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EPA’s Latest Emissions Report Shows Why We Need Stronger Regulations

Union of Concerned Scientists

Regulations have pushed car manufacturers to offer the most efficient vehicles ever, but much more can and must be done to address climate change. Transportation emission standards EPA

Pauli blocking is spotted in ultracold fermionic gases

Physics World

A manifestation of the Pauli exclusion principle in ultracold atomic gases has been spotted for the first time by three independent research groups.


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Glasgow Disappointed, But It Inched the World Forward on Climate

Yale E360

The UN climate agreement reached in Glasgow fell far short of what scientists say is needed, angering activists and many delegates. But the pact achieved progress, agreeing to toughen emissions targets by next year and to compensate developing nations for “loss and damage.” Read more on E360

2021 114

The Great Christmas Island Red Crab Migration

Ocean Conservancy

About 932 miles northwest of Perth, Australia, a renowned atoll resides: Christmas Island. The region’s namesake traces back to 1643, when an English voyager sailed past it on Christmas Day. Today, nearly two-thirds of this incredibly biodiverse island is protected as a national park.

Mythbusting “Wind Oversupply”

Union of Concerned Scientists

Wind "curtailment" is not due to too much wind. Climate Change Energy clean energy Renewable energy wind energy

Merging neutron stars create more gold than collisions involving black holes

Physics World

The amounts of heavy elements such as gold created when black holes merge with neutron stars have been calculated and compared with the amounts expected when pairs of neutron stars merge.

2017 112

Contrasting Adapting to Contagious Disease Risk with Adapting to Climate Change

Environmental and Urban Economics

Bill Gates argues that we were insufficiently prepared for COVID-19. Does our failure to adequately prepare for this crisis portend a future under-investment to invest in self-protection to reduce our exposure to climate change risk? In the case of COVID, we had enjoyed 100 years of little exposure to vast contagion. This certainly played a role in lulling us into a complacent mindset.

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Lower-Income Households Shouldn’t Pay More for Solar. Congress Can Fix It.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Someone who makes less than I do shouldn't have to pay more for solar than I do. Energy budget reconciliation equity solar power

Physicists achieve fault-tolerant control of an error-corrected qubit

Physics World

The quantum nature of qubits is a double-edged sword. While it could help quantum computers solve problems that are intractable on classical machines, it is also easily destroyed by noise arising from unintended interactions between qubits and their environment.

Chart of the WeekLatin America’s Inflation Challenge


by Maximiliano Appendino. Español. Inflation has surged in the largest economies of Latin America, prompting large central banks in the region to raise interest rates before economic activity has fully recovered. Our latest Regional Economic Outlook shows how rapidly inflation is rising.

2020 107

Looking Beyond Decarbonization Could Add Value to Clean Energy Projects

Environmental Leader

A new report shows how looking beyond only being carbon free could provide addition benefets in renewable energy developments. The post Looking Beyond Decarbonization Could Add Value to Clean Energy Projects appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

US Offshore Wind: 3 Key Opportunities to Advance Equity

Union of Concerned Scientists

We can promote offshore wind and equity at the same time. Climate Change Energy clean energy energy justice equitable clean energy Massachusetts Offshore Wind Energy Renewable energy workers transition

Universal photonic quantum processor sets new size record

Physics World

Scientists from QuiX Quantum and the adaptive quantum optics group at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have built the largest universal photonic quantum processor to date.

2020 110

In a Stark Letter, and In Person, Researchers Urge World Leaders at COP26 to Finally Act on Science

Inside Climate News

Past climate summit decisions have been disconnected from reality, scientists say. Some find hopeful signs in COP26 draft documents; others see the “same old, same old.”

Debunking Foodware Myths on America Recycles Day

Ocean Conservancy

For more than 35 years, Ocean Conservancy® has mobilized millions of volunteers through the International Coastal Cleanup® (ICC), removing more than 344 million pounds of trash from beaches and waterways around the globe.

Achieving Multi-Racial, Multi-Party Democracy: An Alternative Model for Reform

Union of Concerned Scientists

On September 27, the American Political Science Association, the Electoral Integrity Project, and the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy brought together a unique group of scholars, organizers, activists, and analysts.

Solar-powered harvesters could produce clean water for one billion people

Physics World

One billion people could access safe drinking water using devices that use solar energy to condense water from the air.

New Study Shows Which Places Must Be Protected to Stave Off Catastrophic Climate Change

Yale E360

A new study maps out the old growth forests, peatlands, and mangroves that must be preserved to prevent catastrophic climate change. Though these areas cover only around 3 percent of land, they contain vast stores of carbon that, if unleashed, could not easily be recovered. Read more on E360

HotSpots H2O: In Afghanistan, Political Upheaval Aggravates Drought-Fueled Famine

Circle of Blue

Drought, a financial crisis, and political collapse are accelerating the country’s decline into all-out famine. Almost two-thirds of the country’s population is facing acute hunger. Photo © Mohammed Rahmani / Unsplash. Afghanistan has been facing a drought-induced hunger crisis since last year.

