How Eco-tech Can Help Us Tackle Global Carbon Emissions

Earth 911

In recent years, global carbon emissions have been rising despite many countries’ concerted efforts to. The post How Eco-tech Can Help Us Tackle Global Carbon Emissions appeared first on Earth911.

Fighting Climate Change Might Have Just Gotten Easier

Union of Concerned Scientists

A court in The Netherlands has ruled that Royal Dutch Shell must reduce its carbon emissions—and more. Climate Change


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Infrastructure Bill Could Cut Carbon Emissions By Nearly a Gigaton

Scientific American

Provisions in the reconciliation package working its way through Congress would help meet Biden’s climate pledge. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

Mitigating climate change through alternative control strategies

Successful Green

Researchers are proposing an alternative strategy for controlling the global carbon-climate system. Climate Change Daily News Magazine carbon dioxide carbon emissions climate change closed loop CO2 environment news successful GREEN sustainability

The Technology to Reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions Isn't Ready for Prime Time, but.

Scientific American

Climate Change Technology…It’s already under development in research labs. -- Read more on

Carbon emissions from dams considerably underestimated so far

Environmental News Bits

Until now, it had been assumed that dams act as net carbon stores. Researchers have now shown that dams release twice as much carbon… Read more → Climate change Publications WaterRead the full story from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. Among other things, dams serve as reservoirs for drinking water, agricultural irrigation, or the operation of hydropower plants.

Why investors worth $5 trillion want to put the spotlight on agriculture’s carbon emissions

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A global investor coalition is urging today governments to disclose specific targets for reducing agricultural emissions as part of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the lead up to COP26. … Read more → Agriculture Climate change PublicationsRead the full story at Forbes.

What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Mitigating Climate Change


While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, climate change—a crisis that can cause even greater destruction—looms. The heightened public awareness about the dangers of unmitigated climate change make this an important moment for policymakers to enact bold reforms.

COP26: Which countries are doing best at tackling climate change?

New Scientist

Ahead of the COP26 climate summit, New Scientist has assessed which countries are ahead when it comes to cutting carbon emissions

Global Climate Change: What you must know Today

Nature Talkies

Climate change links with disturbance in the concentration of greenhouse gases, resulting in the rise of average global temperature. As goes by the studies, the effects of global climate change are impacting every sphere of life today.

The technology to reach net zero carbon emissions isn’t ready for prime time, but …

Environmental News Bits

climate envoy John Kerry recently stated that in order to reach net zero emission goals by 2045, we’ll “need technologies we don’t yet have.” It’s true that battling climate change requires innovative, technologically driven ideas that can be tested, replicated and scaled, at warp speed.… Read the full story in Scientific American.

Penn State Creates Task Force To Significantly Reduce University's Carbon Emissions

PA Environment Daily

Over the last 15 years, Penn State University has cut its carbon emissions by more than 35 percent, putting the University ahead of schedule to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas outputs to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

The Stream, September 21, 2021: National Pledges to Cut Carbon Emissions Are Too Timid, UN Says

Circle of Blue

UN report reveals national carbon-reduction pledges are inadequate to prevent catastrophic warming. Climate change slows global farm productivity. The study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN.

Climate-friendly but costly agriculture

Successful Green

Making agriculture climate-?neutral Emissions of methane and nitrogen oxides from agriculture are Europe’s second most important... The post Climate-friendly but costly agriculture appeared first on successful GREEN.

TCI Program Established to Reduce Carbon Emissions From Transportation

Clean Energy Law

While not part of the MOU, the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina released a statement signaling their desire to work with the states party to the MOU and the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) in general.

Why is the COP26 climate meeting catering to the climate catastrophe?

A Greener Life

The host and organiser of COP26 , the UK government, has come under fire for not offering a plant-based menu at November’s crucial climate conference. In recent years, several studies have found that animal agriculture contributes far more to the climate crisis than previously understood.

Climate change is the biggest public health issue


More than 220 of the world’s top public health and medical journals have published a joint plea for the global population to reduce carbon emissions immediately. We can’t wait for the pandemic to end before we face the task of reducing emissions Humanity already faces irreversible public health threats, the editors wrote.

Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

A Greener Life

In a landmark climate case, the Dutch oil and gas giant Shell has been ordered to do more to cut its emissions. Judge Larisa Alwin ordered Shell to reduce its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 from 2019 levels.

Land-use, climate change, and policy – Opportunities to act locally while thinking globally


Land-Use and Climate Change Growing urban populations are accelerating land-use change (LUC) around the globe, as witnessed in the Front Range of Colorado 1–3. What are the implications of different land-use decisions with regard to water management and climate change?

A Few Thoughts About Economic Growth as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Environmental and Urban Economics

John Cochrane has posted an important blog post about adapting to climate change. No plausible estimate of climate damage comes close to this kind of change. And this change comes in part from increasing diffusion of fossil fuels. Another quote from JC; "But reducing carbon is thus, logically, just one item on the list of answers to "What can we do to raise GDP in 2100?," Marty argued that rising global GHG emissions pose new ambiguous risks for economy.

Proposed Federal Tax on Import of Carbon-Intensive Products

E2 Law Blog

Some in Congress are advocating a proposal to establish a carbon tax on certain imports to fight climate change and protect domestic production. A more specific carbon border tax plan has also been proposed by Sen.

