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Breathing Fresh: A Persuasive Plea for Air Pollution Remediation


In the midst of our bustling urban jungles, indoor sanctuaries, and industrial landscapes, the air we breathe is far from pristine. The air pollution crisis is not just an environmental concern; it’s a silent assailant affecting our health, quality of life, and the very air we depend […]

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Pandemic Drop in Air Pollution Boosted Himalayan Snowpack, Study Finds

Yale E360

A drop in air pollution in India at the height of the coronavirus pandemic slowed the melting of snow in the Himalayas, a new study finds. Read more on E360 →


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Taking A Data-Driven Tour of Air Pollution Law

Legal Planet

For instance, the much maligned RECLAIM program in Southern California cut emissions by 20% compared to firms outside the program, with all groups experiencing air pollution reductions. Blacks received greater pollution reductions than whites, but Hispanics received fewer. Download as PDF.

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Air Pollution Threatens Millions of Lives. Now the Sources Are Shifting

Scientific American

As EPA tightens air pollution standards for particulate matter, new research suggests some components of that pollution could worsen with climate change

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In A Win for Public Health, EPA Toughens Limits on Soot Air Pollution


Today's agency action will deliver lifesaving protections from dangerous air pollution.

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At COP28, a Growing Sense of Alarm Over the Harms of Air Pollution

Inside Climate News

A study released on the eve of the conference found that 8 million people around the world die annually from air pollution. And experts say the crisis is worsening. By Victoria St. Martin In one home video, Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah bops to a choreographed Beyoncé dance.

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Air Pollution Makes It Harder for Bees to Sniff Out Flowers, Study Finds

Yale E360

Air pollution may be making it harder for bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers, reducing pollination by as much as a third, new research suggests. Read more on E360 ?.