Tue.Apr 23, 2024

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What Fixed Charges on Your Electric Bill Could Mean for Charging an EV in California

Union of Concerned Scientists

Residential electricity rates for many Californians have increased significantly over the last year, making it more expensive to charge an electric vehicle (EV) at home. It’s still cheaper to recharge an EV than buy gasoline, but those savings have been eroded by surging electric rates. Prompted by a state law, California’s utility regulator has proposed to change the way electricity is billed by adding a fixed monthly charge to all rate plans and making a corresponding reduction to the cost for

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Tuesday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips - 4.23.24

PA Environment Daily

“The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania's public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people.” - - Article I, Section 27 Pennsylvania Constitution [It’s Not A Suggestion] House next voting day April 29, 30, May 1


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No change in burning of peatland in Eastern Scotland’s moorlands

The Applied Ecologist

Author Benedict Spracklen used satellite imagery to better understand the impact of prescribed burning of moorland on ecosystem services. Prescribed burning has long played a role in the management of moorland, both in Scotland and across the UK.

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How Ugandan Tobacco Farmers Inadvertently Spread Bat-Borne Viruses

Scientific American

By cutting trees in response to international demand for tobacco, farmers induced wildlife to start eating virus-laden bat guano

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Manufacturing Sustainability Surge: Your Guide to Data-Driven Energy Optimization & Decarbonization

Speaker: Kevin Kai Wong, President of Emergent Energy Solutions

In today's industrial landscape, the pursuit of sustainable energy optimization and decarbonization has become paramount. Manufacturing corporations across the U.S. are facing the urgent need to align with decarbonization goals while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, the lack of comprehensive energy data poses a significant challenge for manufacturing managers striving to meet their targets.

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Oil companies must set aside more money to plug wells, a new rule says. But it won’t be enough.

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from ProPublica. The new Bureau of Land Management regulation, which applies to nearly 90,000 wells on federal public land, is hampered by math errors and overly optimistic cost projections.

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Is There a Human Hiding behind That Robot or AI?

Scientific American

When human labor is hidden under the veneer of a robot or AI tool, that’s “fauxtomation”