Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Ocean Fertilization: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Law Columbia

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will be needed, alongside deep emissions cuts, to achieve global temperature goals. o C or 2 o c, in line with the Paris Agreement, global carbon dioxide emissions must reach net-zero between 2050 and the early 2070s. By Korey Silverman-Roati.

Carbon dioxide as an air pollutant

Environment, Law, and History

The abstract: In the late 1960s, New Zealand and the United States collaborated to establish a southern hemispheric carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring station on New Zealand’s coastal cliffs.


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LanzaTech makes products from carbon dioxide

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from the Department of Energy (DOE) for a project leveraging technology that uses carbon dioxide (CO2)-rich gas, such as from corn grain ethanol refining, to make chemicals and fuels. A major benefit is that the CO2 is captured before… Read more → Carbon utilization Circular economyRead the full story at Waste360. Climate technology developer and commercializer LanzaTech has been awarded $4.1M

New polymer membrane tech improves efficiency of carbon dioxide capture

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Researchers have developed a new membrane technology that allows for more efficient removal of carbon dioxide from mixed gases, such as emissions from power plants. Carbon capture PublicationsRead the full story from North Carolina State University.

New Study Says World Must Cut Short-Lived Climate Pollutants as Well as Carbon Dioxide to Meet Paris Agreement Goals

Inside Climate News

The study found that limiting warming in coming decades as well as longer term requires policies that focus not only on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, but also of “short-lived climate pollutants”—greenhouse gases including methane and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)—along with black carbon, or soot.

Sprinkling basalt over soil could remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Physics World

Sprinkling powered basalt over natural ecosystems would remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere while also improving soils. billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, where roughly half was stored in the biomass.

Guidance for Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Projects

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The culmination of a series of five, virtual, multi-hour discussion group sessions and one presentation from a variety of practitioners in the ocean-based CDR space, the report details potential guidelines for exploring what governance structures, scientific research, and community engagement should look like as practitioners explore the possibility of removing carbon dioxide… Read more → Carbon management PublicationsDownload the document.

The unconventional scientist who predicted that rising carbon dioxide levels would change the climate

Physics World

In fact, in 1938 Sir George Simpson, a leading meteorologist, dismissed the link between rising carbon-dioxide (CO 2 ) concentration and temperature as “ rather a coincidence ”. Callendar’s 1938 paper “The artificial production of carbon dioxide and its influence on temperature” ( Q.

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Artificial Upwelling and Downwelling: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Law Columbia

According to the IPCC, to achieve net zero emissions, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will be needed to “counter-balance hard to abate residual emissions” from sectors like agriculture, shipping, and aviation. By Romany M.

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Seaweed Cultivation: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Law Columbia

The Sabin Center today released the second in a series of white papers discussing legal issues associated with different ocean-based carbon dioxide removal techniques. The first paper in the series discussed ocean alkalinity enhancement for carbon dioxide removal.

Carbon dioxide chiller provides ample cold for dairy and replaces propane heat for hot water

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a manufacturer and supplier of chillers for the industrial and beverage processing market, developed the idea of a CO2 chiller that brought big dividends to a California … Continue reading Carbon dioxide chiller provides ample cold for dairy and replaces propane heat for hot water. Read the full story at Food Engineering. With the approaching HFC phasedown, the demand for environmentally friendly cooling systems is driving chiller manufacturers to innovate.

Geologists say Midwest rock formations could store carbon dioxide for ‘eons’

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Two proposals for carbon pipelines throughout the Midwest would pipe carbon dioxide from dozens of ethanol plants to rock formations in North Dakota and Illinois where the CO2 would be buried deep underground. Rock formations like the Mount Simon Sandstone offer the ability to bury the carbon for “eons… Read more → Carbon managementRead the full story from KCUR.

The infrastructure bill could boost the industry removing carbon dioxide from the air

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To get climate change under control, the scientists say humans must not only stop putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we also have to take the extraordinary step of actually removing CO2 that’s already there. … Read more → Carbon captureRead the full story at KNAU.

New report expects global emissions of carbon dioxide to rebound to pre-pandemic high this year

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As world leaders and diplomats wrap up the climate negotiations in Scotland in the coming days they will be confronted by new data showing that global carbon dioxide emissions are expected to rise sharply this year, possibly tying the all-time high reached before the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the full story at Inside Climate News.

