The U.S. Falls Behind Majority of the World in Reducing CO2 Emissions: The Case for Rejoining the Paris Agreement.

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Falls Behind Majority of the World in Reducing CO2 Emissions: The Case for Rejoining the Paris Agreement. appeared first on Climate Change Blawg: Climate Change Law Blogs, News & Insights. By Alexandra Lauren Horn, Esq., a U.S.


Climate Change Blawg

This article analyses a judgment of a Netherlands court (that ordered a private company to comply with the objectives of the Paris AgreementNabil Iqbal & Syeda Mehar Ejaz are law students from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.)


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Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement

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The global pipeline of new coal power plants has collapsed since the 2015 Paris climate agreement, according to research that suggests the end of the polluting energy source is in sight. Read more → Climate change Energy PublicationsRead the full story in The Guardian.

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.

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It’s not hard to see why some people despair about the climate. The Paris Agreement’s goal is to keep global warming well below 2°C, preferably to 1.5° And each half degree of warming causes more and more havoc, as the climate becomes increasingly destabilized.

Opinion: Increased media climate coverage must continue beyond COP26

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Our Planet Matters, the umbrella under which BBC are classifying its environmental and climate coverage in the run up to COP26. As the world is nearing the crucial UN climate summit COP26 , climate coverage is yet again on the up. A change in newsrooms.

Statement from Julia Levin, Senior Climate and Energy Program Manager, on the 2021 UN Production Gap Report on Fossil Fuel Production and Climate Change

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Yet this year’s Production Gap report finds that Canada and other countries are still planning to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels than would be consistent with our global climate commitments. Ottawa, Ont.

Lessons from European Climate Monitoring Crucial for Paris Agreement Success

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Otherwise national pledges to address climate change in the spirit of the 2015 Paris Agreement will not build sufficient global trust. This framework requires regular progress reports on pledges to address climate change.

2016 52

UN: ‘We are likely to miss climate targets’

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Just months before the crucial COP26 climate summit begins, the UN has issued a stark warning that we are far off the speed needed to tackle the climate crisis. The targets agreed to during the landmark COP21 summit in Paris in 2015 of limiting temperature rises to 1.5

Climate-friendly but costly agriculture

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Making agriculture climate-?neutral Emissions of methane and nitrogen oxides from agriculture are Europe’s second most important... The post Climate-friendly but costly agriculture appeared first on successful GREEN.

Gen Z, Millennials stand out for climate change activism, social media engagement with issue

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In the first year of Joe Biden’s presidential term, climate, energy and environmental policy have been the subject of renewed federal attention. In recent months, the United States has rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency has moved to sharply restrict greenhouse gas emissions,… Read more → Climate change Public opinion pollsRead the full story from Pew Research.

Is The Paris Agreement on Shaky Legs? How to Ensure Successful Implementation

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What is needed to make the Paris Agreement a success? But if there is no system to ensure that they are monitored and evaluated, the agreement will have very shaky legs. What then is necessary in order to implement the Paris Agreement?

2017 52

Witnessing Climate Change Effects in Alaska

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Yet in between the seeing humpback and killer whales, sea lions and Denali, it was hard for me to avoid the challenges climate change poses for people and wildlife across the planet. The IPCC reports collate the best available science on the state of the climate.

Reaching Net Zero Emissions


Climate action is gaining momentum. Since the 2015 Paris Agreement, countries have intensified climate action and many have committed to reach net zero emissions by 2050, meaning that any additional carbon emissions will be offset completely by carbon emissions withdrawn from the atmosphere.

Reporting on COP: Using the Paris Agreement to Incorporate Indigenous Peoples Knowledge into Climate Change Policies

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Until recently, the needs and practices of indigenous groups like the Pgakeuyaw were pushed aside to make room for new and fresh climate change policies. PINGO’s) Forum, boldly pointed out that actions taken to address climate change affect indigenous peoples just as much as the adverse effects of climate change. Reporting on COP: Using the Paris Agreement to Incorporate Indigenous Peoples Knowledge into Climate Change Policies.

