Can the US Survive California’s Drought?

Union of Concerned Scientists

California's drought is a national and international crisis. Climate Change California California drought climate change impacts disadvantaged communities Drought groundwater Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Climate Change Adaptation Lessons from Freezing Texas

Environmental and Urban Economics

This blog post will sketch out some optimistic economics 101 lessons for how to reduce the risk of future Texas power blackouts without building a single new power plant.


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Manzee mezesha moja sitawahi rada ni hii risto ya vile utu umelost kwa society Kenya hii. Na sitastart kutupia mapolitrickcian blame sababu hiyo mtindo haiwesmake. Lakini haimaanishi eti hawana blame. Hebu tucheki risto ya KEMSA ndio tuingize akili. Ni Kenya tu ndio mawadhii incognito wanaweza kupiga kaletha kwa ofee ya gava na wakalaza tender ya mamita. Kabla tuanze kumzushia politrickcian, huyu muthii ametudondoa mamita kupitia biarasha ya udingo ni nani? Sio wewe au mimi?

2021 169

Black-hole laser could have quantum computing applications

Physics World

An electromagnetic analogue for a black hole laser – a system that could theoretically amplify Hawking radiation from the event horizon of a black hole and make it observable – has been proposed by Haruna Katayama of Hiroshima University in Japan.

This Simple Experiment Could Challenge Standard Quantum Theory

Scientific American

Measuring the time it takes particles to travel between two points may offer the best-yet test for Bohmian mechanics. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Space & Physics Quantum Physics

2021 113

From Homes to Cars, It’s Now Time to Electrify Everything

Yale E360

The key to shifting away from fossil fuels is for consumers to begin replacing their home appliances, heating systems, and cars with electric versions powered by clean electricity. The challenges are daunting, but the politics will change when the economic benefits are widely felt. Read more on E360

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Water Groups Lauded a Side Agreement at the Paris Climate Conference. Then It Languished.

Circle of Blue

The fate of the Paris Pact reveals the difficulties in incorporating water into global climate agreements. The Tigris River watershed is shared by Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue.

2015 113

Wind, Solar Power Help Grow US Renewable Energy Use

Environmental Leader

Wind and Solar sources help continue growth in US renewable energy use. The post Wind, Solar Power Help Grow US Renewable Energy Use appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Solar & Renewable Energy

The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was In The Previous 50, a Renowned Climate Scientist Warns

Inside Climate News

Former NASA climate scientist James Hansen urged Congress decades ago to act on climate change. Now he says he expects reduced aerosol pollution to lead to a steep temperature rise.

Fiscal Policy for an Uncertain World


By Vitor Gaspar , Sandra Lizarazo , Paulo Medas , and Roberto Piazza. ?? , Español , Français , ??? , Português , ???????. As public debt rises to record levels, countries need to calibrate fiscal policies to their own unique circumstances.

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Hurricane Ida Shows Why We Urgently Need Bold, Just and Equitable Climate Action

Union of Concerned Scientists

More catastrophic storms are coming. Climate Change climate change Hurricane Ida

Stiglitz Versus Cochrane: What Are the Non-Market Quality of Life Impacts of Climate Change?

Environmental and Urban Economics

John Cochrane recently posted an important blog post sketching out his claim that climate change will only have a small impact on world GNP over the next 75 years. He argues that the trend growth (3% growth for 60 years) will swamp the effect of climate change). As I discuss in my 2010 Climatopolis book, Singapore in recent decades has been highly productive despite the nation's heat and humidity.



Kasongo made his way towards the water front. The place was as usually crowded with people waiting to board their boats for different destinations. It resembled an open air market. People had assembled with all sorts of wares. This was not just a voyage along the Congo River…it would also be an opportunity to make a living. The journey would take at least 2 weeks from Kinshasa to Kisangani.

2021 155

Scanning the cosmos for signs of alien technology

Physics World

In 1802 the young German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss suggested a way to make our presence known to would-be Martians – by clearing a huge area in the Siberian forest, planting it with wheat, and creating a pattern indicative of the Pythagorean theorem.

People Who Jump to Conclusions Show Other Kinds of Thinking Errors

Scientific American

Belief in conspiracy theories and overconfidence are two tendencies linked to hasty thinking. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Mind & Brain Cognition

2021 114

Ozone Pollution: An Insidious and Growing Threat to Biodiversity

Yale E360

Ground-level ozone has long been known to pose a threat to human health. Now, scientists are increasingly understanding how this pollutant damages plants and trees, setting off a cascade of impacts that harms everything from soil microbes, to insects, to wildlife. Read more on E360

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Five Nobel Prize winners publish scientific article collection for children

Frontier Sin

The Nobel Collection of free scientific articles for next generation of scientists goes live. Young people everywhere now have access to a free collection of scientific articles written by winners of science’s most coveted honor, the Nobel Prize.

