Sperm quality has been declining for 16 years among men in the US

New Scientist

Data from 170,000 semen analyses performed in the US between 2005 and 2021 reveals a worrying decline in sperm quality

2005 114

How a focus on nature is changing therapy for kids

Environmental News Bits

Nature-deficit disorder,” a concept introduced by journalist and author Richard Louv in 2005, underscores the importance of access to green spaces. Read the full story in the Washington Post. A growing number of studies indicate that exposure to nature benefits kids in different ways, such as by lowering stress and promoting better cognitive development. Ecotherapy — also called… Read more → Green lifestyle K-12

2005 61

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Electric heat pumps use much less energy than furnaces, and can cool houses too – here’s how they work

Environmental News Bits

greenhouse gas emissions 50%-52% below 2005 levels by 2030. by Robert Brecha (University of Dayton) To help curb climate change, President Biden has set a goal of lowering U.S.

Arbitrator Impartiality and Independence vs. Interdependence: Myth vs. Reality and Its Impact

Arnold Porter

Since 2005, the Washington College of Law Annual International Commercial Arbitration Lecture has featured the world’s foremost experts in international commercial and investment arbitration discussing current issues and trends in international commercial and investment arbitration in a public forum. >

2005 40

Carbon Storage in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Law Columbia

In 2005, the OCSLA was amended to also authorize the issuance of leases for activities that “produce or support production, transportation, or transmission of energy from sources other than oil and gas” (43 U.S.C. By Romany M.

Louisiana Land Damage Claim Can’t Survive Prescription and Subsequent Purchaser Rule

Energy & the Law

Lexington purchased the property in 2005 from the Hoffman heirs for development of a subdivision. Prior to 2005 a Phase 1 environmental site assessment and Phase 2 site investigation showed tanks, a number of wells, pits and tank batteries and other evidence of contamination.

2005 130

Variational principles and topological constants of motion for MHD

Physics World

Asher was a postdoctoral fellow (1998) in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK, during 2005–2006, 2008 and 2012. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2006 66

Texas Supreme Court Rules on Correction Deeds in a Case of First Impression

Energy & the Law

2005: Broadway Bank, Trustee, conveys mineral interests in DeWitt and Gonzales Counties to John in fee simple. 2013: Broadway Bank, John, and the original grantees of the 2005 deed execute a second correction deed, again attempting to change the fee interest to a life estate.

2013 130

PA Envirothon Names Greg Bonsall New Executive Director

PA Environment Daily

In addition, Greg has volunteered at the state competition every year since 2005. Pennsylvania has won the International Envirothon competition in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2017 and frequently places in the top 10 finishers.

2005 87

How molecular catalysts mediate the electrochemical generation of fuels

Physics World

She received her BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005 where she worked in the laboratory of Prof. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2011 94

Novel carbon electrodes for neurochemistry

Physics World

Jill started her career at UVA in 2005 and became chair of the Department of Chemistry in 2019. Want to learn more on this subject? Watch now. This webinar discusses the latest strategies in making customized carbon electrodes for neurotransmitter detection.

2005 80

HotSpots H2O: Flash Floods and Landslides Devastate Western Venezuela

Circle of Blue

In 2005, close to 500 people died and hundreds were injured in this region, the Mocoties Valley, after similar destruction caused by landslides and these same overflowing rivers. Merida, Venezuela © Brajhan Rivas / Flickr Creative Commons.

2005 99

Electrochemistry and coupled chemo-mechanical phenomena in batteries beyond intercalation

Physics World

Dr Y Shirley Meng received her PhD in Advance Materials for Micro & Nano Systems from the Singapore-MIT Alliance in 2005, after which she worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Want to take part in this webinar?

2005 81

NASA launches first-of-a-kind DART mission to deflect asteroid

Physics World

In 2005, the US Congress called on NASA to find, track and characterize – by 2020 – at least 90% of the predicted number of NEOs that are 140m or larger in size. NASA has launched a mission to test whether it is possible to deflect an asteroid using “kinetic impact”.

2024 89

How Does Applied Microeconomic Research Accelerate Climate Change Adaptation?

