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2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season—a Wrap (Maybe)

Union of Concerned Scientists

A 2023 study states that, “The number of storms that intensify from a Category 1 hurricane (or weaker) into a major hurricane within 36 hours has more than doubled,” in 2001–2020 compared with 1971–1990. I wrote once that the US may feel “lucky” for not seeing many landfalling hurricanes in any given year.

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Another Record-Hot Month Puts 2023 on Track to Be Hottest Year Ever

Yale E360

November was the sixth month in a row of record-warm weather, according to a new analysis that finds 2023 will almost inevitably end as the hottest year ever recorded. Read more on E360 →

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Unforced Variations: Dec 2023

Real Climate

This month, there is the COP28 hoopla , the ongoing El Niño and the speculation about the 2023 temperature ranking (which will not be that surprising). An open thread for climate topics… The post Unforced Variations: Dec 2023 first appeared on RealClimate. Well, that year went quickly.

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Three Predictions for Climate Litigation in 2023

Union of Concerned Scientists

2023 is forecast to be an eventful year for climate litigation: legal actions aiming to hold polluters accountable for their role in climate change, ensure that international treaties and agreements are followed, and protect human rights that are being negatively impacted by climate change. legal system.

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Implementing D.E.J.I. Strategies in Energy, Environment, and Transportation

Speaker: Antoine M. Thompson, Executive Director of the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition

May 23rd, 2023 at 9:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm BST Save your seat today!

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The Energy Transition: Buildings are Key in 2023

Environment + Energy Leader

The post The Energy Transition: Buildings are Key in 2023 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the current built environment is responsible for nearly 30% of global energy consumption and over 90% of buildings in the US are under 50,000 square feet.

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Deloitte Report Points to Strong Growth in Renewables for 2023

Environment + Energy Leader

While many challenges will likely carry over into 2023, growth will accelerate, powered by robust demand and the record-breaking raft of clean energy incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The post Deloitte Report Points to Strong Growth in Renewables for 2023 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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