Molecular engineering of photoinduced charge separation

Physics World

Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. A key factor in natural photosynthesis, solar fuels and photovoltaic cells is how to control photoinduced charge separation and recombination in donor-acceptor systems.

2006 71

Service Lists Franklin’s Bumble Bee as Endangered Species

Endangered Species Law

The last known record of the species dates back to 2006. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) recently listed the Franklin’s bumble bee as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.


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Nanocolumnar films: applications in medicine, energy and aerospace

Physics World

He joined CSIC in 2003 and secured a permanent position in 2006. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. This webinar will start with showing that nanocolumnar films can be manufactured by magnetron sputtering using the glancing angle deposition configuration.

2003 95

Supreme Court of Ohio Addresses Due Diligence Under the Dormant Mineral Act

Vorys Law

On December 17, 2020, the Supreme Court of Ohio addressed the surface owner’s due diligence obligations under the 2006 version of the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act. See Gerrity v. Chervenak , Slip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-6705. Read more about that decision in our Client Alert. Energy

2020 40

Variational principles and topological constants of motion for MHD

Physics World

Asher was a postdoctoral fellow (1998) in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK, during 2005–2006, 2008 and 2012. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2006 66

Ed Wytovich Discusses Catawissa Creek's Unique Potential, Threats It Faces, What's Needed

PA Environment Daily

Ed Wytovich -- Ed Wytovich Wins 2006 Chevron International Conservation Award -- A Conversation With Ed Wytovich - Video [Posted: October 26, 2021] PA Environment Digest

2006 87

Texas Supreme Court Rules on Correction Deeds in a Case of First Impression

Energy & the Law

2006: the Bank executes a correction mineral deed attempting to change the fee mineral interest to a life estate. It was undisputed that changing the interests conveyed in the 2005 Mineral Deed was a material correction and that the 2006 Correction Deed failed because John did not execute it.

2013 130

Back to the Future: Waters of United States Reverts to Pre-2015 Definition

Environment Next

Supreme Court weighed in in 2006. 715 (2006). Developers, ranchers, farmers and others who fill or alter bodies of water have seen a never-ending carousel of regulatory changes to the federal rules that apply to such activities.

2015 52

Some Rust Belt Urban Economics

Environmental and Urban Economics

I explored th is point in my 1999 paper a nd my 2006 Green Cities book. In this blog post, I want to market my new co-authored book "Unlocking the Potential of Post Industrial Cities". I will do this by talking about past research on the Economics of the Rust Belt.

2006 130

Droughts Push More People to Migrate Than Floods

Circle of Blue

Indications of migration due to water scarcity and groundwater depletion came as early as 2006 in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley where a combination of declining rainfall and factory farms caused community wells to go dry.

2006 114

Louisiana Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Royalty and Other Claims Based Upon Prescription

The Energy Law Blog

In 2006, a Petition to Open Succession with Administration was filed, which sought to open the succession of petitioners ancestors’ in title with administration due to various legal issues, including “oil & gas royalty claims,” because, “Decedents owned property…wherein oil & gas was extracted by various companies and fraudulently paid to other parties.”

2020 40

Electrochemistry-based and -coupled characterization of energy storage materials

Physics World

she was recognized as a 2006 Visionary of the Year. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. Batteries are ubiquitous in our everyday lives and often appear as black boxes. However, the chemistry inherent to their function is diverse and complicated.

2006 82

49 Years of Advocating for Our Ocean

Ocean Conservancy

We’ve celebrated incredible ocean victories like establishing fishery catch limits to prevent overfishing in the Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization Act in 2006 and the first International Coastal Cleanup in 1986. Today we’re celebrating our 49 th anniversary.

Ocean 60

What should cities of the future look like?

Our Environment

These toxic fumes are harming peoples health and have been linked to an increased risk of respiratory symptoms and diseases as well as an increased risk of death from cardiopulmonary causes (World Health Organisation, 2006). 2006). Photo credit. Written by: Courtney Ford.

