Colorado’s Fossil Fuel Industry Wants to Buy Your Friendship. Don’t Be Fooled.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Energy Scientific Integrity climate change impacts disinformation fossil fuel companies

Fossil Fuel Development to Exceed Global Climate Targets

Scientific American

Environment Climate Change Fossil FuelsPlanned oil, gas and coal production is not inline with countries’ pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. -- Read more on


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New Study Finds Climate Change Exacerbates Neighborhood Smog

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change Clean Air Act fossil fuel companies ozone SmogThis groundbreaking report is important for three main reasons: impact, scale, and attribution.

$18 billion to fossil fuels: Breaking Down the Numbers

Enviromental Defense

Though reducing methane emissions is critical to tackling the climate crisis, these measures aren’t expensive for companies to pay for. million for other categories of support to fossil fuels.

Let’s Make Fossil Fuel Polluters Pay—Five Ways to Thwart Their Smokescreen

Union of Concerned Scientists

A new proposed bill would finally set a precedent for fossil fuel companies to pay for the pollution they cause–which means they'll fight it with everything they've got.

MacArthur Foundation dumping fossil fuel investments

Environmental News Bits

The Chicago-based nonprofit joins Harvard University and the Rockefeller Foundation in shunning oil and gas investments and doubling down on a commitment to fight climate change. Read more → Climate change IllinoisRead the full story in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Statement from Julia Levin, Senior Climate and Energy Program Manager, on the 2021 UN Production Gap Report on Fossil Fuel Production and Climate Change

Enviromental Defense

– In Canada, and across the world, we need to rapidly wind down production of fossil fuels in order to limit catastrophic levels of warming, save millions of lives, and end harm to frontline communities. Ottawa, Ont.

From Bach to Bull *: How Facebook Mismanages Disinformation (and What to Do About It)

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science and Democracy climate-change disinformation fossil fuel companies social mediaSocial media needs new rules to stop it from undermining the public good.

Canadian governments have spent $23 billion on fossil fuel pipelines since 2018

Enviromental Defense

In a climate emergency, how do you think the federal government should be using public dollars? Instead, it turns out that the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta have spent a minimum of $23 billion on fossil fuel pipelines since 2018.

Put an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Ocean Conservancy

You probably know that climate change and plastic pollution are two of the biggest threats facing our ocean. Fossil fuels. Plastics are also made from fossil fuels, which means that more fossil fuel extraction leads to more plastics that can pollute our ocean.

The methane impact of organic waste vs fossil fuel emissions


While the focus is usually on fossil fuel emissions as the main climate change culprit, a new analysis by the nonprofit Energy Vision concludes that reducing emissions from organic waste would more steeply reduce methane. And it would cost less to accomplish

Warming Trends: Radio From a Future Free of Fossil Fuels, Vegetarianism Not Hot on Social Media and Overheated Umpires Make Bad Calls

Inside Climate News

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, books, cultural events and other developments from the global warming frontier. By Katelyn Weisbrod What does a fossil fuel-free future sound like? Fossil Fuels Science Climate Change Sweden Warming Trends

More Countries Join Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions

Scientific American

Dozens of nations, representing 30 percent of the world’s emissions, have indicated support ahead of crucial climate talks. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

Scotiabank Doesn’t Just Fund Billions In Fossil Fuels – It Funds Anti-Climate Lobbying

Enviromental Defense

Canada’s big five banks are deservedly feeling more heat lately about their funding of fossil fuels. They are among the worst in the world, pumping $727 billion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was signed, while scoring among the lowest on having policies to rectify this.

Electric Vehicle Adoption Not Happening Fast Enough to Meet Climate Goals

Scientific American

Environment Climate Change Fossil FuelsJust 30 percent of cars on the road will be electric by 2050 under current policies, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says. -- Read more on

Pandemic Economic Recovery Could Worsen Climate Change Health Impacts

Scientific American

By continuing to subsidize fossil fuels, recovery plans could exacerbate threats from diseases like malaria, cholera and dengue fever. -- Read more on Climate Change Health Public Health

Harvard moves to complete fossil fuel investment exit, invests in green economy solutions

Environmental News Bits

Harvard University’s $42 billion endowment fund manager is moving to complete its exit from fossil fuel companies, according to a statement by Harvard President Lawrence Bacow outlining the university’s action on addressing climate change. Read the full story at ESG Today.

China Says It Will Stop Financing Coal Power Abroad

Scientific American

promised quadruple its international climate finance contributions. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil FuelsThe announcement came as the U.S.

This powerful Democrat linked to fossil fuels will craft the U.S. climate plan

Environmental News Bits

But he will also write the details of its climate change program. Read more → Climate change Public policyRead the full story in the New York Times. Senator Joe Manchin is already a crucial swing vote in the Democrats’ sweeping budget bill.

What Does My State Treasurer Have to Do with Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Treasurers are seeing that demands for climate action can’t wait, and they're in a position to pressure fossil fuel company investors to finally vote for serious climate leaders and all-important climate risk disclosure.

