The Truck Industry’s Decades-long War on Stronger Pollution Controls

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Transportation air pollution air quality California corporate accountability diesel disinformation playbook electric trucks heavy-duty trucks NOx PM2.5 The EPA is under extreme pressure from industry to propose an absurdly ineffective standard for trucks.

National Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program – Basic Training

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The Section 319 program is an essential source of support for state, territorial and tribal efforts to control NPS pollution, the prevailing cause of… Read more → Online training State government WaterThis training module, developed by U.S. EPA, is designed to provide a high-level overview of the Clean Water Act Section (CWA) 319 Nonpoint Source (NPS) program for State and Territory NPS Programs.


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Pollution Control as Climate Policy

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Revising the standards will also help address air pollution. Changing the standards will require states to tighten their controls on all these sources, making it more expensive to burn fossil fuels. The post Pollution Control as Climate Policy appeared first on Legal Planet.

Help Wanted: Armstrong Conservation District Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control Technician

PA Environment Daily

The Armstrong County Conservation District is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Technician. The person in this position will have an array of technical duties related to administration of the Chapter 102-Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control program.

Determining Disparate Impacts in Environmental Justice Communities: Does Friends of Buckingham v. State Air Pollution Control Board Provide the Roadmap?


It has long been recognized that minority and disadvantaged communities are subject to higher levels of pollution than more affluent non-minority areas. For instance, last year New Jersey adopted EJ legislation which, when fully operative, will impose new requirements for the issuance of permits or permit renewals for certain types of facilities – including any major air pollution source – in EJ communities. State Air Pollution Control Board Provide the Roadmap?

Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control hosts Program Advisory Group Meeting

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On January 20, 2021, the Ohio EPA’s Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC) hosted a “Program Advisory Group” (PAG) meeting via Microsoft Teams to inform interested stakeholders of recent and upcoming DAPC activities. During the PAG meeting, Ohio EPA noted that, in the past, the agency has primarily relied on the minimum control measures required under the federal Clean Air Act to meet the NAAQS.

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California Air Resources Board Announces Rulemaking Regarding Small Off-Road Engine Regulations

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California carbon emissions Compliance Environmental Featured GT Alert Legislation Policy Pollution State & Local air pollution Emissions environmental policy GT Insight pollution controlOn Oct. 9, 2021, California Gov.

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Illinois EPA files administrative rules to create statewide groundwater quality standards for PFAS chemicals

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Code) Part 620 to the Illinois Pollution Control Board (Board). Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director John J. Kim announced the Agency has submitted amendments to 35 Illinois Administrative Code (Ill. Admin. The proposed amendments update toxicity data for various chemicals, update exposure factors, and introduce groundwater quality standards for five Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances… Read more → Illinois PFAS Regulation Water

DOJ Gets Off Its Moral High Horse: Ameren Missouri Will Close Early

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Ameren Missouri submitted to the Court a proposal to shut Rush Island early rather than install expensive pollution control equipment. .



Among the pollutants of concern, metals and dissolved industrial chemicals are significant. Though several treatment strategies have been used before, efficiency of pollutant removal still has a long way to go. But among the prevailing pollution control strategies desalination holds the key in not only reclaiming polluted water but also in recovering important dissolved substances in water. Desalination involves the removal of dissolved pollutants from water.

New Associate Editor: Zhiyong “Jason” Ren

Water Research & Technology

His group analyzes reaction mechanisms and develops novel environmental processes, with the goal of expanding environmental engineering from pollution control to sustainable development of resource recovery systems.

Boston Promulgates BERDO “Phase I” Regulations: Emissions Standards For Buildings Are Coming Soon

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The Boston Air Pollution Control Commission has formally adopted its “Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance Phase 1 Regulations.” The Phase 1 regulations are really all about the “disclosure” side of BERDO.

In a first for climate nuisance claims, a Hawai‘i State Court allowed Honolulu to proceed with its case against fossil fuel companies

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The Second Circuit framed New York City’s claims as targeting “lawful commercial activity” in a way that would compel development of pollution control measures, thereby regulating cross-border emissions. By Korey Silverman-Roati. Background. Starting in 2017, cities, counties, and states across the United States have filed claims (see here and here ) in state courts against fossil fuel companies seeking redress for the climate harms their products have caused.

EPA: U.S. Steel To Pay $1.5 Million Penalty, Make Improvements To settle Air Pollution Violations At Allegheny County Steel Plant

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million penalty and make extensive improvements at its steel production facility in Braddock, Pennsylvania, as part of a settlement covering longstanding air pollution violations. The primary pollutant of concern is particulate matter, including PM 2.5.

