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A 10 per cent increase in global land evapotranspiration from 2003 to 2019


Nature, Published online: 26 May 2021; doi:10.1038/s41586-021-03503-5 Using a global mass-balance approach to calculate evapotranspiration, it is shown that global land evapotranspiration increased by 10% between 2003 and 2019, driven mainly by warming land temperatures.

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As Soon as Possible

Real Climate

Purported updates to these series were themselves plagued by arithmetic errors which negated their conclusions ( Laut, 2003 ). 801-812, 2003. correlation was marred by an unreported shift in the smoothing method towards the end of the series ( Laut and Gundermann, 2000 ). Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali , vol.

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HOTSPOTS H2O: Failing Rains in Darfur Foster Conflict and Displacement

Circle of Blue

In 2003 a culmination of five consecutive years of drought, exacerbated by global warming, produced crisis levels of food insecurity. Rainfall has decreased by an estimated 20% reduction since the 1970s.

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Texas Correction Deed Statute Revisited

Energy & the Law

In 2003 the Holcomb’s and Tom and Trudy Anderson signed a farm and ranch sale contract in which the Anderson’s were to acquire surface rights only in six tracts of a ranch and Holcomb’s were to reserve the minerals. The 2003 GWD conveyed the surface only. Trudy did not execute the correction deed because she had passed away.

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OIRA Intends Final Revisions to Circular A-4 to Improve Regulatory Analysis


The Biden Administration announced on November 9, 2023, that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) issued final revisions to Circular A-4, the government-wide guidance on regulatory analysis.

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Who Are the Major Players in Electric Grid Reliability?

Union of Concerned Scientists

In the summer of 2003 , a culmination of seemingly small failures by the power grid, its monitoring software, and human operators quickly cascaded into the largest blackout to ever occur in North America. The first misstep in the 2003 blackout was an overloaded, sagging electrical line that touched a tree limb and short-circuited.

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Replacing California’s Oldest and Dirtiest Cars Will Save Money and Lives

Union of Concerned Scientists

pollution from the use of older passenger vehicles (defined as model year 1976 through 2003) and newer ones (model year 2004 through 2021). For example, in rural Modoc, Trinity, and Sierra counties, more than 40% of vehicles are model year 2003 or older. Combining the PM 2.5