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Fossil Fuels Received $5.9 Trillion In Subsidies in 2020, Report Finds

Yale E360

trillion in subsidies in 2020 — or roughly $11 million every minute — according to a new analysis from the International Monetary Fund. Coal, oil, and natural gas received $5.9 Read more on E360 ?.

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Wildfires Had a Bigger Climate Impact Than the Pandemic in 2020

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While pandemic-related lockdowns led to a dramatic drop in greenhouse gas emissions last year, the event that had the biggest impact on the climate in 2020 was actually a series of devastating bushfires in Australia, according to a new study.

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CEQA Case Report: 2020 Year in Review

Clean Energy Law

Throughout 2020 Latham lawyers reviewed each of the 34 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) appellate cases, whether published or unpublished. Latham’s webcast discussing this publication and the key CEQA cases and trends of 2020 is available here. Other key cases from 2020 include: Save the Agoura Cornell Knoll v.

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More Than 200 Environmental Activists Murdered in 2020, the Most Ever

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Some 227 land and environmental activists were killed in 2020, the highest number ever recorded, according to a new report from Global Witness, an international human rights organization. Read more on E360 ?.

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How the Science Perspective Can Help Us Understand What the 2020 Census Means for Fair Representation

Union of Concerned Scientists

As a PhD candidate in biostatistics who works on problems of data quality, my concerns related to under-counting in the 2020 Census are significant, particularly in regards to political representation and accountability.

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Wind Energy Accounted for 42 Percent of New U.S. Power in 2020

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capacity in 2020, while solar supplied 38 percent and natural gas the remaining 20 percent. Wind energy accounted for the bulk of new power-generating capacity in the United States last year, according to a trio of new reports from the Department of Energy. In total, wind supplied 42 percent of new U.S. Read more on E360 ?.

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The Deal with Dicamba: Plaintiffs Ask Court to Vacate 2020 Registration Decision

National Law Center

The post The Deal with Dicamba: Plaintiffs Ask Court to Vacate 2020 Registration Decision appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center. On April 12, 2023, the plaintiffs in Ctr. for Biological Diversity v. Protection Agency, No. 4:20-cv-00555 (D.

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