Emissions and Sustainability Concerns Help Drive Move Toward Automated Manufacturing

Environmental Leader

Industry leaders say in a new report that carbon emissions and environmental concerns are important in a shift to automated manufacturing. The post Emissions and Sustainability Concerns Help Drive Move Toward Automated Manufacturing appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Wireless implant uses optogenetics to control spinal cord activity in mice

Physics World

Optogenetics – a technique that uses light to control the activity of neurons or other types of cell – has revolutionized our ability to manipulate and discern the mechanisms underlying brain function. Spinal cord activity underpins control of movement and several other basic physiological functions.

UN Climate Agreement Is Reached, But Crucial Issues Remain Unresolved

Yale E360

The Glasgow climate conference reached a successful conclusion on Saturday, with almost 200 nations signing up unanimously to the Glasgow Climate Pact.

Common household sounds are stressing out our pets, but little research has been put into giving them a happier life

Frontier Sin

By Dr Emma K Grigg , University of California, Davis. Dr Emma K Grigg, University of California, Davis. Image: Sherri Rieck. We may not realize it, but many household appliances are causing our pets significant stress, according to a new study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

2017 87

A quick guide to climate change jargon – what experts mean by mitigation, carbon neutral and 6 other key terms

Environmental News Bits

by Wändi Bruine de Bruin, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences As a major U.N. climate conference gets underway on Oct. 31, 2021, you’ll be hearing a lot of technical terms tossed around: mitigation, carbon neutral, sustainable development. The language can feel overwhelming. “It

X-ray tomography breaks new world record

Physics World

Researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie ( HZB ) have developed a new X-ray tomography technique that’s capable of acquiring a record-breaking 1000 tomograms per second.

Why plastic is not so fantastic

Eco Justice

Plastic production has skyrocketed in recent decades – globally, we now produce about 300 million tonnes annually, 20 times more than just 40 years ago. The low-cost and versatility of plastic has made it a staple. Read more. The post Why plastic is not so fantastic appeared first on Ecojustice.

2021 88

Frontiers eBook releases: November 2021

Frontier Sin

2021 87

Climate change is muting fall colors, but it’s just the latest way that humans have altered US forests

Environmental News Bits

by Marc Abrams, Penn State Fall foliage season is a calendar highlight in states from Maine south to Georgia and west to the Rocky Mountains. It’s especially important in the Northeast, where fall colors attract an estimated US$8 billion in tourism revenues to New England every year.

Physicists create discrete time crystals in a programmable quantum simulator

Physics World

Time crystals are special quantum systems that exhibit periodicity in time, just as crystalline materials are periodic in space.

2012 99

How Trade Can Help Speed Asia’s Economic Recovery


By Pragyan Deb , Julia Estefania-Flores , Siddharth Kothari , and Nour Tawk. A renewed push to liberalize trade can invigorate durable growth and minimize post-pandemic scarring.

2024 86

You’ve Never Seen Hydrothermal Vents Like This

Ocean Conservancy

With more than 80% of the ocean yet to be explored , it’s no surprise that scientists are discovering new things all the time. But every new discovery is awe-inspiring—and reminds us why our ocean needs to be protected. Love ocean content? Sorry, but we failed to add you to the list.

Graduate Women In Science (GWIS) National Fellowship Program

Environmental News Bits

The Graduate Women In Science (GWIS) National Fellowship Program promotes knowledge in the natural and social sciences and encourages women’s academic and professional careers in the sciences.

2021 87

Learned societies propose ‘International Year of Quantum Science and Technology’ in 2025

Physics World

Physicists around the world are drawing up plans for a year-long celebration of quantum science and technology in 2025.

2025 96

Energy Storage Installations Expected to Surge Through 2030

Environmental Leader

A new forecast by BloombergNEF estimates worldwide energy storage to reach unprecedented heights over the next 10 years. The post Energy Storage Installations Expected to Surge Through 2030 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Energy Storage Solar & Renewable Energy

2030 86

Squirrel Parkour? The Science Behind Squirrel Acrobatics

Cool Green Science

Your bird feeder doesn’t stand a chance. New research shows squirrels combine incredible physical abilities with split-second decision making. The post Squirrel Parkour? The Science Behind Squirrel Acrobatics appeared first on Cool Green Science.

The NHL and Chemours Are Spreading ‘Dangerous Misinformation’ About Ice-Rink Refrigerants, a New Report Says

Inside Climate News

The league is promoting the company’s synthetic Opteon refrigerants as “sustainable,” even though they are thousands of times more warming of the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Finger snaps rely on huge angular accelerations, fake fossils on Mars

Physics World

Have you ever thought about what happens when you snap your fingers? Raghav Acharya, Elio Challita, Mark Ilton and Saad Bhamla have looked deeply into the physics of the finger snap and published a paper about their surprising findings in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.