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Ask a Scientist: In Search of a ‘Green’ Electric Car Battery

Union of Concerned Scientists

Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular battery in use today. First commercialized in 1991, their cost has declined by a remarkable 97 percent over the last three decades, enabling the rapid growth of mobile phones, laptops and more recently, electric cars.

And the 2022 Photo Contest Winners Are …

Ocean Conservancy

I am thrilled to share the official winners of Ocean Conservancy’s 2022 Photo Contest ! We were absolutely dazzled by all the incredible submissions this year. Thank you for taking the time to enter your photographs and to vote for your favorites during our 2022 Photo Contest.

2022 114

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Five Things to Know About Drought in the American West

Circle of Blue

A new climate is re-writing the story of America’s drylands. The largest saline lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake dropped to a record low in 2022 as a result of a hot drought that increased evaporation and decreased water flows. Photo © Brett Walton/Circle of Blue.



Food is a tool of manipulation…political manipulation for that matter (think of the rising costs of flour and cooking oil at the moment). Such happenings bring about a sense of helplessness… But in our own small ways, we could forge solutions to these crises and generate a sense of relief… One such solution is growing your own food. Let me explain. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD.

Waste 109

Shaping a Resilient Future: Climate Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Speaker: Laurie Schoeman Director, Climate & Sustainability, Capital

During this event, national climate and housing expert Laurie Schoeman will discuss topics including relocation, decarbonization, housing affordability, disparities in climate risks, and the health impacts of climate change.

With Climate Change, Nights Are Warming Faster than Days. Why?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Extreme heat and heatwaves are growing more frequent and more severe because of climate change. That often brings to mind images of people trying to catch some shade under a baking hot sun or city kids cooling off in a fountain while their parents sweat on the sidelines.

Projectile fusion offers new path to clean energy, quantum communications for alien civilizations

Physics World

Nuclear fusion powers the Sun, and if we could harness it here on Earth we would benefit from a clean and abundant source of energy. However, creating a fusion power plant remains a formidable technical challenge.

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Shifting Sands: Carolina's Outer Banks Face a Precarious Future

Yale E360

Despite the risks of building on barrier islands, developers kept constructing homes on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Now, as sea level rises and storms become more frequent and powerful, the famed vacation spot is fighting an increasingly difficult battle to keep from washing away.

Danger Season Heat Is on–It’s Past Time to Act

Union of Concerned Scientists

When I think about summer, I think of the carefree days I spent playing kickball, kick-the-can, and tag with the kids in my neighborhood. We would run around all day until we finally needed to cool off, which meant we would go to whoever’s house had the most sodas, ice cream, or popsicles.

Manure-Eating Worms Could Be the Dairy Industry’s Climate Solution

Inside Climate News

The worms devour pollutants in dairy wastewater and even prevent greenhouse gas emissions, making such a system a boon to water quality and a possible alternative to digesters.

Best Buy Excels at Carbon and Waste Reductions

Environment + Energy Leader

Best Buy set out in 2017 to reduce its carbon emissions in its operations by 60% by 2030 — from a 2009 baseline. It has met that goal. Now it is upping the ante. The post Best Buy Excels at Carbon and Waste Reductions appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Waste 104

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

The CO2 problem in six easy steps (2022 Update)

Real Climate

One of our most-read old posts is the step-by-step explanation for why increasing CO 2 is a significant problem ( The CO2 problem in 6 easy steps ). However, that was written in 2007 – 15 years ago!

2022 100

Is declaring a climate emergency enough to stop the climate crisis? What we can learn from the Covid-19 pandemic

Frontier Sin

By Jordi Mazon, David Pino, and Mireia Vinyoles. Image: Piyaset/

Amazon Sees Record High Deforestation in First Half of 2022

Yale E360

In the first half of this year, deforestation claimed roughly 1,500 square miles of the Amazon rainforest, an area five times the size of New York City and the greatest loss since at least 2016, according to the Brazilian Space Agency. Read more on E360

Weyl loops link up

Physics World

For the first time, a team of physicists have observed quantum mechanical structures known as Weyl loops linking up to form chains.

2019 95

Vantage Data Centers Secures $300 Million Green Loan

Environment + Energy Leader

The sustainability financing will go toward building a new data center in Virginia. The post Vantage Data Centers Secures $300 Million Green Loan appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Environmental Management Plants & Buildings

2022 91

Court Finds Declaratory Judgment Action, Not Trespass to Try Title

Energy & the Law

Co-author Trevor Lawhorn. SM Energy Co. Union Pac. considers a question frequently asked in Texas suits affecting title: When is a suit a trespass to try title action and not a declaratory judgment action? The dispute.

Law 130

Meet the Kitefin Shark

Ocean Conservancy

The ocean is full of mysteries and every once in a while scientists get a glimpse of something extraordinary. Last year, I was delighted to see, for the first time, scientists had captured photos of one of those camera-shy deep-sea creatures: the kitefin shark.

Asteroid sample offers clues to the origins of our solar system

Physics World

The chemical composition of samples collected from the asteroid 162173 Ryugu are strikingly similar to that of the Sun, say members of a team tasked with analysing samples of Ryugu collected by the Hayabusa2 mission.

