Houston We Have a Problem: An Environmental Justice Analysis of Harmful Air Pollution from Industrial Fires

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science and Democracy air pollution chemical fire environmental justice Houston TexasA UCS team looked closely at an industrial fire's health effects on a fenceline community.

Central Park Air: The Effects Of Air Pollution In NYC | BreezoMeter


But a major threat still remains – NYC air pollution. Let’s discuss why reclaiming New York’s renowned landmark doesn’t mean Central Park is always safe due to poor Manhattan air quality and local environmental hazards. Car Pollution: How Does Traffic Contribute to Air Pollution?


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Research links air pollution and autoimmune diseases


Research has found that long-term exposure to air pollution increases the risk of autoimmune disease. A study by researchers at the University of Verona in Italy determined that exposure to high levels of pollution increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by 40% and inflammatory bowel disease by 20

10 world landmarks would look if air pollution worsens


Housefresh completed a study that looks at the visual impact of worsening air pollution on the world's top 10 landmarks. They warn us if we don't reduce air pollution, we might lose some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Peter's Basilica in Rome to the Eiffel Tower, here's how the world's destinations with the most incredible views will suffer if air pollution continues to increase

Running in Bad Air Quality: Be Air Pollution Smart | BreezoMeter


The reason is simple: air pollution. What Air Quality Is Considered ‘Safe’ For Running? Our understanding of air pollution and its health impact is constantly updating. Poor air quality near Wimbledon, England 03.22.22 Running in Air Pollution.

Air pollution now directly affects 99% of the world


Nearly everybody in the world is breathing in air pollution, says the United Nations. health agency World Health Organization (WHO) updated its database on air quality. The update provided data on the air quality of over 6,000 cities, towns and villages worldwide. Data revealed that 99% of the world breathes air polluted at levels above WHO's air quality standards. This pollution exposes everyone to a higher risk of respiratory conditions

Growing evidence links air pollution exposure and covid-19 risks

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Now scientists think there is another risk factor that may increase the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus and the possibility … Continue reading Growing evidence links air pollution exposure and covid-19 risks. Air quality COVID-19 Environmental health PublicationsRead the full story in the Washington Post.

Study examines disparities in air pollution affecting American Indian communities

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is one of several air pollutants regulated by the U.S. With most … Continue reading Study examines disparities in air pollution affecting American Indian communities. Read the full story from Columbia University. New research highlights disparities in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) trends between American Indian (AI) and non-AI populated U.S. counties. PM2.5 Downward trends in PM2.5

Detroit Free Press releases database of air pollution permits?

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The Free Press is making air permit data available for the first time to improve access and to help build on our work examining air pollution in communities with long-standing racial and socioeconomic disparities. Read more → Air quality Environmental health Environmental justice Information toolsRead the full story in the Detroit Free Press.

Should you exercise outside in air pollution?

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EPA researchers are working to improve knowledge about the relationship between exercise and air pollution, which, until recently, has not been an active area of research. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held a workshop to review the state of the science and existing… Read more → Air quality Environmental health Green lifestyle PublicationsRead the full story from U.S.

As air pollution declined, tribal nations got left out

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Although air pollution in the U.S. A new analysis of data between 2000 and 2018 shows that trends for Native American communities on tribal land have not kept up with the decline in other communities, which … Continue reading As air pollution declined, tribal nations got left out. Air quality Environmental health Environmental justice Publications Tribal/First nationsRead the full story from Bloomberg.

Air pollution more likely to harm people of color in Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee, study finds

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People of color in Wisconsin are more likely to be exposed to harmful air pollution than white people, creating the third-largest disparity in the country, according to a state environmental advocacy group. Clean Wisconsin analyzed data from a recent study from the University of Illinois, which calculated the exposure … Continue reading Air pollution more likely to harm people of color in Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee, study finds.

Solar energy output of India is reduced significantly by air pollution

Physics World

Air pollution in India is reducing the energy output of some solar panels as much as 52%. That is the conclusion of researchers who have modelled the effects of particulate pollution on solar irradiance in 2001–2018. micron in the air over India.