2016 40

Managing the Political Economy of Climate Change Policies


Few issues have sparked more attention than how to avoid environmental and human catastrophe from climate change. Diversifying the industrial base may thus help to facilitate climate mitigation policies. Climate change will remain the defining global challenge of our age.

Guiding Europe Towards Faster and Deeper Decarbonisation: An Enhanced Role for Policy Monitoring?

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Greenhouse gas monitoring – and increasingly climate policy monitoring, meaning the continuous tracking of policies with indicators – has existed since the early 1990s – and is thus a long-standing practice. Monitoring Climate Policy in the EU.

2020 56

Is the Paris Agreement Legally Binding?

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Since President Donald Trump formally began to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement in 2019, the question of whether the agreement is legally binding has been up for debate. The post Is the Paris Agreement Legally Binding? appeared first on Climate Change Blawg: Climate Change Law Blogs, News & Insights.

Climate change horror stories from around the world

Edouard Stenger

While it is undeniable that we are ramping up our actions against climate change, it is hard to deny that global warming is getting scarier every week. This could increase the speed of climate change even more as this greenhouse gas is 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

2017 52

The EU’s challenge with renewable energy expansion: What is the way forward?

Environmental Europe

The EU is facing a key challenge in climate and energy governance. It has agreed to address climate change under the Paris Agreement , and put forward increasingly ambitious policy targets for 2020, 2030 and 2050.

2020 52

Analysis: Climate change: ditch 90% of the world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts

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C above the pre-industrial average in 2020, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in its recent report that Earth could hit 1.5°C C could help avoid the most serious effects of climate change. Photo credit: Evgenii Parilov / Alamy Stock Photo.

Major Developments in EU and German Climate Change Legislation

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April 2021 saw two major developments in climate change legislation in the EU and in Germany. Provisional Agreement of EU Lawmakers on EU Climate Law. Further key elements of the provisional agreement include. (i)

Ready for COP: COP21 Begins in 24 Hours: Will a Paris Agreement [Decrease] [Solve] [Do Nothing On] Climate Change?

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If all politics are local, but greenhouse gases find their way into the atmosphere’s international space, how can the global community act collectively on climate change? The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) declared climate change a “common concern of mankind,” and committed 166 countries to tackling it. In Paris from Nov. In this way, local politics are actively engaged on the international problem of climate change.

2015 40

IPCC report: global emissions must peak by 2025 to keep warming at 1.5°C – we need deeds not words

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C of global warming – the “safe” limit for temperature rise outlined in the Paris Agreement – as soon as the early 2030s, according to a landmark report by the world’s most senior climate scientists. by Keith Baker (Glasgow Caledonian University) Earth could exceed 1.5°C

2025 87

The contribution of automakers to climate change: broadening the reach of private sector defendants in climate litigation

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The cases represent the first climate lawsuits against the auto industry outside the United States. The significance of the case relies on the role of auto companies in the climate crisis. DUH argues that the automakers are violating the fundamental right to climate protection and impinging on the rights and freedoms of future generations by not adhering to a “fair” carbon budget. The claim is grounded on the Paris Agreement and the German Climate Protection Act (KSG).

What is COP26 and why does it matter? The complete guide

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Everything you need to know about the Glasgow conference seeking to forge a global response to the climate emergency. For almost three decades, world governments have met nearly every year to forge a global response to the climate emergency. target, the lower of the two Paris goals.

IPCC author Tamsin Edwards: 'Still possible to limit warming to 1.5°C'

New Scientist

Tamsin Edwards, a lead author of the landmark IPCC report on climate change, says that some climate changes are irreversible but we still have time to limit warming to the Paris Agreement’s target of 1.5

Reason for Hope: New Study Highlights how Washington’s Natural Spaces Can Help Fight Climate Change

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What are Natural Climate Solutions? Worldwide, nature’s power to breathe, filter and store carbon can provide more than 1/3 of emissions reductions needed to meet the Paris Agreement target. “ Every effort matters when it comes to climate.

