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Environmental Science PhD Student Publishes Children’s Book on Climate Change

Academy of Natural Sciences

This led the fourth-year environmental science doctoral student and Academy student research associate to consider the questions: At what age do we begin talking to children about climate change? Champlin hopes that their book offers a different view than a lot of other children’s books on environmental science. “I

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Frontiers in Environmental Science 2021 Editor Awards


We are pleased to announce the first edition of the Frontiers in Environmental Science Editor Awards. We launched the Drylands section last year , and so far we have already added two new sections in 2022 – Environmental Citizen Science and Environmental Systems Engineering.


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Recipe for an online course series: Drones in Environmental Science

Environmental News Bits

For the past nine months, the Online Duke team has been working on a new course series on unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS or drones), UAS Applications and Operations in Environmental Science, in partnership with the Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) and instructor Dave Johnston. The goal of the… Read more →

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How an Arizona Medical Anthropologist Uses Oral Histories to Add Depth to Environmental Science

Inside Climate News

Separating people’s lived experiences from scientific data obscures the bigger picture of environmental injustice. With ‘Voices Unheard,’ Denise Moreno-Ramirez enriches research with human stories. By Emma Peterson Denise Moreno-Ramirez grew up in the border town of Nogales, Arizona, living in the U.S.

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IWIC 2020 – Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology Prize Winners

Water Research & Technology

Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology was delighted to sponsor prizes at the 6th International Water Industry Conference 2020 , which took place both online and in Daegu, Korea from the 22 nd – 23 rd September 2020. A 5-minute pitch contest was held, which was attended both virtually and in person.

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Eco Method Interiors marries environmental science and design


There's no reason you can't have the design you love and help the planet too. This idea drives Eco Method Interiors, founded by interior designer Erica Reiner.

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Diversifying and Decolonizing the Syllabi in Life and Environmental Sciences

Environmental News Bits

These resources may cover topics of racial justice, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental racism, and other related topics. Access the reading list The objective of this project is to develop a list of college-level resources (articles, podcasts, videos, etc) that can be used as teaching tools in undergraduate classrooms.