Help Wanted: Armstrong Conservation District Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control Technician

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The Armstrong County Conservation District is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Technician. The person in this position will have an array of technical duties related to administration of the Chapter 102-Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control program.

Determining Disparate Impacts in Environmental Justice Communities: Does Friends of Buckingham v. State Air Pollution Control Board Provide the Roadmap?


It has long been recognized that minority and disadvantaged communities are subject to higher levels of pollution than more affluent non-minority areas. For instance, last year New Jersey adopted EJ legislation which, when fully operative, will impose new requirements for the issuance of permits or permit renewals for certain types of facilities – including any major air pollution source – in EJ communities. State Air Pollution Control Board Provide the Roadmap?


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Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control hosts Program Advisory Group Meeting

Vorys Law

On January 20, 2021, the Ohio EPA’s Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC) hosted a “Program Advisory Group” (PAG) meeting via Microsoft Teams to inform interested stakeholders of recent and upcoming DAPC activities. During the PAG meeting, Ohio EPA noted that, in the past, the agency has primarily relied on the minimum control measures required under the federal Clean Air Act to meet the NAAQS.

Ozone 40



Among the pollutants of concern, metals and dissolved industrial chemicals are significant. Though several treatment strategies have been used before, efficiency of pollutant removal still has a long way to go. But among the prevailing pollution control strategies desalination holds the key in not only reclaiming polluted water but also in recovering important dissolved substances in water. Desalination involves the removal of dissolved pollutants from water.

New Associate Editor: Zhiyong “Jason” Ren

Water Research & Technology

His group analyzes reaction mechanisms and develops novel environmental processes, with the goal of expanding environmental engineering from pollution control to sustainable development of resource recovery systems.

Boston Regulates Building GHG Emissions: The Next Few Years Will Be Very Interesting

Law and Environment

The Air Pollution Control Commission has authority to suspend some or all of the requirements of BERDO 2.0 Last week, the Boston City Council approved amendments to the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance.

Rare Earth Metal Theft by Catalytic Converter

Greenbuilding Law

Rare earth metals are not only used in automobile pollution control devices (and not just in the U.S. because the gasoline engine does not run fulltime so the metals in the pollution control device last longer, but also because it is easy to separate from the vehicle.

Emerging Local Legal Pathways for Building Electrification: Air Pollution and Land Use Regulation in New York City & Brookline, Massachusetts

Law Columbia

This week’s advancements offer two new models for local governments looking to require or promote building electrification: air pollution and land use regulation. The New York City bill also offers a useful model for using air pollution control authority to regulate building emissions.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: FAQs

Legal Planet

For instance, EPA has required pollution controls that dramatically slash emissions of carbon monoxide from vehicles. We may know that air pollution helps cause deaths from respiratory conditions, but it’s more difficult to estimate the number.

How Dust Storms Confuse Air Quality Reports


The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District urged people with heart or lung disease to follow doctors’ advice for dealing with episodes of particulate exposure. ” - - Fresnobee. Dust Pollution is Large Particulate Matter.

Montrose Environmental Group Receives 2019 EBJ Business Achievement Award


Environmental Business Journal provides strategic information and market forecasts for executives involved in 14 business segments, including environmental remediation, water & wastewater, air pollution control, environmental consulting & engineering, hazardous waste, instrumentation, pollution control equipment, waste management, resource recovery, and solid waste management.

2020 40

Sierra Club v. Virginia Electric & Power Co.: How a Clean Water Act Misinterpretation May Open the Floodgates to Future Groundwater Polluters

Vermont Law

On September 12, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a judgment that added another untenable wrinkle in the fabric of groundwater pollution regulation. Since Congress enacted the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act), federal circuit courts have contemplated the issue of whether groundwater pollution falls under the “navigable water” provision of the Clean Water Act’s (CWA)—albeit without tenable guidance.

2020 40

The Stream, July 28, 2021: Argentina Declares ‘Water Emergency’ On Parana River

Circle of Blue

The Hindustan Times reports that the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board identified six major drains as the main sources of the pollution. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN. Argentina declares a state of emergency for the Parana River as it reaches historic lows.

