Tue.Jun 21, 2022

Gravitational waves from merging black-hole ‘atom’ could reveal new particles

Physics World

Evidence for a new type of subatomic particle could be lurking within the gravitational waves produced by some merging black holes, according to calculations by physicists in the US and the Netherlands.

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Bitcoin’s Intensive Energy Demands Are Sparking a Crypto Backlash

Yale E360

The enormous energy demands of Bitcoin mining are prompting some U.S. municipalities to impose moratoriums or outright bans on cryptocurrency facilities. Bitcoin mining activity, critics warn, is leading to electricity price hikes and a revival of dirtier sources of power. Read more on E360


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Neural network generates lung ventilation images from CT scans

Physics World

Incorporating ventilation images into radiotherapy plans to treat lung cancer could reduce the incidence of debilitating radiation-induced lung injuries, such as radiation pneumonitis and radiation fibrosis.

It is not transformation if nothing changes

Frontier Sin

A Frontiers white paper on the impact of transformative agreements in the transition to open access publishing. The substantial benefits of open access (OA) publishing are within our reach, but legacy publishers are employing commercial tactics to delay the necessary transition.

2024 97

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

A ‘Living Shoreline’ Takes Root in New York’s Jamaica Bay

Inside Climate News

An experimental project to build back a pond important to migratory bird species joins ongoing efforts to restore Jamaica Bay marshlands. By Hannah Loss A flotilla of water birds bobbed on West Pond as hundreds of tree swallows swooped overhead, their blue iridescent backs glinting in the sun.

2022 96

Texas Supreme Court Reverses Judgment Because of Lack of Written Notice

Energy & the Law

If you administer or advise on master service agreements, or for that matter any other contract that requires written notice, this post by my Gray Reed partner Joe Virene is essential reading: Texas Supreme Court: Actual Notice Does Not Satisfy Written Notice Requirement.

Law 130

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Help Your School Buy Electric Buses

Earth 911

Depending on where you live, you might not see a lot of electric vehicles on. The post Help Your School Buy Electric Buses appeared first on Earth911. Business & Policy EcoTech Clean School Bus program electric school bus electric vehicle

What are digital twins? A pair of computer modeling experts explain

Environmental News Bits

by Amlan Ganguly, Rochester Institute of Technology and Nalini Venkatasubramanian, University of California, Irvine A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real system – a building, the power grid, a city, even a human being – that mimics the characteristics of the system.

Are we living in the Age of Glass?

Physics World

Glass technologies have shaped the modern world. This video explores the cultural legacy of glass and some of its latest applications. From bottles and windows, to spectacles, camera lenses and the fibre optics that underpin the Internet – glass influences many aspects of our lives.

Awardees of The Environmental Collaboratory’s Inaugural Research Grant

Academy of Natural Sciences

I am pleased to announce the awardees of The Environmental Collaboratory’s Inaugural Research Grant, promoting transdisciplinary research innovation through participatory climate and environmental problem solving.

White heterosexual men have systematic advantages in science, finds study  

Physics World

White able-bodied heterosexual men working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are uniquely privileged and experience a wide range of advantages at work compared with other groups. That is the finding of an analysis of survey data from more than 25,000 STEM professionals in the US.

2017 79

ISWS-Waterly partnership digitizes groundwater data

Environmental News Bits

by Tiffany Jolley, Prairie Research Institute The Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) is partnering with Waterly, an Illinois-based water sector operations data analytics company, to collect groundwater pumping data from South Elgin, West Dundee, Joliet, McHenry County, and Arbury Hills.

2022 78

‘Nanotwinning’ produces stronger metals

Physics World

When steel, aluminium and other widely used metals or alloys pass through industrial processes such as machining, rolling and forging, their nanoscale structure undergoes dramatic changes.

2022 76

The Legality of Food Labeling Claims: Eggs and Dairy

National Law Center

When you walk through a grocery store, you will likely see certain food labeling claims such as “healthy”, “low sodium”, and. The post The Legality of Food Labeling Claims: Eggs and Dairy appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

Law 75

Corpus linguistics and the history of environmental law

Environment, Law, and History

The article by Caroline Laske in the new issue of Comparative Legal History , "Corpus linguistics: the digital tool kit for analysing language and the law" , argues for the utility of this computational methodology with an example (among others) from the history of environmental law.

Law 75

Rosy-Finch Rendezvous: Stop 2 – Virginia Lakes Resort

Reflections of the Natural World

By Jim GainRosy-Finch Rendezvous Birding Adventure Series 6/13/2022 At a 10,000′ elevation, with a cool temperature of 38 degrees, 32 % humidity and brisk winds at 18-20 mph, the relative temperature of around 20 degrees made this stop a challenge.

Guest Contributors Jasmine Robinson and Jessica Vived: Proposed Extreme Heat and Air Quality Protections for Agricultural Workers Advance in California Legislature

Legal Planet

We are students in UCLA Law’s California Environmental Legislation and Policy Clinic , a course in which students work with legislative staff in the California State Legislature to advance environmental policy goals.

Finding Mini Frogs: These Aren’t Babies, They’re Just Little

Cool Green Science

Some offspring, like killdeer shorebirds, are replicas of their parents. The ever-feathered and extremely protective adult chirpers nesting in neighborhood rock gardens this time of year have chicks that look exactly like smaller versions of themselves.