Secret to speediness of ancient bipedal reptile has been revealed

Frontier Sin

Model of Eudibamus cursoris made by Peter Mildner of the Museum der Natur, Gotha photographed in 2006. By Clarissa Wright, Frontiers science writer. Close-up of a reptile eye, but not the ancient Eudibamus cursoris. Image Aedka Studio/

What do U.S. states do at a COP, anyway?

Legal Planet

California Governor Jerry Brown in Bonn for the 2018 climate summit. Photo credit Alexandra Gay, member of the UCLA Law delegation that year.

USEPA Enforcement is Declining

Environmental Crimes

  Look no further than the USEPA Inspector General’s report  “ EPA’s Compliance Monitoring Activities, Enforcement Actions, and Enforcement Results Generally Declined from Fiscal Years 2006 Through 2018 ” (Report No. The enforcement activities by the USEPA have declined in a significant way, under the current administration. 

2020 40

Five Nobel Prize winners publish scientific article collection for children

Frontier Sin

Kornberg , awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2006. The Nobel Collection of free scientific articles for next generation of scientists goes live.

2004 114

Orange glow and plants below: Wildfire smoke’s impact on crops


2006). Guest Post by Kimberley Corwin , Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Atmospheric Science and Trainee in the CSU InTERFEWS Program Figure 1: Cover art for The War of the Worlds novel by H.G.

Land-use, climate change, and policy – Opportunities to act locally while thinking globally


2006) is to associate different carbon storage potentials with different land-use types (Figure 2). IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories 4 , 1–59 (2006). Guest Post By Benjamin Choat , Ph.D.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Allows Enforcement to Require Removal of Unauthorized Wetlands Fill for Three Years After Each New Property Transfer

E2 Law Blog

John died in 2006, and Ann, then the sole owner, sold the property to Pesas in 2014.

2006 52

New method predicts ‘stealth’ solar storms before they wreak geomagnetic havoc on Earth

Frontier Sin

Unusually for stealth CMEs, their origin on the Sun was approximately known only because NASA’s twin STEREO spacecraft, launched in 2006, had happened to capture them ‘off-limb’. By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers science writer. Image credit: Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski /

2016 105

Emerging Investigator Series – James Landon

Water Research & Technology

Dr. Landon received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University in 2006 and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011. James Landon is the Founder & CTO of PowerTech Water, Inc.

2006 52

Why is Covid-19 more severe in some patients? Using AI, we found a likely answer

Frontier Sin

In 2006 she joined the laboratory of Dr Jürg Tschopp at the University of Lausanne as a postdoctoral fellow focusing on the signaling pathways involved in DNA repair and apoptosis during tumorigenesis, again trying to better understand the role of caspase-2.

2002 90

Help me if you can: founding a business doesn’t have to be lonely

Physics World

Eventually, in 1986, Catalyst folded but the blueprint had been set and by 2006 there were more than 1400 incubators of all kinds in North America, up from only a dozen in 1980. In 1978 the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell was fizzing with ideas for new businesses.

2017 67

California ISO Survives the Summer with No Blackouts; Battery Energy Storage Beginning to Play Larger Role

Renewable + Law

By comparison, the California ISO’s highest peak was 50,270 MW in 2006. The California ISO held its final Summer 2021 Readiness Update call on September 24.

2006 52

Why is future sea level rise still so uncertain?

Real Climate

The CPDW is thought to be affected by the shift in the westerly winds around Antarctica which have increased in recent decades due to a combination of greenhouse gas forcing and the polar ozone hole ( Miller et al, 2006 ). 111, 2006.

Hurricane Ida supercharges climate change in the US

A Greener Life

Hurricane Ida shortly after it made landfall. Photo credit: NASA via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen. Last week a major hurricane hit the southern US, bashing the coast of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans and surrounding states.

What Are The Tallest Trees In The World?


