Climate Scientists on “Don’t Look Up:” It’s Infuriating, Soul-Sucking and On-the-Nose

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS climate scientist reviews "Don't Look Up," an allegory for climate inaction. Climate Change Science and Democracy Climate change; movie review; Jennifer Lawrence; Meryl Streep climate emergency Global warming

A Climate Scientist Watches a Movie about Apocalypse

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Science Communication Arianna Grande climate change Don't look up feelings movie review movies science and the mediaReflections on the film, "Don't Look Up.".


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Using Science for Equitable Policies: A framework for climate scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate science is having its moment. With the recent administration changes, climate change is getting attention at the national level through much-needed bold and ambitious federal policy developments. “We

Judge Scales Back Climate Scientist’s Case Against Bloggers

Inside Climate News

judge has ruled that the conservative think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute cannot be held responsible for an outside blogger’s 2012 online attack on a prominent climate scientist.

Earth911 Podcast: Coastal Flooding in 2050 With Climate Scientist James Renwick

Earth 911

Listen to “Earth911 Interview: Coastal Flooding In 2050 With Climate Scientist James Renwick” on Spreaker. The post Earth911 Podcast: Coastal Flooding in 2050 With Climate Scientist James Renwick appeared first on Earth911.

The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was In The Previous 50, a Renowned Climate Scientist Warns

Inside Climate News

Former NASA climate scientist James Hansen urged Congress decades ago to act on climate change. Science aerosols Climate Change James HansenNow he says he expects reduced aerosol pollution to lead to a steep temperature rise.

Climate scientists reconsider the meaning and implications of drought in light of a changing world

Environmental News Bits

But rather than add … Continue reading Climate scientists reconsider the meaning and implications of drought in light of a changing world. Read the full story at the University of California Santa Barbara. Maps of the American West have featured ever darker shades of red over the past two decades. The colors illustrate the unprecedented drought blighting the region. In some areas, conditions have blown past severe and extreme drought into exceptional drought.

Leading climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘You have the ability to use your voice’

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Hayhoe says people can use their roles in their workplaces and communities to act on the climate crisis. Read more → Climate change Communicating science Green lifestyleRead the full story in The Guardian.

Top Climate Scientists Are Skeptical That Nations Will Rein in Global Warming

Scientific American

A Nature survey reveals that many authors of the latest IPCC climate science report are anxious about the future and expect to see catastrophic changes in their lifetime. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change

Europe swelters as extreme heatwaves arrive unusually early this year

New Scientist

Naming heatwaves, taking climate change adaptation seriously and cutting carbon emissions would help people cope with rising temperatures, says climate scientist Hannah Cloke

Scientists Say It’s ‘Fatally Foolish’ To Not Study Catastrophic Climate Outcomes

Inside Climate News

A new paper discusses ‘climate end games’ as the planet approaches environmental tipping points that could exacerbate other global crises like pandemics and war. Science Climate Change impacts research study Tipping Points

More Heat This Weekend–More Inequities of Keeping Cool

Union of Concerned Scientists

As more high temperatures are forecast in the next few days, two of our climate scientists explain how people of color in four cities--Fresno, CA, Miami, FL, Mobile, AL, and Shreveport, LA--are at risk from the effects of urban heat islands.

An International Institute Will Help Us Manage Climate Change

Scientific American

A collaborative center will help climate scientists build better models for prevention and mitigation. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change

Should your new year's resolution be to cut your carbon footprint?

New Scientist

Cutting your personal carbon footprint can help, but it is important to engage with others and encourage wider efforts to tackle climate change, says climate scientist Katharine HayhoeAre you thinking about going green in 2022?