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: June 21, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: June 21, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 70

Who’s Protecting Taxpayers? House Republicans Pass Bill Exempting Conventional Oil & Gas Wells From Plugging Bonds Sticking Taxpayers With $5.1 Billion In Cleanup Liability

PA Environment Daily

On June 20, House Republicans passed legislation blocking any increase in conventional oil and gas well plugging bonds, exempting pre-1985 wells (which is most of them) from any bonding leaving taxpayers liable for $5.1 billion in cleanup costs.

2016 99

Operators May Earn and Sell Carbon Credits for the P&A of Inactive, Shut-in, or Temporarily Abandoned Wells

The Energy Law Blog

The carbon credit market continues to evolve as oil and gas companies face increasingly stringent regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Operators may now have the potential to sell carbon credits in exchange for the P&A of inactive, shut-in, or temporarily abandoned wells.

Rainbow Research: A Colour Prism

The Applied Ecologist

The Rainbow Research series returns to the British Ecological Society to celebrate Pride Month 2022! These special posts promote visibility and share stories from STEM researchers who belong to the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

2022 68

IKEA Focuses on Forestry Management, Energy Efficiency, Adding Renewables

Environment + Energy Leader

IKEA makes furniture from wood that is harvested from rainforest nations. With that, it says that sustainability begins at home — and IKEA’s brand and mission are aligned with that thinking.

Planning Is Key to Effective Management of Nutrients on Dairy Farms

Cool Green Science

Joe Loehr’s heart jumped “just a little” when he learned that fish species sensitive to nitrogen and phosphorus were thriving in the steam that courses through his Sheboygan, Wisconsin, dairy farm.

Europeans feel the heat and worry about climate change 

A Greener Life

A woman trying to cool down during the heatwave in Spain. Photo credit: Reuters / Marcelo del Pozo. By Anders Lorenzen. As many parts of Europe were last week gripped by an early heatwave , Europeans hunting for shade were increasingly concerned over climate change.

Vitamins and dietary supplements are a waste of money for most people

New Scientist

The US Preventive Services Task Force says there isn't good evidence that supplements protect against cancer or heart disease in most people

Waste 91

What’s Up With Water — June 21, 2022

Circle of Blue

This week’s episode of What’s Up With Water covers a win for environmentalists in Albania, a call for action on phosphorus management from the science community, and a recent decision to cut freshwater use at a major copper mine in Chile.

2022 63

Feryal Özel on what the first two pictures of black holes tell us

New Scientist

Astronomer Feryal Özel is one of the pioneers of black hole photography. With two pictures in the album, she explains what we have learned about these gravitational monsters - and what comes next

2022 87

Environmental and health groups call out big polluters for lobbying the Senate to weaken and delay environmental protection bill

Enviromental Defense

WA hired a climate epidemiologist — and not a moment too soon

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Crosscut. Washington state health experts have recognized for years that climate change does and will continue to negatively impact our health. Public health agencies such as King County’s have created climate health planning documents, and in 2019 the Washington State Department of Health created a specific team related to climate health. But marrying … Continue reading WA hired a climate epidemiologist — and not a moment too soon. Climate Environmental health

2019 58

Governor's Adult, Youth Advisory Councils For Hunting, Fishing & Conservation Urge Lawmakers To Support Growing Greener III Environmental Funding

PA Environment Daily

On June 21, the Governor's Advisory Council For Hunting, Fishing and Conservation and the Governor's Youth Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation sent letters to state lawmakers urging them to support the Growing Greener III Environmental funding allocation from the federal American Rescue Plan.

As storm season begins, White House building code initiative aims to cut energy waste, build resilient homes

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Utility Dive. The Atlantic hurricane season began Wednesday and the White House seized the opportunity to launch a National Initiative to Advance Building Codes, aiming to encourage adoption of new construction standards, reduce energy waste and make communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

How climate change is knocking natural events wildly out of sync

New Scientist

Climate change is throwing off the timing of key events in the natural world, from the flowering of plants to the migrations of birds and mammals. Now, ecologists are warning that this could spiral out of control and cause whole ecosystems to break down

Canada to ban making, importing many single-use plastics from Dec

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Reuters. The government of Canada on Monday published final regulations to prohibit “harmful” single-use plastics, with a ban on manufacturing and importing most of these items to come into effect in December. The ban will be on single-use plastics including checkout bags, cutlery, food-service ware made from or containing plastic … Continue reading Canada to ban making, importing many single-use plastics from Dec. Canada Plastics Regulation

DER Systems Increase Energy Reliability for California Community Project

Environment + Energy Leader

A community energy project in California is using DERs to increase efficiency and reliability. The post DER Systems Increase Energy Reliability for California Community Project appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 55

Environmental concerns challenge states’ space ambitions

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Stateline. Some local leaders are proposing or helping to finance plans to establish spaceports in their regions, hoping to cash in on the economic potential. Some states even have established space-focused agencies, tasked with supporting the industry’s development. But as spaceport proposals proliferate in places including Georgia, Maine and Michigan—far … Continue reading Environmental concerns challenge states’ space ambitions.