When It Comes to Nuclear Power, “Advanced” Isn’t Always Better

Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuclear power proponents have long been prone to wishful thinking. Back in 1954, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss famously predicted that nuclear-generated electricity would ultimately become “too cheap to meter.” Nuclear Power nuclear power nuclear reactors

Fix the Planet newsletter: Can small nuclear power go big?

New Scientist

Small modular reactors are being pitched as an affordable and fast way to decarbonise power grids but questions about the technology abound


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How serious is the nuclear power plant radiation leak in China?

New Scientist

One of the companies behind a new, French-designed nuclear reactor at Taishan in Guangdong, China, has written to the US government warning of an “imminent radiological threat” at the plant, but there doesn't appear to be any danger

Why nuclear energy must be part of ‘net zero’ climate targets

Physics World

Tricky problem Nuclear energy is often not viewed as a low-carbon energy source. According to a poll carried out in 2020 by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), only a quarter of people aged between 18 and 24 in the UK are aware that nuclear is a low-carbon source of energy.

Dept. Of Health Distributing Free Potassium Iodide Tablets Near State's 4 Active Nuclear Power Plants Sept. 9 & 16

PA Environment Daily

On September 7, the Department of Health announced it will offer free potassium iodide, or KI, tablets on Thursday, September 9 and 16, to Pennsylvanians who are within 10 miles of the state’s four active nuclear power plants. The state’s five nuclear facilities are closely regulated, secure and well-maintained. Beaver Valley Power Station – Sept. Boyertown, PA, 19512 Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station – Sept.

William D Magwood IV: still fighting for nuclear

Physics World

From physics to politics William D Magwood IV, director-general of the Nuclear Energy Agency, thinks nuclear power can help us meet net-zero targets. Nuclear energy appeared on the way out, people were losing their jobs, and it seemed a terrible career choice.

Enormous lasers have created the highest-pressure conditions on Earth

New Scientist

The immense lasers at the US National Ignition Facility have created the highest-pressure conditions ever made in a laboratory, bringing us a step closer to clean nuclear power

Huge lasers make conditions at the cusp of ignition for nuclear fusion

New Scientist

The immense lasers at the US National Ignition Facility have created the highest-pressure conditions ever made in a laboratory, bringing us a step closer to clean nuclear power

Europe’s Climate Plans Challenged by Looming Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants

Yale E360

Dozens of Europe’s aging nuclear power plants will be decommissioned in the coming decade or two, forcing the continent to find new energy sources to power roughly 60 million homes, Reuters reports.

2020 57

Illinois just won a big green jobs victory

Environmental News Bits

In Illinois last week, a coalition of unions and environmentalists scored a major victory with a law providing for a miniature Green New Deal: billions invested in clean energy, a commitment to decarbonizing, solid labor standards, and embrace of nuclear power. Read the full story at Jacobin.

Analysis: As Germany’s government changes over, real climate solutions appear far off

A Greener Life

Merkel had pinned her green credentials on the Energiwende – the rapid adoption of wind and solar and she earmarked another signature policy as a green move that of the phasing out of nuclear power. Olaf Scholz – Germany’s likely next German Chancellor.

COP26 special: energy innovation, sustainable cities and carbon capture

Physics World

First up I look at some of the latest developments in energy research – wind, solar, nuclear and energy storage. I’m joined by Daniel Kammen from the University of California, Berkeley, in the US, whose research interests span renewable energy, nuclear power and public policy.

PUC Natural Gas Winter Reliability Reports - Heating Bills Will Be Significantly More Expensive This Winter

PA Environment Daily

On November 23, the Public Utility Commission released 2021 Winter Reliability Overview Reports from the state’s major natural gas distribution companies (NGDCs), along with a related Readiness Report from the Energy Association of Pennsylvania (EAP).

2028 40

Monday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 11.22.21

PA Environment Daily

Why, How Much And What To Do -- DailyLocal Guest Essay: The Case For Cap And Invest In PA To Reduce Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Emissions - By Sen. House returns to session Dec. 13, 14, 15 -- Committee Schedule Senate returns to session Dec.

