Sea Level Rise Legislation Gets Second Chance

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Imperial Beach is one of many California communities vulnerable to sea level rise. This week, Senator Ben Allen introduced SB 1078 , a bill that would create a Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Pilot Program to help coastal cities plan proactively for the effects of climate change.

Are Floating Neighborhoods a Solution for Rising Sea Levels?

Earth 911

As sea-level rise threatens cities throughout the world, some are looking at how humans can. The post Are Floating Neighborhoods a Solution for Rising Sea Levels? EcoTech Home & Garden floating neighborhood rising sea level Schoonschip


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Dr. Shaina Sadai Talks About COP27, Climate Justice, Sea Level Rise, and Corporate Accountability

Union of Concerned Scientists

An expert on sea level dynamics and climate justice within the UN negotiations, Dr. Sadai is working to ensure that her scientific studies get in the hands of decisionmakers who are shaping our world today.

How Sea-level Rise Impacts Marsh Sparrows

Cool Green Science

Scientists are studying the effects of sea-level rise on salt marshes, and two imperiled sparrow species. The post How Sea-level Rise Impacts Marsh Sparrows appeared first on Cool Green Science.

New Federal Report Warns of Accelerating Impacts From Sea Level Rise

Inside Climate News

The global average sea level is rising 2 inches per decade and speeding up, but in some regions, the rate is more than twice that fast. Science Climate Change Mexico NOAA Sea Level Rise

Why is future sea level rise still so uncertain?

Real Climate

Three new papers in the last couple of weeks have each made separate claims about whether sea level rise from the loss of ice in West Antarctica is more or less than you might have thought last month and with more or less certainty. Arctic and Antarctic Climate Science Sea level rise

The Acceleration of an Antarctic Glacier Shows How Global Warming Can Rapidly Break Up Polar Ice and Raise Sea Level

Inside Climate News

New research on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet tracked the disintegration of a floating ice shelf and how that accelerated the flow of the Pine Island Glacier to the sea. Science Antarctica glaciers ice melt sea ice Sea Level Rise

Resilience of U.S. coastal wetlands to accelerating sea level rise

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Although accelerating sea level rise (SLR) poses the long-term threat of inundation to coastal areas, wetlands may be sustained in two ways: by positive net surface-elevation change … Continue reading Resilience of U.S. coastal wetlands to accelerating sea level rise. Buchanan, Maya K.; Kulp, Scott; Strauss, Benjamin.

Melting zombie ice is worsening sea level rise in Greenland


A new study published in the Journal Nature Climate Change shows that "zombie ice" could increase the previously predicted sea level rise by up to 10 inches or more. Zombie ice," which refers to dead ice melting, is going to make sea level rise worse in the coming years. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had previously warned that climate change could result in two to five inches of sea level rise by 2100

As sea levels rise, septic waste may leak into coastal homes


The global consequences of sea level rise — flooding, destruction of wetlands habitat, increased storm surges — are devastating. But the personal consequences are both terrifying and disgusting. Millions of people in coastal communities could find raw sewage oozing into their homes

As sea levels rise, coastal megacities will need more than flood barriers

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In Africa, the continent’s largest city, Lagos in Nigeria, … Continue reading As sea levels rise, coastal megacities will need more than flood barriers.

Art installation raises concerns on the rising sea level


Petersburg, Florida is already struggling with the effects of significant rising sea level. TIDAL, created by The Urban Conga, is an art installation that uses play to spark conversations about this important topic related to climate change

Greenland ice sheet set to raise sea levels by nearly a foot, study finds

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percent … Continue reading Greenland ice sheet set to raise sea levels by nearly a foot, study finds. Read the full story in the Washington Post. Human-driven climate change has set in motion massive ice losses in Greenland that couldn’t be halted even if the world stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, according to a new study published Monday. The findings in Nature Climate Change project that it is now inevitable that 3.3

Three Reasons the House Reconciliation Bill Is Good News for Flood Resilience and Communities

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change budget reconciliation Climate change; global warming; sea level rise; flooding; FEMA Flood Insurance Flood Response NFIP

Louisiana Policymakers: To Solve the Dead Zone, Climate Change, and COVID-19, Embrace Equitable, Science-Based Policies Now

Union of Concerned Scientists

People in Louisiana face a series of interconnected challenges: climate change causing sea level rise and extreme weather; the Gulf Coast dead zone affecting the fishing industry; and high rates of COVID-19 transmission.

