IN: Arctic Experts and Scientists — OUT: Unqualified Political Operatives

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Science and Democracy Arctic Priorities for the Biden AdministrationThe Biden administration has taken action to bring back science and expertise to its Arctic policy work.

Delayed harm and the politics of climate change, reconsidered

Legal Planet

Does the climate keep warming, stay the same, or even cool? There is another important aspect to what is sometimes called “committed warming,” “climate inertia,” or “zero emissions commitment,” an aspect I wrote about over a decade ago. Climate Change Politics sea level rise


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How to talk about climate change across the political divide

Environmental News Bits

Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and evangelical Christian, has written a book that lays out strategies for discussing the climate crisis in a divided country. Read more → Books Climate change Communicating scienceRead the full story in the New Yorker.

The Bar for Climate Ambition is Set by Science, Not Congressional Politics

Union of Concerned Scientists

Without the Clean Electricity Performance Program, it will be harder to meet the nation's climate targets, but it can be done. Climate Change Energy budget reconciliation CEPP Congress methane

Managing the Political Economy of Climate Change Policies


Few issues have sparked more attention than how to avoid environmental and human catastrophe from climate change. Our data on political support comes from the private consultancy PRS Group’s International Country Risk Guide. Climate climate economic growth IMF oil prices

Opinion: COP26: Can Boris Johnson and the Conservatives be trusted to act on climate change?

A Greener Life

Boris Johnson delivers climate change remarks at the UN General Assembly. A party and government which for years have not shown any interest in tackling the climate crisis with appropriate urgency are suddenly keen, but the party still has several MP’s airing climate-denying views.

Film review: The People vs Climate Change

A Greener Life

It was ` The Climate Assembly `, put in place by six committees in the UK Houses of Parliament. The film follows a group of individuals, some with very little or no knowledge of climate change. This changes his opinion. Photo credit: BBC. By Anders Lorenzen.

The Costs of Political Polarization and Gridlock

Environmental Law Prof Blog

Although some Republican officials have signaled a willingness to work on mitigation and adaptation policies, political promises to address climate change still largely come from only one party: the Democrats.

Colorado’s Fossil Fuel Industry Wants to Buy Your Friendship. Don’t Be Fooled.

Union of Concerned Scientists

A new UCS report found that the oil and gas industry has spent massive amounts of money in Colorado to buy political influence and block public health and environmental safeguards. Climate Change Energy Scientific Integrity climate change impacts disinformation fossil fuel companies

Legal Action on Climate Change a ‘Global Phenomenon’

Climate Change Blawg

Legal action on climate change is now a global phenomenon. As reported in CNN, a report from the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science has considered litigation in respect of climate change from 1990 to May 2019.

2020 52

Land-use, climate change, and policy – Opportunities to act locally while thinking globally


Land-Use and Climate Change Growing urban populations are accelerating land-use change (LUC) around the globe, as witnessed in the Front Range of Colorado 1–3. What are the implications of different land-use decisions with regard to water management and climate change?

HotSpots H2O: In Madagascar, Droughts Caused by Climate Change Contribute to Famine

Circle of Blue

As famines historically are caused by conflict or political issues, and socioeconomic vulnerabilities, the famine in Madagascar–one of the lowest emitters of carbon and greenhouse gasses in the world–stands out as being heavily influenced by climate change.

A Few Thoughts About Economic Growth as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Environmental and Urban Economics

John Cochrane has posted an important blog post about adapting to climate change. No plausible estimate of climate damage comes close to this kind of change. And this change comes in part from increasing diffusion of fossil fuels. I have working on the costs of climate change for 15 years now going back to my 2005 Death Toll paper. I am a microeconomist and I said to Marty; "Many of us know that we do not know what risks climate change will pose.

Analysis: Climate change: ditch 90% of the world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts

A Greener Life

C above the pre-industrial average in 2020, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in its recent report that Earth could hit 1.5°C C could help avoid the most serious effects of climate change. Photo credit: Evgenii Parilov / Alamy Stock Photo.

Do Leaked Climate Reports Help or Hurt Public Understanding of Global Warming?

Inside Climate News

Last month’s leaked IPCC report cherry picked grim scenarios, but it’s just the latest in a long line of leaks intended to shape perception of climate science. By Bob Berwyn The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has always been a lightning rod for controversy.

The Stream, October 5, 2021: Are the Great Lakes Prepared to Battle Climate Change?

Circle of Blue

The Great Lakes region is being battered by climate change, even as its being advertised as a climate refuge. Officials in cities across the region say they aren’t prepared for the future, even as experts are calling it a “climate haven.”. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN.

Public Opinion and the Limits of Climate Policy

Legal Planet

Their historical compilation is very revealing about our present political situation. It sheds light on why it’s been so hard to develop momentum for real change at the national level, and also about why there’s so much more of a push for change within the Democratic Party and in Blue States.

2008 83

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

Legal Planet

It’s not hard to see why some people despair about the climate. And each half degree of warming causes more and more havoc, as the climate becomes increasingly destabilized. There would be value in slowing down climate change even if we can’t change how bad it will ultimately get.

TCI Update: Final Model Rule Addresses EJ, but Political Will May Be Lacking

Law and Environment

On June 10, 2021, the Transportation Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) states released a final model rule creating a regional cap-and-trade-program to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

HotSpots H2O: Farmer-Herder Violence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt Persists, a Consequence of Drought and Climate Change

Circle of Blue

The conflict is a consequence of extreme heat and worsening droughts, byproducts of climate change, which bruises Africa’s Sahel region and nearby countries more deeply than almost anywhere else in the world. There’s a political dimension. A farm in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

2028 78

The IPCC Understated the Need to Cut Emissions From Methane and Other Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, Climate Experts Say

Inside Climate News

A landmark report on the science of climate change underplays the quick benefit of reducing methane emissions, but the Biden Administration says they’re on it, anyway. Politics & Policy Science Climate Change IPCC Methane

The Recall

Legal Planet

The environment hasn’t been a signature issue for incumbent, Gavin Newsom, but he has strongly supported climate action. Cox has said of climate change: “I don’t know how much of it is caused by humans. ” Not good news for California’s climate programs.

