Sprinkling basalt over soil could remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Physics World

Sprinkling powered basalt over natural ecosystems would remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere while also improving soils. billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, where roughly half was stored in the biomass. Climate

Mitigating climate change through alternative control strategies

Successful Green

Researchers are proposing an alternative strategy for controlling the global carbon-climate system. Climate Change Daily News Magazine carbon dioxide carbon emissions climate change closed loop CO2 environment news successful GREEN sustainability


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Parts of the Amazon go from absorbing carbon dioxide to emitting it

Environmental News Bits

Read more → Climate change Natural resources PublicationsRead the full story in the New York Times. A new study analyzing hundreds of aerial readings of emissions above the forest canopy found that forest regions in the southeast were most affected.

Among Big Ag facilities, ADM’s Decatur plant emits most carbon dioxide, EPA data shows

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Four of the five largest industrial agricultural facilities that have released the most carbon emissions in the past decade belong to Archer Daniels Midland, one of the world’s largest food processing and commodity trading companies. Read more → Climate change Food and beverage manufacturingRead the full story at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.

Petrifying climate change

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Researchers want to combat climate change by chemically converting carbon dioxide into rock on a grand scale. Read more → Carbon capture Carbon utilizationRead the full story at Hakai Magazine.

Climate change is making poison ivy stronger and itchier

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Carbon dioxide and warmer soils could be supercharging everyone’s least favorite plant. Read more → Climate changeRead the full story at Grist.

These Bacteria Steal from Iron and Could Be Secretly Helping to Curb Climate Change

Scientific American

Photoferrotrophs have been around for billions of years on Earth, and new research suggests that they have played an outsize roll in the natural capture of carbon dioxide. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com. Biology Microbiology Climate Change

Delayed harm and the politics of climate change, reconsidered

Legal Planet

But what happens when we achieve the goal of zero carbon dioxide emissions from human actions? Does the climate keep warming, stay the same, or even cool? Thus, the harms from that climate change will continue to affect us, even if they aren’t getting worse.

This woman was the first scientist to chart the physics of climate change—in 1856

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Eunice Foote discovered that carbon dioxide absorbs heat and theorized that if the Earth’s air filled with more CO2, the planet’s temperature would rise. Read more → Climate change History Women in scienceRead the full story at Fast Company.

Eco-Friendly Process To Convert Carbon Dioxide Back Into Fuel Offers Way To Close The Carbon Loop

PA Environment Daily

By Jennifer Matthews, Penn State News A new, environmentally friendly, single-step process has been developed to convert carbon dioxide into higher hydrocarbons using plasma, according to scientists and engineers. We need to do something to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

How much carbon does the ocean absorb over time?

Successful Green

Climate projections could be off by five years, MIT researchers find, an error bar that might be critical to staying within 1.5 The ocean’s “biological pump” describes the many marine processes... The post How much carbon does the ocean absorb over time?

Ocean 54

Four cheap solutions to climate change

Edouard Stenger

For my first article since hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, I could have written another article on how not solving climate change would cost us trillions of dollars. Local air pollution (and global climate change) ; 4. Trees are very efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide.

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The Role of Density in Combatting Climate Change and COVID-19

Green Law

The Role of Density in Combatting Climate Change and COVID-19. In 2016, New York City’s per-capita carbon dioxide equivalent emissions averaged less than one-third of the national per-capita average. Land Use Uncategorized climate change COVID-19 land use Public HealthElisabeth Haub Law School of Law. Pace University. Land Use Law Center. Supervisor: John R. Nolon, Distinguished Professor. Blog No.

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What could we do with $120 billion to protect the ocean and fight climate change?

Ocean Conservancy

And, the recent report from the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is no exception. The IPCC tells us that this is the decade when we must take action on climate change to avoid the worst- case scenarios.

Climate Change: How Did We End Up Here?

Nature Talkies

Yes, we are talking about climate change. . The primary reason why climate change is an alarming cause is our negligence and exploitative nature. If we look at carbon dioxide emissions because of human activities from all across the world, we will all drop our jaws.

2020 52

How soil can help solve our climate problem

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Replenishing depleted soil with carbon dioxide from the air can combat climate change, if science, policy, and markets align. Read more → Agriculture Climate changeRead the full story in Chemical & Engineering News.

Reason for Hope: New Study Highlights how Washington’s Natural Spaces Can Help Fight Climate Change

Washington Nature

What are Natural Climate Solutions? Worldwide, nature’s power to breathe, filter and store carbon can provide more than 1/3 of emissions reductions needed to meet the Paris Agreement target. “ Every effort matters when it comes to climate.

Microsoft’s million-tonne CO2-removal purchase — lessons for net zero

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Strengthen markets, measures and definitions for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to fight climate change. Read more → Carbon capture Corporate sustainabilityRead the full story in Nature.

The climate impact of wild pigs greater than a million cars, study finds

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By uprooting carbon trapped in soil, wild pigs are releasing around 4.9 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually across the globe, the equivalent of 1.1 Read more → Climate change Invasive species PublicationsRead the full story from the University of Queensland. million cars, according to new research.

CO2 emissions on track for record in 2023, energy agency says

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The International Energy Agency said in a report Tuesday that even as carbon dioxide emissions are set to hit a record high in 2023, international governments are set to only put 2 percent of their COVID-19 recovery spending toward renewable energy. Read more → Climate change PublicationsRead the full story at The Hill.

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NC takes steps on carbon cap, multi-state pollution effort

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A state regulatory panel agreed Tuesday to develop rules for North Carolina to meet proposed overall reductions of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, and to join a multi-state effort to accomplish it. Read more → Climate change State governmentRead the full story from the Associated Press.

