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Climate change and the US Clean Air Act

Environment, Law, and History

President Nixon signs the Clean Air Act of 1970 Richard Revesz recently posted a piece on climate change regulation, " Bostock and the End of the Climate Change Double Standard" , forthcoming in the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law.

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Desperate Tampering Industry Trying to Pass RPM Act to Continue Polluting

Union of Concerned Scientists

What does the Clean Air Act say about emissions tampering? The Clean Air Act is crystal clear: no one is allowed to tamper with the emissions controls of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine, full stop ( 42 U.S.C. Jack Reed ( March 2020 ). 7522(a)(3) ). No, EPA is not coming for your race car.


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Taking A Data-Driven Tour of Air Pollution Law

Legal Planet

Earlier this year, a team of economists published a retrospective paper on the Clean Air Act. Some of the findings are not surprises: stricter regulations actually do result in improved air quality. The grandfather of emission trading programs is the SO2 program created by the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act.

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EPA Will Reconsider the Ozone NAAQS — What Is An Adequate Margin of Safety, Anyway?

Law and Environment

On Friday, EPA announced that it was reconsidering its 2020 decision to leave the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone unchanged. The notice does not identify any specific perceived flaws in the 2020 decision. The reconsideration will be based on the existing record. Still whistling in the wind , I fear.

Ozone 130
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What is Ethylene Oxide? Answers to Your Questions about the Cancer-Causing Chemical

Union of Concerned Scientists

In 2020, the notoriously industry-friendly Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), along with the industry trade association American Chemistry Council and the firm Huntsman Petrochemical, submitted a petition to the EPA claiming that the work of EPA scientists is suspect.

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The Agony of Defeat (Devices)


For much of that time, most of the environmental bar viewed Title II of the Clean Air Act as something that took up space between Titles I and III and had something to do with cars. Posted on December 19, 2022 by Sam Gutter. I’ve been engaged in issues involving mobile sources for more than 40 years. But cumulatively?

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EPA to Regulate Hazardous Air Pollutants From Power Plants Under Michigan Factors


EPA’s Clean Air Act (“CAA”) rulemakings directed at power plants are often the target of regulatory challenges in federal court. Read More » Tags: Air , Clean Air Act , EPA , HAPs , Hazardous Air Pollutants , Rulemaking 13956 (Mar. EPA, 576 U.S. 743 (2015).