What 115°F in California’s Central Valley Feels Like

Union of Concerned Scientists

It is early September, and we are late into what we at UCS call Danger Season , or the period between May and October when climate change is increasing the frequency, intensity, and/or duration of extreme weather events such as heat waves and wildfires.

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Everytime we sit down to eat food, we must remember that food scraps have been generated in the process. More often than not, these scraps are disposed in the dustbin or in black trash bags. But what if we choose to see this waste differently? VERMICOMPOSTING.

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For a Scientist and Mother, Climate Change Is Generational ‘Robbery’

Yale E360

Hungarian scientist Diana Ürge-Vorsatz is concerned about how the climate change crisis is impacting children. She sees her research on renewable energy and energy demand as part of the essential work of protecting and restoring the future for the next generation. Read more on E360

Lake Erie’s Failed Algae Strategy Hurts Poor Communities the Most

Circle of Blue

Lake Erie’s Failed Algae Strategy Hurts Poor Communities the Most Algae blooms are hiking the cost of water for people already struggling to pay their bills. By Laura Gersony, Circle of Blue. Photographs by J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue. September 20, 2022 . Fourth of a six-part series.

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Shaping a Resilient Future: Climate Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Speaker: Laurie Schoeman Director, Climate & Sustainability, Capital

During this event, national climate and housing expert Laurie Schoeman will discuss topics including relocation, decarbonization, housing affordability, disparities in climate risks, and the health impacts of climate change.

First-Ever Fleet Electrification Management Program Presents Plans for 285 EVs in New York

Environment + Energy Leader

New York fleet managers presented plans to electrify 285 fleet vehicles last month during the final workshop of a unique pilot program led by CLEAResult, New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG), and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E).

Climate impacts of the #IRA

Real Climate

With the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on Tuesday Aug 16, the most significant climate legislation in US federal history (so far) became law.

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For the Love of Cutthroat Trout

Cool Green Science

Why go to the trouble to catch 8-inch trout in remote streams? The post For the Love of Cutthroat Trout appeared first on Cool Green Science. Latest Science Fish Fisheries Traveling Naturalist

Can Wolves and Beavers Help Save the West From Global Warming?

Inside Climate News

A regional rewilding network would help capture carbon, boost water supplies and protect against flooding and drought.

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And the 2022 Photo Contest Winners Are …

Ocean Conservancy

I am thrilled to share the official winners of Ocean Conservancy’s 2022 Photo Contest ! We were absolutely dazzled by all the incredible submissions this year. Thank you for taking the time to enter your photographs and to vote for your favorites during our 2022 Photo Contest.

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Leadership Blog Part 17: Infrastructure Investment and Climate Change

NAEP Leadership Blog

We have all heard a lot about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the 1.2 trillion dollars that it promises to pump into fixing our roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Can the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Avoid a Major Disaster?

Union of Concerned Scientists

As the possibility of an all-out military conflict engulfing the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine becomes even more likely, the situation there is growing increasingly dire.



Within the first two weeks of sowing my tomato seedlings, I realised there was a problem. They had become stunted, had weak stems and had their leaves turning purple on the underside. Though I had made a commitment not to use any pesticides or mineral fertilizers, I felt like changing my mind.

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Why the Rush to Mine Lithium Could Dry Out the High Andes

Yale E360

The demand for lithium for EV batteries is driving a mining boom in an arid Andes region of Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, home to half the world’s reserves. Hydrologists are warning the mines could drain vital ecosystems and deprive Indigenous communities of precious water. Read more on E360

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Deep learning identifies head-on collisions in LHC data

Physics World

Deep learning could hold the key to making sense of proton collisions generated in the world’s premier particle accelerator.

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UK Coalition Studies Compostable Packaging to Tackle Plastic Waste

Environment + Energy Leader

The two-year project aims to increase recycling through existing bio-waster and treatment processes. The post UK Coalition Studies Compostable Packaging to Tackle Plastic Waste appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Environmental Management Waste & Recycling

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Five Things to Know About Drought in the American West

Circle of Blue

A new climate is re-writing the story of America’s drylands. The largest saline lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake dropped to a record low in 2022 as a result of a hot drought that increased evaporation and decreased water flows. Photo © Brett Walton/Circle of Blue.

Common steroids after ‘long Covid’ recovery may cut risk of death by up to 51%

Frontier Sin

By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers science writer. Researchers show that severe inflammation during hospitalization for Covid-19 increases risk of death within one year from seeming recovery by 61%. This risk is reduced again by 51% if anti-inflammatory steroids are prescribed upon discharge.

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Guest Post: Climate Litigation in Japan: Citizens’ Attempts for the Coal Phase-Out

Law Columbia

By Yumeno Grace Nishikawa, LLM*. The Supreme Court of Japan may soon weigh in on a growing field of climate litigation in Japan against coal-fired power plants.

