A Functioning Democracy Focuses on Funding Priorities, Not Whether to Defund the Government

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science and Democracy government shutdownThere are real-world consequences for this political gameplaying – including for science and scientists.

Calling All Scientists: The Federal Government is Hiring

Union of Concerned Scientists

First, the bad: The federal scientific workforce—in other words, the scientists and experts who work for the government on behalf of the public—needs help. Here at the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have bad news and good news.


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Why Local Governments Underproduce Housing

Legal Planet

As governments in California and across the United States wrestle with how to address soaring housing costs, a significant flashpoint has been the issue of local control. Most land-use regulation in the United States is done by local governments: cities, counties, towns, villages.

To Transform the Electricity System, We Must Transform Electricity Governance

Union of Concerned Scientists

Most people know very little about the institutions that run the electricity grid.

Zero-emission submarine project wins Government funding?

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in the Belfast Telegraph. The fully automated vessels are designed to be ‘net positive’ by running on green hydrogen and collecting microplastics. Read more → Hydrogen Transportation

Offshore wind dominates the agenda as the UK government announces £265 million renewables subsidy scheme 

A Greener Life

Ahead of COP26, the UK government has signalled its support for climate action by announcing a £265 million renewables support scheme. . The government has announced that £265 million per year will be set aside for low-carbon projects in the scheme’s fourth year.

Mining in Minnesota halts as government considers 20-year ban


The Biden administration is considering a U.S. Forest Service application requesting a 20-year mining ban on national forest land in Minnesota. The agency wants over 200,000 acres of land south of the Boundary Waters in Minnesota to be exempt from all proposed mining activities

UK government sets out plan to ‘unleash’ nation’s space sector

Physics World

The UK government has released a long-term vision for the country’s burgeoning space sector. Alongside the space strategy, meanwhile, the UK government has released a feasibility study into Space Based Solar Power (SBSP).

Pegasus spyware scandal: Can Silicon Valley stop government snooping?

New Scientist

Spyware sold for use in anti-terror investigations is reportedly being misused by governments to watch journalists and politicians – Silicon Valley firms are battling to end it

How to Prevent a Government Shutdown, Create Jobs and Protect Our Ocean

Ocean Conservancy

Congress must pass a full year of funding bills or a continuing resolution to keep our government working for us. © The end of the federal government’s fiscal year falls on Thursday, September 30, 2021. We know that a government shutdown has disastrous consequences.

They Knew: How the U.S. Government Helped Cause the Climate Crisis

Yale E360

James Gustave Speth has been calling for action on climate since serving in the White House in the 1970s. In an e360 interview, he talks about his new book, which chronicles how successive U.S. administrations repeatedly failed to act in response to scientists’ increasingly dire warnings.

Analysis: As Germany’s government changes over, real climate solutions appear far off

A Greener Life

After 16 years as Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel is stepping down which will also see an end to the Christian Democrats (CDU) as the governing party. This is despite the fact he himself sat in the government as a finance minister. A climate government?

Sustainable nutrition science could help solve climate and health crises. Why isn’t the federal government funding more of it?

Union of Concerned Scientists

New analysis underscores need for $50 million annual investment in sustainable nutrition science research. Food and Agriculture agroecology climate change food systems nutrition research public health sustainability sustainable agriculture sustainable diets

How government decisions left Tennessee exposed to deadly flooding

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in the New York Times. Choices about building rules, insurance programs, flood maps and more put residents at higher risk, according to climate and disaster experts. Read more → Floods Sustainable communities

Can the government just take my land?

Stack Environment

Nevertheless, under certain conditions, the government can take some or all of your property, even if you do not agree to it. It is true that local, state or even federal government agencies can acquire land from private citizens if it is for the use of the public good. The Constitution even addresses this right, called eminent domain, by insisting that governments provide fair compensation for any land they take.

