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Flying Insects Have Declined by 60 Percent in the U.K., Survey Finds

Yale E360

A new survey of flying insects in Britain found their numbers have dropped nearly 60 percent since 2004, a "terrifying" decline given the vital role that insects play in pollinating crops, consuming organic waste, and killing pests , advocates say. Read more on E360 ?.

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Replacing California’s Oldest and Dirtiest Cars Will Save Money and Lives

Union of Concerned Scientists

Older vehicles pollute more and are a fraction of those on the road Beginning with model year 2004, California has implemented Low-Emission Vehicle (LEVII) tailpipe pollution standards for passenger vehicles. exposure from the use of pre-2004 vehicles is inequitably distributed across racial and demographic groups in California.


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Some new CMIP6 MSU comparisons

Real Climate

2004 ) which is a better representation of the mid-troposphere than the classic TMT diagnostic through an adjustment using the lower stratosphere record (i.e. ). 55-58, 2004. After my annual update , I was pointed to some MSU-related diagnostics for many of the CMIP6 models (24 of them at least) from Po-Chedley et al. Johanson, S.G.

2004 321
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Ancient graphene formed 3 billion years before humans discovered it

New Scientist

Graphene, an atom-thick form of carbon, was discovered in 2004 using sticky tape and pencil graphite, but now researchers have found the first ever natural graphene in a gold mine

2004 90
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Attention Span review: A welcome injection of evidence

New Scientist

Gloria Mark has studied distraction since 2004. Her first book is a valuable guide to how to balance work and well-being in a world increasingly dependent on tech

2004 78
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'Doomsday' shipwreck exposed by New Scientist finally being tackled

New Scientist

In 2004, my investigation into the bomb-laden wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery revealed the danger to people living nearby. Almost 20 years later, the UK government has finally agreed to do something about it

2004 100
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GAO finds Pentagon violated law by hiring Halliburton for pre-war planning work

Corp Watch

GAO finds Pentagon violated law by hiring Halliburton for pre-war planning work HalliburtonWatch PaulaR Thu, 07/27/2023 - 16:56 Tuesday, June 15, 2004 Read more WASHINGTON, June 15, 2004 ( -- The auditing arm of Congress issued a report today confirming that the Pentagon had violated procurement law by issuing a "task order" to (..)

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