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Sea level in the IPCC 6th assessment report (AR6)

Real Climate

My top 3 impressions up-front: The sea level projections for the year 2100 have been adjusted upwards again. The IPCC gives more consideration to the large long-term sea-level rise beyond the year 2100. And here is the key sea-level graphic from the Summary for Policy Makers: Source: IPCC AR6, Figure SPM.8.

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Do Paris Agreement Temperature Goals Address Sea Level Rise and Climate Justice?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Sea level rise presents numerous climate justice issues. New research that I led as part of my PhD dissertation, which was just published in Earth’s Future , digs deep into the topic of sea level rise and climate justice. Climate justice research can help inform these conversations.

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Sea Level Rise Legislation Gets Second Chance

Legal Planet

Imperial Beach is one of many California communities vulnerable to sea level rise. This week, Senator Ben Allen introduced SB 1078 , a bill that would create a Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Pilot Program to help coastal cities plan proactively for the effects of climate change. Photo credit: sk8mama, Flickr.

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National Climate Assessment: Flooding and Sea Level Rise


To adapt to the new reality of climate-driven flooding and sea level rise, local governments, states, and the federal government need to embrace two main courses of action.

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Dr. Shaina Sadai Talks About COP27, Climate Justice, Sea Level Rise, and Corporate Accountability

Union of Concerned Scientists

An expert on sea level dynamics and climate justice within the UN negotiations, Dr. Sadai is working to ensure that her scientific studies get in the hands of decisionmakers who are shaping our world today. UCS’s new Hitz Family Climate fellow, Dr. Shaina Sadai , is stepping into this emerging area of work.

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Earth911 Podcast: Oceanographer John Englander Shares a 2023 Sea Level Rise Update

Earth 911

Sea level rise due to melting glaciers on Greenland and in the Arctic and Antarctic. The post Earth911 Podcast: Oceanographer John Englander Shares a 2023 Sea Level Rise Update appeared first on Earth911.

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How Sea-level Rise Impacts Marsh Sparrows

Cool Green Science

Scientists are studying the effects of sea-level rise on salt marshes, and two imperiled sparrow species. The post How Sea-level Rise Impacts Marsh Sparrows appeared first on Cool Green Science.

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