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When it Comes to Disinformation about Renewable Energy, The Band Plays On

Union of Concerned Scientists

In a twisted parody of the band that played on to calm the doomed passengers of the Titanic, a conservative chorus—horribly off key to science, but music to the ears of its fossil fuel patrons—continues to belt out disinformation in full throat to drown out the urgency of climate catastrophe.

Ocean Warming Doubles Odds for Extreme Atlantic Hurricane Seasons

Inside Climate News

New research shows vulnerable communities need to prepare for more years like 2017-2020, with devastating storms like Harvey, Irma, Maria and Laura.

Ocean 112

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Mercedes-Benz to Supply 70% of Energy Needs with Renewables, Halve Vehicle Emissions

Environment + Energy Leader

By using green steel, improving battery technology and implementing renewable energy and more recycled materials, Mercedes-Benz plans to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of its vehicles.

Amid Hopes and Fears, a Plastics Boom in Appalachia Is On Hold

Yale E360

The rise of fracking in Appalachia has fed visions of turning the Ohio River Valley into a petrochemical and plastics hub. But overproduction of plastic, opposition to natural gas pipelines, and public concern about rampant plastic waste are threatening those plans. Read more on E360

Experts Take on Carbon Polluters in the Courtroom

Union of Concerned Scientists

Physical and social scientists are playing a critical role in the rapidly growing field of climate litigation, which—to be successful—must be informed by robust and powerful science throughout the entire legal process.

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Quantum measurement splits information three ways

Physics World

A strange feature of quantum systems is that observing them inherently changes their quantum state. More precisely, the act of measurement redistributes the information contained in a quantum system.

2022 104

Solar, Wind Energy Demand Leads to Shortage, PPA Price Increases

Environment + Energy Leader

Rising gas prices, supply chain issues and overall demand are creating a rise in prices for power purchase agreements. The post Solar, Wind Energy Demand Leads to Shortage, PPA Price Increases appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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DOE’s New Hydrogen Hubs Program Comes With Risks—And Opportunities

Union of Concerned Scientists

The November 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, or BIL, includes an $8 billion “regional clean hydrogen hubs” program that charges the Department of Energy (DOE) with the development of at least four hydrogen hubs to advance the nation’s clean hydrogen sector.

Quantum approximate optimization algorithm can be implemented using Rydberg atoms

Physics World

Quantum computers are often discussed as a technology of the future, but many devices exist already. Because there is no consensus on a single, universal quantum computer design, however, determining the best use for each existing device can be daunting.

2022 104

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll

Inside Climate News

Researchers are studying dramatic changes in the vast northern forests: thawing permafrost, drowned trees, methane releases, increased wildfires, and the slow transformation from carbon sinks to carbon emitters.

2022 101

Fast-Moving FinTech Poses Challenge for Regulators


By Antonio Garcia Pascual and Fabio Natalucci. Emerging firms are quickly making inroads into critical financial services, and often taking on more risk than traditional banks. Technology sometimes moves at a dizzying pace.

Ask a Scientist: Taking a Holistic Look at Big Ag

Union of Concerned Scientists

2022 173

Carbon nanotubes could stabilize energy-rich nitrogen chains

Physics World

From TNT to nitro-glycerine, nitrogen-rich compounds are known for packing an explosive punch. When these materials explode, bonds between atoms in the compounds are broken, which gives a chance for two nitrogen atoms to form very strong triple bonds with each other.

2022 104

INDIEV and Global Green Announce a new Partnership! ?

Global Green

The post INDIEV and Global Green Announce a new Partnership! ? appeared first on Global Green. In the News

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Survey Finds 62% of Organizations Expect to Increase Investments in Energy Efficiency

Environment + Energy Leader

Johnson Controls has announced findings from the 15th annual Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey, which revealed that 62% of organizations surveyed expect to increase investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, or smart building technology in 2022, indicating a return to pre-pandemic levels.

An encroaching desert intensifies Nigeria’s farmer-herder crisis

Circle of Blue

How climate change and human activity are driving violence between farming and pastoralist communities. By Kunle Adebajo and Murtala Abdullahi, CCIJ — April 14, 2022. A bare-chested old man lies in the emergency room of a government hospital in northeast Nigeria.

2022 94

The laser physicist unlocking navigation technology

Physics World

When exploring an unfamiliar place, many of us default to a rather modern method of navigation: watching a blue dot move around a map, on a screen, and course-correcting to keep it on the right track.

Miriam Rengel – Women in space

Frontier Sin

Author: Leticia Nani Silva. Space has always been a massive curiosity of mine as a scientist. Despite my interests in biology and human behavior shining brighter in my career, my interest in space and astronomy has always lived in the background.