UD and LSU collaborate to advance manufacturing technologies that employ carbon dioxide and renewable energy

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A more sustainable option gaining steam is the use of electrolyzers, devices that instead use electricity to convert raw materials like carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful molecules for chemicals and products. One… Read more → Carbon utilization Chemical manufacturing EnergyRead the full story from the University of Delaware. Traditional chemical manufacturing relies on non-renewable fossil energy sources for power and raw materials.

Carbon dioxide sensors in two urban areas registered big drop in emissions during COVID-19 pandemic

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Carbon dioxide emissions in Los Angeles and the Washington DC/Baltimore regions fell roughly 33 percent in April of 2020 compared with previous years, as roads emptied and economic activity slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study. Read the full story from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Research program will grow algae to feed livestock using captured carbon dioxide at CWLP

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Springfield is set to become the home of the world’s largest carbon capture research program at City Water Light and Power (CWLP). The $67 million project is in partnership with the University of Illinois, and researchers will work to prove that carbon dioxide released by CWLP can be captured,… Read more → Carbon utilization Illinois Prairie Research InstituteRead the full story from News Channel 20.

Scientists strive for negative emissions

A Greener Life

Human activity adds more than 50 gigatons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year. New Solid Carbon technology might be able to lock climate-warming carbon dioxide below ocean bedrock. That means the Solid Carbon technology could be used at sea anywhere.

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere reach record high


Reducing emissions is top priority for survival. Will we ever treat it as such

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Law Columbia

Ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) is one of several proposed techniques for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the oceans. OAE seeks to counteract ocean acidification, while also increasing carbon storage in the oceans. By Romany M.

The great carbon-capture debate

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Are Iowa’s proposed carbon dioxide pipelines a legitimate piece in the climate solution puzzle, or just a windfall for agribusiness? Carbon dioxide removalRead the full story at FERN.

New Amendment to Louisiana’s Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Act Creates Expropriation Rights to Prohibit Drilling through Carbon Capture Storage Reservoirs in Caldwell Parish

The Energy Law Blog

In response to various pressures on the energy industry to reduce the environmental impact associated with excess carbon dioxide emissions, many energy companies are investigating carbon capture and sequestration projects as a means of reducing their carbon emissions.

Midwest forests lost 8,000 years of stored carbon in just 150 years – new animated maps track the changes, revealing lessons for climate projects today

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Booking a rental car online recently, I was asked to check a box to plant a tree to offset my car’s anticipated carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide removal Climate Maps

Parts of the Amazon go from absorbing carbon dioxide to emitting it

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Read the full story in the New York Times. A new study analyzing hundreds of aerial readings of emissions above the forest canopy found that forest regions in the southeast were most affected. Read more → Climate change Natural resources Publications

How Rootworms Sniff Carbon Dioxide to Devastate Corn Crops

Scientific American

Scientists silenced CO2-sensing genes to determine how the destructive pests find their food. -- Read more on Advances Biology Animals

Researchers evaluate SURF extremophiles in effort to trap carbon dioxide deep underground

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South Dakota Mines researchers study microbial acceleration of carbon mineralization with extremophiles found at SURF. Read more → Carbon captureRead the full story from the Stanford Underground Research Facility.

Are voluntary carbon markets ready for a new type of credits?

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Research by BeZero Carbon states that just 19% of the voluntary carbon market today could be classified as ‘removals credits,’ with the market dominated by so-called ‘avoidance credits.’ ’ Carbon dioxide removal PublicationsRead the full story at GreenBiz.

Across the Midwest, an ‘unlikely alliance’ forms to stop carbon pipelines

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Farmers, tribes, and environmentalists have rallied against the potential use of eminent domain to build the Midwest Carbon Express. Carbon dioxide removalRead the full story at Grist.

Worldwide carbon capture, utilization, and storage industry expected to reach $9.4B by 2027

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The Global Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Market is estimated to be $2.84 Carbon capture Carbon dioxide removal Carbon utilization PublicationsRead the full story from Environment + Energy Leader. billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $9.43 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 27.14%. That’s according to a new report by

2027 57

Among Big Ag facilities, ADM’s Decatur plant emits most carbon dioxide, EPA data shows

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Four of the five largest industrial agricultural facilities that have released the most carbon emissions in the past decade belong to Archer Daniels Midland, one of the world’s largest food processing and commodity trading companies. Read the full story at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.

Can carbon capture systems make incinerators a net-zero solution? European operators aim to find out.