Reporting on COP: Hurricane Matthew Underscores the Importance of Loss & Damage for Haiti and the Developing World Under the Paris Agreement

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The disparate effects felt in the developing and developed world will only increase as the climate continues to change. Mitigation efforts alone will not be sufficient to prevent future loss and damage from climate change, making the loss and damage mechanism in Article 8 of the Paris Agreement even more important. Article 8 provides the means through which Haiti—and other climate-vulnerable countries—can gain access to this support.

2016 40


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The Negative Impacts of the Trump Administration’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement; What Does the Future Hold? By: Emily Meade & Michael Szot Three years in the making, the Trump Administration has formally withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. President Trump originally announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Agreement in June 1, 2017. [1] An astounding 189 nations have joined the Agreement.

Is carbon the ‘crop’ of the future?

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An increasing awareness and concern about the environment, changes in government policy, America’s re-entry into the Paris Agreement and a robust demand for carbon offsets all point toward an appetite for a different type of agricultural crop—carbon. There has been an increasing amount of discussion on how… Read more → Agriculture Carbon capture Climate changeRead the full story in High Plains Journal.

Just 25 mega-cities produce 52% of the world’s urban greenhouse gas emissions

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In 2015, 170 countries worldwide adopted the Paris Agreement, with the goal limiting the average global temperature increase to 1.5°C. Following the agreement, many countries and cities proposed targets for greenhouse gas mitigation.

Film review: An inconvenient sequel

Edouard Stenger

Let me start by first stating that this movie has great images and videos, The Climate Reality Project powerpoint is amazing and I wish I were part of this program to have more tools to convince people, businesses and communities to act on climate change.

2017 52

Climate leadership is now in Asia

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These days the United States’ federal government is promoting coal and backtracking on climate ambition and the European Union is no longer cutting its greenhouse gases emissions. So, who is leading the fight against climate change ?

2017 52

COP 26 and Indigenous People


Tribal nations are on the front lines of climate change and are disproportionately experiencing its impacts, from loss of subsistence hunting and fishing ecosystems to changing weather patterns that harm traditional plants and medicines to forced relocation of tribal communities. Climate change threatens to destroy indigenous ways of life that have existed for thousands of years. Climate Change Environmental Justice Tribal Rights

Climate crisis could double frequency of extreme regional summer droughts in Europe

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The study shows the critical need for rapid climate crisis mitigation in Europe, such as the adaptation to summer droughts and storage of water in winter. . The ongoing climate crisis has already had drastic global impacts. Unmitigated climate change, under the RCP8.5

Shell keeps hiding behind Canada’s Big Oil lobby

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Shell Canada says it really cares about climate action. One of Shell Canada’s longest standing relationships is with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), an industry lobby group that is quite possibly the biggest barrier to climate action in Canada. .

Analysis: What’s at stake for India and South Asia at COP26?

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March for Climate Justice in Kolkata, India, in September 2019. Climate groups in South Asia and across the world are demanding urgent climate action at COP26. analysis climate change COP26 India South Asia climate action climate crisis net zero UN

The Turning Tide

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A federal court in Australia ruled that the government had a “duty of care” toward its young people to protect them from climate change. The judge used the Paris Agreement as the benchmark for setting the company’s obligations.

Hot off the Press: The New IPCC Report

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The IPCC issued the massive first volume of its new report on climate change on Monday. This volume focuses on climate science: how much will the world warm, and what will the impacts be? C goal of the Paris agreement.

Path Forward: Why Carbon Capture Is Critical for US Oil

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With increasing pressure to fight climate change, scientists, and leaders agree that carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS) is a cost-effective solution to meet emissions goals made under the Paris Agreement. .