US Got “Lucky” with 2021 Hurricane Season—3rd Most Active in Recorded History

Union of Concerned Scientists

The 2021 hurricane season is what it looks like to get “lucky” in our warmed world. Climate Change Uncategorized climate change impacts Hurricane Ida Hurricane Season 2021 hurricanes

2021 188

Four Pieces of 2021 Progress on Agriculture and Climate Change Worth Celebrating

Union of Concerned Scientists

The year 2021 showed (again) how vulnerable farming and food production are to climate change, but also how much potential there is for farmers to be part of the solution. Climate Change Food and Agriculture 2021 agriculture ARA climate-change farmers healthy soil

2021 179

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4 Things to Know as the 2021 Summer Season Heats Up

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change 2021 summer extreme heat HeatExtreme summer heat has arrived early in the United States. It’s 11 a.m. here in Massachusetts and the heat index, or “feels like” temperature, in my town is 97 degrees Fahrenheit and rising.

2021 235

Test your climate current affairs know-how with our 2021 End of Year Green Quiz?

A Greener Life

Yet again 2021 gave us temperature records, but can you guess how warm it got? So what actually happened in 2021? Test your current affairs knowledge and take our 2021 End of Year Green Quiz.

2021 75

Here’s How You Can Support Recovery Efforts for Historic Kentucky Tornado

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change climate change impacts Dec 2021 Tornado Kentucky natural disasters tornadoesYou can help.

2021 198

2021 Year in Review: Five Stories of Clean Energy Progress

Union of Concerned Scientists

Lots of stories of clean energy progress caught my eye for 2021. The end of the year can be a fine time for taking stock, and that’s true in the energy space just as in our personal lives.

Methane Madness: 5 Reasons Why Natural Gas Doesn’t Belong in a Clean Electricity Payment Program

Union of Concerned Scientists

Energy 2021 infrastructure carbon reductions Clean Electricity Payment Program clean energy standard coal power plants methane emissions natural gas renewable electricity standard stranded assets

POSea 2021 Conference: Beyond the #Hashtag

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science Network guest blogger Jasmin Graham announces the inaugural POSea Conference October 1-3, 2021, online only. For BIPOC folks in marine sciences, conservation, and policy, and their allies--registration link in post.

2021 139

Lingering Climate Injustice in Bowling Green, KY

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change climate resilience climate-change Dec 2021 Tornado Extreme WeatherFrancisco Serrano lost his childhood home in December. He recalls the moment when “dark, soulless skies spawned a demon-like tornado” in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that changed life as he knew it.

2021 191

Environmental Professionals Day 2021

NAEP Leadership Blog

Environmental Professionals Day has been established worldwide on Thursday, April 15 to recognize all the hard work that these individuals do every day to create a more just and sustainable world for all living things.

2021 156

Clean Energy 2021 Year in Review: Midwest Progress

Union of Concerned Scientists

Legislative and policy victories in Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota bode well for the future. Energy clean energy Minnesota Renewable energy

The Year in Water, 2021

Circle of Blue

The Year in Water, 2021. Water Crises Take Center Stage By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue – December 9, 2021. Communities rich and poor bore witness to horrific devastation in 2021. The events of 2021 are likely to be only a prelude for sterner tasks ahead.

2021 99

Forced responses: Sep 2021

Real Climate

The post Forced responses: Sep 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. A bimonthly open thread for discussions related to climate solutions. Note that open discussions of climate science are here.

2021 82

Emissions Gap Report 2021

Environmental News Bits

C over pre-industrial levels, 2021 has been a fraught year for the planet. The Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat Is On is the 12th edition in… Read more → Climate change Data science PublicationsDownload the document and read the addendum released today.

2021 79

California Energy: A 2021 Review and a Look Ahead

Union of Concerned Scientists

Utilities initiated new programs to help the grid cope with high demand. Will they be enough? Energy California clean energy grid reliability

2021 167

Welcome to #BlackInPhysics week 2021

Physics World

This year’s #BlackInPhysics week runs on 24–30 October 2021 – and we’re delighted to be involved once again. For the record, here’s a list of upcoming essays in #BlackInPhysics week 2021, which will be published simultaneously on both the Physics World and Physics Today websites.

2021 89

The 2021 Hurricane Season Begins: Six Major Risks We’re Watching

Union of Concerned Scientists

From COVID-19, to toxics, to health--there's a lot to watch for. Climate Change Energy Food and Agriculture Science and Democracy Science Communication covid and hurricane response COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-Climate Collision

2021 250

20 Staggering E-Waste Facts in 2021

Earth 911

The post 20 Staggering E-Waste Facts in 2021 appeared first on Earth911. It feels as if electronics were made to be thrown out every year, right? EcoTech e-waste e-waste-facts

Waste 101

Frontiers in Nanotechnology 2021 Awards

Frontier Sin

Frontiers in Nanotechnology 2021 Outstanding Associate Editors Awards. Frontiers in Nanotechnology 2021 Outstanding Review Editors Awards. We are pleased to announce the first-ever Frontiers in Nanotechnolog y Editors Awards.

2021 83

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2021 Awards

Frontier Sin

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2021 Outstanding Associate Editors Awards. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2021 Outstanding Review Editors Awards. We are pleased to announce the first edition of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Editors Awards.

2021 102

What Does Climate Action Have to Do with Budget Reconciliation? In 2021, Everything.

