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EPA Finalizes Improved Car Rules, But More Needed to Put Auto Industry on Sustainable Trajectory

Union of Concerned Scientists

While the administration strengthened its proposal and has helped course correct an industry that had pushed for rolling back these critical standards, we know that this is just the first step, and the next round of standards will be pivotal in achieving a more sustainable passenger vehicle fleet.

Climate Clues from the Past Prompt a New Look at History

Yale E360

As scientists rapidly improve their ability to decipher past climate upheaval through ice cores and other "proxies,” historians are re-examining previous political and social turmoil and linking it to volcanic eruptions, prolonged droughts, and other disturbances in the natural world.


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2021 – Open Science Is Saving Lives

Frontier Sin

Kamila Markram, CEO and Co-founder. A year ago, I wrote about the strength of the human spirit that saw all of us come together as we rose before the challenge in front of us.

2021 111

Non-thermal atmospheric plasma enhances bone fracture healing

Physics World

Bone fracture or loss, caused by trauma, surgery or disease, is a serious medical problem. After bone damage, the healing process depends largely on the severity of the fracture. Several approaches have been developed to accelerate bone repair, including both physical and biological methods.

How Omicron Stole My Christmas: Facing the New Dominant COVID-19 Variant

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science helps keep us safe, even as Omicron looms over our holiday season. Science and Democracy COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

2021 209

Large Renewable Energy Project Bringing 2.3 GW of Power Completed

Environmental Leader

The final piece of a large renewable energy project that includes both wind and solar power farms has been completed by ENGIE North America and Hannon Armstrong. The post Large Renewable Energy Project Bringing 2.3 GW of Power Completed appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Unleashed by Warming, Underground Debris Fields Threaten to ‘Crush’ Alaska’s Dalton Highway and the Alaska Pipeline

Inside Climate News

When the highway and pipeline were planned in the 1970s, the debris “lobes” were frozen solid. Now, they’re monsters devouring everything in their paths.

2021 105

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Four Pieces of 2021 Progress on Agriculture and Climate Change Worth Celebrating

Union of Concerned Scientists

The year 2021 showed (again) how vulnerable farming and food production are to climate change, but also how much potential there is for farmers to be part of the solution. Climate Change Food and Agriculture 2021 agriculture ARA climate-change farmers healthy soil

2021 182

Manufacturing Industry Cutting Energy Use as Efficiency Goals, Output Grow

Environmental Leader

The manufacturing industry has significantly cut energy use over a 20-year period and have increased efforts at improving efficiency while increasing output. The post Manufacturing Industry Cutting Energy Use as Efficiency Goals, Output Grow appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2021 102

Bugs Are Evolving to Eat Plastic, Study Finds

Yale E360

Microbes in oceans and soils across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, according to a study. Read more on E360

Ocean 102

Brilliant polymath, troubled person: how John von Neumann shaped our world

Physics World

At Tyson Foods, Workers Need More than a Year-End Bonus

Union of Concerned Scientists

Workers at Tyson Foods got a raise and a bonus in 2021, but that doesn't make up for the dangerous and dehumanizing conditions they face every day.

2021 180

Chart of the WeekHigher Shipping Costs May Lift Asia’s Low Inflation


By Yan Carrière-Swallow , Pragyan Deb and Daniel Jiménez. New analysis shows how increases in shipping rates have a persistent impact on consumer prices. As the world economy recovers from the pandemic, inflation is mounting in advanced and emerging economies.

2022 98

Warming Trends: A Potential Decline in Farmed Fish, Less Ice on Minnesota Lakes and a ‘Black Box’ for the Planet

Inside Climate News

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations, books, cultural events and other developments from the global warming frontier.

2021 97

The ten-billion-dollar gamble: The JWST’s magnificent mirrors

Physics World

Building a mirror the size of the James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST) 6.5-metre primary isn’t a problem per se. Building a 6.5-metre mirror that can fit inside an Ariane 5 rocket fairing just 4.57

2021 107

Congressman Tonko talks Scientific Integrity at AGU

Union of Concerned Scientists

This week, at the American Geophysical Union meeting in New Orleans (and virtually), my colleague Jacob Carter, research director for the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS led a session entitled, “How Is Science Doing in Washington? The State of U.S.

2021 170

Dallas Area Will Be Home to 181 MW Renewable Energy + Storage Plant

Environmental Leader

The Dallas, Texas area is now home to two new clean power plants, including a renewables-plus-storage hybrid project. The post Dallas Area Will Be Home to 181 MW Renewable Energy + Storage Plant appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Top 10 Blogs of 2021 Show Breadth of Global Policy Challenges


The arc of 2021, from tentative recovery to resurgent uncertainty, may feel like more of a circle for many around the world who are understandably weary of the pandemic and eager for a return to normal.