Act on Climate Emergency Now to Prevent Millions of Deaths, Study Shows

Scientific American

The human toll of carbon emissions will vastly magnify climate change’s economic costs. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

Batteries Not Included: Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles and Decarbonisation in the United Kingdom

E2 Law Blog

Never has there been such global consensus on the requirement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. There is rarely a single day without media reports of the current climate consequences being experienced due to global warming.

Google Flights adding environmental impact of users’ travel

Environmental News Bits

Google unveiled a new feature on Wednesday that lets passengers factor in carbon emissions when booking air travel. Read more → Climate change Green lifestyleRead the full story in The Hill.

EU Proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

E2 Law Blog

On July 14, 2021, the European Commission adopted a package of proposals including a proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism ( CBAM ).

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The contribution of automakers to climate change: broadening the reach of private sector defendants in climate litigation

Law Columbia

On September 20, 2021, the German environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) filed two actions against the automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz for refusing to tighten their carbon emissions target and stop producing fossil fuel fuel-emitting cars by 2030 ( DUH v. The cases represent the first climate lawsuits against the auto industry outside the United States. The significance of the case relies on the role of auto companies in the climate crisis.

Coal shouldn’t be in our neighbourhoods – here’s how one B.C. community fought back

Enviromental Defense

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Instead, our small group of thoughtful, committed citizens led the way, inspired a movement and changed things for the better, just like Margaret Mead so famously said.

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The Future of California’s Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

Environmental News Bits

Without urgent water efficiency measures, carbon emissions associated with water usage in California are likely to spike in coming years, as changing sources of water supply and population growth drive up energy-intensive urban and agricultural water needs. Climate change-fueled droughts are likely to further increase water-related energy use and carbon emissions. That’s… Read more → Climate change Publications Water

Sen. Comitta, Rep. Herrin Discuss RGGI Investments Act, Climate Change During Online Program

PA Environment Daily

Dianne Herrin (D-Chester), member of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, met with more than 100 concerned citizens July 28 during a webinar focused on climate change impacts in Pennsylvania, and the best solutions at our disposal to reverse course.

Statement from Dale Marshall on the International Energy Agency’s “Net-Zero by 2050” Report

Enviromental Defense

– The International Energy Agency (IEA) has actually developed a scenario where we succeed in our battle against climate change – a perspective sorely missing from our national equivalent, the Canadian Energy Regulator. Ottawa, Ont.

Will the Heat Networks Bill warm up the District Heating Sector in Scotland ?

Climate Change Blawg

The carbon emissions from heating domestic homes account for around 13% of the UK’s annual carbon emissions. The carbon emissions from heating homes is comparable to the contribution of all petrol and diesel cars in the UK.

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Section 45Q Revenue Ruling Released – Credit for Carbon Oxide Sequestration

E2 Law Blog

On July 1, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service released Revenue Ruling 2021-13 , which addresses several issues relating to qualifying for the Section 45Q carbon capture sequestration credit.

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American Fisheries Society: 112 World Aquatic Scientific Societies Call For Urgent Action Against Human-Caused Climate Change

PA Environment Daily

Human-caused climate change is accelerating the degradation of aquatic ecosystems and the services they provide." Climate change is also altering marine and coastal ecosystems with significant implications for wild capture fisheries and marine economies."

Guest Essay: Clean Energy: It’s Time To Embrace Climate Change As A Moral And Spiritual Challenge Of Unparalleled Import

PA Environment Daily

Weathers This guest essay first appeared on Pennsylvania Capital-Star September 20, 2021 -- Climate change is among the greatest moral and spiritual issues of our time. Even in the face of individual and community action, Congress must enact meaningful climate legislation.

Four cheap solutions to climate change

Edouard Stenger

For my first article since hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, I could have written another article on how not solving climate change would cost us trillions of dollars. Local air pollution (and global climate change) ; 4. Trees are very efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide.

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The ocean farmers trying to save the world with seaweed

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Seaweed can play a huge role in fighting climate change by absorbing carbon emissions, regenerating marine ecosystems, creating biofuel and renewable plastics as well as generating marine protein. Until recently, this centuries old industry has mainly farmed seaweed for food in Asia, with China as the world’s biggest producer of seaweed,… Read more → Climate changeRead the full story in Time.

Seven essential books on energy and climate change

Edouard Stenger

Going for carbon neutrality would not only avert the suffering and deaths of million of people in the not-so-distant future, it would also save lives in the present. . Verdict: Sustainable Energy does show its age a bit, as some things have changed in the last ten years.…

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Among Big Ag facilities, ADM’s Decatur plant emits most carbon dioxide, EPA data shows

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Four of the five largest industrial agricultural facilities that have released the most carbon emissions in the past decade belong to Archer Daniels Midland, one of the world’s largest food processing and commodity trading companies. Read more → Climate change Food and beverage manufacturingRead the full story at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.

SEC may require climate risk disclosures in expanded 10-Ks: Gensler

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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler has asked agency staff to submit a proposal for mandatory climate risk disclosures for consideration by the end of 2021. Such reports may be required in an expanded Form 10-K and describe a company’s direct and indirect carbon emissions, including those… Read more → Climate change Corporate sustainabilityRead the full story at Utility Dive.

Testimony by Michael Shellenberger before the House Agriculture Committee on “Climate Change and the U.S. Agriculture and Forestry Sectors”

Environmental Progress

Testimony before the House Agriculture Committee for a Hearing on “Climate Change and the U.S. Technological change and agricultural modernization will significantly outweigh climate change in the U.S. It similarly suggests that the risks of climate change to U.S.

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