In calculating the social cost of methane, equity matters

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A new study reports that the social cost of methane – a greenhouse gas that is 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide in its ability to trap heat – varies by as much as an order of magnitude between industrialized and developing regions of the… Read more → Climate change Environmental justice PublicationsRead the full story from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Will renewable energy save us from climate change?

Global Green

Ultimately, the message conveyed by Moore is renewable technology is not enough to save our planet from climate change and the only way forward is for the human race to slow down. Following Moore’s movie broadcasting, various climate experts signed a letter where they claim scientific and technological advancements made renewable energy alternatives more viable and cheaper to run than fossil fuels. Their structures are climate resilient. Antonio Salituro.

2020 40

The Origins of Climate Awareness in the Legal Academy

Legal Planet

Today, climate change is the central, though by no means the only, concern in environmental law. I found only one relevant reference using the term “climate change” before 1985. There were a few more mentions of climate change in 1983.

Your trash is emitting methane in the landfill. Here’s why it matters for the climate

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills such as this one on the edge of Orlando are among the nation’s largest sources of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide and a major contributor to global warming. report published in May found that immediate reductions in methane… Read more → Climate change GarbageRead the full story from NPR.

Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector

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But the pledges by governments to date – even if fully achieved – fall well short of what is required to bring global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 and give the… Read more → Carbon capture/sequestration Climate change Publications Renewable energyDownload the document. The number of countries announcing pledges to achieve net-zero emissions over the coming decades continues to grow.

Climate change horror stories from around the world

Edouard Stenger

While it is undeniable that we are ramping up our actions against climate change, it is hard to deny that global warming is getting scarier every week. This could increase the speed of climate change even more as this greenhouse gas is 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

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Testimony by Michael Shellenberger before the House Agriculture Committee on “Climate Change and the U.S. Agriculture and Forestry Sectors”

Environmental Progress

Testimony before the House Agriculture Committee for a Hearing on “Climate Change and the U.S. Technological change and agricultural modernization will significantly outweigh climate change in the U.S. It similarly suggests that the risks of climate change to U.S.

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Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

Legal Planet

My point is this: No matter how many battles we end up losing in the fight to stop carbon emissions, we can never afford to give up. It’s not hard to see why some people despair about the climate. Climate Change Politics Regulation climate justice Climate Politics Paris agreement

Breaking News!! New Jersey Releases Strategic Funding Plan to Address Climate Change Reduction, Environmental Justice and Clean Energy

Cole Sholtz

As detailed here , New Jersey began negotiations to rejoin the RGGI in 2018 culminating this year in New Jersey formally rejoining the RGGI and allowing the state to begin participation in quarterly carbon dioxide allowance auctions. The content and interpretation of the issues addressed herein is subject to change.

2020 40

North Carolina’s New Climate Legislation

Legal Planet

Last week, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an important piece of climate legislation. I wrote last month about major, bipartisan climate legislation in Illinois. The new bill seeks to put North Carolina on the road to carbon neutrality.

A Proposal to Scale Up Global Carbon Pricing


That’s how much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases must fall over the next decade to keep alive the goal of restricting global warming to below 2°C. The fastest and most practical way to achieve this is by creating an international carbon price floor arrangement.

World’s largest direct air CO2 capture plant opens?

A Greener Life

The Orca direct air carbon capture plant. Climeworks says that Orca is the world’s first and largest climate-positive direct air carbon capture and storage plant. Photo credit: Climeworks. By Anders Lorenzen.

George Monbiot Q + A – How rejuvenating nature could help fight climate change

Science Blogs

George Monbiot Q + A – How rejuvenating nature could help fight climate change. Natural climate solutions let nature do the hard work in the fight against climate change by restoring habitats such as forests and wetlands.

2019 52

Speaking Truth to Corporate Power

Legal Planet

Decades ago, their own scientists told car companies and oil companies about climate change, information the companies chose to ignore. He talked her into studying climate change.

Another Historic Climate Court Ruling in the Netherlands

Legal Planet

In recent years, The Netherlands has become the leading site of climate change litigation. What’s most remarkable is that the decision calls for a 45% reduction of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions–of not only its own but also those of its customers–within less than a decade.

From Civil Rights to Nuisance: Novel Approaches to Battling Climate Change

Vermont Law

In the absence of federal leadership in the United States to combat climate change, a number of individuals and states have recently pursued new approaches to force action through litigation. No matter your opinion, these recent climate litigation efforts are a testament to creative lawyering. This article seeks to explore some of those recent cutting-edge approaches to climate litigation. Cities’ pursuits of climate justice by the states seemed futile.

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Energy sobriety / frugality is critical to the energy transition

Edouard Stenger

Climate change is no longer a distant future threat but a hard reality impacting us. 7 to 13 percent might not look like much, but within a region, a country, a continent, this adds up to dozens of coal-fired and gas-fired plants adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere for no reason.

The Second Circuit Takes on the Clean Air Act’s International Air Pollution Provision and Climate Change

Law Columbia

On April 1, 2021, a unanimous Second Circuit panel dismissed a lawsuit filed by New York City against a handful of fossil fuel companies seeking damages for climate change harms under state public nuisance and trespass law.

Phasing out Fossil Gas: A Plan for Green Buildings, Jobs and Prosperity for Ontario

Enviromental Defense

We’re in the midst of an escalating climate crisis, but the Ontario government is acting like the crisis isn’t happening. Nearly a third of our current carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions come from burning fossil gas for electricity, home heating and other uses!