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5 Powerful Facts for Global Wind Day

Union of Concerned Scientists

We at the Union of Concerned Scientists think a lot about wind power. In honor of Global Wind Day , here’s a roundup of what we’re seeing and what we’ve been thinking—five facts about wind energy to keep in mind as you celebrate, or at least make note, on June 15.

Biden Administration Moves to Unblock Solar Power

Union of Concerned Scientists

For months, the US solar industry has been frozen by a pending trade case and the uncertainty it has brought. A new move by the Biden administration proposes to fix that. The solar trade case.


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The Overturning of Roe V. Wade and When We Stop Governing with Facts

Union of Concerned Scientists

Despite being born in the 80’s in New York, as a Jew and the daughter of a German mother born in 1943, I grew up in the shadow of World War II and the destructive power that humanity is capable of.

We’re Naming Summer “Danger Season” in the US. Here’s Why.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Every year, as the calendar flips from May to June, I feel a sense of dread sink into my chest. By June 1 each year, the West’s rainy season is long over, hurricane season is likely to have kicked off, and the grim annual parade of heatwaves has begun.

2022 236

Prepare for Another Dangerous Hurricane Season Predicted for 2022

Union of Concerned Scientists

Here we are again, on the cusp of another hurricane season. June 1 is the official start, but for the past 7 years the first named storm (and sometimes the second) formed before that date. This year broke the streak, and that is a good thing.

2022 249

A 100% Renewable Energy Future is Possible, and We Need It

Union of Concerned Scientists

We’re living in a time of high volatility in the price of gas that has hit close to all sectors of our economy. We’re also living in a time plagued with costly ”this is not normal” weather events.

Lingering Climate Injustice in Bowling Green, KY

Union of Concerned Scientists

Francisco Serrano lost his childhood home in December. He recalls the moment when “dark, soulless skies spawned a demon-like tornado” in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that changed life as he knew it.

2021 191

Ask a Scientist: How to Disarm Disinformation

Union of Concerned Scientists

Our society is awash in disinformation. Lies about vaccines. Lies about the last election. Lies about climate change. There are just too many examples to mention. It’s infuriating, to be sure. But more than that, it’s dangerous—to public health, to democracy, to the country, and to the planet.

2022 202

It’s About Damn Time to Have a Black Woman on the US Supreme Court

Union of Concerned Scientists

At President Biden’s first State of the Union address, he can tout a historic promise he kept from the campaign trail in 2020: his nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

2022 285

What Danger Season Looks Like in the Midwest

Union of Concerned Scientists

If there’s one region of the country that has been Exhibit A this year for summer-turned- Danger Season , it’s the Midwest. The warm season began with an incredibly unseasonable heatwave , smashing records left and right.

2022 180

Causes and Consequences of Epic Western US Drought

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change is a big factor. Climate Change Science Communication climate change impacts Drought San Joaquin Valley Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

2022 276

Climate Change, Danger Seasons and the Need for Global Action

Union of Concerned Scientists

Deadly heatwaves, extreme drought, food and water shortages, catastrophic flooding, rapidly intensifying tropical storms, raging wildfires—around the world, climate change is exacerbating extreme conditions and their harsh toll on people and ecosystems.

The Start of the Unraveling of Cheap Gas-Fired Power

Union of Concerned Scientists

Note: “gas” in this post refers to what is traditionally called natural gas. For years, gas has been touted as a cheap fuel and a cheap electricity source. Perhaps not as much in today’s world , but historically, this has been the case.

2022 156

Do We Really Need New Technology to Fight Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

I was invited to speak at a panel discussion last Wednesday as part of The Economist ’s annual Sustainability Week, titled “What technologies are needed to avert a climate disaster?” True to the theme, I was asked about which technological innovations would be necessary to save our planet.

Corporate Climate Disclosure Rule Could Make the World a Little Less Dangerous

Union of Concerned Scientists

It’s here!

