Stewardship of Public Lands and Cultural Resources in the Tennessee Valley: A Critique of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s “New Deal”

Vermont Law

. Stewardship of Public Lands and Cultural Resources in the Tennessee Valley: A Critique of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s “New Deal”.

2013 40

Legal Policies Surrounding the Degradation of Indonesia’s Forests

Vermont Law

. Legal Policies Surrounding the Degradation of Indonesia’s Forests.

2013 40

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Australian and United States Law of Aboriginal Land Rights: A Comparative Perspective

Vermont Law

. Australian and United States Law of Aboriginal Land Rights: A Comparative Perspective.

2013 40

The Implications of G.E. v. Joiner for Admissibility of Expert Testimony

Vermont Law

. The Implications of G.E. Joiner for Admissibility of Expert Testimony.

2013 40

Volume 1 • Issue 1

Vermont Law

. Volume 1 • Issue 1.

2013 40

Five years after largest marine heatwave on record hit northern California coast, many warm–water species have stuck around

Environmental News Bits

In 2013, the largest marine heatwave on record began when an unusually warm mass of water formed in the Gulf of Alaska. by Erica Nielsen and Sam Walkes (University of California, Davis) Land–based heatwaves have a less obvious though equally important sibling: marine heatwaves.

2013 81

Wildfire Smoke: An Emerging Threat to West Coast Wines

Inside Climate News

By Liza Gross In August 2013, Ron and Cheryl Harms were eagerly anticipating the third harvest from their boutique vineyard in the Sierra Foothills when the massive, fast-moving Rim Fire zigzagged perilously close to their property.

2013 100

There were 227 environmental defenders killed in 2020


The report, which was released Monday, says that the number of murdered land defenders has more than doubled since 2013 As if it’s not bad enough that the world is suffering from weather extremes and other climate-related disasters, last year a record 227 environmental defenders died for protecting the planet, according to an annual report by Global Witness.

2020 82


Law Columbia

magna cum laude, with certificates in environmental law and comparative legal studies, from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, in 2013. This month , Jacob Elkin joins the Sabin Center as the 2021-2022 Climate Law Fellow.

2013 87

Environmental Rights in State Constitutions

Law Columbia

Most of these provisions were enacted in the early 1970s during that great period of environmental lawmaking, but they received relatively little attention until a 2013 decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Robinson Township v. By Michael B.

Texas Supreme Court Rules on Correction Deeds in a Case of First Impression

Energy & the Law

2013: Broadway Bank, John, and the original grantees of the 2005 deed execute a second correction deed, again attempting to change the fee interest to a life estate. The probate court declares the 2013 correction deed valid. Co-author Rusty Tucker.

2013 130

FWS Delists Cumberland Sandwort under the ESA

Endangered Species Law

By December of 2013, the FWS recommended downlisting the Cumberland sandwort to threatened status, and in April of 2020, the On Monday, the U.S.

Water-mediated intercalation mechanisms in transition metal oxides

Physics World

From 2013–2015, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, US. She received her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, US, in 2013 and BS at the University of Arizona, US, in 2007, both in Materials Science and Engineering.

2013 87

Added Party Can’t Avoid Amended Master Service Agreement

Energy & the Law

Stingray Pressure Pumping and Gulfport Energy entered into an MSA for oilfield fracing services in 2013. Co-author Brittany Blakey. Let’s begin with a question: Master service agreements (“MSA’s” in the trade), once agreed upon, often remain in force for years.

2018 130

Quantum entanglement in the real world: IOP Publishing’s 600th ebook

Physics World

After much hard work, the IOP Publishing ebooks programme was launched in 2013. I remember sitting in a meeting here at IOP Publishing about a decade ago when the idea of an ebooks programme was first mooted by one of our directors.

2013 93

Dr Nina Hall to lead Frontiers’ Commitments to UN SDG Publishers Compact

Frontier Sin

Having worked with Frontiers since 2013, Dr. Hall brings considerable strategic experience to the position. Frontiers is pleased to announce that Dr Nina Hall will lead the organization’s commitments to the United Nations SDG Publishers Compact , which it signed up to at the end of last year.

2006 60

Celebrating 10 million views of kid-friendly science!

Frontier Sin

From its launch in autumn 2013 with just a handful of articles, Frontiers for Young Minds started to grow steadily. Frontiers for Young Minds has achieved a super exciting milestone in recent weeks – our articles have been viewed over 10 million times!

2013 103

Five Nobel Prize winners publish scientific article collection for children

Frontier Sin

Computer Simulations in Service of Biology , written by Michael Levitt , awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013. The Frontiers for Young Minds journal launched in 2013. The Nobel Collection of free scientific articles for next generation of scientists goes live.

2004 114

Chart of the WeekCould Renewed Social Unrest Hinder the Recovery?


To give a real-world example, think of the demonstrations that followed former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s election in 2012 or Chile’s presidential election in 2013—this is a less significant shock equivalent to one standard deviation, which can reduce GDP by about 0.2

Louisiana Coastal Zone Litigation Likely to Remain in Federal Court

Energy & the Law

In 2013 the entirety of the 382 page FEIS was attached to briefs citing the FEIS for propositions that did not make federal-officer removal unequivocally clear and certain. In Plaquemines Parish et al. Chevron et al. , the U.

2013 130

A deep dive into the IPCC’s updated carbon budget numbers

Real Climate

And since the first IPCC estimates published in 2013, we have learned a lot and have gotten much better at estimating remaining carbon budgets. IPCC reported carbon budgets for the first time in 2013. in 2018, but they represent a significant update since AR5 in 2013.