Harnessing Eco-Anxiety and Triaging for the Future

Environmental Law Prof Blog

Our climate scientists are facing unprecedented levels of stress and depression. Our children are scared and anxious. The future appears a dark and scary place. Sometimes, it seems like the only sensible engaged response is to pour all energy and

13 things we learned from the landmark IPCC climate report

New Scientist

The world’s top climate scientists have today released their first major review in eight years on the physical science of climate change, in a report approved by 195 countries

Drier Springs Bring Hotter Summers in the Withering Southwest

Inside Climate News

Like other climate scientists, he knew from research papers and worldwide storm patterns that a warming atmosphere is thirstier and sops up more moisture from oceans and the land. Science Climate Change Drought heat NERN - Mountain West

IPCC report: global emissions must peak by 2025 to keep warming at 1.5°C – we need deeds not words

Environmental News Bits

C of global warming – the “safe” limit for temperature rise outlined in the Paris Agreement – as soon as the early 2030s, according to a landmark report by the world’s most senior climate scientists. by Keith Baker (Glasgow Caledonian University) Earth could exceed 1.5°C

Think climate change is messy? Wait until geoengineering

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So we urgently need more research on the consequences, says climate scientist Kate Ricke. Read more → Climate changeRead the full story in Wired. Someone’s bound to hack the atmosphere to cool the planet.

Winners of 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics built mathematics of climate modeling, making predictions of global warming and modern weather forecasting possible

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by David Randall (Colorado State University) As a climate scientist myself, I was excited to learn that Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi have been awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics.

New Climate Research From a Year-Long Arctic Expedition Raises an Ozone Alarm in the High North

Inside Climate News

Science Climate Change mosaic Ozone researchWarming of the surface of the Arctic is matched by a colder polar vortex high in the atmosphere, which is speeding the breakdown of the Earth’s shield against ultraviolet rays.

Ozone 113

Climate Adaptation Scientists of Tomorrow Program

Environmental News Bits

To advance climate adaptation science and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM fields, the Climate Adaptation Scientists of Tomorrow Program brings undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty together with CASC partners to cultivate the next generation of climate scientists.

How inland and coastal waterways influence climate

Environmental News Bits

Climate scientists now detail how carbon is stored and transported through the intricacy of inland and coastal waterways. … Continue reading How inland and coastal waterways influence climate. Climate change Natural resources PublicationsRead the full story from Princeton University.

Computer models of civilization offer routes to ending global warming

Environmental News Bits

As the world’s top climate scientists released a report full of warnings this week, they kept insisting that the world still has a chance to avoid the worst effects of climate change… That hopeful pathway, in which dangerous changes to the world’s climate eventually stop, is the product of giant computer simulations of the… Read more → Climate changeRead the full story from NPR.

Warming Trends: Weather Guarantees for Your Vacation, Plus the Benefits of Microbial Proteins and an Urban Bias Against the Environment

Inside Climate News

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, books, cultural events and other developments from the global warming frontier. That’s what motivated Nick Cavanaugh, a climate scientist with a background advising a hedge fund on weather risks, to.

A science-based move to climate change adaptation

Real Climate

All countries in the world urgently need to adapt to climate change but are not yet in a good position to do so. It’s urgent because we are not even adapted to the present climate. Climate scientists can help policy-makers by explaining the risks and opportunities.

Hunting for hot spots in Kansas City’s climate

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Like other volunteers on the steamy Friday afternoon last week, the Wilders were twisting and turning through the streets of Kansas City in the name of a project coordinated by Fengpeng Sun, a climate scientist and assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Read the full story at Flatland.

Don’t just watch: Team behind ‘Don’t Look Up’ urges climate action

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See also: Don’t Look Up points out science communication challenges If a humanity-ending asteroid heads our way, will anyone believe scientists? I’m a climate scientist. Don’t Look Up captures the madness I see every day The satirical film about a comet hurtling toward Earth is a… Read more → Behavior change Climate change Communicating science FilmsRead the full story in the New York Times.