Union of Concerned Scientists

If we want our country to do its part to help limit the global temperature rise, this is our moment to go big and make things happen. Climate Change Energy Transportation budget reconciliation climate-change electric vehicles

2021 224

2021 – Open Science Is Saving Lives

Frontier Sin

Kamila Markram, CEO and Co-founder. A year ago, I wrote about the strength of the human spirit that saw all of us come together as we rose before the challenge in front of us.

2021 112

Quantum science & technology: Highlights of 2021

Physics World

Although we wish the campaigners well, here at the magazine’s socially-distanced HQ we’ve already found plenty to celebrate in 2021, thanks to researchers around the world. As the year 2021 slinks off into the past, let us rejoice that some things about it, at least, were worth remembering.

2021 103

Nenana Ice Classic 2021

Real Climate

Feel free to link to your favorite such record in the comments… The post Nenana Ice Classic 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. And… it’s that time again. The clock stopped on the Nenana ice classic this afternoon (April 30, 12:50pm AT).

2021 83

The Resurgent Consumer City by Fall 2021

Environmental and Urban Economics

See my 2010 piece and my ne w 2021 Yale Press book ; Adapting to Climate Change. Our 2021 book expands on this theme I really like Paul Krugma n's NY Times piece from today. It focuses on his predictions about the short term future of cities. Here is a quote from the Nobel Laureate. "So

2021 130

Unforced variations: Nov 2021

Real Climate

The post Unforced variations: Nov 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. This month’s open thread. The first two weeks will be dominated by COP-26 , and various science updates that will be announced there, including this year’s Global Carbon Project report.

2021 66

Frontiers eBook releases: September 2021

Frontier Sin

Thompson; Duke Pauli PDF Pharmacology of BPSD (Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia) Edited by Lydia Gimenez-Llort; Bjorn Johansson PDF Highlights in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition: 2021 Edited by Andrew S Day PDF Cultured Meat – Are We Getting it Right?

2021 87

Unforced Variations: Dec 2021

Real Climate

The post Unforced Variations: Dec 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. This month’s open thread on climate science topics. Climate Science Open thread

2021 58

Frontiers eBook releases: August 2021

Frontier Sin

Animal Welfare Assessment: Edition 1 Edited by Edward Narayan; Alan J Tilbrook; Alan G McElligott PDF Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience – Editor’s Pick 2021 Edited by P.

2021 87

Announcing the 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Ocean Conservancy

Thank you for taking the time to enter your photographs and vote for your favorites during our 2021 Photo Contest this summer. Without further delay, here are our 2021 Photo Contest winners. The 2021 Photo Contest Up Close & Personal Winner, "Balloonfish" © Daryl Duda.

2021 112

Unforced Variations: July 2021

Real Climate

Photo from a Chilliwack Fire Department member) — Justin McElroy (@j_mcelroy) July 1, 2021. The post Unforced Variations: July 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. This month’s open thread for climate science. Probably a good time to discuss attribution for extreme heat , wildfires, hurricane intensity and intense precipitation. Lytton's Main Street, before and after yesterday's devastating fire.

2021 70

Frontiers eBook releases: November 2021

Frontier Sin

2021 87

Medical physics and biotechnology: highlights of 2021

Physics World

Alongside ongoing efforts to help detect , analyse and prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, 2021 has seen also the introduction of novel cancer treatments, advances in diagnostic imaging technology and innovative new biomedical devices.

Frontiers eBook releases: October 2021

Frontier Sin

2021 87

Unforced Variations: Aug 2021

Real Climate

The post Unforced Variations: Aug 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. This month is IPCC month – the Sixth Assessment Report from Working Group 1 is out on Monday August 9. We’ll have some detailed comments once it’s out, but in the meantime, feel free to speculate widely (always considering that IPCC is restricted to assessing existing literature…). Open thread – please stick to climate science topics.

2021 65

Frontiers eBook releases: June 2021

Frontier Sin

Download this month’s new releases including the latest Special Issues on treatment options for autoimmune skin diseases, small scale spatial and temporal patterns in plankton , management of fungal wheat diseases , issues surrounding psychological distress among university students, recent advances is road safety planning and many more!

2021 91

The 2021 Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico Catches the Population Unprepared

Union of Concerned Scientists

The 2021 hurricane season just started, and it’s predicted to be an active one. My colleague Dr Adrienne Hollis just wrote about the major risks to the population in hurricane-vulnerable Gulf Coast counties.

2021 173

Physics books that captured the imagination in 2021

Physics World

Host Andrew Glester is joined by Physics World ’s reviews and careers editor Laura Hiscott and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Matin Durrani to discuss a handpicked selection of popular-science books reviewed in 2021.

2021 111

Materials and nanotechnology: highlights of 2021

Physics World

Here is a selection of some of our favourite materials and nanotechnology research in 2021. The post Materials and nanotechnology: highlights of 2021 appeared first on Physics World. Materials and nanotechnology have long attracted some of the best physicists in academia and industry.

2021 92

Frontiers eBook releases: July 2021

Frontier Sin

2021 83

Forced responses: Nov 2021

Real Climate

The post Forced responses: Nov 2021 first appeared on RealClimate. A bi-monthly open thread related to climate solutions. This month will start off with COP-26 and many targets and plans and mechanisms will be proposed and discussed.

2021 55

Top 21 Frontiers ebook releases from 2021

Frontier Sin

2021 92

Top Ten Agricultural Law Issues in 2021

National Law Center

In the world of agricultural law, 2021 was a year for significant developments and changes. The post Top Ten Agricultural Law Issues in 2021 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center. Below, attorneys at the National Agricultural.

2021 75