2018 88

Chief Editor of Nanodevices receives 2021 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists for pioneering memristive technology

Frontier Sin

2013 Early Career Fellowship, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Why Climate Economics Continues to Succeed

Environmental and Urban Economics

I have published a 2013 paper and a 2015 political economy paper on carbon tax voting. A blog post that responds to Noah Smith's provocative piece titled Why Has Climate Economics Failed Us? It raises a deep question. What is the point of climate economics research? I will respond below. Dr. Smith's piece also throws some low blows. My friend Richard Tol is singled out for reasons I don't understand. Go to Professor Tol's Google Scholar webpage and read his work. First, a preamble.

When ‘Eradicated’ Species Bounce Back With a Vengeance

Science & Climate

By 2013, the population had decreased from 125,000 to fewer than 10,000 individuals. But one year later, in 2014, the population exploded to about 300,000 green crab in the lagoon — a 30-fold increase over 2013 levels and nearly triple the pre-eradication population size.

2013 70

Young Arabic speakers offered kid-friendly route into scientific discovery

Frontier Sin

Arabic is the latest language added to the Frontiers for Young Minds initiative, launched in 2013. Since it was launched in 2013, the journal has received published works from more than 1,250 authors which have been reviewed by 2,950 young reviewers.

2013 87

The Global Methane Pledge

Legal Planet

California’s 2016 law, SB 1383 , requires a 40 percent reduction from 2013 levels, which is comparable to the 30 percent reduction from 2020 levels identified in the Global Methane Pledge.

2030 55

Construction go-ahead for €2bn Square Kilometre Array

Physics World

That initial design, however, proved too ambitious and in 2013 officials concentrated on building a much smaller preliminary facility known as SKA1, which was to be complete by 2018. Indeed, in 2013 SKA 2 was budgeted at over €1.5bn, which is now near to the cost for SKA 1.

2028 87

Thermodynamic origins of reaction heterogeneity in lithium battery electrodes

Physics World

In 2013, Tang joined Shell Oil as a materials and corrosion engineer, and became an assistant professor at Rice University in 2015. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2013 89

Phase l Environmental Site Assessment Standard Being Revised

Greenbuilding Law

The Phase l Environmental Site Assessment Standard E1527-13 will sunset in late 2021, eight years from its approval on November 6, 2013. This is hugely significant because a Phase l Environmental Site Assessment is conducted in the vast majority of the 5.6

2013 83

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches its 2021 Minimum

Ocean Conservancy

Since 2007, only 2009, 2013 and 2014 had more ice at the end of the melt season. Here in Anchorage, Alaska, the leaves are changing color, frost is on the ground and there’s new snow covering the mountain slopes. Fall has arrived, and winter won’t be too far behind.

2021 64

Overturning 8 Years of “Palpable Error,” The Louisiana Supreme Court Limits Damages Available to Landowners in Oilfield Legacy Litigation

The Energy Law Blog

In 2013, the decision in State of Louisiana v. This was all done in light of this Court’s 2013 La.

2013 87

All About Basking Sharks

Ocean Conservancy

A 2013 study found they can have bursts of speed up to 11 mph and are even able to jump (breach) out of the water. It’s a shark. But, it doesn’t use teeth to eat. Yes, I’m serious. I’m writing about none other than the basking shark.

Ocean 80

Stourbridge Project Solar Installation In Wayne County Wins Environmental Award

PA Environment Daily

was started within the Community Solar Circle of SEEDS in 2013. The Wayne County Commissioners , Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support (SEEDS) and the Clean Energy Co-op Inc.

Wildfires in California: Our wake up call

Our Environment

A cow near flames of the 2013 Rim Fire close to the Yosemite National Park border in Groveland, California. [6] A cow walks by flames from the Rim fire near the Yosemite National Park border in Groveland, California, on August 24, 2013]. Photo credit. Written by: Lydia Forde. Figure 1.

2020 52

Microfluidic systems for the skin: Quantitative sensing of biomarkers in sweat

Physics World

Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. Recent advances in materials, mechanics, and manufacturing establish the foundations for high-performance classes of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technologies that have physical properties matched to those of human skin.

2002 82

Should the official Atlantic hurricane season be lengthened?

Real Climate

But it emphasizes an important point about the relationship between SST and hurricane behavior in general: The hurricane response to SST changes depends on what caused the SST changes ( Emanuel and Sobel 2013 ). 2013 ; Sobel et al. 447-458, 2013. 534-539, 2013.

2008 75

How to celebrate 17-year cicadas – eat one!

Academy of Natural Sciences

I tasted Brood 2 back in 2013, and they tasted remarkably like pistachios. Isa Betancourt is a Curatorial Assistant of Entomology at the Academy of Natural Sciences who first tasted and called cicadas “Shrimp of the land” back in 2013 when Brood II emerged.

2013 91

How Do Wildfires Start & Can We Predict Them?


In fact, between 2019 to 2013, over 1500 California wildfires , including the deadliest in the state’s history, were caused by utility lines.

Deciphering the ‘SPM AR6 WG1’ code

Real Climate

The problems with the SPM are similar those from the previous fifth assessment report which prompted me to write a post in 2013.

Why is future sea level rise still so uncertain?

Real Climate

The last major revision (BedMap2) was in 2013 ( Fretwell et al., 2013 ), but many areas remain without good data and important revisions are still being made (Morlighem et al., 375-393, 2013.