What drives sea level rise? US report warns of 1-foot rise within three decades and more frequent flooding

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by Jianjun Yin, University of Arizona Sea levels are rising, and that will bring profound flood risks to large parts of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts over the next three decades.

5 ways climate change increases the threat of tsunamis, from collapsing ice shelves to sea level rise

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In Tonga, waves about 2 metres high were recorded before the sea level gauge failed, and… Read more → Climate change

U.S. Sea-Level Rise and High Tide Flooding, 1920-2020

Environmental Law Reporter

Sea-Level Rise and High Tide Flooding, 1920-2020. Rachel Jean-Baptiste. Tue, 03/01/2022 - 05:30. Volume. Issue.

Komodo dragon in danger of extinction as sea levels rise

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The komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, is threatened with extinction as rising water levels driven by the climate crisis shrink its habitat, according to the latest “red list” update. Read the full story in The Guardian. Read more → Endangered species

Sea Level Rise Caused an Extra $8 Billion in Losses During Hurricane Sandy

Yale E360

A new study estimates that roughly $8 billion of the $63 billion in damages caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 can be attributed to sea level rise of just four inches caused by global warming.

Track sea-level changes anywhere with NASA’s new SEA tool

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NASA’s newly updated online tool, SEA (Sea-level Evaluation and Assessment), provides a snapshot of the ocean’s rise or fall for locations across the planet. Read the full story from NASA. It covers the period between 1993 and 2019. Read more → Climate change Information tools Water

Lake formation and expansion due to sea-level rise causes freshwater resource depletion on small islands

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Coastal regions and small ocean islands face significant risks from rising sea levels due to climate change, because waters can flood and inundate low-lying land surfaces. Read the full story from the Geological Society of America. Read more → Climate change Water

Most big coastal cities have areas sinking faster than sea level rise

New Scientist

44 of the 48 most populous coastal cities have areas sinking faster than the sea is rising, driven by groundwater pumping and compacted soil from heavy buildings

Extreme sea levels to become much more common worldwide as Earth warms

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A new study predicts that extreme sea levels — exceptionally high seas due to the combination of tide, waves and storm surge — along coastlines the world over will become 100 times more frequent by the end of the century in about half of the… Read more → Climate change Floods Publications Sustainable communitiesRead the full story from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

East Coast flooding is a reminder that sea level is rising as the climate warms – here’s why the ocean is pouring in more often

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High tides are part of the problem, but there’s another risk that has been slowly creeping up: sea level rise. Since 1880, average global sea levels have risen… Read more → Climate change Floodsby Jianjun Yin, University of Arizona The U.S.

The Stream, November 16, 2021: Residents in Banjul Slums Face Flooding As Sea Levels Rise

Circle of Blue

Low-income residents in the slums of Gambia’s capital city face severe flooding as sea levels rise and infrastructure deteriorates. Years of drought and over-pumping, the Moulouya river in North Africa has stopped flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, according to

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Real Climate

Climate impacts Climate modelling Climate Science Communicating Climate Featured Story Greenhouse gases In the News Instrumental Record IPCC Paleoclimate Sea level rise

California Climate Change Suit Returns to State Court

Energy & the Law

The plaintiffs allege that they ”have already incurred and will foreseeably continue to incur, injuries and damages because of sea level rise caused by [the energy companies’] conduct.” Co-author Brittany Blakey. In City of San Mateo, et al v.

