New book chapter: EU biodiversity law and its health impacts

Dario Piselli

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Sea level in the IPCC 6th assessment report (AR6)

Real Climate

That we cannot turn this back is the reason why the precautionary principle should be applied to the climate crisis. My top 3 impressions up-front: The sea level projections for the year 2100 have been adjusted upwards again.


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The Rights of Nature — Can an Ecosystem Bear Legal Rights?

Law Columbia

As part of its consideration, the court emphasized the need for the government to uphold the precautionary principle of protecting the rights to life, sustainability, and dignity of communities surrounding the project areas. By Tiffany Challe*. Photo by Mark Koch on Unsplash.

The New Environmental and Human Rights Treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean You Should Know About


Guided by a secretariat at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean , it is the first environmental treaty in the region, and affirms Principle 10 of the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, resting on critical principles of environmental democracy and human rights. The public’s right of access to environmental information is guided by the principle of maximum disclosure. Posted June 3, 2021 by Susan Kath.

Guest commentary: A ground-breaking judgment in Germany

Law Columbia

This threshold can “in principle” be converted into a global carbon budget, which, in turn, can be allocated to States. Last but not least: the precautionary principle requires that potentially colossal damage be averted. The desirability to determine the legal obligations of key players was the reason why a group of experts drafted the Oslo Principles (OP) and the Principles on Climate Obligations of Enterprises (EP). By Jaap Spier [1].

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Nuclear Plant Closures And Renewables Increase Electricity Prices & Unreliability, Testifies Michael Shellenberger to U.S. Senate

Environmental Progress

Donald Trump v. The Environment: learning from past attempts to dismantle environmental policy

Environmental Europe

Layzer contends that US Conservatives have thus “created a storyline that undermines the environmental narrative by discrediting environmentalists and furnishing a principled basis for disputing their claims”. [2] 2] Examples of such principled opposition include calling for the respect for property rights (v. A week after the Paris Agreement entered into force, the United States have elected Donald J.

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