Wed.Jan 19, 2022

Coldhearted Policies Put People at Risk of Extreme Heat Work Hazards

Union of Concerned Scientists

Protect our essential workers. Climate Change extreme heat OSHA outdoor heat outdoor workers Worker safety

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Florida’s Red Tides Are Getting Worse and May Be Hard to Control Because of Climate Change

Inside Climate News

A task force appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling for research and investment in mitigation. Environmentalists say the real fix is cracking down on polluters. By Aman Azhar A task force appointed by Florida Gov.


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Roundup: Worker Protections Weakened as Omicron Cases Soar

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science Network guest blogger Liz Borkowski provides the January 2022 update, part of a regular summary of scientific integrity news. Science and Democracy CDC COVID-19 FDA OSHA Scientific Integrity SI quarterly roundup

2022 164

Quantum entanglement boosts accuracy of industrial quality inspections

Physics World

Industrial manufacturing is subject to stringent testing protocols aimed at guaranteeing the quality of the final product. In some circumstances, though, these methods are not sensitive enough to detect flaws, leading to incorrect determinations of quality.

2022 112

Why Jobs are Plentiful While Workers are Scarce


By Carlo Pizzinelli and Ippei Shibata. In the US and UK, the recent labor market puzzle can be partly explained by mismatch, the pandemic’s effect on women (in the US) and older workers leaving the work force.

2022 100

‘Strange history’ of photons challenges our understanding of quantum interactions

Physics World

A surprising property of how resonant photons interact with an absorbing medium has been uncovered by physicists in Canada.

2022 106

Conservation-Friendly Farming Can Benefit Both Birds and Crops

Cool Green Science

Is farming in harmony with conservation efforts increasing the benefits or risks from birds? The post Conservation-Friendly Farming Can Benefit Both Birds and Crops appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Agriculture Birds Conservation Science TNC Science

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Sustainability Targets a Priority for Businesses as Challenges Exist

Environment + Energy Leader

A new survey from Deloitte shows more business executives say they are concerned about climate impacts as they attempt to implement sustainability practices in their operations.

2022 98

Likely energy source behind first life on Earth found ‘hiding in plain sight’

Frontier Sin

By Jessica Wimmer and Prof William Martin. A deep-sea hydrothermal vent. According to one theory, the first life on Earth arose at vents like these. Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration (CC BY-SA 2.0). Life on Earth arose roughly four billion years ago.

2022 97

North Sea Fossil Fuel Companies Plan to Invest More in Wind than Oil Drilling

Yale E360

Having won rights to develop wind farms off the coast of Scotland, Shell, Total, and BP are set to invest more in wind power than in oil and gas drilling in the North Sea in the years ahead, the latest evidence of oil majors changing tack on renewables to better navigate the energy transition.

Science & Tech Spotlight: Deep-Sea Mining

Environmental News Bits

Download the document. Why This Matters The ocean floor contains vast quantities of critical minerals vital for many applications, such as aircraft components and rechargeable batteries.

Ocean 81

Antibiotic resistance killed more people than malaria or AIDS in 2019

New Scientist

About 1.3 million deaths were directly caused by drug-resistant bacterial infections in 2019, a global study estimates

2019 114

Charging for water in Mandate Palestine

Environment, Law, and History

Law 79

Connecting Communities

Environmental News Bits

This map from PFAS Exchange shows sites across the U.S. with known or suspected PFAS contamination and where communities are advocating stronger health and environmental protections. Read more → Maps PFAS

Space for all: here are some of the huge commercial opportunities away from Earth

Physics World

Go on, admit it. Who secretly wouldn’t want to go into space? The lure of leaving our earthly shackles has certainly proved powerful for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Star Trek actor William Shatner, both of whom flew into space last year on board a Blue Origin craft.

2027 77

Otherlands review: A fascinating journey through Earth's history

New Scientist

In Otherlands, palaeobiologist Thomas Halliday uses a mix of science and imagination to show us the weird and wonderful landscapes and life forms of the early Earth

2022 108

New York's Central Park Becomes a Living Climate Laboratory

Scientific American

Scientists will study how rising temperatures affect trees, plants, wildlife and humans who use the park. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change

2022 103

Svalbard glacier ice loss projected to roughly double by 2100

New Scientist

Unearthing archive photos of the Norwegian archipelago's glaciers enabled researchers to reconstruct past melting and project ice mass loss under future climate change

Offshore Oil Spills: Additional Information is Needed to Better Understand the Environmental Tradeoffs of Using Chemical Dispersants

Environmental News Bits

Download the document. What GAO Found When an oil spill occurs, responders have several options to manage the environmental effects, including using chemical dispersants (see figure).