DOJ Doesn’t Know How to Declare Victory

Law and Environment

According to Inside EPA (subscription required), the Department of Justice (and the Sierra Club) have opposed Ameren’s Missouri’s motion to allow it to close its Rush Island generating facility early, rather than install otherwise required pollution control equipment.

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Rare Earth Metal Theft by Catalytic Converter

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Rare earth metals are not only used in automobile pollution control devices (and not just in the U.S. because the gasoline engine does not run fulltime so the metals in the pollution control device last longer, but also because it is easy to separate from the vehicle.

Emerging Local Legal Pathways for Building Electrification: Air Pollution and Land Use Regulation in New York City & Brookline, Massachusetts

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This week’s advancements offer two new models for local governments looking to require or promote building electrification: air pollution and land use regulation. The New York City bill also offers a useful model for using air pollution control authority to regulate building emissions.

BERDO Implementation Picks Up Speed — Better Get Ready

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The Air Pollution Control Commission will later hold a “formal” public comment period at a time TBD. On Monday, Boston released a draft of the first phase of regulations intended to implement the amended BERDO ordinance signed by then-Mayor Janey in October. .

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25, 2021), that they will host ten virtual regional roundtables for the purpose of engaging in meaningful dialogue on the definition of waters of the United States (“WOTUS”) under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Posted on October 26, 2021 by Ronald Janke.

Boston Regulates Building GHG Emissions: The Next Few Years Will Be Very Interesting

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The Air Pollution Control Commission has authority to suspend some or all of the requirements of BERDO 2.0 Last week, the Boston City Council approved amendments to the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance.

(Mis)Estimating Regulatory Costs

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Second, the agency needs information about the costs of facility-by-facility changes, such as shifts in how often facilities are used, their fuel consumption, and how pollution controls were actually operated.

Post-Gazette: DEP Evaluating Whether To Resubmit Oil & Gas Methane Rule To EQB To Address Concerns About A Separate Conventional Oil & Gas Rule

PA Environment Daily

On May 6, Laura Legere of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the Department of Environmental Protection is re-evaluating the final regulation to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations over a 2016 law requiring separate regulations for conventional oil and gas operations.

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DEP Citizens Advisory Council Meets Oct. 19 To Hear Report On Radiation Decontamination Of Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Reactors, Waste Sites

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Several wastewater treatment plants require decontamination, including the Kiski Valley Water Pollution Control Authority, Royersford Wastewater Treatment Facility and oil and gas wastewater treatment facilities.

A Voluntary Settlement Of An EHB Appeal By All Parties Requires Developers Of A Bradford County Liquified Natural Gas Facility To Apply For New Air Quality Permit

PA Environment Daily

If built, the Wyalusing plant would have been allowed to emit more than a million tons of climate-polluting greenhouse gasses every year, as well as hundreds of tons of noxious air pollutants that would have impacted the local community.

Montrose Environmental Group Receives 2019 EBJ Business Achievement Award


Environmental Business Journal provides strategic information and market forecasts for executives involved in 14 business segments, including environmental remediation, water & wastewater, air pollution control, environmental consulting & engineering, hazardous waste, instrumentation, pollution control equipment, waste management, resource recovery, and solid waste management.

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Environmental Quality Board Approves Final Rule Reducing VOC/Methane Emissions From Oil & Gas Operations; Conventional Drillers Oppose

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This regulation adopts reasonably available control technology requirements and RACT emission limits for oil and natural gas sources of volatile organic compounds.

Sierra Club v. Virginia Electric & Power Co.: How a Clean Water Act Misinterpretation May Open the Floodgates to Future Groundwater Polluters

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On September 12, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a judgment that added another untenable wrinkle in the fabric of groundwater pollution regulation. Since Congress enacted the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act), federal circuit courts have contemplated the issue of whether groundwater pollution falls under the “navigable water” provision of the Clean Water Act’s (CWA)—albeit without tenable guidance.

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DEP Plans To Present A ‘Narrower Version’ Of Final Oil & Gas Methane Emission Reduction Reg. To EQB At June Meeting

PA Environment Daily

On May 18, the Department of Environmental Protection will present a revised final oil and gas methane emission reduction regulation to the EQB in June that it hopes will address objections raised to the regulation that could have resulted in a disapproval of the regulation and delaying final adoption.