2020 62

Government brings forward Environment Bill

Green Alliance

December 2018

2018 40

Why industry and government want to change the rules around a universal recycling symbol

Environmental News Bits

In this last week prior to the final decision, local governments, nonprofits, and one of the country’s largest waste and recycling corporations shared more with Waste360 on what they think the legislation, dubbed by some as the “Truth in Recycling” bill, will mean. Read the full story at Waste360.

Robeco publishes framework guiding investor sustainability engagements with governments

Environmental News Bits

International asset manager Robeco announced today the release of a new Sovereign SDG Engagement Framework for investors, aiming to guide them in engagements with governments on tackling sustainability challenges. Read the full story in ESG Today. According to Robeco, the framework was developed in order to address a lack of clear, methods to navigate the… Read more → Impact investing Publications

Germany’s new coalition government may boost climate change action

New Scientist

Against a backdrop of climate change protests across German cities, the centre-left Social Democratic party narrowly won the election and now plans to create a coalition to tackle climate change

HotSpots H2O: ‘Global Indigenous Agenda’ Calls for Water, Land, and Resource Governance at 2021 IUCN World Congress

Circle of Blue

Guiding the summit’s discussions was the newly released “Global Indigenous Agenda for the Governance of Indigenous Lands, Territories, Waters, Coastal Seas and Natural Resources,” authored by the IUCN Indigenous partner organizations. Photo © Ak’ Tenamit / IUCN.

4 Antitrust Risk Areas To Watch For Government Contractors

Arnold Porter

This anticipated spending provides significant opportunities for government contractors. But companies seeking government contracts should be aware that there is a new cop walking this beat. Enhanced Focus on Government Procurement.

The Microeconomics of Enhancing the Effectiveness of Government Spending $2 Trillion Dollars on Infrastructure

Environmental and Urban Economics

Will the Federal Government create an open data base of which firms are obtaining which infrastructure contracts, to do what work, at what price tag? What is the tangible improvement in our capital stock (both physical and human capital) when government spends more money?

I went to the government’s meeting on Highway 413 – so you don’t have to 

Enviromental Defense

If we are dependent on cars, we’ll have the government to blame. The estimate that the new highway would only save commuters 30 seconds is drawn from a report produced by an expert panel convened by the previous government.

New Government Information Shows Alberta’s Tailings Ponds Increased in 2020 Despite Decrease in Oil Sands Production

Enviromental Defense

This is despite numerous assurances from industry, and repeated promises from the government of Alberta, that these ponds full of toxic waste from industry operations will be cleaned up. ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE and KEEPERS OF THE WATER. Toxic waste holding ponds now contain 1.36

2020 79

Canadian governments have spent $23 billion on fossil fuel pipelines since 2018

Enviromental Defense

In a climate emergency, how do you think the federal government should be using public dollars? Instead, it turns out that the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta have spent a minimum of $23 billion on fossil fuel pipelines since 2018.

Opinion on the Global Policy journal’s website: global health governance in the age of COVID-19

Dario Piselli

At the beginning of last year, the Global Policy journal published a research article on ‘Gridlock, Innovation and Resilience in Global Health Governance‘, that I had co-authored with Ilona Kickbusch, Michaela Told, Kyle McNally and the late David Held. One of the arguments of the study was that our era of growing health risks and Continue reading "Opinion on the Global Policy journal’s website: global health governance in the age of COVID-19".

2020 40

American College of Governance Counsel Elects Greenberg to 2021 Class of Fellows

Arnold Porter

Arnold & Porter senior counsel Joel Greenberg was elected as a 2021 Fellow of the American College of Governance Counsel, the organization for leading corporate governance lawyers from the US and Canada.

ESA Governing Board Approves Major Initiatives


The ESA Governing Board members met for its spring meeting over Zoom May 11-12. Agenda topics focused on advancing ESA’s strategic priorities, the health of ESA’s finances, discussions of future ESA Annual Meetings, and important, forward-looking changes to ESA governance. For the first time, the Governing Board was able to enthusiastically consider new opportunities to be funded from earnings on these assets. by Kathleen Weathers, ESA President.