Satellites may have underestimated warming in the lower atmosphere

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New research by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) climate scientists and collaborators shows that satellite measurements of the temperature of the troposphere (the lowest region of the atmosphere) may have underestimated global warming over the last 40 years. Read more → Climate change PublicationsRead the full story from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Clean energy faces its own supply chain crisis

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Joe Biden has pledged to get the US on a path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a key target that climate scientists have identified as necessary to stave off catastrophic effects of climate change. Read the full story at The Verge. On the way there, Biden envisions a 100 percent “clean” power sector by… Read more → Renewable energy Supply chain

UN: 18 nations have gone green on climate, raked in green

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Now the latest report from the world’s top climate scientists says 18 countries have done just that, sustaining emissions reductions “for at least a decade” as their … Continue reading UN: 18 nations have gone green on climate, raked in green. Climate change PublicationsRead the full story from the Associated Press. Proponents of clean energy and thinks tanks have long said it’s possible to reduce emissions and keep an economy growing.

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Real Climate

Climate scientists are inordinately excited by the release of a new IPCC report (truth be told, that’s a bit odd – It’s a bit like bringing your end-of-(seven)-year project home and waiting anxiously to see how well it will be received).

The UK declares a national emergency as a climate-fuelled heatwave bites?

A Greener Life

Whilst scientists still need to examine how much climate change has played a role in this heatwave , the odds are high that it contributed to the extremity of this event. . climate change UK Weather climate crisis Heat heatwave London temperature records

Organic aerosols from forests could help cool the planet

Physics World

Their results could provide important guidance for climate models that include the influence of aerosols in the atmosphere. They cool Earth’s climate by reflecting sunlight back into space and by accelerating the formation of water droplets in clouds, which can also have a cooling effect.

We’re Naming Summer “Danger Season” in the US. Here’s Why.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Aside from the annual exposure to wildfire smoke that all Californians endure, I haven’t been directly affected by climate-related disasters. There’s a long list of disasters in my brain that serve as constant reminders of why I’m fighting for climate action.

2022 247

Strategic Ambiguity

Union of Concerned Scientists

My lens was shaped by a multicultural upbringing and by my experiences as a climate scientist. Each of us views the world through a different lens. Those lenses are complex. They are the product of the accident of where and when we were born.

2022 164

Are Wildfires Getting Worse Due to Climate Change?


A significant body of research suggests that the likelihood and impact of wildfires today may be greater as a result of climate change. How Climate Change Will Impact Future Heat Waves. Climate scientists around the globe are banding together in a desperate attempt to raise the alarm.

How the Latest IPCC Reports Can Strengthen Climate Litigation Efforts

Union of Concerned Scientists

While many people rightly rely on the IPCC reports for the latest science, it is important to recognize they can also be a powerful tool for bolstering climate litigation. Climate litigation offers an important avenue for addressing climate change, offering a mechanism for accountability.

“Don’t Look Up”

Real Climate

The film producers are making the climate change connections explicit, directing viewers to a climate platform to promote activism on the issue (though it’s mostly focused on individual actions as opposed to tackling more systematic problems). Listen to the scientists!” ??

Climate Change and Me

Academy of Natural Sciences

The first climate change presentation I saw was back in the 1970s when I was working for the National Weather Service. Murray Mitchell, was the top climate scientist for NWS. Some scientists were interpreting satellite data and were convinced there was no warming.

More frequent El Niño events predicted by 2040

A Greener Life

Cutting-edge models predict that El Niño frequency will increase within 2 decades because of climate change, regardless of emissions mitigation efforts. The El Niño–Southern Oscillation ( ENSO ) is one of the most significant, but variable, climate patterns in the world.

Method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we measure snow depth from space

Frontier Sin

With the help of some ants, NASA scientists have developed an innovative concept to measure exactly how deep the snow layer is covering sea ice and mountains using a lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) instrument in space. By Simona Pesce, Frontiers writer.

Statement from Julia Levin, Senior Climate and Energy Program Manager, on the Federal Government’s approval of Bay du Nord

Enviromental Defense

“The Government of Canada’s decision to approve a new billion barrel mega oil project is a slap in the face to the climate scientists, communities across Canada and the world impacted by the climate crisis. Press Release federal climate offshore oil and gas