Shell Trading Enters Agreement for Lower Emissions Shoreside Energy

Environment + Energy Leader

Crowley and Shell Trading Company have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the aim of supporting alternative energy solutions for the future of shoreside and terminal operations.

2022 92

Operator Escapes Liability For a Gas Kick and Resulting Fire

Energy & the Law

Co-author Darien Harris.

Law 130

Some cosmic neutrinos may not be cosmic after all

Physics World

Some high-energy neutrinos detected in the Antarctic ice and thought to have come from outside the solar system may have been produced in Earth’s atmosphere.

Why You Should Love Seagulls

Ocean Conservancy

If you’ve ever been on a beach vacation with my parents, you know there are two rules while having fun in the sun. Rule number one: Never turn your back on the ocean. And rule number two: Never (and I mean never ) feed a seagull your leftover Thrasher’s fries.

Associated Grocers of New England Distribution Center Adds 1 MW Solar Project

Environment + Energy Leader

AGNE has installed solar panels on the roof of its distribution center in New Hampshire to help offset the building's energy costs. The post Associated Grocers of New England Distribution Center Adds 1 MW Solar Project appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 91

A Green Tint for Rio Tinto

Legal Planet

Rio Tinto historically has been far from an environmental paragon. That made an investor revolt last week over the giant mining company’s climate disclosures especially notable. It’s also notable that this took place in London, showing that investor worries about climate change are worldwide.

Quantum batteries harvest energy from light

Physics World

Your night-mode photos might get a lot crisper thanks to a new device that exploits quantum mechanics to absorb photons more efficiently.

2022 96

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: April 15, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: April 15, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 85

Green Data Center Market to Grow by 14% Yearly through 2032

Environment + Energy Leader

The green data center market is expected to grow significantly through 2032, according to a recent study by Persistence Market Research. The post Green Data Center Market to Grow by 14% Yearly through 2032 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 88

The Jumping Slugs of the Pacific Northwest

Cool Green Science

Meet the strange slugs that do a breakdance for defense. The post The Jumping Slugs of the Pacific Northwest appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Wildlife Conservation Science Traveling Naturalist Weird Nature

Light, nano, action: using light to manipulate nanoscale objects

Physics World

How did you get interested in optical tweezers? I’ve been passionate about electromagnetism since I was an undergraduate, and I also had an interest in nanotechnology.

2022 84

Raptor Maps Closes $22M in Series B Funding for New Software Platform

Environmental Leader

Raptor Maps has closed $22 million in Series B funding to enhance its Raptor Solar software platform. Raptor Solar is a software-as-a-service platform for the entire solar lifecycle, from financing and development through operations.

2022 83

CPower Launches System to Enable Grid-Interactive Efficient NYC Buildings

Environment + Energy Leader

Energy solutions provider CPower Energy Management launches a Building Management System-as-a-Service to enable grid-interactive efficient buildings in New York City. The post CPower Launches System to Enable Grid-Interactive Efficient NYC Buildings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 87

People married into long-lived families share lower risk of type II diabetes

Frontier Sin

By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers science writer. New study within the US Long Life Family Study identifies biomarkers characteristic for people born in – or married into – families with exceptionally long-lived members. Both groups also have a reduced risk of developing type II diabetes.

2006 83

Why Energy Conservation Will Remain Crucial

Legal Planet

If we switch to renewables, we won’t need to worry about saving energy. Right? Wrong! One reason to save energy is to limit carbon emissions from the energy we use. That’s going to important until the energy system has been completely cleaned up.

Look at that Lek! 9 Birds That Put on a Show

Cool Green Science

A long list of birds display at leks. Here are some of our favorites. The post Look at that Lek! 9 Birds That Put on a Show appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Traveling Naturalist Weird Nature

Google will Invest $9.5 Billion in US Data Centers, Other Buildings

Environment + Energy Leader

Google is continuing to invest heavily in data centers and other facilities as part of its sustainability targets. The post Google will Invest $9.5 Billion in US Data Centers, Other Buildings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 87

Frontiers announces first journal acquisition: Oncology Reviews

Frontier Sin

The open-access publisher Frontiers has acquired the journal Oncology Reviews from PAGEPress. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Frontiers. It is the first journal the publisher has acquired since it was founded in 2007.

2007 83

Silicon spin qubits manufactured on an industrial scale

Physics World

Researchers in the Netherlands and the US have shown for the first time that qubits – the building blocks of quantum computers – can be mass-produced using standard processes developed for manufacturing conventional integrated circuits.

2022 82