Infrastructure Bill Could Cut Carbon Emissions By Nearly a Gigaton

Scientific American

Provisions in the reconciliation package working its way through Congress would help meet Biden’s climate pledge. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

Analysis: Climate change: ditch 90% of the world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts

A Greener Life

C above the pre-industrial average in 2020, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in its recent report that Earth could hit 1.5°C C could help avoid the most serious effects of climate change. Fossil fuels still provide most of the world’s energy.

Act on Climate Emergency Now to Prevent Millions of Deaths, Study Shows

Scientific American

The human toll of carbon emissions will vastly magnify climate change’s economic costs. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

ADVISORY: Spokespeople are available to comment on climate change, environmental issues during election

Enviromental Defense

Environmental Defence expert spokespeople are available to comment on climate change and other environmental issues including plastic pollution and toxic chemicals in our air and water.

U.S. and E.U. Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions, But Obstacles Abound

Scientific American

Environment Climate Change Fossil FuelsChief among them are convincing other countries to sign on and putting specific policies in place. -- Read more on

Women Voices on Climate Change, Part 2

Academy of Natural Sciences

Inspired by the book All We Can Save , a celebration of the feminist climate renaissance , we asked 15 local women who are thinking about and working on climate change to respond to the question: “If we are at a crossroads of peril and promise, where do you see possibility alive and growing?”.

Abandoning 60 Percent of Global Oil and Gas Might Limit Warming to 1.5 C

Scientific American

Environment Climate Change Fossil FuelsCoal production needs to have already peaked and oil and gas production must steadily decline for even a 50 percent chance of meeting that target. -- Read more on

Statement from Sarah Buchanan, Ontario Climate Program Manager, on Ontario spending $26,000 per customer to subsidize fossil fuels over clean technologies

Enviromental Defense

Ontario has launched the second phase of a program to expand fossil fuel gas pipelines to new communities. But the answer is not to waste public dollars to build expensive gas pipelines that will exacerbate climate change for decades. Toronto, Ont.

A safe future for people and the the planet means immediately stopping fossil fuel expansion

Enviromental Defense

degrees–the goal of the Paris Agreement and a critical threshold for climate change–the world must stop approving fossil fuel projects AND significantly ramp down the production of all fossil fuels: coal, oil, and fossil gas.

This election, we need real climate plans not false solutions

Enviromental Defense

As political parties prepare their election platforms and publish their climate priorities, it can be difficult to determine which parties are releasing strong climate plans that put us on a pathway to zero emissions – and what policies are actually dangerous distractions from real solutions.

Opinion: COP26: Can Boris Johnson and the Conservatives be trusted to act on climate change?

A Greener Life

Boris Johnson delivers climate change remarks at the UN General Assembly. A party and government which for years have not shown any interest in tackling the climate crisis with appropriate urgency are suddenly keen, but the party still has several MP’s airing climate-denying views.

Sen. Casey, Colleagues Introduce Bill To Empower Fossil Fuel Workers To Train, Find Jobs In Changing Energy Industry

PA Environment Daily

We also have a responsibility to confront the climate crisis, as impacts of Hurricane Ida and other natural disasters in Pennsylvania reminded us. On October 7, U.S.

Hurricane Ida supercharges climate change in the US

A Greener Life

Failing to connect the climate dots. Commentators have since argued that the US’s infrastructure is not able to handle the impacts of climate change. Many news networks have been criticised for not including reference climate change in their coverage of Ida.

Civil society organizations react to Export Development Canada’s new climate targets

Enviromental Defense

ABOVE GROUND, ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE, OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL. – Today, Canada’s export bank, Export Development Canada (EDC), released new climate targets. Much more ambition is needed for EDC to distinguish themselves as climate leaders.

Witnessing Climate Change Effects in Alaska

Ocean Conservancy

Yet in between the seeing humpback and killer whales, sea lions and Denali, it was hard for me to avoid the challenges climate change poses for people and wildlife across the planet. The IPCC reports collate the best available science on the state of the climate.

Opinion: What the gas crisis tells us

A Greener Life

This is a signal not only of the country’s unhealthy reliance on fossil fuels but also a failure to move away from gas in a way that other countries have done successfully. climate change energy opinion UK climate action energy efficiency fossil fuels gas crisis Renewables wind power

Oil majors are eying up renewable energy projects

A Greener Life

In order to make their portfolio more sustainable and respond to lower fossil fuel demand, oil majors are increasingly snapping up renewable energy projects as the pressure grows to take action on climate change. The French oil and gas major Total. Photo credit: Reuters.

Only 27% of Americans believe climate change is caused by humans


of scientists globally agree that burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal is the main cause of climate change. They also concur that climate change is caused by human actions, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters 99.9%

Electric Vehicles Combat Climate Change

Global Green

Yes, in some cases, fossil fuels are burned to generate the electricity used to charge electric cars, but this highlights two of electric vehicles’ many advantages. Recently that has changed. The post Electric Vehicles Combat Climate Change appeared first on Global Green.

2020 83

Opinion: So, Germany, you want to do more to tackle climate change?

A Greener Life

Germany has recently experienced fatal and apocalyptic climate- fuelled floods , after which the country’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, promised the government would do more to tackle climate change. In Germany, fossil fuels are king.