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Return of Trees to Eastern U.S. Kept Region Cool as Planet Warmed

Yale E360

A new study posits that the restoration of lost forest countered warming, keeping the region cool. Over the 20th century, the U.S. as a whole warmed by 1.2 degrees F (0.7 degrees C), but across much the East, temperatures dropped by 0.5 degrees F (0.3 degrees C). Read more on E360 →

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The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns

Yale E360

A new study reaffirming that global climate change is human-made also found the upper atmosphere is cooling dramatically because of rising CO2 levels. Scientists are worried about the effect this cooling could have on orbiting satellites, the ozone layer, and Earth’s weather. Read more on E360 →

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CMIP6: Not-so-sudden stratospheric cooling

Real Climate

As predicted in 1967 by Manabe and Wetherald , the stratosphere has been cooling. The dominant factors are changes in CO2 (a cooling), ozone depletion (a cooling), warming from big volcanoes, and oscillations related to the solar cycle. So the net effect is less absorption and more emittence, and thus they give a cooling.

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The water south of Greenland has been cooling, so what causes that?

Real Climate

An AMOC weakening by 15 % thus cools the region at a rate of 0.15 x 10 14 W and according to model simulations can fully explain the observed cooling trend (2). So in comparison, the cooling effect of a 15 % AMOC slowdown is over 1,000 times larger than the direct cooling effect of the Greenland meltwater. References.

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Castrol Building Data Center Immersion Cooling Test Site

Environment + Energy Leader

The project will study ways to reduce energy waste, capture heat, and find new fluids for the cooling process. The post Castrol Building Data Center Immersion Cooling Test Site appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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Summer 2023 Is a Wrap: It Showed Us the Inequities of Keeping Cool in Killer Heat

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change smothered us in heat this season, here in the US and across much of the world , but it has not affected us as equals: some of us can stay relatively safe and cool while many of us cannot and suffer instead. But I had access to a cool room. I had people who brought me cold drinks.

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Rising greenhouse gases have cooling effect on Antarctica’s atmosphere

New Scientist

A "negative greenhouse effect" means rising concentrations of CO2 and methane have slightly cooled parts of Antarctica’s upper atmosphere, but that could change as the air becomes more humid