Climate-friendly but costly agriculture

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Emissions of methane and nitrogen oxides from agriculture are Europe’s second most important... The post Climate-friendly but costly agriculture appeared first on successful GREEN. Making agriculture climate-?neutral

Study is first to show that air pollutants increase risk of painful periods for women

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A new epidemiological study by the open access publisher Frontiers is the first to show that the risk of developing dysmenorrhea increases by more than 30 times for women and girls who are exposed long-term to air pollutants such as carbon and nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter.


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EPA Recognizes 2 PA Companies With Top Environmental Performers and Leaders For Freight Supply Chain Efficiency

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million tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 112,000 tons of particulate matter (PM), while saving $44.8 On October 29, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized two Pennsylvania companies-- Pittsburgh-based Armada Supply Chain Partners , and Reading-based Penske Logistics LLC -- as industry leaders in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency.

DEP Announces $3 Million In Grants For Cleaner Truck, Bus Fleets Under The Driving PA Forward Grant Program

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Conversions to clean diesel trucks and buses reduce large amounts of nitrogen oxide pollution from these vehicles, leading to less fine particulate matter and ozone formation. On September 29, the Department of Environmental Protection announced $3 million in funding through the Driving PA Forward - Truck & Bus Fleet Grant Program (formerly the Class 8 Truck and Transit Bus Grant Program).

California and Key Stakeholders Join Warehouse Regulation Lawsuit

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The State and eNGOs seek to defend an emissions rule that trucking and airline trade groups are challenging in federal court. By Joshua T. Bledsoe and Jennifer Garlock.

Proposed DEP Regulation Would Require 22% Of Passenger, Light Duty Vehicle Fleet Offered For Sale In PA Be Zero Emission Vehicles Starting In 2025

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Transportation generates 47 percent of nitrogen oxide and 21 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in Pennsylvania.

How to Enhance Clinical Research with Environmental Data


For example, the presence of air pollution has been linked to increased pollen allergen concentrations, and evidence suggests pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide and PM2.5

Tackling Agricultural Methane: An Overview of the Science

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Because methods for reducing methane emissions can also increase nitrous oxide emissions under some circumstances, the effects of such methods on both gasses must often be considered to ensure an overall reduction in GHG emissions.

Decarbonizing California Transportation by 2045

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Particulate matter harms lungs and hearts, while nitrogen oxide compounds contribute to ozone pollution and other health impacts. Decarbonizing California Transportation by 2045. Report to State Outlines Policy Pathways to Meet the Zero-Carbon Time Crunch.

Public Comment Period Opens as Ohio EPA Issues Draft Revisions to Reasonably Available Control Technology (“RACT”) Requirements for Control of VOC and NOx Emissions

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Ohio EPA has proposed rules that will require additional Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission controls for certain manufacturing and industrial operations located in the Cincinnati and Cleveland 2015 ozone nonattainment areas.

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Air Regulators Tackle Trucking at Southern California Warehouses

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The WAIRE Program essentially requires warehouse operators to take actions to electrify warehouse activities and the trucks that visit warehouses in order to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) and diesel particulate matter (DPM) emissions.

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BreezoMeter's Guide to Indoor Air Quality & Smart Home IoT


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Filtration works by targeting pollutants such as Particulate Matter and removing them from the environment while purification addresses gas-phase pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

Bay Journal: As Federal Support Emerges, PA Wants To Be A Carbon Capture Hub

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Read more here ] The plant would mix the captured CO2 with ammonia to produce urea, which is used in diesel exhaust systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Killing King Coal is the First Step Towards Halving Our Emissions

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As I have spent some sleepless nights since the latest IPCC report on how Mankind has to halve its carbon emissions by 2030. For both the European Union and the United States of America, the first step in doing so is killing King Coal.

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Air District Targets Southern California Logistics Industry

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One of the most significant air quality challenges in the Basin is reducing emissions of the ozone precursor nitrogen oxides (NO x ) to meet the ozone standard attainment deadlines.

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Special Policy News #6: The Transition


The SAB Staff Office is especially interested in scientists with the expertise described above who have knowledge and experience relating to criteria pollutants (carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and sulfur oxides). In this issue: . Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes Funding for Natural Infrastructure, Scientific Infrastructure. $2 2 trillion plan includes $50 billion to create a new technology directorate for NSF.

Identifying the Means to an End: The Role of the Social Cost of Carbon

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For example, recent attention has focused on tightening the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone smog, which is formed by atmospheric reactions on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).