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Despite Cutbacks, ExxonMobil Continues to Fund Climate Science Denial

Union of Concerned Scientists

ExxonMobil has spent more than $39 million to manufacture doubt about climate science and block government action. Climate Change Energy

A Beach Haiku

Environmental and Urban Economics

The Low Tide Beckons No more Economics Talk I will Tweet later

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TeamSeas Will Be Transformational for Our Ocean—Let’s Go!

Ocean Conservancy

Today YouTubers MrBeast, Mark Rober and thousands of other creators are joining together to launch TeamSeas, a crowd-funded campaign with the goal of raising $30 million dollars by January 1 to remove 30 million pounds of trash from rivers, beaches and our ocean.

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Why Protecting Tribal Rights Is Key to Fighting Climate Change

Yale E360

Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians, talks with Yale Environment 360 about how climate change is hitting Native Americans especially hard and why protecting tribal sovereignty is critical for tackling the climate crisis. Read more on E360

Fossil Fuel Obstruction Brought Us the Climate Crisis: Hard Questions Big Oil CEOs Should Answer

Union of Concerned Scientists

Director of Strategic Climate Analytics Erika Spanger-Siegfried pulls no punches as she imagines what she'd ask the fossil fuel executives who will be questioned about their role in climate change at a House Oversight and Reform Committee meeting.

Black-hole laser could have quantum computing applications

Physics World

An electromagnetic analogue for a black hole laser – a system that could theoretically amplify Hawking radiation from the event horizon of a black hole and make it observable – has been proposed by Haruna Katayama of Hiroshima University in Japan.

Catholic Bishops in the US Largely Ignore the Pope’s Concern About Climate Change, a New Study Finds

Inside Climate News

Researchers at Creighton University reviewed more than 12,000 pastoral communications by the bishops. Only several dozen of those writings said a warming climate was real.

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Tyson Foods Is a Monster in Disguise

Union of Concerned Scientists

Try as they might, Tyson Foods can't dress up the facts. Food and Agriculture corporate consolidation COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic meatpacking poultry Tyson Tyson Foods

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Fusion industry predicts electricity generation by the 2030s

Physics World

Most private fusion companies expect fusion power to be supplying electricity to the grid in the 2030s. That is according to the first-ever report on the state of the fusion industry, which has been published today by the Fusion Industry Association (FIA) and the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).



Its possible that some of the vegetables we have eaten have been grown using wastewater. This does pose numerous problems such as exposure to toxic metals, bacteria and dissolved substances. However, this seems to be a practice that is rife especially in the low class urban neighborhoods. Communities strained by unemployment and lack of basic resources such as water attempt to make ends meet by growing crops along industrial effluent and sewage lines.

Waste 109

HotSpots H2O: Flooding Is Latest Strain on South Sudan

Circle of Blue

Torrential rainfall is battering one of the world’s poorest countries, laying bare its weak infrastructure. Flooding hits Bentiu, South Sudan in 2014. Photo © UN Photo/JC McIlwaine/Flickr Creative Commons. 700,000 people and counting have been affected by flooding in South Sudan.

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Welcome Silence: Biden Administration Passes on ConocoPhillips Alaskan Drilling Appeal

Union of Concerned Scientists

ConocoPhillips plan to drill in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve is on hold for now. Climate Change Energy Uncategorized Biden Administration clean energy climate-change ConocoPhillips Global warming

Quantum advantage takes a giant leap in optical and superconducting systems

Physics World

Two different quantum computers, one using light and the other superconducting circuits, have done calculations well beyond the capability of conventional computers – according to physicists in China.

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Build Back Better Act Includes $555 Billion Toward Climate Action

Environmental Leader

Proposed Legislation by President Biden will include some of the most ambitious climate action in US history. The post Build Back Better Act Includes $555 Billion Toward Climate Action appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2021 Election Preview: New York Considers Right to Clean Water

Circle of Blue

Voters will decide on a constitutional amendment for environmental rights. New York City skyline. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue. On November 2, New Yorkers will vote on amending their state constitution to include environmental protections, including clean water.

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The Day of Reckoning for the Oil Industry?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Oil company CEOs will have to testify under oath about their decades-long campaign to block government action on climate change. Climate Change Energy

All-optical processors could compute any linear transformation, machine learning reveals

Physics World

Researchers in the US have shown how all-optical processors could be used to carry out a range of linear mathematical transformations, including Fourier transforms.

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Making of “Season of the Osprey”

PBS Nature

The post Making of “Season of the Osprey” appeared first on Nature. Uncategorized 40th season Behind the Camera osprey Season 40 Season of the Osprey

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2021 Election Preview: The Expensive Battle in Maine over Hydropower Imports

Circle of Blue

The second-most expensive campaign in Maine history is a debate over energy infrastructure. New England Clean Energy Connect, a 145-mile-long transmission line will cut through the commercial timberlands of western Maine. Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons user bdewey.