Can You Plug an Electric Car into a Regular Outlet? And Other Charging Questions Answered

Union of Concerned Scientists

If you’re in the market for an electric car, then you are probably also in the market for an electric car charger. A major part of your electric car-buying research is figuring out what your refueling (which is to say charging) routine will be.

Data Doesn’t Speak, People Do!

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science Network guest blogger Professor Barbara Allen describes how scientists can better engage with communities for the best impact from their work.

2022 261

What Firefighters Can Teach Us about Preparing the Grid for Extreme Weather

Union of Concerned Scientists

Preparing for emergencies and preventing disasters requires planning, equipment and communications. This is true for fighting fires and for keeping the electric power system operating in extreme weather. Firefighters have strategic plans regarding territory to address, as well as operational plans.

2003 139

Oil and Gas Industry Hypocrisy Laid Bare By Russia’s War on Ukraine

Union of Concerned Scientists

CEOs of major oil and gas companies have been called to testify before at least three congressional committees about their record profits as Russia wages an unjust war in Ukraine and gas prices remain volatilely high, disproportionately affecting low-income and fixed-income families.

2022 244

We Need Climate Resilience Legislation—Now

Union of Concerned Scientists

For those of us who work on climate change, progress at the federal level can feel impossible sometimes.

2022 180

Spoiler Alert: We Can Still Knock the “Comet” Off Course. But We Can’t Squander Solutions.

Union of Concerned Scientists

"Looking up" is not going to be enough. Climate Change Energy clean energy climate change comet fossil fuel interests Renewable energy

Boulder Sued Big Oil for Climate Damages, Then the Marshall Fire Happened

Union of Concerned Scientists

More than two dozen states, counties and cities have sued major fossil fuel companies for climate-related fraud or damages, or both. Climate Change Climate lawsuits climate-change wildfires

Solutions to Climate Change-Fueled Droughts in the Western US

Union of Concerned Scientists

As human activities continue to spew heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, temperatures rise and cause the air to become “thirstier.” This thirstier air evaporates more water from rivers, lakes, and canals, as well as from soil, forests, vegetation, and crops, making drought conditions extreme.

We Can Electrify One in Three Heavy Duty Trucks by 2030: Here’s How.

Union of Concerned Scientists

The past few years have been ripe with exciting news of new electric vehicle models hitting the market. Recently, the anticipated release of electric light-duty trucks has dominated consumers’ attention.

2030 243

As War Rages in Ukraine, Policymakers Must Reject Fossil Fuel Industry Spin

Union of Concerned Scientists

Deputy Policy Director Julie McNamara urges policymakers to see calls from the fossil fuel industry to invest more in their operations--in response to market instability because of the war in Ukraine--as an opportunistic attempt to lower their costs and increase their profits, at great cost to us.

Why We Can Send A Rover To Mars, But We Can’t Send An Electron From New York to California

Union of Concerned Scientists

Space missions are a federal matter, but states determine energy policy and infrastructure decisions. Right now, states and the federal government have a choice that will define our country’s options for clean energy and planning the power grid for the challenges ahead.

2022 201

Remembering Our Nation’s Fallen Workers

Union of Concerned Scientists

Wednesday is “hump day” for many working people with Monday to Friday jobs. As Thursday dawns, their work week is more than half over and some respite may be in sight.

2022 219

Climate Scientists on “Don’t Look Up:” It’s Infuriating, Soul-Sucking and On-the-Nose

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS climate scientist reviews "Don't Look Up," an allegory for climate inaction. Climate Change Science and Democracy Climate change; movie review; Jennifer Lawrence; Meryl Streep climate emergency Global warming

Ask a Scientist: Two Dozen States Can Meet 100 Percent of Electricity Demand with Renewables by 2035

Union of Concerned Scientists

Since its founding in 2017, the US Climate Alliance —a coalition of states committed to meeting the goals of the Paris climate accord—has grown to 24 states and one US territory.

