Ozone Pollution: An Insidious and Growing Threat to Biodiversity

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Ground-level ozone has long been known to pose a threat to human health. Now, scientists are increasingly understanding how this pollutant damages plants and trees, setting off a cascade of impacts that harms everything from soil microbes, to insects, to wildlife.

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Summer Air Pollution Trends: Factors Affecting Air Quality


Levels of Ground-level Ozone Pollution Can Increase in Summer. As ground-level ozone requires the presence of sunlight to form, high heat and sunny weather can function to increase concentrations of this particular pollutant.


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How Does The U.S EPA Report on Air Quality ?


In both the US AQI and the Nowcast, the higher the value, the greater the level of air pollution, and the greater the health concern. Ground-level ozone (03) Particle pollution (PM2.5 Ground-level ozone (03) Particle pollution (PM 2.5)

Mack Trucks, 30 Other Businesses Call On Pennsylvania To Accelerate Electrification Of Trucks And Buses

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On July 20, dozens of businesses, including global vehicle manufacturing leaders, urged Pennsylvania decision makers to accelerate the electrification of trucks and buses throughout the Commonwealth.

Bike to Work!

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Motor vehicle exhaust is one big source of ground-level ozone or smog, fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Vitamin D levels increase after being outside, which has protective effects against depression.

Proposed DEP Regulation Would Require 22% Of Passenger, Light Duty Vehicle Fleet Offered For Sale In PA Be Zero Emission Vehicles Starting In 2025

PA Environment Daily

Carbon dioxide emissions are the leading cause of climate change, and nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, which affects the health of children, older people, people with lung diseases such as asthma and emphysema, and people who work or are active outdoors.