2021 56

Prohibitions on Certain HFCs in Refrigeration, Chillers, Aerosol Propellants and Foam End-Uses


under the Air Pollution Control regulations 310 CMR 7.00. On December 20, 2020, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) promulgated amendment 310 CMR 7.76

Solar Power Had a Big Day at FERC

Renewable + Law

Next, FERC responded to a petition for declaratory order in which an applicant sought confirmation that local property tax relief that is available to solar power facilities as Pollution Control Equipment (Va. Today was a big day for the solar power industry at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Clean Air Council Appeals Air Quality Permit For Beech Hollow Gas-Fired Power Plant In Washington County

PA Environment Daily

On September 14, the Clean Air Council appealed an effort by Pennsylvania to resurrect a defunct air pollution control permit that would allow construction of a large gas-fired power plant proposed for Robinson Township. Clean Air Council also objects to the permit because it allows unlawfully high levels of air pollution in an area already suffering from poor air quality.

Straight Talk About A PA Conservation Hero: Ralph Abele And The Environmental Rights Amendment

PA Environment Daily

In that role, he and his staff took on polluters, restored shad to the Susquehanna River, and taught younger generations why the environment is important and how they can play a role in its conservation.

‘We need more research which examines racism and racialization on health and wellbeing of black women’

Frontier Sin

She has a PhD in women’s studies from the University of York, an MA in sociological research in health care from the University of Warwick, an MSc in environmental pollution control from the University of Leeds and a BSc (Hons) in microbiology and virology from the University of Warwick.

Fifth District Holds Issue Exhaustion Not Required Where Agency Gave No Notice of Intent To Rely On CEQA Exemption Prior to Hearing, And Existing Facilities Categorical Exemption Does Not Apply to Unlined Landfills As A Matter of Law

CEQA Developments

2012 83

EPA OPPT Strategic Plan for FYs 2021-2023 Outlines Six Priority Areas


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared a strategic plan for the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) for fiscal years (FY) 2021-2023. It closely collaborates with its partners in the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention’s (OCSPP) Office of Program Support to ensure that the basics of being an OPPT employee, such as timekeeping, personnel actions, and equipment, are easy to manage; and. By Lynn L. Bergeson and Carla N. Hutton. The U.S.

Minnesota drives forward with EV rules

Renewable + Law

On December 21, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) set forth its plans to amend the state’s clean air rules to adopt Low-Emission Vehicles (LEV) and Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) standards, known as the Clean Cars Minnesota rule.

2020 40

Friday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 8.6.21

PA Environment Daily

Amid Extreme Heat and Drought, Line 3 Pipeline Construction Puts Water At Risk

Circle of Blue

Pipeline construction has already produced unlawful pollution. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced in August that Enbridge caused 28 drilling mud spills, including 13 into a wetland, in violation of a federal environmental permit.

The Infamous Failure of the Eco-Patent Commons and the Quiet Success of the WIPO Green Project: What We Can Learn About Disseminating Green Tech to Developing Countries

Vermont Law

In an attempt to create a cohesive and synergistic pool, the patents were limited to a few specific areas of technology: energy conservation, pollution control, environmentally friendly materials, water or materials use, and reduction and recyclability. By Christopher J. Clugston.

Environmental Budget Cuts in NC: 2008-2018

Smith Enviorment

The report excluded the capital spending because it varies year to year depending on grant cycles and does not support basic pollution control activities such as permitting, inspections and compliance actions. The report does not mention another resource intensive environmental issue that arose during this time period — water pollution associated with emerging contaminants such a GenX and other per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). December 12, 2019.

2019 40

Climate Rules Built to Last

Law Columbia

President Trump’s rollbacks were maximally extreme, but there is always some change when the opposition party takes control. By Michael Burger *. US Capitol Hill – Flickr.

Remedying Agency Misconduct

Vermont Law

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) secretly took part in an illegitimate and illegal procedure when providing a national pollution discharge elimination system (NPDES) permit to PolyMet. [1]. by Alex Spitzer.