2022 72

Pristine coral reef discovered in deep water off the coast of Tahiti

New Scientist

A spectacular coral reef has been found between 35 and 70 metres below sea level near Tahiti, and it seems to be in good health despite the global biodiversity crisis

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: January 19, 2021

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food.

Law 70

Reusable Containers and Packaging are Crucial to Ending Plastic Pollution

Enviromental Defense

Canada is at a watershed moment in the fight against plastic pollution. The government has finally posted draft regulations to ban six single-use plastics.

Waste 97

Borderline Personality Disorder May Be Rooted in Trauma

Scientific American

A focus on the traumatic origins of an often stigmatized psychiatric diagnosis is inspiring new treatments. -- Read more on Features Mind & Brain Psychology

2022 97

Climate change made the past 7 years the warmest on record

New Scientist

The World Meteorological Organization finds 2021 was the seventh hottest to date, at 1.11°C C above pre-industrial levels

2021 95

Ecojustice’s priorities for Parliament in 2022

Eco Justice

MPs from across Canada are back in Ottawa this month to get back to work drafting, debating, and voting on legislation. Laws and policies that must reduce Canada’s emissions, tackle. Read more. The post Ecojustice’s priorities for Parliament in 2022 appeared first on Ecojustice. Special update

2022 65

The happiness revolution: How to boost the well-being of society

New Scientist

We now know that economic growth doesn’t necessarily translate into greater well-being. A closer look at Nordic countries such as Finland reveals surprising truths about what really makes a happy society and how other governments can emulate their success

A key tool for cleaning up oil spills is more hazardous than helpful

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Hakai Magazine. In the decade since the record-breaking use of oil dispersants in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response, science shows they’re dangerous, potentially deadly, and rarely useful. A new court case is forcing the US EPA to reconsider their use. Read more → Environmental health Environmental law Environmental remediation Oil spills

2022 61

Yutu-2 lunar rover finds sticky soil on the far side of the moon

New Scientist

We haven’t been able to take a close-up look at the far side of the moon until now, and the discoveries being made by the Yutu-2 rover might prove important for future missions

2022 91

WeConservePA: Conservation Easement Transaction Assistance Grants Now Available

PA Environment Daily

WeConservePA’s Conservation Easement Assistance Program (CEAP) provides grants to help organizations plan and complete conservation, trail, and other public access easements in Pennsylvania.

Artificial pancreas is “life-changing” for children with diabetes

New Scientist

An app that wirelessly links to an implanted glucose sensor and insulin pump can automatically regulate blood sugar levels in children better than the current standard therapy

Total Corporate Funding in Solar Sector Soared 91% in 2021, a 10-Year High

Environment + Energy Leader

Total corporate funding across the globe in the solar sector, including venture capital and private equity (VC), debt financing, and public market financing, came to $27.8 billion, a 91% increase compared to the $14.5 billion raised in 2020.

2020 60

40% of U.S. produce is wasted. This vertical farming startup is fighting to change that

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Fast Company. 80 Acres Farms is creating a replicable model for distributing locally grown produce more effectively. Read more → Agriculture Food waste

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IMMERST floating community is adaptable, modular and prefab


As buildable land becomes increasingly scarce, long-standing yacht company Stephens Waring Design has developed a new design concept called OASys (Ocean Architectural System), which could be the answer for coastline challenges like animal habitat conservation, erosion and lack of suitable development space

Ocean 85

Recipe for an online course series: Drones in Environmental Science

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from Duke University. For the past nine months, the Online Duke team has been working on a new course series on unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS or drones), UAS Applications and Operations in Environmental Science, in partnership with the Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) and instructor Dave Johnston. The goal of the… Read more → Colleges and universities Curricula/Lesson plans Data science

What really makes people happy – and can you learn to be happier?

New Scientist

Our life satisfaction is shaped by many things including our genes and relative wealth, but there is now good evidence that you can boost your basic happiness with these key psychological strategies

2022 83

FLUOROS Global 2021: Worldwide gathering of PFAS community examined science solutions for “forever” chemicals

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from STEEP. Leading experts from the world came together recently to share their latest findings and progress on science-based solutions for a specific kind of chemical pollution – PFAS. FLUOROS GLOBAL 2021, an annual gathering for scientists to join with community members in dialogue on PFAS issues, drew more than 335 attendees… Read more → PFAS

2021 59

PA Conservation Districts Oppose Bill Redefining Water Pollution, Letting Polluters Decide When To Report Spills

PA Environment Daily

The PA Association of Conservation Districts wrote to members of the General Assembly opposing House Bill 1842 (Zimmerman-R-Lancaster) that redefines water pollution by letting companies decide when to report spills.