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Fossil Fuel CEOs to Testify in Congress: Five Greenwashing Claims Debunked

Union of Concerned Scientists

The House Oversight Committee must insist on the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Climate Change Energy #climatechange #ExxonKnew #ShellKnew American Petroleum Institute BP Chevron climate accountability climate deception Congress lobbying Shell US Chamber of Commerce

Quantum Cheshire cats could have a travelling grin

Physics World

Since its inception, quantum theory has presented us with many strange and seemingly paradoxical phenomena. One of the oddest examples is the quantum Cheshire cat effect, in which properties of quantum objects become disembodied from the objects themselves.

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A science-based move to climate change adaptation

Real Climate

All countries in the world urgently need to adapt to climate change but are not yet in a good position to do so. It’s urgent because we are not even adapted to the present climate.

2021 Election Preview: Two Cities, Facing Floods and Aridity, Eye Big Public Works

Circle of Blue

Boise and Virginia Beach ask voters to approve infrastructure plans that exceed a half-billion dollars. Virginia Beach is located in a region that is experiencing the highest relative sea-level rise on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Photo via Daniel Halseth/Unsplash.

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Why High Natural Gas Prices Are So Spooky This Halloween

Union of Concerned Scientists

In response to higher natural gas prices, US utilities are going back to coal instead of ramping up investments in renewables. Energy emissions energy bills natural gas winter

Sterile neutrinos ruled out by MicroBooNE, but mysterious excess remains unexplained

Physics World

Neutrino physics has rarely been straightforward, and many surprises – and four Nobel prizes – have emerged in the 90 years since the particle was first proposed.

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Incorporating Local Public Health Dynamics into The Rosen/Roback Spatial Equilibrium Model

Environmental and Urban Economics

Imagine if there is an infectious disease that spreads within cities but not across cities. Throughout the COVID crisis, the city specific infection rate has varied across cities at each point in time. In a city facing a rising infection rate, people can adapt by either engaging in costly self protection (self isolating) or through public health interventions such as vaccinating the local population. In this case, public health substitutes for private health protection investments.

Motivation and Drive are the Secret Ingredients 

Frontier Sin

Author: Leticia Nani Silva. Professor Ellen Blaak is the chair of the department of Human Biology at Maastricht University in The Netherlands and her research focuses on gut-adipose tissue-muscle metabolism.

Why Utility Planning Must Be Inclusive

Union of Concerned Scientists

What Joseph Daniel learned when he went back to Kansas for a utility resource plan proceeding. Climate Change Energy

Qubits for the future: YouTube documentary explores how quantum computing could promote sustainability

Physics World

How could quantum computing help us to fix climate change? This is the question at the heart of Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future , a half-hour-long documentary published on YouTube in July.

Forest regeneration can help preserve the evolutionary history of tropical wildlife

The Applied Ecologist

In their latest research, Farneda and colleagues show how secondary forest regeneration affects the evolutionary dimension of bat diversity in the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP) landscape, Central Amazon, Brazil.

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Top 5 Biggest Whales in the Ocean

Ocean Conservancy

It’s hard to fully comprehend just how BIG whales are—until you see them with your very own eyes. Someone can tell you a humpback whale is bigger than a school bus, but I don’t think that fully conveys the immensity. That is why I LOVE museums.

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William Shatner, Joe Manchin, and a Rare Trip to Space and Back

Union of Concerned Scientists

William Shatner recently returned from a space tourism trip in awe of our galaxy. What would it be like if Senator Joe Manchin had the chance to gain real perspective on our planet? Climate Change budget reconciliation Build Back Better Act Congress Senate West Virginia

Compositions of exoplanets and their stars have a surprising relationship, study reveals

Physics World

The chemical compositions of rocky planets are linked to that of their host stars, but the relationship is not as simple as previously thought – an international team of astronomers has discovered.

Investing in Renewable Energy in Developing Nations Key to Power Transition

Environmental Leader

Investing in renewable energy in developing nations is an important part in in global energy transition. The post Investing in Renewable Energy in Developing Nations Key to Power Transition appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Chart of the WeekLonger Delivery Times Reflect Supply Chain Disruptions


By Parisa Kamali and Alex (Shiyao) Wang. Supply chain disruptions have become a major challenge for the global economy since the start of the pandemic.

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Pumpkins for Wildlife: From Backyard to the Zoo

Cool Green Science

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. Animals from squirrels to sand cats love them too. The post Pumpkins for Wildlife: From Backyard to the Zoo appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife

COP26 special: extreme heat, cloud mysteries and climate tipping points

Physics World

With the UN climate summit COP26 kicking off in Glasgow this weekend, the Physics World Weekly podcast is focussed on one thing: climate change. For the next two weeks, I will explore some of the ways that physical scientists are helping to tackle the climate crisis.