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Why UCS Supporters Are Pressing EPA to Let California Enforce Its Truck Pollution Rules

Union of Concerned Scientists

California’s leadership on reducing truck pollution has been on full display the past few years, passing critical regulations requiring 90 percent reduction in smog-forming nitrogen oxide (NO X ) emissions from diesel trucks and requiring manufacturers sell an increasing share of electric trucks to move away from fossil fuels altogether.

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American Lung Association Report Details Health And Environmental Impacts Of Fuel-Burning Appliances At Home

PA Environment Daily

"After a comprehensive literature review, our research found that the household use of methane gas, wood, propane and heating oil impacts indoor air quality, health, and drives climate change through the emission of compounds such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, formaldehyde and others."

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Do We Dare Continue to Flare?

Vermont Law

Along with Carbon dioxide and Methane, particle pollution such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are examples of pollutants discharged into the atmosphere from flaring. (26) 27) The human body’s respiratory system is also harmed by Nitrogen oxide exposure. (28)