A Daughter’s Story: White Supremacy and the Poor People’s Campaign

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS is honored to be a mobilizing partner for the Poor People’s Campaign , a nonviolent call to moral revival. If you can join us in Washington, DC on June 18 th in solidarity with their march and assembly, I hope you will. Buffalo. Charlottesville. El Paso. Pittsburgh. Charleston.

2022 195

Big Oil Investors Put to the Test at Annual Shareholder Meetings

Union of Concerned Scientists

This week is the culmination of major oil and gas companies’ annual general meetings, also known as annual shareholder meetings.

2022 189

EPA Recognizes Problem of Truck Pollution, But Hesitates on Solution

Union of Concerned Scientists

It's critical that EPA's proposed rule on pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks be stronger. Transportation air pollution air quality diesel electric trucks heavy-duty trucks NOx PM2.5

When it Comes to Disinformation about Renewable Energy, The Band Plays On

Union of Concerned Scientists

In a twisted parody of the band that played on to calm the doomed passengers of the Titanic, a conservative chorus—horribly off key to science, but music to the ears of its fossil fuel patrons—continues to belt out disinformation in full throat to drown out the urgency of climate catastrophe.

Our Overdependence on Methane Gas is Costly: We Need Policymakers to Pass Clean Energy Legislation Now 

Union of Concerned Scientists

Rising prices of methane gas used for power and heating, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are contributing to soaring electric and heating bills across the country.

A Big Climate Warning from One of the Gulf of Maine’s Smallest Marine Creatures

Union of Concerned Scientists

Ocean warming is having effects throughout the food chain. Climate Change climate impacts Global warming Maine ocean heat

2022 240

Consumers Tell Tyson Foods to Keep Its Sustainability Promise

Union of Concerned Scientists

My colleagues and I here at the Union of Concerned Scientists were surprised when we saw the size of the “feed footprint” attributable to meat and poultry giant Tyson Foods.

2025 185

Michigan Can Transition to 100-Percent Renewable Energy by 2035, Save Lives, and Create Jobs

Union of Concerned Scientists

Imagine: It’s spring in the year 2040. On a warm, windy day in Southwest Detroit, you pause under a magnolia tree. Its buds are full to bursting with pink and white blossoms. The air smells like rain, and—compared to what you grew up with—feels cleaner in your nose and lungs.

EPA’s Proposed Truck Rule Delays Justice for Freight-Impacted Communities

Union of Concerned Scientists

It has been over twenty years since smog-forming and particulate pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks were strengthened. In the absence of federal action, states have moved forward to reduce pollution from trucks.

A Year After the Shell Ruling: Big Victories and Next Steps for Climate Litigation

Union of Concerned Scientists

Today marks one year since the precedent-setting court ruling in the Netherlands, which ordered Shell to cut its activities’ carbon emissions by 45 percent compared to 2019 levels to align with the Paris climate agreement.

How the War in Ukraine Could Trigger a Food Crisis

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Russian war in Ukraine is an abominable humanitarian catastrophe, and it poses many risks for the region and the wider world.

Why Are Gasoline Prices So Volatile?

Union of Concerned Scientists

When gasoline prices rise, as they have since the winter of 2020, or spike dramatically, as they have with the war in Ukraine , people naturally want to know why it happened and what we should do about it.

2022 215

Florida Governor Suppresses the Vote, State University Suppresses the Voting Experts

Union of Concerned Scientists

Scientists everywhere should be outraged at this attempt by the University of Florida to suppress science in a crucial public policy debate. Science and Democracy Scientific Integrity academic freedom florida Ron DeSantis voter suppression Voting rights

2021 273

Confronting Smallpox: How an Enslaved Man Helped Spur the First US Vaccine Study

Union of Concerned Scientists

As we’ve seen during the Omicron wave and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines can play a powerful role in protecting people’s health and safety and slowing the spread of infectious disease.

2022 239