Wooden satellite to launch in 2023, glowing thread is made from wood

Physics World

The ultimate goal of Murata’s team is to build a wooden satellite called LignoSat, which they hope to launch in 2023. The post Wooden satellite to launch in 2023, glowing thread is made from wood appeared first on Physics World. Wood is an amazing material.

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COVID Vaccines Will Not Reach Poorest Countries Until 2023

Scientific American

Amid a COVID surge in Africa, vaccine promises from richer nations are not enough to bring an early end to the pandemic, experts say. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Health Public Health

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Lake Powell Could Stop Producing Hydropower in 2023 Due to Worsening Drought

Yale E360

Dwindling water levels at Lake Powell could make it impossible for its dam to generate hydropower in 2023, according to new projections from the U.S.

2023 70

CO2 emissions on track for record in 2023, energy agency says

Environmental News Bits

The International Energy Agency said in a report Tuesday that even as carbon dioxide emissions are set to hit a record high in 2023, international governments are set to only put 2 percent of their COVID-19 recovery spending toward renewable energy. Read the full story at The Hill.

2023 67

FERC Approves Changes to CAISO Interconnection Procedures; Next Queue Cluster Application Window Not Scheduled to Open Until 2023

Renewable + Law

January 13, 2023. April 15, 2023. November 24, 2023. March 14, 2023. Mav 19, 2023. August 1, 2023.

2023 52

Crowley to build the US's first fully-electric tugboat


After more than a century in business, tugboat pioneers at Crowley Maritime Corporation have revealed their design for the world’s first all-electric harbor tugboat, due to hit the water in 2023

2023 82

PetDine launches 6-pillar sustainability plan

Environmental News Bits

The company chose six measurable goals, which include: using 100% renewable energy to produce product by 2025; incorporating 25% sustainable ingredients into each product by 2023;… Read more → Corporate sustainability Food and beverage manufacturingRead the full story at Pet Food Processing. On July 20, PetDine introduced a six-point sustainability plan to reduce its carbon footprint in manufacturing and source more eco-friendly materials.

2023 70

More Than 400,000 U.S. Clean Energy Jobs Have Been Lost So Far During the Pandemic

Yale E360

Based on the industry’s current growth rates, it could take well into 2023 for clean energy jobs to reach their pre-pandemic levels.

2023 72

EU Proposal for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

E2 Law Blog

1, 2023, and would initially only cover products from five sectors. The European Union is considering implementation of a new carbon policy, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), that could profoundly impact the global import/export market.

2023 52

CEQ Tweaks NEPA Regulations

Endangered Species Law

Upon publication of the interim final rule in the federal register, that deadline will instead fall on September 14, 2023.

Yet another rewilding project confirmed in Scotland

A Greener Life

The rewilding process is slated to begin in 2023. Also in 2023, Dundreggan will become home to the world’s first Rewilding Centre which will showcase how large-scale nature recovery can give people amazing experiences, create jobs and benefit local communities. The Affric Highlands.

2023 80

CPUC Issues Net-Qualifying Capacity Values to Be Used for Mid-Term Reliability Procurement

Renewable + Law

21-06-035, which directed load-serving entities subject to its jurisdiction (investor-owned utilities, community choice aggregators, and energy service providers) to procure at least 11,500 megawatts (MW) of net-qualifying capacity (NQC) for reliability for the period 2023 through 2026.

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Sustainability News: GRI Releases Updates to Reporting Standards TODAY 


The revised Universal Standards are in effect for reporting from January 1, 2023, with earlier adoption is being encouraged by GRI.

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History Co-ops Dive Deep into Academy Archives

Academy of Natural Sciences

Seeing is Believing: The Evolution of Imaging Techniques and Technology in Advanced Scientific Research Expeditions, 1890-1940 James Patrick Riley, Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science Class of 2023.

2023 60

Biden Administration Accelerates Federal Regulation of PFAS

Ohio Environmental Law

EPA intends to finalize the rule by January 2023. EPA expects to issue a proposed regulation in Fall 2022 to establish a drinking water standard for PFOA and PFOS (before the Agency’s statutory deadline of March 2023). The Agency anticipates issuing a final regulation in Fall 2023.


Enviromental Defense

The Roadmap also suggests that by 2023, the companies will still be in the planning stages of phasing out the single-use plastic items that the government promised to ban this year, including plastic bags. Only 1 per cent of flexible plastic packaging (eg.

2023 81

Federal Water Tap, September 27: New Projections Show High Risks for Colorado River Reservoirs

Circle of Blue

The Bureau released new projections that showed a one-in-three chance that Lake Powell, absent interventions, will be low enough in 2023 that it will not be able to generate hydropower. The modeling also found a 34 percent chance by 2023 that Powell is too low to generate hydropower.

2023 56

Building a quantum future

Physics World

The NQCC will be built in Harwell, Oxfordshire, alongside several other top-tier scientific facilities operated by the Science and Facilities Technology Council (STFC), and is due to open in 2023.

2023 113

The Resurgent Consumer City by Fall 2021

Environmental and Urban Economics

So the best bet is that life and work in, say, 2023 will look a lot like life and work in 2019, but a bit less so. I really like Paul Krugma n's NY Times piece from today. It focuses on his predictions about the short term future of cities. Here is a quote from the Nobel Laureate. "So

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California DTSC Announces GRSP Meeting To Discuss Microplastic Research And Policy


Additional topics covered by GRSP as the SCP program continues to expand include: Development and implementation of DTSC’s 2021 -2023 Priority Product Work Plan ; Development of information, guidance, and tools aimed to help stakeholders to perform the Alternatives Analysis (AA) process; and. By Lynn L. Bergeson and Ligia Duarte Botelho, M.A.

