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Feature: Rock - Water - Air: A Personal Account Of The 2002 Quecreek Mine Rescue

PA Environment Daily

By David Hess, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection at the Time of the Rescue On July 24, 2002 miners broke through into an abandoned, water-filled mine flooding the Quecreek Mine with over 150 million gallons of water.

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Great Barrier Reef Is Hit by Another Mass Bleaching Event

Yale E360

Mass beachings have grown more frequent with rising temperatures, afflicting the reef in 1998, 2002, 2016, 2017, 2020, and again this year. The Great Barrier Reef is undergoing its sixth mass bleaching event, as unusually warm waters stress corals, authorities say. Read more on E360 ?.

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HotSpots H2O: In Malaysia, the Mah Meri Resist Eviction from Coastal Homeland

Circle of Blue

In 2002, courts ruled in favor of the Temuan, a tribe that had been served eviction notices in 1995 by Malaysian state authorities. . The notices arrived in late April, and gave families 30 days to move out, Mongabay reports. The timing coincided with the state giving a lease for the land to Sepang GoldCoast resort.

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Massive crater found on distant world far beyond Neptune

New Scientist

An object in the Kuiper belt named 2002 MS4 has a depression 45 kilometres deep and 320 kilometres across, unlike anything seen before on such a small world

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Colossal Iceberg Trapped Near Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' for 20 Years Is Finally on the Move

Scientific American

Iceberg B-22A, which first broke off from Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier in 2002, is finally moving away from the South Pole after being freed from its seafloor tether

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Monterey Pass Civil War Battlefield Park Trail System Project In Franklin County Recognized With 2002 Spirit Of South Mountain Award

PA Environment Daily

The South Mountain Partnership recognized the Monterey Pass Civil War Battlefield Park Trail System Improvements Project in Washington Township, Franklin County with the 2022 Spirit of the South Mountain Award.

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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Holds Nov. 8 Open Enrollment Meeting In Somerset County

PA Environment Daily

The VCF is not limited to first responders. Compensation is also available to those who worked or volunteered in construction, clean-up, and debris removal; as well as people who lived, worked, or went to school in the exposure zone.

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