2004 114

In Climate Talks, Plans to Keep Planet from Overheating Should Not Ignore Water

Circle of Blue

Carbon-reduction plans, if not well designed, can worsen water scarcity and pollution. Transmission lines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, stretch to the horizon. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue. Plans to reduce carbon emissions should take water into account.

How AI Enabled Asset Management is Driving Down the Cost of Renewable Energy

Environmental Leader

The world is experiencing a revolution in how electricity is generated. As climate poses an existential threat to global ecologies and economies, the future—and increasingly the present—belongs to those companies that can reliably and efficiently generate electricity from low or no carbon sources.

Florida’s Majestic Manatees Are Starving to Death

Inside Climate News

Deprived of once plentiful seagrass, more than 900 have died this year. Some experts contend they were taken off the endangered species list prematurely. By Amy Green ORLANDO, Fla.—The The manatee was too weak to swim.

Not declaring the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’ only postpones the inevitable

Environmental News Bits

by Jon C. Day, Scott F. Heron, and Terry Hughes (James Cook University) After much anticipation, the World Heritage Committee on Friday decided against listing the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger”.

With Census Data Now Available, You Can Help Protect Democracy: Here’s How

Union of Concerned Scientists

2020 US Census data are now available and accessible–and there are an exciting variety of tools for science and democracy advocates to use this data to demand fair and unbiased districting. Science and Democracy Democracy Democracy Reform science and democracy Voting rights

2020 264

A Beach Haiku

Environmental and Urban Economics

The Low Tide Beckons No more Economics Talk I will Tweet later

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Resources are all around us. But rarely do we think of water as a resource especially when considering wastewater. Yet for over 50 years, Veolia , a utility company has been converting wastewater into drinking water in Windhoek, Namibia. A tall order it would seem. However, come to think of it, water constitutes over 90% of wastewater. If that’s the case, why can’t we go the extra mile to reclaim it? WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS.

2021 109

Quantum imaging techniques could help find exoplanets

Physics World

Astronomers in Australia and the UK have shown how exoplanets could be observed directly by using quantum hypothesis testing methods to analyse telescope images.

Was Our Universe Created in a Laboratory?

Scientific American

Developing quantum-gravity technologies may elevate us to a “class A” civilization, capable of creating a baby universe. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Space & Physics Cosmology

As the Climate Bakes, Turkey Faces a Future Without Water

Yale E360

No nation in the Mediterranean region has been hit harder by climate change than Turkey. But as heat and drought intensify, Turkey is doubling down on large-scale agriculture and development and spurring a water-supply crisis that is expected to get much worse. Read more on E360

Living at high altitudes may lower chance of having a deadly stroke

Frontier Sin

By Conn Hastings, science writer. A town in the Ecuadorian Andes mountains. Image: ireneuke/Shutterstock.com. Researchers in Ecuador are the first to investigate the risk of stroke-related death and hospitalization in people living at four different altitude ranges.

2001 110

Toxin Levels Spike, Prompting Drinking Water Emergency in Northern California

Circle of Blue

Cyanotoxins in the state’s second-largest freshwater lake soared this month amid a hot, dry summer. Colorful blooms of cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae, paint the nearshore waters of Clear Lake, California’s second-largest freshwater lake.

2014 114

Best Buy Solar Project is its Largest Renewable Energy Venture

Environmental Leader

Best Buy unveils another solar power project in what the company says is its largest renewable energy effort to date. The post Best Buy Solar Project is its Largest Renewable Energy Venture appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

World Meteorological Organization Sharpens Warnings About Both Too Much and Too Little Water

Inside Climate News

With global warming intensifying the water cycle, floods and droughts are increasing, and many countries are unprepared. By Bob Berwyn The global supply of fresh water is dropping by almost half an inch annually, the World Meteorological Organization warned in a report released this week.

CHART OF THE WEEKPutting Public Investment to Work


By Mariano Moszoro. For countries on the path to recovery, reviving economic activity is a major priority. And what better way to support a come-back than by creating jobs. Our new IMF staff research shows that when governments spend on infrastructure, they create many new jobs.

When It Comes to Nuclear Power, “Advanced” Isn’t Always Better

Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuclear power proponents have long been prone to wishful thinking. Back in 1954, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss famously predicted that nuclear-generated electricity would ultimately become “too cheap to meter.” Today, nuclear power is among the most expensive forms of electricity.

What Does the Movie "Dirty Harry" Teach Us About Adapting to Climate Change Risk?

Environmental and Urban Economics

Michael Mann has co-authored a witty letter to the Wall Street Journal. Here is a photo for you to appreciate his insights. His letter makes an analogy between climate change and Clint Eastwood in the first Dirty Harry movie.