections in people before they develop any symptoms. Such non-invasive devices could be used for infection screening to help limit community spread of airborne viruses.

2020 89