Sen. Comitta, Rep. Herrin Discuss RGGI Investments Act, Climate Change During Online Program

PA Environment Daily

Dianne Herrin (D-Chester), member of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, met with more than 100 concerned citizens July 28 during a webinar focused on climate change impacts in Pennsylvania, and the best solutions at our disposal to reverse course.

Why I Was Wrong About Methane

Legal Planet

I’ve rethought that conclusion, however for a combination of policy and political economy reasons. Before we can take those steps, institutions and public attitudes will themselves have to adapt to the realities of climate change.

Analysis: Tesla’s Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change

A Greener Life

Tesla’s stance is a big winner for both the climate and the company’s “green” reputation. Already some central banks and private funds managers are including climate change risks when making investment decisions. By John Hawkins.

Analysis: As Germany’s government changes over, real climate solutions appear far off

A Greener Life

Climate concerns. Climate change played a much larger role in this election cycle than previously, even though the Germans have typically been concerned about the environment. This is of course a contradictory to taking action on climate. A climate government?

Analysis: Could the Afghan crisis derail climate action?

A Greener Life

The situation in the landlocked country, which has been the centre of various geo-political battles in recent times, became severely unstable. Derailing climate action. But destabilising a country is of course never beneficial to tackling the climate crisis.

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Will renewable energy save us from climate change?

Global Green

Ultimately, the message conveyed by Moore is renewable technology is not enough to save our planet from climate change and the only way forward is for the human race to slow down. Following Moore’s movie broadcasting, various climate experts signed a letter where they claim scientific and technological advancements made renewable energy alternatives more viable and cheaper to run than fossil fuels. Their structures are climate resilient. Antonio Salituro.

2020 40

After Two Years and At a Cost Of $3.5 Million, Alberta Inquiry Finds Environmental Groups Did Nothing Wrong But Care About Climate Change

Enviromental Defense

Commissioner Allan’s Final Report Proves the Inquiry Was a Pointless, But Dangerous Political Stunt, Say Targeted Groups. The latest IPPC report (August 2021) found that the production of oil, coal and gas was the primary cause of the climate crisis.

Dismissal of New York City’s Climate Change Suit Affirmed by Second Circuit On Preemption Grounds


Earlier this month, the Second Circuit affirmed the District Court for the Southern District of New York’s ruling that state common law claims against oil companies for costs resulting from climate change were either preempted by the Clean Air Act, or, in the case of foreign emissions, represented a non-justiciable political question. Read More » Tags: Air , Clean Air Act , Climate Change , New York , Preemption , Second Circuit

The Turning Tide

Legal Planet

A federal court in Australia ruled that the government had a “duty of care” toward its young people to protect them from climate change. Still, these lower court decisions are notable for their willingness to take bold steps in the climate arena.

Power of the people

Environmental News Bits

Patrick Regan is an international expert on the causes and prevention of civil wars and the politics of climate change. Read more → Climate change SolarRead the full story in Notre Dame Magazine. His work has been cited in more than 7,000 academic articles. But he left all that to start a solar energy company that employs former convicts.

Warming Trends: Global Warming Means Happier Rattlesnakes, What the Future Holds for Yellowstone and Fire Experts Plead for a Quieter Fourth

Inside Climate News

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, books, cultural events and other developments from the global warming frontier. Politics & Policy Science Climate Change Warming Trends

North Carolina’s New Climate Legislation

Legal Planet

Last week, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an important piece of climate legislation. I wrote last month about major, bipartisan climate legislation in Illinois. Perhaps the most controversial portion of the bill changes the mechanism for setting electricity rates.

New Arctic Council Reports Underline the Growing Concerns About the Health and Climate Impacts of Polar Air Pollution

Inside Climate News

By Bob Berwyn The Arctic is now warming three times as fast as the global average, and faces an ongoing barrage of dangerous climate and environmental pollutants, Arctic Council experts warned at the start of their meetings in Reykjavik, Iceland this week.

Report from Planet X

Legal Planet

Even more surprisingly, that changes the atmosphere’s radiation profile. We were shocked to discover that we had destabilized the climate on Planet X. The politics are almost as unstable as the climate system. A long time ago, in another galaxy far far away.

Biden wants union jobs and clean air. Delivering both might be tough.

Environmental News Bits

President Joe Biden’s ambition to put an electric vehicle in every driveway is facing political headwinds as Democrats debate how to deliver on climate change while handing a victory to unions and the middle class. Read more → Climate change Public policyRead the full story at Politico.

Towards Optimal Climate Policy, Part I

Legal Planet

As Congress debates two large pieces of legislation – both a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a partisan reconciliation package – a key question is the extent to which either piece of legislation (assuming it is enacted) addresses climate policy.

Towards Optimal Climate Policy, Part II

Legal Planet

In the prior blog post in this two-part series, I talked about how current debates on climate policy that are focused on equity and efficiency are inadequate. The post Towards Optimal Climate Policy, Part II appeared first on Legal Planet.

Speaking Truth to Corporate Power

Legal Planet

Decades ago, their own scientists told car companies and oil companies about climate change, information the companies chose to ignore. He talked her into studying climate change.