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Solutions to Climate Change-Fueled Droughts in the Western US

Union of Concerned Scientists

As human activities continue to spew heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, temperatures rise and cause the air to become “thirstier.” This thirstier air evaporates more water from rivers, lakes, and canals, as well as from soil, forests, vegetation, and crops, making drought conditions extreme.

Control of mechanical quantum resonators reaches new levels of precision

Physics World

New levels of precision control over the quantized energy levels of mechanical resonators have been achieved by teams in the US and Switzerland, who independently measured the number of phonons in a cavity without disturbing it.


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Five Facts About Cold Water Corals

Ocean Conservancy

When you think of coral reefs , you most likely picture a tropical underwater landscape with clownfish and blacktip reef sharks swimming gracefully. But, did you know that coral reefs are also found in the cold, dark waters of the deep, deep ocean? It’s true!

Beyond Magical Thinking: Time to Get Real on Climate Change

Yale E360

Despite decades of studies and climate summits, greenhouse gas emissions continue to soar. Energy scientist Vaclav Smil says it’s time to stop ricocheting between apocalyptic forecasts and rosy models of rapid CO2 cuts and focus on the difficult task of remaking our energy system. Read more on E360

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Why We Can Send A Rover To Mars, But We Can’t Send An Electron From New York to California

Union of Concerned Scientists

Space missions are a federal matter, but states determine energy policy and infrastructure decisions. Right now, states and the federal government have a choice that will define our country’s options for clean energy and planning the power grid for the challenges ahead.

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Netherlands invests €1.1bn in the photonic-chip industry

Physics World

The Dutch photonic chip industry has been boosted with €1.1bn of public and private investment.

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How Ailing Strip Malls Could Be a Green Fix for U.S. Housing Crisis

Yale E360

Urban designer Peter Calthorpe has a plan for the shuttered and financially troubled strip malls that dot the suburban landscape: Convert the malls into housing that would be part of green communities where people could be closer to their jobs and get out of their cars. Read more on E360

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A Daughter’s Story: White Supremacy and the Poor People’s Campaign

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS is honored to be a mobilizing partner for the Poor People’s Campaign , a nonviolent call to moral revival. If you can join us in Washington, DC on June 18 th in solidarity with their march and assembly, I hope you will. Buffalo. Charlottesville. El Paso. Pittsburgh. Charleston.

2022 201

Photons stay entangled despite huge jump in frequency

Physics World

A new technique that keeps two photons entangled while greatly increasing the frequency of one of them has been demonstrated by researchers in Germany. The work could prove useful in quantum computation, imaging and quantum communications.

2022 102

Climate crisis is driving cousins of The Lion King character to local extinction

Frontier Sin

By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer. Image: Nicholas Pattinson. The yellow-billed hornbill, cousins of fan-favorite Zazu from The Lion King , faces local extinction due to the climate crisis.

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More Heat, More Drought: New Analyses Offer Grim Outlook for the U.S. West.

Yale E360

The ongoing drought in the U.S. West is expected to persist through this summer, raising the risk of water shortages and wildfires.

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Consumers Tell Tyson Foods to Keep Its Sustainability Promise

Union of Concerned Scientists

My colleagues and I here at the Union of Concerned Scientists were surprised when we saw the size of the “feed footprint” attributable to meat and poultry giant Tyson Foods.

2025 191

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider gears up for Run 3

Physics World

Officials at the CERN particle-physics lab have announced that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has successfully restarted following a three-year programme of maintenance and upgrades. Days after the switch-on on 22 April , engineers accelerated the two proton beams to a record energy of 6.8?TeV

2029 100

FedEx Is Delivering Environmental Performance

Environment + Energy Leader

FedEx aims to be carbon neutral by 2040 — something that requires an investment of $2 billion into everything from electric vehicles to energy-efficient buildings to deploying onsite green energy. . The post FedEx Is Delivering Environmental Performance appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Lease Perpetuated Beyond Primary Term Without Production in Paying Quantities

Energy & the Law

Co-author David Leonard. If perpetuation of a mineral lease beyond the primary term is contingent upon continuous operations, do traditional notions of “production in paying quantities” always matter? Spoiler: No. In Thistle Creek Ranch, LLC v.

Law 130

Minnesota Lawmakers Could Go Big on Clean Energy, or Go Small

Union of Concerned Scientists

Minnesota needs substantial investments now to build toward an equitable clean energy future. The good news is, Minnesota legislators have a chance to pass the level of investment needed to set the state on a path to a carbon-free economy.