The Origins of Climate Awareness in the Legal Academy

Legal Planet

Both were in 1978 articles about nuclear energy. Now-Justice Breyer argued that it was misleading to consider the environmental impact of nuclear power without also considering the impact of alternatives such as coal.

Should countries issue binding unilateral declarations on GHG emission targets?

Law Columbia

In 1978, during a phase of the Cold War when relationships between East and West began to relax, the United States and 4 other nuclear powers (China, France, the Soviet Union and the UK) made unilateral declarations granting security assurances to non-nuclear- weapon states.

Green jobs for physics graduates: decarbonizing energy sources

Physics World

Hari Chohan , nuclear radiation analyst, UK Atomic Energy Authority. Another relevant area in which many physicists work is nuclear energy, both fission and fusion. Hari Chohan is a nuclear radiation analyst, at the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

DEP Citizens Advisory Council Meets Oct. 19 To Hear Report On Radiation Decontamination Of Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Reactors, Waste Sites

PA Environment Daily

DEP’s Citizens Advisory Council is scheduled to meet in-person and virtually on October 19 to hear a presentation from DEP on the decontamination and decommissioning of oil and gas wastewater treatment facilities, nuclear power plants, waste dump sites and other sites in Pennsylvania.

Opinion: So, Germany, you want to do more to tackle climate change?

A Greener Life

The country’s struggle to reduce its reliance on coal was significantly helped by the purely ideological and populist decision to phase out all its nuclear power stations by 2022 (initially following the Fukushima accident in 2011 in Japan) .

Opinion: What the gas crisis tells us

A Greener Life

It is prompted in large part by low gas storage capacity, the COVID-19 pandemic, a power plant coming offline and low wind speeds responsible for a downturn in wind power output. Photo credit: Getty Images. By Anders Lorenzen. Every couple of years the UK experiences a gas crisis.

German Atomic Energy Act Amendment Illegal - Case Comment BVerfG 1 BvR 1550/19

Energy and Climate Law

The aftermath of the nuclear phase out in Germany is becoming a never-ending story. By that time the nuclear power plant in Krümmel had several safety issues and small-impact incidents were discovered. So what does the future hold for nuclear power in Germany?

2020 76

The Stream, November 17, 2021: Meet The Activist Saving a Polluted Chinese Lake

Circle of Blue

United Nations experts will assess plans to release treated radioactive water into the ocean from a closed nuclear power plant in Japan. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN. Heavy rainstorms wreaked havoc in the Canadian province of British Columbia , forcing the evacuation of an entire small town.

Nuclear Plant Closures And Renewables Increase Electricity Prices & Unreliability, Testifies Michael Shellenberger to U.S. Senate

Environmental Progress

Electricity experts are not able to clearly answer the question, “who is in charge of planning, developing and ensuring the integrity of the future power system?” [3] 7] Nuclear plants are among the most reliable components of America’s power grids. Power Density Slide Deck.

Federal Water Tap, September 27: New Projections Show High Risks for Colorado River Reservoirs

Circle of Blue

The GAO says Congress should work on a permanent fix for the nation’s spent commercial nuclear fuel. 86,000 Metric Tons : Amount of used nuclear fuel from U.S. commercial power reactors. The waste is stored at 75 nuclear power sites in the country. The Rundown.

2023 56

Neutrons cluster in nuclear reactors

Physics World

The first ever live “snapshot” of an operating nuclear reactor has revealed a surprise: the neutrons in the reactor tend to cluster rather than spreading evenly. This stable fluctuation state is required to monitor the spatial distribution of the reactor’s power.

Wednesday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 9.8.21

PA Environment Daily

Of Health: Distributing Free Potassium Iodide Tablets Near State's 4 Active Nuclear Power Plants Sept. Senate returns to session September 20, 21, 22 -- Committee Schedule House returns to session September 20, 21, 22.