House Environmental Committee Meets Nov. 15 On Truck Air Pollution Regs, Lake Erie Groin Structures, Biosolid Permit Changes

PA Environment Daily

The House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee is scheduled to hold a meeting on November 15 to consider these bills and resolutions-- -- Abrigating California Heavy-Duty Truck Air Reg.:

Dickinson College Hosts March 24 Discussion On The Business Of Food Waste: Climate Mitigation Thru Organics Recycling

PA Environment Daily

He is pursuing a master’s in environmental pollution control from Penn State University, focusing on anaerobic digestion of food and agricultural wastes.

This Week’s Examples Of Going The WRONG WAY On Environmental, Energy Issues

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Steel Clairton Coke (Coal) Works Fire, Pollution Control Outage Was A ‘Complete Failure’ -- DEP To Conduct Hazardous Waste Site Investigation At Erie Coke (Coal) Plant Site In Erie [Owner Left Property For Taxpayers To Cleanup] [PaEN] Want to have a positive impact on issues like this?

FRESH, May 17, 2022: EPA Recommends Against Minnesota Mining Permit

Circle of Blue

Candidates from both parties claim they want to protect residents against pollution. We work together to produce news and information about the impact of climate change, pollution, and aging infrastructure on the Great Lakes and drinking water. May 17, 2022.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis: FAQs

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For instance, EPA has required pollution controls that dramatically slash emissions of carbon monoxide from vehicles. We may know that air pollution helps cause deaths from respiratory conditions, but it’s more difficult to estimate the number.

The Stream, July 28, 2021: Argentina Declares ‘Water Emergency’ On Parana River

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The Hindustan Times reports that the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board identified six major drains as the main sources of the pollution. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN. Argentina declares a state of emergency for the Parana River as it reaches historic lows.

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How Dust Storms Confuse Air Quality Reports


The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District urged people with heart or lung disease to follow doctors’ advice for dealing with episodes of particulate exposure. ” - - Fresnobee. Dust Pollution is Large Particulate Matter.

Solar Power Had a Big Day at FERC

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Next, FERC responded to a petition for declaratory order in which an applicant sought confirmation that local property tax relief that is available to solar power facilities as Pollution Control Equipment (Va. Today was a big day for the solar power industry at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Prohibitions on Certain HFCs in Refrigeration, Chillers, Aerosol Propellants and Foam End-Uses


under the Air Pollution Control regulations 310 CMR 7.00. On December 20, 2020, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) promulgated amendment 310 CMR 7.76

Iowa Supreme Court 2 – Raccoon River 0


By a narrowly divided vote, it has snuffed out on procedural grounds litigation challenging the agricultural nutrient pollution of the Raccoon River. The agricultural activity contributes large quantities of nutrient pollution to the river. Posted on February 11, 2022 by Allan Gates.

California Legislators Call for More Stringent Requirements for Oil and Gas

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The rule would also require pollution controls for existing operations within the setback area. Drill site on Jefferson Blvd. in south Los Angeles. Photo credit: Faces of Fracking, Flickr. This post is co-authored by Julia Stein and Beth Kent.

FRESH, April 5, 2022: U.S. Lawmakers Propose Great Lakes Federal Agency

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We work together to produce news and information about the impact of climate change, pollution, and aging infrastructure on the Great Lakes and drinking water. Point Betsie Lighthouse, Michigan. Photo © J. Carl Ganter / Circle of Blue. Welcome to Fresh!

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2 Republican Senators Lay Out Agenda For Deregulating Oil & Gas Industry, Power Plants In PA

PA Environment Daily

Read more here.] -- “Exempt Pennsylvania from plant-closing EPA regulations such as the Wastewater Rule and the Cross State Air Pollution Rule.” [ Note: That’s not the way it works. Just because you have an abundant supply of something, doesn’t mean you control demand or the price.

Republican Senators Introduce Bill To Deregulate Oil & Gas Industry, Coal-Fired Power Plants, Open State Forests To Drilling, Withdrawn From RGGI

PA Environment Daily

Read more here.] -- “Exempt Pennsylvania from plant-closing EPA regulations such as the Wastewater Rule and the Cross State Air Pollution Rule.” [ Note: That’s not the way it works. Just because you have an abundant supply of something, doesn’t mean you control demand or the price.

Clean Air Council Appeals Air Quality Permit For Beech Hollow Gas-Fired Power Plant In Washington County

PA Environment Daily

On September 14, the Clean Air Council appealed an effort by Pennsylvania to resurrect a defunct air pollution control permit that would allow construction of a large gas-fired power plant proposed for Robinson Township. Clean Air Council also objects to the permit because it allows unlawfully high levels of air pollution in an area already suffering from poor air quality.