Discovered in 2006, Hyperion reaches 115.85 The tallest trees on Earth are so incomprehensibly large we can’t see the top of them. They dwarf any of our feats of engineering – Hyperion, a Californian Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and the largest of them all, is 20 meters taller (65.62

Opinion: Protect climate refugees under international law

A Greener Life

Between 2006 and 2016 sea levels globally rose 2.5 A farmer in Punjab, Pakistan, sits on the dry soil. More severe and frequent droughts are making it harder for people to grow crops where they have traditionally farmed. Photo credit: Florian Kopp / Alamy. By Ashok Swain.

Environmental activism in Latin America

Our Environment

Reference list: (1) Steiger Carlos (2006), Modern Beef Production in Brazil and Argentina, Vol. Photo credit. Written by: Danielle McGuire. Justice for the Environment and Justice for the people: Environmental activism in Latin America. South America is home to the largest biodiverse rainforests on Earth. As a result, greedy businesses, financers and governments all across the globe have been exploiting the valuable resources these million-year-old forests hold.

Overturning 8 Years of “Palpable Error,” The Louisiana Supreme Court Limits Damages Available to Landowners in Oilfield Legacy Litigation

The Energy Law Blog

Tackling this problem, the Louisiana Legislature in 2006 enacted La. On June 30, 2021, the Louisiana Supreme Court issued an opinion redefining the nature of available damages and the “actual, statutorily permitted role of the jury in Act 312 remediation lawsuits.”

2013 87

A personal mission: one scientist’s search for a theory of everything

Physics World

A childhood recollection from 1988 is followed by a trip to Germany in 2008, a 2011 conference in India, a memory from Iceland dated 2006, and then another visit to Germany in 2009. Jesper Grimstrup is a Danish theoretical physicist who received his PhD in 2002.

2002 111

Should the official Atlantic hurricane season be lengthened?

Real Climate

and European Clean Air Acts and Amendments of the 1970s ( Mann and Emanuel 2006 ; Dunstone et al. 233, 2006.

2008 79

Analysis: Central Asian drought highlights water vulnerability

A Greener Life

It states that salinisation resulting from the lake drying up meant 57% of croplands in Kazakhstan and about 20% in Kyrgyzstan lost productivity between 1982 and 2006. The Central Asian drought has led to the deaths of thousands of domesticated animals. Photo credit: Alamy. By Ryskeldi Satke.

2006 74

Does anyone remember consensus?


VIRGINIA forever was established as a 501(c)(4) organization in 2006 as a project of The Nature Conservancy utilizing a grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment. Posted on October 1, 2021 by Dennis H. Treacy.

2006 52

How to Become a Sustainability Consultant: Gaining the Knowledge and Skills (post 2 of 3)

Eco Coach

As a side note, when I started my company Eco-Coach in 2006, I had a management consulting background, which had focused on strategy, change management, business process redesign, skills and knowledge that I could transfer over to my new business.

2006 83

With Friends Like These. Another Federal Appeals Court Takes Clean Water Act Enforcement Out of EPA’s Hands


This week the Sacketts of Idaho were handed their most recent litigation defeat by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which held that Justice Kennedy’s 2006 “significant nexus” test for determining the reach of the Clean Water Act remains the law of the Ninth Circuit even though subsequent EPA regulations take a different tack. Posted on August 19, 2021 by Jeff Porter.

Frequency and distance of human travel follows universal pattern, mobile-phone data reveals

Physics World

The data were collected during different periods between 2006 and 2013. Patterns describing how far and how frequently people travel to different locations within cities are surprisingly universal across the world, according to a new study by an international team of researchers.

Heralding The Eastern Hellbender - Severing Stereotypes Offers A Step Toward Savoring The Salamander’s Significance - Part II

PA Environment Daily

And then another population was wiped out by a sodium hydroxide spill back in 2006 when a rail car overturned next to a tributary.”

2006 52