The Stream, August 4, 2021: Experts Say Rising Sea Levels and Flooding Could Make Lagos Uninhabitable

Circle of Blue

Lagos, Nigeria , could be uninhabitable by the end of the century as flooding events worsen and sea levels continue to rise. Rising Sea Levels and Erosion Threaten To Drown Lagos. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN.

Climate Adaptation Moves Toward Center Stage

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billion to help communities deal with risks from heat waves, sea-level rise, and flooding. The big news today is the deal with Manchin to provide billions of dollars of funding for clean energy. Manchin’s vote will be needed because no Republican Senator will vote for the bill.

California May Buy Up Beach Houses Threatened by Sea Level Rise

Scientific American

Municipalities would then rent the homes until they are doomed. -- Read more on Sustainability Climate Environment

AR6 of the best

Real Climate

Sea level rise is a big deal Use, abuse and misuse of the CMIP6 ensemble The radiative forcing bar chart has gone full circle Droughts and floods are complicated Don’t mention the hiatus. Climate Science Featured Story IPCC climate models drought extremes sea level rise

Earth911 Podcast: Coastal Flooding in 2050 With Climate Scientist James Renwick

Earth 911

Business & Policy EcoTech Inspire & Motivate Living & Well-Being Podcasts Climate Change coastal flooding COP26 green economy James Renwick podcast-coastal-flooding sea-level rise

Analysis: How fast can we stop Earth from warming??

A Greener Life

But that doesn’t mean the planet returns to its preindustrial climate or that we avoid disruptive effects such as sea-level rise. analysis climate change oceans science climate crisis climate impacts climate models fossil fuels sea level rise

Earth911 Podcast: Discover The Atlas of Disappearing Places With Christina Conklin

Earth 911

Earth Watch EcoTech Inspire & Motivate Podcasts Atlas of Disappearing Places coastal flooding oceans sea-level riseThe Atlas of Disappearing Places, a new book by Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros, is.

Hot off the Press: The New IPCC Report

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Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels. Climate Change Disasters Federal Climate Policy Regulatory Policy scientific uncertainty climate science Disaster Law droughts extreme events heat waves IPCC Sixth Assessment sea level rise

Mangrove restoration scales up in Indonesia

A Greener Life

As the risks of sea-level rise, stronger tropical storms and seawater intrusion grow due to climate change , Indonesia is ramping up efforts to protect mangrove ecosystems across the archipelago as part of both its COVID-19 recovery efforts and climate change commitments.

Gideon Mendel: Drowning World Opens May 1

Academy of Natural Sciences

Environmental Science Exhibit Featured People climate change climate Year flooding Gideon Mendel: Drowning World photography sea level rise

Degradation of coastal regions in the Pacific Islands

Our Environment

Rising sea levels and increased intensity of storm surges are playing a considerable role in the degradation of coastal regions in the Pacific Islands. Illustrating the variation in sea levels from 1993 – 2018. climate change Pacific Island sea level Uncategorized

Delayed harm and the politics of climate change, reconsidered

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First, after carbon dioxide emissions cease, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels begin to decrease, as they are absorbed by natural processes and sinks in the oceans and on land. Climate Change Politics sea level rise

Venice may get a temporary respite from rising seas by 2035

New Scientist

High winter sea levels in Venice are linked to warmer sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean, and cooling in that ocean over coming decades should therefore temporarily compensate for the city's sea level rise

Antarctica's Collapse Could Begin Even Sooner Than Anticipated

Scientific American

Two expeditions to the Thwaites Ice Shelf have revealed that it could splinter apart in less than a decade, hastening sea-level rise worldwide. Features Environment Climate Change

Where Thick Ice Sheets in Antarctica Meet the Ground, Small Changes Could Have Big Consequences

Inside Climate News

Scientists say their models suggest that big tracts of East Antarctica’s ice sheets could become a significant new source of sea level rise with just a little bit of warming.