2020 52

You Can’t Check This Box: A Win for Environmental Justice

Vermont Law

State Air Pollution Control Board. the steel mill emitted pollutants like lead, among other hazardous pollutants. by Jerry Thomas. . In a stark contrast to the decision in. Francis Prayer Ctr. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

2020 52

The Essential - PA Environment Digest 7.5.21

PA Environment Daily

Editor’s Note: Due to my recovery from heart surgery, I’m posting a limited number of environment and energy Blog Posts and NewsClips in a weekly collection called The Essential - PA Environment Digest. Here’s a collection from the past week.

Justice Breyer’s Nuanced Voice for the Environment

Legal Planet

The Maui case involved the scope of federal authority over water pollution. The Clean Water Act only requires a permit for discharging pollution into waterbodies, and the Trump EPA argued that discharges into groundwater are never covered by this requirement.

Celebrating a Win-Win: 30 Years of Progress Under the Pollution Prevention Act


Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. On this day in 1990, a new era was ushered in for EPA and the nation when the Pollution Prevention (P2) Act was signed into law. The act gave the agency new tools to join with states, tribes, and communities to prevent pollution before it happens. As EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has said, “It’s far better to prevent pollution from occurring than to go in after the fact and clean it up.”.

Maryland Adopts 42 New Environmental Laws in 2021

Greenbuilding Law

The 442nd session of the Maryland legislature adjourned on April 12, 2021.

2024 52

September 2021 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

Law Columbia

The plaintiffs’ allegations include that the long-term agreements will result in greater emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants because insulation from a competitive market will constrain development of renewable energy. Among the arguments rejected by the court was the contention that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency erred by failing to consider the effects of climate change in its analysis of whether the project would violate state water quality standards.

July 2021 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

Law Columbia

The Washington Court of Appeals held that the Pollution Control Hearing Board erred when it approved the Washington Department of Ecology’s general permits for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The approval of the permit was therefore contrary to law because climate change had to be considered “to some extent” in order for Ecology to act consistently with implementing regulations under the Clean Water Act and the Water Pollution Control Act.

2021 46

Federal Courts Need to Allow the EPA to Clear the Air

Vermont Law

The EPA’s cap-and-trade program to control smog in the Central and Eastern United States is lawful and wise, and the Supreme Court should overturn the D.C. NAAQS because of pollutants emitted from Midwestern power plants. Circuit struck down the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), which was the EPA’s latest attempt to regulate smog in the Central and Eastern United States. The interstate transport of air pollution is a longstanding problem.

2014 40

Incentivizing Ecosystem Services: Agroecology as a Solution to Agricultural Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

Vermont Law

Common agricultural practices in the United States contribute a significant amount of pollution to the environment. Agriculture is a leading cause of water pollution in the United States. This pollution causes detrimental effects to our communities, land, and marine life. The Clean Water Act (CWA) and grant programs contained in the Farm Bill are the primary federal mechanisms for curbing agricultural water pollution. by Lizzie Fainberg.

2019 40

China’s Waste Ban Exposes Missing Links in Recycling

Vermont Law

However, most of the world’s recycling is exported to lower-income countries, where recycling is cheaper to process due to weak law enforcement and informal sector recycling with no pollution controls. Exporting Recycling, Exporting Pollution. ?

2018 52

Environmental Perspectives

Environmental Science

Another example is air sampling - ground level measurements affect people, higher elevations affect pollution transport. Pollution release or transport rates or distance. As you might guess, such measurements led to a fairly primitive definition of pollution.

2018 52

Cyber(in)security: An Environmental Calamity Lying in Wait?

Vermont Law

The recent revelation that the control system for a small dam outside New York City had been hacked by a group possibly associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is chilling evidence that nothing which is even remotely computer-dependent is immune from a cyberattack. Summary. Cyberattacks pose obvious threats to infrastructure and financial institutions, but they also create major environmental threats.

2016 40

Deja Vu All Over Again…Unwinding Trump ERA Regulations

Ohio Environmental Law

The Republican controlled Congress in the first year of the Trump Presidency, used the CRA to revoke sixteen (16) Obama regulations. With Democrat control of both the House and Senate, it is likely the CRA will be used to revoke some Trump-era environmental rules. New emission standards for a specific pollutant require new air pollution controls (targeted pollutants).