Urban Heat Island and Equity: What Can Local Governments Do?

Green Law

Urban Heat Island and Equity: What Can Local Governments Do? Elisabeth Haub Law School of Law. Pace University. Land Use Law Center. Supervisor: John R. Nolon, Distinguished Professor. Blog No. 10 of the Land Use, Human Health, and Equity Project. Editors: Jessica Roberts, Jillian Aicher, Colt Watkiss. Contributing Researcher: Rhea Mallett [*].

Adieu `Mutti´: Germany`s next government? - An Energy and Climate Analysis

Energy and Climate Law

Negotations to form a coalition government are complicated. Several options to form a new government are on the table and it is, thus, important to take a closer look at the election manifestos of the main parties to establish overlap on energy and climate issues.

2030 60

Gridlock, innovation and resilience in global health governance

Dario Piselli

As anticipated a few weeks ago, over the course of 2018 I had the pleasure of co-authoring an article on ‘Gridlock, Innovation and Resilience in Global Health Governance‘ with David Held, Ilona Kickbusch, Michaela Told and Kyle McNally. The article, which was accepted for publication by the Global Policy journal last December, is finally available in Continue reading "Gridlock, innovation and resilience in global health governance".

2019 40

Government adopts the headline Circular Economy Package target

Green Alliance

July 2020

2020 40

New publication discusses interface of resource inequality and global economic governance

Dario Piselli

The article, which will eventually be part of a Special Issue harnessing the first decade of Earth System Governance (ESG) scholarship on issues of access and allocation, reviews Continue reading "New publication discusses interface of resource inequality and global economic governance". A new, open access article I co-authored with Yixian Sun and Defne Gonenc is out in online first view for the journal International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.

2020 40

The Government Cut Off Water to Farmers in the Klamath Basin. It Reignited a Decades-Old War Over Water and Fish

Inside Climate News

Drought has long fueled tensions between growers, who depend on the water for irrigation, and the Klamath Tribes, who hold two protected fish species as sacred. By Anne Marshall-Chalmers TULELAKE, Calif.—Joey

Getting the Mandate Straight: COVID-19 Workplace Safety Protocols for Government Prime Contractors & Subcontractors

Arnold Porter

Following President Biden's executive order charting a path for implementing COVID-19 safeguards for government contractors, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force issued OMB-approved guidance on September 24. The extensive guidance includes vaccine mandates for government contractors and subcontractors.

Government of Canada introduces bill to legislate net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Manning Law

Yesterday, the Canadian Government introduced legislation, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act , to achieve Canada’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Act will do the following: Legally bind the Government to a process to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Establish the Net-Zero Advisory Body to provide independent advice to the Government on the best pathway to reach its targets.

2020 57

Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic for Environmental Governance

Environmental Law Prof Blog

The coronavirus pandemic offers lessons for leaders on every level about how—and how not— to manage complex interjurisdictional challenges, like the environment, which unfold without regard for political boundaries. In a matter of months, Covid-19 has laid bare the interdependence

2020 52

Six things the next federal government must do to help Canadians tackle plastic pollution and avoid false solutions

Enviromental Defense

It wants government handouts to pay for experimental projects to burn plastic or turn it into fuel. Federal government research forecasted an increase in polyethylene production of nearly 15 per cent (to 4.25 We’re on track to see plastic outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050.

Big Plastic’s revenge: Dow, Nova and Imperial Oil sue the federal government for protecting the environment

Enviromental Defense

Perhaps not surprisingly, these are the very same companies leading a coalition that filed a shocking lawsuit against the federal government last week suing them for taking action to tackle plastic pollution.

Hurtling Through the Pandemic at Warp Speed: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward in Biomedical and Healthcare Government Contracting

Arnold Porter

The US government has awarded billions in contracting dollars through Operation Warp Speed for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, including multimillion dollar agreements with companies to develop and manufacture vaccines, treatments, devices, and critical inputs.