2023 43

Pacific Island Airlines: Flying on Empty?


Tourism is unlikely to reach pre-COVID-19 levels prior to 2023. ? By Vybhavi Balasundharam and Leni Hunter. With virtually no international travel since March 2020, national airlines in the Pacific face mounting financial difficulties.

Indonesia’s pipeline of coal plants undermines pledge to only build renewables

A Greener Life

Although the country has said it will go all renewable from 2023, its current construction of lignite power plants will generate emissions for decades.

2023 62

IBA and FCA Announce Cessation of LIBOR Settings

Arnold Porter

July 1, 2023 for the overnight, one-month, three-month, six-month and 12-month USD LIBOR settings. July 1, 2023 for all seven USD LIBOR settings. July 1, 2023) is different than the date on which such settings will permanently cease to be published (i.e., General.

2023 52

Simulations offer observational test for Planet Nine hypothesis

Physics World

Rubin Observatory ’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), which will begin observations in 2023. Computer simulations by astronomers in the US have presented a new clue for researchers hunting a hypothesised planet hiding in the far reaches of the solar system.

2023 107

Shrinking Reservoirs Trigger Deeper Water Cuts for Lower Colorado River

Circle of Blue

The big reservoir is projected to decline another 30 feet by August 2023. Federal government declares, for the first time, a Tier 1 shortage due to low water at Lake Mead. Mineral deposits on the canyon walls show where Lake Mead water levels used to touch.

Federal Water Tap, August 16: Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill

Circle of Blue

Results are expected in 2023. The Rundown. Trillion-dollar infrastructure package now heads to the House. Ten water and wastewater facilities notified the EPA that they are not receiving enough chlorine or other disinfectants.

2023 77

Our 2021 Photo Contest Has Finally Arrived

Ocean Conservancy

The Judge’s Choice winner will also be featured in the 2023 Ocean Conservancy Calendar and featured on Ocean Conservancy’s blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!

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Feds Release First Slice of Water Bill Assistance Funds

Circle of Blue

Though marketed as emergency relief, Congress has given states, tribes, and territories until December 2023 to spend the funds. Initial distributions will help states, tribes, and territories set up the first-ever federal water bill assistance program.

2023 83

DOE Announces Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize


Phase Two applications may be submitted beginning in March 2023. By Lynn L. Bergeson and Ligia Duarte Botelho, M.A. On September 30, 2021, DOE announced the launch of a new prize that will award up to $2.5 million in cash prizes to ten groups and organizations that support entrepreneurship and innovation in historically underserved communities.

The Colorado River Basin’s Daunting New Math

Circle of Blue

At the moment, assuming no wet winter, that same amount would also be released in 2023. The basin’s big reservoirs have fallen to uncharted territory. The forecast isn’t any better. Lake Mead sits at a record low.

2023 113

Why is Whole Ecosystem Research Important?

Ocean Conservancy

Our research begins with a series of in-lake limnocorral experiments and aims to run a whole ecosystem experiment beginning in 2023. Today’s guest blog comes from Dr. Chelsea Rochman, Assistant Professor at University of Toronto and Scientific Advisor to Ocean Conservancy.

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The 9th Canada-Ontario Great Lakes Agreement – How it stacks up against our recommendations.

Enviromental Defense

The Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan (COLEAP) was published in 2018 and only now are we seeing an interim timeline of 2023 given for a progress report.

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Announces Rate Settlement With PUC; Includes New Stormwater Fee

PA Environment Daily

On September 8, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority announced it has filed a proposed settlement with the Public Utility Commission regarding its 2022 and 2023 water, wastewater conveyance, and stormwater rate proposal. in 2023.

2023 52

PA Consumer Advocate: Heating With Natural Gas Will Cost Residential Consumers About 20% More This Winter; No Impact On PA Consumers Of PennEast Pipeline Cancellation

PA Environment Daily

On Monday, September 27, 2021, NYMEX Henry Hub futures (looking past this upcoming winter) for January 2023, opened at $4.23per Dth. On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, after PennEast announced the suspension of its project, NYMEX Henry Hub futures for January 2023 settled at $4.13

Huge Oort Cloud object has been spotted entering the solar system

Physics World

The Vera C Rubin Observatory , due to begin its ground-breaking survey from Chile in 2023, should be in a prime position to record whatever happens.

2023 114

Stepping Up to Meet Low-Income Countries’ Pandemic Recovery Needs


Interest rates on all PRGT loans, reviewed every two years, will be kept at zero until July 2023. By Christian Mumssen and Seán Nolan . Low-income countries have been hard hit by the pandemic.

2023 71

London introduces hydrogen-powered double-decker buses

A Greener Life

By 2023, the hydrogen will be even greener as it will be produced by electrolysis powered by a direct connection to an offshore wind farm. Mayor Khan posing in front of London’s new hydrogen buses. Photo credit: The Mayor of London’s Office. By Anders Lorenzen.

Smartphones could create distributed space weather observatory

Physics World

To this end, Odenwald is now looking to develop software that will combine hundreds of smartphone measurements taken across the US by physics teachers in 2023 to create a movie of the progress of a series of targeted geomagnetic storms across the country.

2023 111

Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

A Greener Life

However, they fell far below what competitor BP had set out in their strategy, where Shell aimed to cut the carbon intensity of its products by at least 6% by 2023, by 20% by 2030, by 45% by 2035, and by 100% by 2050 from 2016 levels.

The Power of Cleanups

Ocean Conservancy

This blog was co-written by Susanna Goodell, Ocean Conservancy’s Communications intern for the Spring 2021 term and a member of the Dartmouth College Class of 2023, majoring in Environmental Studies.

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