Gold Coast leads way in beachfront rainforest restoration

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Littoral rainforest is a type of forest that grows along the beachfront, providing habitat for native flora and fauna and acting as an important buffer to coastal erosion and wind damage. By News Leads.

Degradation of coastal regions in the Pacific Islands

Our Environment

Rising sea levels and increased intensity of storm surges are playing a considerable role in the degradation of coastal regions in the Pacific Islands. Coastal erosion is occurring at an alarming rate within the Pacific Islands. Coastal change in the Pacific Islands.


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The Stream, January 5, 2022: Can “Smarter” Tech in the Great Lakes Combat Climate Change?

Circle of Blue

As climate change worsens, scientists are hoping to more accurately monitor its effects on water temperatures and quality, lake levels, coastal erosion and algae blooms. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN.

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Enormous cost of relocating US climate refugees from coastal town a stark example for the whole world, researchers warn

Frontier Sin

A 2015 paper by Schulte found that Tangier Island had lost 67% of its total landmass since 1850 due to a combination of relative sea level rise and coastal erosion. By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer.

Coastal Restoration Helps the Ocean Help Us

Ocean Conservancy

If you’re not on the water or near the coast, much of this price may go unnoticed until there are disasters like stronger hurricanes, more intense flooding, coastal erosion or harmful algal blooms. Coastal habitats offer massive climate benefits as well.

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Stormy rhythms: creating music from the giant waves that shape our coasts

Physics World

Focused on 22 sites in Ireland, the project seeks to understand how rocky beaches are shaped by factors such as wave energy, geology and coastal geometry. The collaborators plan to create teaching packs that combine music with information about coastal erosion and climate change.

U.S. Supreme Court To Review Scope of Appellate Review for Federal Officer Removal in Climate Change Litigation

The Energy Law Blog

Moreover, in addition to climate change litigation, the Supreme Court’s review could have a significant impact on Louisiana’s coastal erosion litigation, where energy companies have asserted similar arguments when removing those 42 cases. Most recently, in a petition for en banc rehearing before the Fifth Circuit, the energy companies in the coastal erosion litigation argued that the scope of appellate review is not limited to federal officer jurisdiction.

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U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Begins Arctic Journey

Ocean Conservancy

Along the way, the Coast Guard icebreaker will travel past northern coastal communities whose Indigenous residents engage in traditional subsistence hunting practices that date back thousands of years. Over the next few weeks, the U.S.

Sea level in the IPCC 6th assessment report (AR6)

Real Climate

This is a pretty clear illustration of how sea level starts to rise slowly; but in the long run, sea-level rise caused by fossil-fuel burning and deforestation in our generation could literally go off the chart and inundate many coastal cities and wipe entire island nations off the map.

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Seaweed Cultivation: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Law Columbia

Dense seaweed areas may be able to protect other organisms from ocean acidification, can provide oxygen-rich habitats, and can buffer against coastal erosion. By Korey Silverman-Roati and Romany M.

Environment and Energy Get a Front Seat in the 2021 Infrastructure Act

Cole Sholtz

Army Corps in areas such as flood mitigation and control, coastal erosion and risk management, disaster mitigation, waste management, drought resiliency, ecosystem restoration, wildfire management, and pollution prevention. Upon passing the $1.2

20 000 channels of seismic data reveal Arctic climate change

Physics World

So if we find that wave height is increasing every year – and maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but let’s say it is – then that will have big implications for coastal erosion, which is already a problem on the North Slope. Let’s start with the project.

Deciphering the ‘SPM AR6 WG1’ code

Real Climate

This means more coastal erosion, increases the risk of coastal inundation and makes storm surges a bigger threat for coastal settlements.