Air Pollution & Climate Change: Global Phenomena, Individual Consequences


As COP26 gets underway this week in Glasgow, Scotland and the World Meteorological Association warns that the past seven years are set to be the warmest on record, we thought this the right time to explore the associated impacts of climate change on the air we breathe. a harmful pollutant.

2022 Winter Olympics: Will China Cut Down Air Pollution In Time?


The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing has China pulling out all the stops to cut down on air pollution, which can impact people worse during intense physical activity. 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing - The Air Quality Problem. How Air Pollution Impacts Us During Exercise.

FRESH, June 14, 2022: Research Highlights Gaps in Federal Air Pollution Data

Circle of Blue

Researchers find that federal data does not capture local variations in Ohio ’s air pollution. A Wisconsin judge delays enforcing an April decision that would limit the state’s power to clean up pollution. Regional Pollution Monitoring Misses Local Variation, Study Finds.

Air Pollution: Is There Any way Out?

Nature Talkies

Pollution and air pollution mainly is what we are talking about. However, you must check air pollution levels on a daily basis. Don’t exercise in areas where air pollution is too high. Install an air purifier at your home .

2020 52

Air Pollution From Raising Livestock Accounts for Most of the 16,000 US Deaths Each Year Tied to Food Production, Study Finds

Inside Climate News

Science air pollution beef Climate Change farming Health meat pollution porkSubstituting poultry for red meat could prevent 6,300 deaths, the study found, and a shift to vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diets could save 10,700.

EPA Recognizes Problem of Truck Pollution, But Hesitates on Solution

Union of Concerned Scientists

It's critical that EPA's proposed rule on pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks be stronger. Transportation air pollution air quality diesel electric trucks heavy-duty trucks NOx PM2.5

Summer Air Pollution Trends: Factors Affecting Air Quality


Some of us might associate summer with fresh, clean air, and warmer weather - and spending more time outdoors. However, summer weather and warmer climate conditions can contribute to poor air quality in a number of ways, resulting in a range of knock-on health and economic consequences.

Cutting air pollution could boost crop yields by up to 28 per cent

New Scientist

Analysis of air pollution and crop health via satellite imagery suggests that limiting emissions of nitrogen dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas, could boost crop yields by up to 28 per cent

Chicago’s air pollution hotspots: New sensor network reveals neighborhood air quality disparities

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This investigation, “Chicago’s Air Pollution Hotspots,” is a collaboration between the Chicago Sun-Times, WBEZ, the Cicero Independiente and MuckRock, with support from Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation. Derek Kravitz of MuckRock, Dave Newbart … Continue reading Chicago’s air pollution hotspots: New sensor network reveals neighborhood air quality disparities. Air quality Environmental health Environmental justice Illinois

Harmful air pollution now affects 99 per cent of everyone on Earth

New Scientist

New guidelines from the World Health Organization mean that almost everyone on the planet is now affected by harmful air pollution

1-Bromopropane Added to EPA’s List of Hazardous Air Pollutants

Capaccio Environmental

On December 22, 2021, EPA issued a final rule to add 1-Bromopropane, also known as n-propyl bromide (nPB), to the list of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). This is the first air pollutant to be added since the list was established in 1990.

Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees

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A new study finds pollination reduced by almost a third when diesel fumes and ozone were present – the negative impact of these common air pollutants on pollination were observed in the natural environment. Read more → Air quality Pollinators PublicationsRead the full story from the University of Reading.

Air Pollution Makes It Harder for Bees to Sniff Out Flowers, Study Finds

Yale E360

Air pollution may be making it harder for bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers, reducing pollination by as much as a third, new research suggests.

Illinois Can Still Say “Knope” to Pawnee Gas Plant

Union of Concerned Scientists

Energy air pollution CEJA climate change Fossil Fuels gas plant governor pritzker IEPA Illinois Lincoln Land Energy Center parks and rec PawneeThe proposed methane gas plant makes it clear our fight against fossil fuel interests is not over.

Clean Air Day: Air Pollution Exposure Impact Starts Earlier Than You Think


Air quality awareness is growing, but many are still oblivious to the long-lasting consequences of pollution exposure in early life. Poor Air Quality Impacts Us In the Womb. Toxic Air & Young Lungs = Lethal. We CAN Take Control of the Air We Breathe.