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Carbon dioxide removal Climate EuropeRead the full story at Waste Dive. Climate goals are inspiring European operators to explore new technologies for their emissions, yet the environmental and financial outcomes remain to be seen.

Waste 45

CO2 removal buyers unite

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The push to support adoption of emerging carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques got a big nudge forward this week with the launch of new purchasing pledges by big corporate buyers. Carbon dioxide removal Corporate sustainabilityRead the full story at GreenBiz. The explicit announcements include a $500 million commitment by Alphabet, Microsoft and Salesforce to support CO2 removal projects, along … Continue reading CO2 removal buyers unite.

The role of startups in restoring our climate with carbon removal

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Department of Energy is convening a Carbon Negative Shot Summit this week on climate solutions. The summit is not … Continue reading The role of startups in restoring our climate with carbon removal. Carbon dioxide removal Start-upsRead the full story at The Hill.

Eco-Friendly Process To Convert Carbon Dioxide Back Into Fuel Offers Way To Close The Carbon Loop

PA Environment Daily

By Jennifer Matthews, Penn State News A new, environmentally friendly, single-step process has been developed to convert carbon dioxide into higher hydrocarbons using plasma, according to scientists and engineers. We need to do something to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Biggest CCS failure clouds Supreme Court ruling

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The future for carbon capture and storage has perhaps never been brighter. Carbon capture Carbon dioxide removalRead the full story at E&E News. Congress has appropriated billions of dollars of funding to the CCS technology through last year’s bipartisan infrastructure law. And the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the West Virginia v. EPA case left the door open for EPA to … Continue reading Biggest CCS failure clouds Supreme Court ruling.

Permitting Seaweed Cultivation for Carbon Sequestration in California: Barriers and Recommendations

Law Columbia

Growing interest in using the oceans to enhance removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has in turn spurred more interest in seaweed cultivation. Today, the Sabin Center released a white paper exploring barriers to seaweed permitting for carbon sequestration in California.

Ocean 56

Carbon capture and sequestration loses ground to carbon recycling

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Fossil fuel stakeholders continue to tout carbon capture and sequestration as an effective strategy for picking up the pace of global decarbonization, but they have yet to prove their case. The argument in favor of underground carbon sequestration has become even more difficult to prove with the advent … Continue reading Carbon capture and sequestration loses ground to carbon recycling. Carbon dioxide removal Carbon utilization

Ongoing energy crisis fuels strong 2022 for climate tech companies

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Carbon dioxide removal Climate Green finance Renewable energyRead the full story at PitchBook. Climate tech startups had a strong start to the year and could draw sustained interest as the ongoing energy crisis spurs investment in green technologies including liquefied natural gas, nuclear energy, and solar, wind and hydrogen power. So far this year, global climate tech startups have raised $13.7

2022 55

Earth911 Podcast: F4CR’s Rick Wayman on Responding to the Climate and Nuclear War Twin Threat

Earth 911

Business & Policy EcoTech Inspire & Motivate Living & Well-Being Podcasts Style & Fashion carbon dioxide removal Foundation for Climate Restoration nuclear war Rick Wayman Ukraine

Ontario government relying on climate change deniers in court case against youth

Enviromental Defense

Climate Change Ontario Press Release carbon dioxide climate action Climate Change greenhouse gas emissions OntarioOntario’s chosen experts question basic climate science and dismiss Ontario’s responsibility to lower emissions.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Did Not Affect EPA’s Ability To Regulate Carbon Dioxide As A Pollutant, Has No Impact On DEP's RGGI Power Plant Carbon Pollution Reduction Program

PA Environment Daily

Environmental Protection Agency's ability to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants under the federal Clean Air Act. EPA does have authority to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the federal Clean Air Act and the Court’s ruling did not address that existing authority.

Mitigating climate change through alternative control strategies

Successful Green

Researchers are proposing an alternative strategy for controlling the global carbon-climate system. Climate Change Daily News Magazine carbon dioxide carbon emissions climate change closed loop CO2 environment news successful GREEN sustainability

Sen. Street Introduces Bill To Set A New Clean Energy Standard And Support Carbon Capture To Eliminate All Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Power Plants By 2050

PA Environment Daily

Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia) introduced Senate Bill 979 which amends the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Act to establish a new Clean Energy Standard and encourage investment in carbon capture technology to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from power plants. On January 4, Sen.