Environmental and Urban Economics

Back in 2005, I wrote my first paper in this tradition and then I just kept going. Kahn, 2005. " In May 2021, I am quite aware that I am now an "old guy" in the academic economics profession. While this has obvious costs, it offers at least one benefit. I can blog and offer "big thoughts". With that preamble, let's begin. We face a serious climate change adaptation challenge. How does economics research inform our path forward?

Biogeoscience Chief Editor is the Recipient of the 2021 R. Berner Lectureship

Frontier Sin

Dr. Turchyn graduated from Harvard University in 2005, and is currently a Reader in Biogeochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Alexandra Turchyn.

2005 70

Invading black hole or neutron star caused star to explode, say astronomers

Physics World

They then compared their candidate sources to equivalent observations of the same part of the sky from the Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty Centimetres (FIRST) survey, which was also conducted by the Very Large Array between 1994 and 2005.

2005 106

Louisiana First Circuit Reaffirms Prescription and Subsequent Purchaser Principles

The Energy Law Blog

Lexington Land purchased the property in June 2005 but did not obtain from the prior owners an assignment of the right to sue for property damage that occurred before the 2005 sale. In Lexington Land Development, L.L.C. Chevron Pipelines Company , et al., 2020-0622 (La. 1 Cir.

2005 56

Some Rust Belt Urban Economics

Environmental and Urban Economics

The most prominent "Rust Belt" economics paper is the 2005 Glaeser and Gyourko paper on U rban Decline and Durable Housing. In this blog post, I want to market my new co-authored book "Unlocking the Potential of Post Industrial Cities".

2006 130

Meteor strike may have destroyed Sodom, collective blob motion, asteroid nuclear impact

Physics World

In 2005 archaeologists discovered a 1.5 According to book of Genesis in the Bible, the city of Sodom was destroyed by God because of the wickedness of its people.

2005 114

Magnetic oxides for water oxidation: magnetization, pinning effect and pH dependence

Physics World

He received his PhD from Lanzhou University, Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008 with a period as an exchange student in materials chemistry at Brown University (2005–2007). Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2009 67

What is a project?

Legal Planet

And indeed, that is what UC Berkeley had done in the plan in 2005, it just had failed to update that plan when circumstances intervened – in other words, once the enrollment numbers went beyond the predictions in the 2005 plan.

2005 52

The Auditor General gives Ontario a failing grade on its climate progress 

Enviromental Defense

Ontario does have a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. It’s an F for Ontario. The Auditor General of Ontario just gave the province a dismal 27 per cent grade on its climate progress – a massive fail. .

Louisiana First Circuit Reaffirms Prescription and Subsequent Purchaser Principles

The Energy Law Blog

Lexington Land purchased the property in June 2005 but did not obtain from the prior owners an assignment of the right to sue for property damage that occurred before the 2005 sale. In Lexington Land Development, L.L.C. Chevron Pipelines Company , et al., 2020-0622 (La. 1 Cir.

2005 52

Louisiana First Circuit Reaffirms Prescription and Subsequent Purchaser Principles

The Energy Law Blog

Lexington Land purchased the property in June 2005 but did not obtain from the prior owners an assignment of the right to sue for property damage that occurred before the 2005 sale. In Lexington Land Development, L.L.C. Chevron Pipelines Company , et al., 2020-0622 (La. 1 Cir.

2005 52

The Great Climate Change Race Between The Rising Threat and Our Increasing Ability to "Take a Punch"

Environmental and Urban Economics

My 2005 RESTAT paper on the Death Toll from Natural Disasters was my first paper on rising resilience In their important book: The Race Between Education and Technology, Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz use a supply and demand framework to discuss changes in the U.S labor markets over the last 100 years. For decades in the middle of the 20th Century when manufacturing was thriving in the U.S,

The Biden Administration’s Pledge to Cut U.S. Emissions in Half by 2030 Would Come with Serious Costs to the Economy: A CRES Forum Analysis


Today, President Biden announced that the United States would pledge to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030, compared to a 2005 base year. In 2005, President Biden’s baseline year, U.S. Gt by the beginning of 2030, the United States would need to cut, on average, 0.225 Gt in energy-related CO2 each year to halve its emissions, compared to 2005. economy grew since 2005, the U.S.