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New Study Identifies Rapidly Emerging Threats to Oceans

Inside Climate News

The push to extract materials and food from the oceans at industrial scale menaces vulnerable communities and biodiversity.

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Meet the Idiomysis Shrimp, the Social Butterfly of the Ocean

Ocean Conservancy

Recently, while looking at underwater macro photography, I stumbled across an adorable type of shrimp that I had never seen before. Their bulging eyes and tiny, colorful bodies were simply too cute to handle. I wanted to learn more. Surprisingly, a Google (and even Bing!)

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E-Bikes: Fun, Useful, & Planet-Friendly Transport

Earth 911

As concerns about climate change increase, many people are turning to electric vehicles — and. The post E-Bikes: Fun, Useful, & Planet-Friendly Transport appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech Living & Well-Being e-bikes electric bicycles transportation

Rare and Severe Weather Events Are Now More Common Thanks to Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists

This summer, also known as danger season , already has seen record heat waves, drought, and floods. It continues a trend of recent summers that saw record flooding, major hurricanes, and severe wildfires unlike what many of us can remember from our lifetimes.



As a person who’s been raised in urban areas, I am always baffled by the amount of food waste we produce. Just picture the mounds of garbage lying next to residential neighborhoods around us and we get a picture of the kind of problem we face. Food waste (and food scraps) are posing a great solid waste problem in many cities and towns. Most waste collection companies only end up dumping the waste in unregulated landfills which have become another health hazard by themselves.

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Will a Nile Canal Project Dry Up Africa’s Largest Wetland?

Yale E360

South Sudan is moving ahead with plans for a 240-mile canal to divert water from the White Nile and send it to Egypt. But critics warn the megaproject would desiccate the world’s second largest wetland, impacting its rich wildlife and the rains on which the region depends. Read more on E360

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Gravitational waves from merging black-hole ‘atom’ could reveal new particles

Physics World

Evidence for a new type of subatomic particle could be lurking within the gravitational waves produced by some merging black holes, according to calculations by physicists in the US and the Netherlands.

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New Boston University Building Uses Geothermal Heat Pump

Environment + Energy Leader

The system will provide the Center for Computing and Data Sciences with 90% of its heating and cooling needs. The post New Boston University Building Uses Geothermal Heat Pump appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Saltwater Intrusion, a “Slow Poison” to East Coast Drinking Water

Circle of Blue

Summer tourism, sea level rise, and storm surges threaten East Coast wells. Storm surge overwash in Charlestown barrier-strip island due to nor’easter storm in March 2018. Picture credit: Jeeban Panthi. By Hannah Richter, Circle of Blue – August 2, 2022.

Colorful urban environments, even if just in virtual reality, promote wellbeing

Frontier Sin

By Conn Hasting, science writer. Colorful virtual reality cityscape. Image credit: A. Batistatou, F. Vandeville, and Y.N. Delevoye-Turrell. Urban environments can be drab and stressful, but introducing vegetation or colorful designs could improve the wellbeing of city dwellers.

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The Mysteries of the Ponderosa Pine

Cool Green Science

Take a look at the ponderosa pine and the many creatures that rely on it. The post The Mysteries of the Ponderosa Pine appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Forests Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

As Animals Migrate Because of Climate Change, Thousands of New Viruses Will Hop From Wildlife to Humans—and Mitigation Won’t Stop Them

Inside Climate News

“We can’t put this one back in the bottle,” said the researcher behind a recent study about the spread of zoonotic diseases. By Victoria St. Martin Long before the world had ever heard of Covid-19, Colin J.

Guitarfish Rock–Here’s Why

Ocean Conservancy

Here at Ocean Conservancy, we think that all marine wildlife rock. But there’s one animal in particular that I’ve been a superfan of ever since I laid eyes on it: the guitarfish.

Another dot on the graphs (Part II)

Real Climate

We have now updated the model-observations comparison page for the 2021 SAT and MSU TMT datasets. Mostly this is just ‘another dot on the graphs’ but we have made a couple of updates of note. First, we have updated the observational products to their latest versions (i.e.

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Building a Better Power Grid for Minnesota

Union of Concerned Scientists

Minnesotans are facing concurrent crises of climate change, high energy prices and inflation, and the inequitable public health impacts of fossil fuel air pollution.



Food is a tool of manipulation…political manipulation for that matter (think of the rising costs of flour and cooking oil at the moment). Such happenings bring about a sense of helplessness… But in our own small ways, we could forge solutions to these crises and generate a sense of relief… One such solution is growing your own food. Let me explain. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD.

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More Energy on Less Land: The Drive to Shrink Solar’s Footprint

Yale E360

With the push for renewables leading to land-use conflicts, building highly efficient utility-scale solar farms on ever-smaller tracts of land has become a top priority. New approaches range from installing PV arrays that take up less space to growing crops between rows of panels. Read more on E360

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