Nanocolumnar films: applications in medicine, energy and aerospace

Physics World

After obtaining his PhD in physics at UCM (Spain) in 1999, he was a Marie Curie postdoc at Paris-Sud University (France) in 2000–2002. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2003 67

Molecular engineering of photoinduced charge separation

Physics World

Since 2002, he has been a professor of chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience.

2006 81

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HotSpots H2O: In Malaysia, the Mah Meri Resist Eviction from Coastal Homeland

Circle of Blue

In 2002, courts ruled in favor of the Temuan, a tribe that had been served eviction notices in 1995 by Malaysian state authorities. . Mah Meri village © Tian Yake / Flickr Creative Commons.

2002 108

A personal mission: one scientist’s search for a theory of everything

Physics World

Jesper Grimstrup is a Danish theoretical physicist who received his PhD in 2002. Half of it is an attempt to convey the mathematics that Grimstrup believes matches his 2002 idea. His life’s mission is to find a theory of everything.

2002 114

NASA hit by resignation over its handling of investigation into telescope renaming

Physics World

In 2002 the then NASA boss Sean O’Keefe renamed the telescope in honour of Webb, who had served as NASA administrator during the Apollo era.

2002 114

July 24-28 Marks 19th Anniversary Of Quecreek Mine Rescue In Somerset County

PA Environment Daily

On July 24, 2002 coal miners broke through into an abandoned, water-filled mine flooding the Quecreek Mine with over 150 million gallons of water. Nine miners scrambled to safety, but nine were trapped in a pocket of air in the dark, cold, water filled mine.

2002 56

Life beyond the Nobel: Takaaki Kajita and the hunt for gravitational waves

Physics World

The work led him to sharing the 2002 Nobel Prize for Physics for the detection of cosmic neutrinos. For the past half a century, Japan has led the world in neutrino science.

2008 111

Orange glow and plants below: Wildfire smoke’s impact on crops


It was the Coal Seam Fire that erupted outside Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 2002, when I was in middle school. Guest Post by Kimberley Corwin , Ph.D.

How dancing honey bees could help us save pollinators

Frontier Sin

In 2002, I was an unhappy graduate student in neurobiology without the vocabulary to understand why. That was when I stumbled across a paper by Ben-Shahar et al (2002) describing the effect of gene expression on the age-related transition of worker honey bees from nurses to foragers.

2002 81

Try Title vs. Quieting Title: What’s the difference?

Energy & the Law

All three deeds were effective as of October 22, 2002. Co-author Travis Nadalni. If you aren’t quite sure about the difference between trespass to try title and suit to quiet title, Lockhart as Tr. of Lockhart Fam. Bypass Tr. Chisos Mins., LLC explains. But first, …. The facts.

2002 130

Landmines For Your Landowner Liability Protections?


The proposed changes are likely to create a lot of confusion about “controls” on contaminated property and could adversely impact prospective purchasers’ ability to assert their Landowner Liability Protections (“LLPs”) under the 2002 Amendments to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (“CERCLA”). Neither the 2002 Brownfields Amendments nor the Common Elements Guide ever uses the term PUL. Posted on July 19, 2021 by Amy L. Edwards.

2002 64

Climate Change and Me

Academy of Natural Sciences

In his 2002 book The Philadelphia Area Weather Book , Schwartz takes readers on another journey through time to let us know what the weather’s been like lately… in a Philadelphia of 2075, after continued decades of global warming.

Why is Covid-19 more severe in some patients? Using AI, we found a likely answer

Frontier Sin

Dr Emmanuelle Logette studied molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of Burgundy in France and, in 2002, received her PhD, for her work on the transcriptional regulation of caspase-2, a not very well known member of the caspase family of enzymes involved in apoptosis.

2002 91

Sunday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 7.25.21

PA Environment Daily

2002 56

X-ray emissions from Uranus are detected for the first time

Physics World

Through new analysis of data gathered by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Dunn’s team have identified three clear X-ray signals originating from Uranus: first in 2002, and then on two consecutive days in 2017. Astronomers have spotted X-ray emissions from the planet Uranus for the first time.

2002 83

Prop 65 Bounty Hunters Barred from Filing Acrylamide Lawsuits Based on First Amendment

Arnold Porter

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) added acrylamide to the Proposition 65 list of carcinogens in 1990, but acrylamide was not detected in foods until 2002.

2002 83

Were high-energy neutrinos from a supernova detected 34 years ago?

Physics World

Those neutrinos were all detected within the space of just 13 s, confirming existing models of supernovae and earning the then Kamiokande-II spokesperson, Masatoshi Koshiba , a share of the 2002 physics Nobel prize.

2002 112

John R. Kennedy, Long-Term Partner and Friend


Following an approach by Siskinds the firm merged with Siskinds in July 2002 proving to be a happy and successful combination. . Siskinds is deeply saddened to have lost our dear friend, valued partner and colleague John Kennedy on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

2002 52

Environmental activism in Latin America

Our Environment

It has also been reported that between the years of 2002 and 2018 more than 20 million hectares of tropical forests were cleared in the Amazon purely for beef production. Photo credit. Written by: Danielle McGuire. Justice for the Environment and Justice for the people: Environmental activism in Latin America. South America is home to the largest biodiverse rainforests on Earth.

The Bottom Line: Are incentives enough to offset the costs of “carbon-smart” farming practices?


2002). Guest Post by Lisa Eash , Ph.D.

Solving the proton puzzle

Physics World

That much seemed true when the task group first published an official value of the proton radius – or, more specifically, the average radius of the proton’s electric charge – in 2002. Randolf Pohl was not in a good mood, late one evening in July 2009.

2014 114

A journey of a plant biologist: Back to the wild to solve current crises.


2002, Pilbeam D.J., 2002).

