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Fourth District Belatedly Publishes CEQA Opinion Upholding City of Newport Beach’s Approval of Multifamily-Housing Development Pursuant To Addendum To 2006 EIR For Larger Mixed-Use Development

CEQA Developments

Given that the City is fairly built out, there is a dearth of available sites on which to construct multifamily housing, and the City had identified the Center as a possible site for multifamily residential development circa 2006. The project was approved in early 2021 over the objections of one property owner at the Center.

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Could we tweak the solar system to make Pluto a planet again?

New Scientist

Pluto officially lost its planethood in 2006, and this episode of Dead Planets Society is all about bringing it back by making it bigger, faster and better than ever

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Earth911 Podcast: Christy Briggs Scores a Sustainability Touchdown at Seattle’s Lumen Field

Earth 911

Since it started measuring waste diversion from landfills in 2006, when it recycled only 4.6%. The post Earth911 Podcast: Christy Briggs Scores a Sustainability Touchdown at Seattle’s Lumen Field appeared first on Earth911.

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Evolving Air Quality Standards

Legal Planet

The annual standard — basically the worst day of the year — has gone from 260 μg/m³ in 1971, down to 150 μg/m³ in 1987, 65 μg/m³ in 2006, and 12 μg/m³ in 2012, where they have stayed ever since. Particulates (Soot) Particulate standards (basically soot) are measured in micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m³).

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DEP Secretary Negrin Resigns Effective Dec. 8, On Medical Leave; Jessica Shirley Named Interim Acting Secretary

PA Environment Daily

She also held a Graduate Policy Intern position in the Governor’s Office of Policy and Planning in 2009 and an Undergraduate Policy Intern position in the Department of Public Welfare in 2006. Richard Negrin Richard Negrin served as Acting Secretary of DEP from January 17 until he was confirmed by the Senate on June 27.

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Firearm suicides are rising in the US despite declining globally

New Scientist

While down overall in the US since 1990, they began to climb in 2006 – coinciding with increased access to firearms In the past three decades, suicides involving guns have steadily dropped around the world.

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Droughts Push More People to Migrate Than Floods

Circle of Blue

Indications of migration due to water scarcity and groundwater depletion came as early as 2006 in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley where a combination of declining rainfall and factory farms caused community wells to go dry. “It is not easy to be outside of one’s homeland,” she told Circle of Blue in 2006.