Air pollution and forever chemicals continue to pose health risks

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The impact of environmental pollutants on human health was the focus of a pair of recent talks by scientists with ties to NIEHS. Read more → Air quality Environmental health PFASRead the full story at Environmental Factor. Their work was presented as part of Duke University’s Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program spring seminar series.

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers find significant health benefits to air pollution reduction policies in NYC

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Researchers at the UNC Institute for the Environment modeled five sustainability policy scenarios in New York City and … Continue reading UNC-Chapel Hill researchers find significant health benefits to air pollution reduction policies in NYC. Air quality Environmental health PublicationsRead the full story from the University of North Carolina.

WHO calls for lower limits on air pollution to save millions of lives

New Scientist

The World Health Organization has released guidelines for strict limits on air pollution from cars, power stations and other sources. If countries adopt them, millions of deaths could be avoided

Michigan researchers’ device aims to help wearers avoid air pollution

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Soon a wearable could provide real-time air pollution data and suggest routes to avoid the most toxic areas, thanks to a collaborative project from three Michigan university research teams. Read the full story at Centered. Wearable devices like smart watches perform a plethora of functions, including providing data to help the user be healthier.

Declines in Air Pollution Have Made Hurricanes Stronger

Scientific American

Environment Climate Change PollutionWithout the cooling effect of aerosols, warmer oceans have provided more fuel to storms. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com.

Study is first to show that air pollutants increase risk of painful periods for women

Frontier Sin

A new epidemiological study by the open access publisher Frontiers is the first to show that the risk of developing dysmenorrhea increases by more than 30 times for women and girls who are exposed long-term to air pollutants such as carbon and nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter.

Reports: Minn.’s air pollution levels dropped, but still caused early deaths

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Air quality in Minnesota has improved but air pollution continues to contribute to premature deaths and hospitalizations — and its impacts fall disproportionately on communities where health disparities already exist. Air quality Environmental justiceRead the full story from Minnesota Public Radio.

Fireworks Cause Air Pollution But

Greenbuilding Law

However, despite the apparent irrefutable facts, all of this is very temporary and a 2015 NOAA study verifies there is a surge in fine particulate matter on the evening of July 4 (albeit at only 10 of 315 air quality monitoring stations nationwide).

Driving Away Dirty Air

Union of Concerned Scientists

Emissions from diesel trucks and buses don’t just release higher levels of air pollution, they are also local in their effects and in Oregon disproportionately impact low-income individuals. Uncategorized air pollution heavy-duty trucks NOx pm 2.5

Texas A&M & BreezoMeter Find Major Public Health Risks in Landmark Hurricane & Air Pollution Study


BreezoMeter was honored to join Texas A&M University for a scientific research project that linked hurricanes to serious spikes in air pollution. The Results Speak Volumes: Higher Concentrations of Air Pollution Following Hurricane!

Despite cleaner air, pollution disparities for people of color remain across the US

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Researchers investigated disparities in exposure to six major air pollutants in 1990, 2000 and 2010 by comparing models of air pollution levels to census data. While overall pollutant concentrations have decreased since 1990, people of color are still more likely to be exposed to all six… Read more → Environmental health Environmental justice PublicationsRead the full story from the University of Washington.

2010 53

Tropical city air pollution led to 470,000 premature deaths in 2018

New Scientist

Cities in the tropics are experiencing a growing air pollution problem, which is estimated to have led to a 62 per cent rise in premature deaths since 2005

2005 62

Agricultural Air Pollution: A Brief Reprise


The post Agricultural Air Pollution: A Brief Reprise appeared first on ACOEL. Air Climate Change Emissions Greenhouse Gases (GHGs Posted on August 17, 2021 by Don Stever. I previously wrote an ACOEL blog post that pointed out the relationship between meat agriculture and global warming.

Air pollution may make some bacteria in our nose and throat turn nasty

New Scientist

The superbug MRSA is potentially even more harmful if it is exposed to air pollution, some studies using mice and human cells suggest

New Legislation Addresses Legacies of Pollution in Environmental Justice Communities

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Environmental Justice Legacy Pollution Cleanup Act would help address pollution that has been haunting environmental justice communities for decades. Science and Democracy air pollution environmental justice Environmental Justice Legacy Pollution Cleanup Act