Physicists rise to the climate challenge: the October 2021 issue of Physics World

Physics World

The nuclear fight – Robert P Crease talks to William D Magwood IV, director-general. of the Nuclear Energy Agency, about the battle to keep nuclear power on the agenda. • Global solutions: What physicists can do to tackle the climate crisis. “A

2021 69

Testimony of Michael D. Shellenberger Founder and President, Environmental Progress For the House Oversight Committee August 5, 2020

Environmental Progress

By contrast, the Obama administration’s proposed carbon regulation of the power sector, the “Clean Power Plan,” proposed emissions reductions of 32 percent — by 2030. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year called for the closure of US nuclear power plants. Michael D.

2020 81

Monday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 10.11.21

PA Environment Daily

Electric Vehicles Combat Climate Change

Global Green

This accounts for 28% of emissions, coming in above agriculture, commercial & residential, industry and power generation. They are much more efficient than gas powered vehicles and the electrical grid is getting greener. CHRIS JOHNSTON DECEMBER 2, 2020.

2020 83

Sounding the All (Nu)Clear: Restarting Japan’s Nuclear Plants Post-Fukushima Disaster

Vermont Law

While Japan once had one of the world’s most diverse energy portfolios, the loss of its nuclear program has caused a sudden shift towards a fossil-fuel heavy generation industry. In August 2015, the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant began its restart procedures, marking the beginning of the planned restart of the Japanese nuclear program and, likely, an eventual return to a more diversified energy portfolio. Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.

2015 40

Thursday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 8.5.21

PA Environment Daily

Senate returns to session September 20, 21, 22 -- Committee Schedule House returns to session September 27, 28, 29 -- Committee Schedule TODAY’s Calendar Of Events -- House Environmental Committee Sets Aug.

Analysis: G7: old pledges rehashed

A Greener Life

Another rehashed pledge was to end government support for coal power by the end of this year. The G7 participants pose for the G7 family photo. Photo credit: By ??????????, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

Monday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 11.15.21

PA Environment Daily

House returns to session Nov. 15, 16, 17, Dec. 13, 14, 15 -- Committee Schedule Senate returns to session Dec.

Analysis: Russia’s slow progress on climate action set to pick up speed

A Greener Life

A person walks past solar panels of the Isyangulovo solar power plant in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan. Moscow has now set its sights on building pragmatic relations with some of the more powerful EU countries on a bilateral basis.

Thursday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 11.18.21

PA Environment Daily

House returns to session Dec. 13, 14, 15 -- Committee Schedule Senate returns to session Dec. 13, 14, 15 -- Committee Schedule TODAY’s Calendar Of Events TODAY 9:30: Agenda Posted. DEP Water Resources Advisory Committee meeting. Room 105 Rachel Carson Building. 9:30 a.m.

Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi from President Michael Shellenberger Expressing Concern Over Denial of Right to Respond to Personal Attacks

Environmental Progress

The attacks on me appear designed to distract attention from the concerns I am raising with renewables and nuclear energy. As for nuclear energy, both Republicans and Democrats have for 60 years recognized it to be the world’s most important dual-use technology.

2020 53

Friday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 10.1.21

PA Environment Daily

House returns to session October 4, 5, 6 -- Committee Schedule Senate returns to session October 18, 19, 20 -- Committee Schedule TODAY’s Calendar Of Events -- DEP: Potential For Environmental Impacts From Spills Or Leaks Of Radioactive Oil & Gas Waste Materials Is Real; Health Dept.

Saturday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 8.14.21

PA Environment Daily

Middle District Court Of PA -- WBTimes: Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant To Sound Emergency Sirens Aug.

Tuesday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 9.14.21

PA Environment Daily

Senate returns to session September 20, 21, 22 -- Committee Schedule House returns to session September 20, 21, 22 -- Committee Schedule TODAY’s Calendar Of Events TODAY 11:00: Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee meets on a concurrent resolution to kill final power plant carbon pollution reduction regulations.