Why sticky baseballs follow a greater curve, beer mats make poor Frisbees

Physics World

This, Goff speculates, could be the reason why major league batters are striking out 25% of the time today, compared to just 17% of the time in 2005. This edition of the Red Folder focuses on spinning objects flying through the air – and first up is the baseball.

2005 84

North Carolina’s New Climate Legislation

Legal Planet

Last week, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an important piece of climate legislation. I wrote last month about major, bipartisan climate legislation in Illinois. Like the Illinois law, the North Carolina law enjoyed broad bipartisan support.

CEQA and UC Berkeley’s Enrollment

Legal Planet

The legal hook under CEQA here is a campus planning process in 2005. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit contend that UC Berkeley is in violation of CEQA because it has never examined the impacts of the increase in campus enrollment since the 2005 EIR.

2005 56

Darkness, Darkness: Is Daylight Savings Time Good for the Environment?


So that’s what we do: the current dates for DST, from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday in November, were set by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 , but again without any rigorous analysis of benefits. Posted on November 8, 2021 by Sam Gutter.

2005 52

Why Should You Care About WHO’s New Air Quality Guidelines?


The last air quality guidelines were updated in 2005, making this the first update in 16 years (!). In September 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally updated its guidelines regarding air quality for the first time in 16 years.

UN: extreme weather is becoming more frequent and costly

A Greener Life

Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans in 2005. Photo credit: AP Photo / Phil Coale. By Anders Lorenzen. This year the world has had front row seats to the climate crisis with one extreme weather event after another.

2005 65

House Environmental Committee Hearing June 22 On Pennsylvania CO2 And Climate

PA Environment Daily

The latest EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory presented in 2020 shows a 19 percent reduction in emissions between 2005 and 2017, primarily due to the switch from coal to natural gas-fired electricity generation. The House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing June 22 on “Pennsylvania CO2 and Climate.” No list of presenters is available yet.

2005 63

Melting glaciers have been shifting the Earth’s poles since 1995, new study suggests

Physics World

Scientists already knew that since 2005 glacier melting has affected the location of the poles and this latest study suggests that the trend began a decade earlier.

2005 85

A Long-Running Dispute Over an Acquisition Agreement is Returned to the Trial Court

Energy & the Law

In 2005 TRO-X and Eagle entered into an acreage acquisition agreement for leases in Pecos and Reeves counties. Co-author Rusty Tucker. This is another chapter in the dispute between Eagle Oil & Gas Co. TRO-X, L.P.

2007 130

NASA selects two Venus missions for launch

Physics World

Since then the European Space Agency launched Venus Express in 2005 and more recently JAXA’s Akatsuki craft took off in 2010 , although it only arrived in 2015 after failing in its first attempt to enter Venus’s orbit, spending five years circling the Sun. “We’re

2028 91

Can the government just take my land?

Stack Environment

However, the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 to include any use that is generally in the interests of the community. Your Georgia home and property are undoubtedly a source of pride for you. Even if you don’t spend as much time as you would like to make it look like a magazine cover, just having ownership is a success, whether you inherited it from family or bought it with your hard-earned money.

2020 56

Biden Administration Policy in the Indo-Pacific Region

Arnold Porter

Bellinger, Arnold & Porter, former State Department Legal Adviser (2005–2009), Moderator. In its first 100 days in office, the Biden-Harris Administration has already proposed or passed sweeping reforms in federal laws and policies, with many more campaign promises still in process.

2009 52

Guest Essay: FracTracker Response To Marcellus Shale Coalition On Lycoming Creek Watershed Digital Atlas Of Unconventional Gas Drilling Impacts

PA Environment Daily

If the former is true, then we suppose everyone should ignore the more than 634 violations in the Lycoming watershed since 2008, or the 17,220 violations assessed to unconventional well sites statewide since 2005.

2005 83