Black-hole physics and that iconic ‘shadow’ image, balloons and rockets probe the atmosphere’s acoustic duct

Physics World

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, we meet Shep Doeleman , who is the founding director of the Event Horizon Telescope. He explains how he and his colleagues obtained that iconic image of the “shadow” of the supermassive at the centre of the Milky Way.

A New Database to Drive Seabird Conservation

Cool Green Science

A new database will help protect the world's most imperiled group of birds. The post A New Database to Drive Seabird Conservation appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Climate Restoration TNC Science

Medicinal cannabis shown to reduce pain and need for opiate painkillers among cancer patients

Frontier Sin

By Tania Fitzgeorge-balfour, science writer. Image: ae ssp/

2022 87

Indoor vs. Outdoor Air Quality: What's Worse + Why | BreezoMeter


Human bodies don’t care whether they're exposed to air pollution indoors or while we’re taking a walk outside. It all has a health impact. For this reason, more scientists and businesses are now focusing on the relationship between outdoor and indoor air pollution.

Concerning primordial black holes

Physics World

It’s just gone 12:45 p.m. on 30 November 1954 when a lazy Alabama afternoon is suddenly arrested by a fireball noisily rending the air, burning so bright it’s visible from two neighbouring states as it streaks through the sky above Sylacauga.

Procedures: Federal Preemption

National Law Center

The Constitution of the United States is made up of hundreds of clauses. Article VI is known as the Supremacy Clause. The post Procedures: Federal Preemption appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center. Procedure Samantha Mikolajczyk

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Frontiers appoints Dr Julia Kostova to lead its US strategy 

Frontier Sin

Frontiers, the 3rd most-cited research publisher, appoints Dr Julia Kostova as director of publishing development to lead the editorial strategy for the U.S. market with the mission to accelerate the transition to open access. Photo credit: Frontiers.

2022 87

Metals and Mining Companies Face Impacts from Transition to Low-Carbon Economy

Environment + Energy Leader

Metals and mining companies will face varying impacts from the transition to a low-carbon economy, including diverging demand trends and the need to transform production processes and switch to greener energy sources and cleaner feedstock.

2022 84

‘Micronovae’ explosions on white dwarfs caused by localized accretion

Physics World

The mystery why of small explosive bursts occur on some accreting white dwarf stars appears to have been solved by a team of astronomers led by Simone Scaringi at the UK’s Durham University.

2022 95

Building a Clean Swell

Ocean Conservancy

My family loves spending time at the beach—the sun, the sand, the crash of the ocean waves. But what I treasure most are those moments when we get to witness all the creatures that dwell along the shoreline.

Ocean 84

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 16, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 16, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 83

Wildfire Smoke Map Data: Differences In Reporting | BreezoMeter


With annual wildfire seasons worsening and COVID-19 raising general air quality awareness, more people than ever are now looking to protect themselves from breathing unhealthy air and avoid harmful smoke exposure. However, not all air quality reporting is the same.

Decoy nanoparticles soak up SARS-CoV-2

Physics World

The ACE2 protein is the cellular door through which SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, enters cells. What if we could trick SARS-CoV-2 into binding to decoy cells that render the virus inactive? Nanoparticles may be the answer.

Birding in the Great Outdoors

Academy of Natural Sciences

Perspectives from Black Birder Anwar Abdul-Qawi. Anwar Abdul-Qawi has his eyes on the sky.

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 19, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 19, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 82

GenCell Energy Delivers Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Backup Power to Rail Industry

Environment + Energy Leader

GenCell Energy and RedHawk Energy Systems announced a partnership to deliver GenCell’s zero-emission fuel cell backup power systems to support critical infrastructure requirements in the US rail and other key industry sectors.

2022 82

Quantum sieve could make deuterium much cheaper

Physics World

A recently discovered metal organic framework can act as a “quantum sieve”, with pores that selectively open for deuterium molecules at the right temperatures and pressures.

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Power through the Adirondack Park

Circle of Blue

$4 billion transmission line to deliver Canadian hydropower to New York illustrates tradeoffs in the energy transition. The Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission line will stretch on the bottom of Lake Champlain. Photo courtesy of John Virgolino /Creative Commons.

10 endangered species that will suffer if Highway 413 is built

Enviromental Defense

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Highway 413 would be a disaster for Southern Ontario’s endangered species. .

2022 114

DOE Announces $15.3 Billion in Energy Savings

Environment + Energy Leader

The DOE has announced $15.3 billion in energy savings through the Better Buildings Initiative, a public-private partnership pursuing energy, waste, water, and/or greenhouse gas reduction goals and sharing their solutions. The post DOE Announces $15.3