2014 88

Panorama Wind Farm in Colorado Now Operational

Environment + Energy Leader

Construction of the Panorama Wind Farm located in Weld County, Colorado is now completed, and the facility has reached commercial operation. The post Panorama Wind Farm in Colorado Now Operational appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Solar & Renewable Energy Utilitie

2022 91

A case for retreat in the age of fire

Environmental News Bits

by Emily E. Schlickman, University of California, Davis; Brett Milligan, University of California, Davis, and Stephen M. Wheeler, University of California, Davis Wildfires in the American West are getting larger, more frequent and more severe.

2022 87

Urban Waters: Discovering the Hidden Beauty of a Jersey River

Yale E360

Flowing through hard-pressed Camden, New Jersey’s Cooper River was long abused and ignored by area residents. Now, following the example of other urban restoration efforts, a campaign is underway to encourage more use of the Cooper and an appreciation of its natural assets. Read more on E360

2022 87

Stretchable sensor measures neurotransmitters in the brain and gut

Physics World

A team of Stanford University scientists has created an innovative stretchable sensor for real-time monitoring of neurotransmitter molecules in the brain and gut.

Intel Operations in US, Costa Rica, India Achieve Net-Positive Water

Environment + Energy Leader

Intel has achieved net-positive water use in three countries and is on pace to hit the goal throughout its operations by 2030, the company says. The post Intel Operations in US, Costa Rica, India Achieve Net-Positive Water appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2030 90

Why the cost of climate change can’t be boiled down to one right number, despite some economists’ best attempts

Environmental News Bits

by Matthew E. Kahn, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences A group of economists has issued a new estimate of the future cost of climate change that is grabbing headlines.

The Stream, July 13 2022: Florida Judge Strikes Down “Rights to Nature” Amendment Two Years After Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Initiative

Circle of Blue

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN. California’s Department of Water Resources says that while a barrier in the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta is protecting drinking water supplies, it may be harming wildlife.

2022 86

Trapping Lanternflies with Innovation

Academy of Natural Sciences

With the arrival of everyone’s favorite invasive plant hopper — the spotted lanternfly — the Academy reached out to Drexel’s Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science (BEES) alumna, Emma McKee, to learn more about how to catch these insects using more specialized, effective traps that minimize harm to wildlife. .

EcoVadis Acquires Ecotrek to Improve Data Mining

Environment + Energy Leader

EcoVadis, provider of business sustainability ratings, has announced the acquisition of Ecotrek, a sustainability data mining company. The post EcoVadis Acquires Ecotrek to Improve Data Mining appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2022 89

No more excuses: restoring nature is not a silver bullet for global warming, we must cut emissions outright

Environmental News Bits

by Kate Dooley, The University of Melbourne and Zebedee Nicholls, The University of Melbourne Restoring degraded environments, such as by planting trees, is often touted as a solution to the climate crisis.

It's Time To Consider the Impact of Vaping Indoors | BreezoMeter


Vaping indoors was initially regarded as safer than regular cigarettes - however, studies are starting to uncover bigger impacts on health from e-cigarette use and secondhand vaping exposure.

Camilla Foged – Finding your own way

Frontier Sin

Author: Madison Wiseman. My latest Women in Science interview takes me to Camilla Foged , a vaccine design and delivery expert, professor, and head to a leading research group in innovative and high-quality nanomedicine formulations.

2018 83

Microsoft Expands Carbon Removal with Climeworks Direct Air Capture System

Environment + Energy Leader

Microsoft signs a long-term deal to use direct air capture to remove carbon. The post Microsoft Expands Carbon Removal with Climeworks Direct Air Capture System appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Air Environmental Management

2022 89

What are PFAS, and why is the EPA warning about them in drinking water? An environmental health scientist explains

Environmental News Bits

by Kathryn Crawford, Middlebury “PFAS? What’s PFAS?” You may be hearing that term in the news as states and the U.S. government consider new rules and guidelines. But even if the acronym is new to you, you’re probably already familiar with what PFAS do.

Is Burying Power Lines Fire-Prevention Magic, or Magical Thinking?

Inside Climate News

With power lines sparking more wildfires as climate change makes landscapes more flammable and drives a movement to “electrify everything,” a simple solution is gaining acceptance despite the cost. By Angela K.

2022 83

Checking In on Crop Insurance: FCIC Final Rule Amends Common Crop Insurance Policy

National Law Center

There are instances where certain provisions of the federal crop insurance program (“FCIP”) policy make it difficult for certain agricultural producers. The post Checking In on Crop Insurance: FCIC Final Rule Amends Common Crop Insurance Policy appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

Law 81

Texas Grid in Spotlight Again as ERCOT Seeks Energy Conservation Measures

Environment + Energy Leader

The resilience of the Texas grid is once again a concern as ERCOT seeks appeals for energy conservation for the second time this year due to heat. The post Texas Grid in Spotlight Again as ERCOT Seeks Energy Conservation Measures appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.