2021 94

The conundrum at the heart of quantum physics – and how philosophers of science can help

Physics World

The late theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg once wrote an essay entitled “The trouble with quantum mechanics”.

2017 105

COP26: Five Key Takeaways on the Rising Tide of Climate Litigation

Union of Concerned Scientists

Pushing back on fossil fuel industry power. Climate Change climate accountability Climate Litigation COP26

Demystifying sustainability-linked loans

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at GreenBiz. For many organizations, a key strategic goal/objective, from the perspective of its business and lending practices, is to demonstrate sustainability leadership.

Caterpillar Expands CHP Offerings

Environmental Leader

Caterpillar has announced two new combined heating and power systems to help increase energy efficiency and suitability transitions. The post Caterpillar Expands CHP Offerings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Environmental Management

2021 92

The ten-billion-dollar gamble: How the JWST shields itself from the Sun

Physics World

Because the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) operates in infrared light, stray thermal emissions from the Sun, Earth and even the spacecraft itself could cloud its vision.

Union of Concerned Scientists’ 2021 Picks: 53 Things for Science Lovers to Read, Watch, Listen to, Enjoy

Union of Concerned Scientists

These are a few of our favorite things. Science Communication Uncategorized Arts books lists movies music podcasts recommendations science Top Picks

2021 166

Alaska’s Dalton Highway Is Threatened by Climate Change and Facing a Highly Uncertain Future

Inside Climate News

Floodwaters, thawing permafrost and moving underground debris fields have left one climate expert wondering whether maintenance crews can ever catch up.

Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2021 Awards

Frontier Sin

We are pleased to announce the first edition of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Editors Awards. With these Awards, we are highlighting the members of our Associate Editors and Review Editors Boards, who have gone above and beyond in the past year.

2021 90

The ten-billion-dollar gamble: The JWST’s micro-scale windows on the universe

Physics World

Given the hype surrounding its scheduled launch on 24 December, you’d be forgiven for thinking the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the only major astronomy facility due to come online in the 2020s.

2027 97

Oklahoma’s White Rock Wind Project to Generate 300 MW of Clean Energy

Environmental Leader

The White Rock Wind Project will consist of a total of 51 Vestas turbines with construction expected to begin in late 2022 and a target commercial operation date in the second half of 2023.

2023 89

Sabin Center launches Peer Review Network of Global Climate Litigation

Law Columbia

By Maria Antonia Tigre. Climate change litigation is growing worldwide. As part of our continual effort to update and maintain the Global Climate Change Litigation database , the Sabin Center has launched the Peer Review Network of Global Climate Litigation (“the Network”).

Law 89

Yasmina Sultanbawa – Science is my community 

Frontier Sin

Author: Leticia Nani Silva. Background. Dr. Sultanbawa grew up in Sri Lanka in a family of seven. Her father, a doctor, committed to helping communities and looking after people in need. Her mother, a dedicated housewife, pushed her children to focus on their dreams and chase their aspirations. . “In

2021 87

Magnetic levitation chamber could be used to simulate plant growth on Mars

Physics World

A new device that uses magnetic levitation to emulate the reduced gravities found on celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars is 1000 times larger by volume than previous systems of its kind, paving the way for more complex Earth-based tests of low-gravity environments – including growing small plants in simulated microgravity.

2021 97

Maryland Department of Transportation Makes Plans for Total Electric Bus Fleet

Environmental Leader

The Maryland Department of Transportation will begin transitioning to an all-electric bus fleet to improve efficiency and meet regulatory standards. The post Maryland Department of Transportation Makes Plans for Total Electric Bus Fleet appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

ENB is taking a holiday break

Environmental News Bits

Read more → Holidays

2021 84

IMF Podcasts: The Year in Review


The past year has brought us new challenges even as the old ones persist.

Two scientists’ debate over whether the universe had a beginning – and how the elements were created

Physics World

Scientists get stuff wrong all the time. Mistakes are an essential part of the pursuit of knowledge, so the history of science tends to be kind – immortalizing its pioneers in the names of their most successful equations and theories – rather than emphasizing their failures.

Denver Passes Ordinance Requiring Buildings to Reduce Emissions, Improve Energy Efficiency

Environmental Leader

Denver passed an ordinance requiring buildings to cut emissions and improve on their energy efficiency, which the city says will cut emissions by 80% by 2040, but the regulations could be costly to some owners.

Illinois Farm to Food Bank Project connects specialty growers with food banks

Environmental News Bits

This fall, the Illinois Farm to Food Bank program wrapped up its pilot project with Rendleman and Flamm Orchards in Union County. Nearly 375,000 pounds of peaches and nectarines were distributed to food banks throughout Illinois.

2021 84