2018 52

ERT overturns OMAFRA decision, approves NASM Plan for sewage biosolids

Law of the Lands

Ontario began to regulate land application and storage of NASMs under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002 beginning in 2011. OMAFRA’s Director had refused to approve the Plan on the basis that the proposed lagoon, to be owned and controlled by a non-agricultural operator, was not an “agricultural operation” subject to the Nutrient Management Act, 2002.

2002 40



As background, in October 2002, Michigan entered into a Government-to-Government Accord with the tribes located in Michigan. Posted on October 11, 2021 by Steve Chester. On September 30, 2021, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan issued a memorandum to all EPA employees reaffirming the Agency’s 1984 Indian Policy, entitled “EPA Policy for the Administration of Environmental Programs on Indian Reservations.”

2011 40

Competitive not cut-throat: what baseball’s Ted Williams tells us about physicists’ instincts

Physics World

Williams, who died in 2002 aged 83, eventually published all his advice in a book, The Science of Hitting , a copy of which sits on my shelves. Ted Williams used to give away his secrets.

2002 85

Melting glaciers have been shifting the Earth’s poles since 1995, new study suggests

Physics World

They used observations of terrestrial water (which includes groundwater) made by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission, which was launched by in 2002 by NASA and the German Aerospace Center.

2005 87

Topological fluids, the proton radius and art and science: the June 2021 issue of Physics World magazine is now out

Physics World

An official value was first agreed in 2002, but a decade later, a new and more precise spectroscopy experiment on the muon found a proton radius 4% lower expected. Big questions: the June 2021 issue of Physics World magazine.

2021 82

SEEDS 25th Anniversary – A Celebration of a Community


In 2002, ESA assumed management of the program and we began working directly with students including black, indigenous, Latinx and Asian students. by Teresa Mourad, Director of Education and Diversity Programs, and Fred Abbott-Torres, Diversity Programs Manager.

2001 52

New Ohio Law Reduces Cost and Time for Environmental Cleanups

Ohio Environmental Law

In 2002, the United States Congress, through passage of the federal Brownfields Act, created the “Bona Fide Purchaser Defense” (BFPD) as an amendment to CERCLA (a/k/a “Superfund”) to encourage redevelopment of environmental contaminated property. On June 16, 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 168, which provides greater flexibility to manage environmental issues on commercial/industrial property.

2020 40

Why these tax benefits could help you start a business

Physics World

Here in the UK, they were launched in 2000 for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), before being extended to larger companies in 2002. I wrote last month about the role that venture capitalists play in funding fledgling businesses.

2027 83

Bridging the Barriers Roads Pose to Wildlife


2002). Guest Post By Rebecca Cheek , 2020-2021 Sustainability Leadership Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Biology and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology.

2003 52

Novel Coronavirus Claims Implicate Age-Old Property Rights Questions

Green Law

2002, Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council v. Elisabeth Haub Law School of Law. Pace University. Land Use Law Center. Supervisor: John R. Nolon, Distinguished Professor. Blog No. 4 of the Land Use, Human Health, and Equity Project. Editors: Jessica Roberts, Jillian Aicher, Colt Watkiss. Contributing Researcher: Jillian Aicher [*].

2020 58

Bury Your Head in the Sand and ESG will Go Away

Greenbuilding Law

And since the passage of Sarbanes Oxley in 2002, boards at public companies directly oversee the audit of financial statements which processes must consider and often disclose environmental and other matters.

What’s Up With Water – June 21, 2021

Circle of Blue

Between 2002 and 2015, the number of wells nearly doubled but they were able to pump out less and less water. Transcript. Welcome to “What’s Up With Water,” your need-to-know news of the world’s water from Circle of Blue. I’m Eileen Wray-McCann.

2021 83

Board Of Education Posts Education Standards Eliminating Environment, Ecology & Agriculture K-12 Academic Standards For Comment; Environmental Educators Oppose

PA Environment Daily

Devlin said the state’s existing Environment and Ecology Standards were formally adopted in 2002 and made “.Pennsylvania

2002 83

First District Addresses CEQA Statute of Limitations And Tolling Agreement Rules In Affirming Judgment Upholding EBRPD’s Approval of Tree Removal MOU With PG&E

CEQA Developments

City of San Bernardino Redevelopment Agency (2002) 101 Cal.App.4th 1229, 1235.).

2017 80

German Atomic Energy Act Amendment Illegal - Case Comment BVerfG 1 BvR 1550/19

Energy and Climate Law

In the original nuclear phase out law of 2002 the Government allocated these residual electricity volumes to each nuclear power plant in Germany so that the total output of the respective plant corresponds to an average 32 year lifetime.

2020 71

Let’s Get Regional: Third District Holds Olympic Valley Resort Project EIR’s Environmental Setting Description and Analysis Violated CEQA’s Requirement To Place Special Emphasis On Unique Regional Environmental Resources By Failing To Sufficiently Consider Lake Tahoe

CEQA Developments

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (2002) 535 U.S.

2002 54

Second District Confirms Parking Is (Still) Not A CEQA Impact, Reverses Judgment That Found EIR For San Gabriel Mountains Wilderness Recreation And Preservation Project Deficient For Not Sufficiently Analyzing “Impact” Of Reducing Recreational Parking

CEQA Developments

City & County of San Francisco (2002) 102 Cal.App.4th 656 for the principle that the “social inconvenience of having to hunt for scarce parking spaces is not an environmental impact” although resulting secondary physical impacts on traffic and air quality would be cognizable CEQA impacts.

2012 77

27 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA

PA Environment Daily

Here are 27 new stories in the PA Environment Digest about individuals, groups, local governments, farmers, businesses, watershed groups and many more working all across Pennsylvania to restore and protect the environment and show others the beauty that surrounds us.

2002 56