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Photo Essay: Giving Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante the Protection They Deserve

Union of Concerned Scientists

A visit to Grand Staircase Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments. Climate Change Scientific Integrity Bears Ears Biden Administration climate-change Grand Staircase-Escalante science-based decision making

Infrastructure Investment Microeconomics

Environmental and Urban Economics

A few thoughts about the pending Infrastructure Bill. What Criteria Will be Used to Allocate the Money? An efficiency criteria would state that it should be allocated to those places and on those projects within such places that offer the greatest economic and quality of life impact. Before we make such irreversible investments, how do we know what these effects will be? Is the public ready for spatial general equilibrium models to guide this prospective work?


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Why Climate Change Could Put New Conservation Areas in Jeopardy

Yale E360

A global initiative to protect 30 percent of the earth’s land and oceans by 2030 is gaining momentum. But scientists warn that as the world warms, many conservation areas will become less and less suited to the types of species and ecosystems they were intended to protect. Read more on E360

How do Flying Fish “Fly”?

Ocean Conservancy

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … fish? Although most fish don’t take to the skies, flying fish are one spectacular exception (kind of). Read on to see how flying fish get their distinctive name and learn more fun facts about this small but impressive species. See more wonderful ocean animals!

Crunch Time at COP26: Five Things to Watch for as Glasgow Climate Talks Enter Second Week

Union of Concerned Scientists

Leaders must lead. Climate Change COP26 Glasgow Loss and Damage

Will the Biden Administration's Trillion Dollar Investment in Infrastructure Unlock the Potential of Post-Industrial Cities?

Environmental and Urban Economics

The Biden Administration is about to enact a new infrastructure law that will spend more than $1 trillion dollars on rebuilding America's infrastructure. Cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit and St.

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Quantum material ‘learns’ like a living creature

Physics World

Quantum materials known as Mott insulators can “learn” to respond to external stimuli in a way that mimics animal behaviour, say researchers at Rutgers University in the US.

Ozone 113

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World Leaders at COP Say ‘The World Is on Fire.’ People in Western US Are Living It

Union of Concerned Scientists

Without human action, extreme fire seasons and their global impacts will persist. Climate Change California climate-change COP26 Global warming wildfires

With Traditional Farms Withering, Why Is Brazil Running Dry?

Yale E360

As streams and springs dry up, subsistence farmers in Brazil’s western Bahia are struggling to survive. They blame big agriculture for stealing their water for irrigation. But as climate change accelerates and drought increases, scientists disagree on who or what is to blame. Read more on E360

Soaring Metal Prices May Delay Energy Transition


By Lukas Boer , Andrea Pescatori , Martin Stuermer and Nico Valckx. Clean energy needs may cause years of high prices for copper, nickel, cobalt, and lithium under a net-zero emissions scenario.

Huge haul of fast radio bursts hints at astrophysical origins

Physics World

The greatest number of fast radio bursts (FRBs) ever to be observed from a single source has been reported by an international team of astronomers.

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Ask a Scientist: While Nations Dither, US Cities, Counties and States Are Suing Fossil Fuel Companies

Union of Concerned Scientists

An update on climate litigation from Dr. Merner after she moderated a workshop on the topic at the UN climate negotiations in Glasgow. Climate Change Uncategorized Ask a Scientist COP26

Making Sense of the US-China Joint Glasgow Declaration

Legal Planet

Yesterday, China and the US announced a “Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s” ( En / Ch ) What to make of it? The short answer is that it only offers slight forward progress on climate action.

Off-world colony simulation reveals changes in human communication over time with Earth

Frontier Sin

By Colm Gorey, Frontiers science writer. Image: SciePro/ Future planetary colonists will experience isolation like no other group in human history, which is why scientists on Earth are attempting to see how we communicate in the most extreme situations.

2017 99

Special relativity keeps digital identities secure

Physics World

The laws of physics have been helping to keep sensitive information secret for well over a decade, with banks and other organizations using quantum cryptography to carry out very secure communications. But new research shows that special relativity can also be exploited to guarantee secrecy.

In a New Policy Statement, the Nation’s Physicists Toughen Their Stance on Climate Change, Stressing Its Reality and Urgency

Inside Climate News

The American Physical Society’s new policy is a shift from its 2015 statement, which called the magnitude of future climate impacts “uncertain” and referred to “significant” natural sources of warming.

New York Town Installs LED Streelights as Part of State Program

Environmental Leader

A New York town has replaced its streetlights with LEDs as part of a state program. The post New York Town Installs LED Streelights as Part of State Program appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Cities & Infrastructure Energy Management Lighting Lighting and LEDs Utilities

2021 95

Science is my favorite hobby

Frontier Sin

Author: Leticia Nani Silva. Dr. Sarah Berry is a reader in nutritional sciences at King’s College London. Her work focuses on precision nutrition and the influence of food matrix and dietary components on postprandial metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Superconductivity appears in novel hydride phases

Physics World

Researchers in Russia and China have discovered superconductivity in two new phases of a hydride material at pressures much lower than those needed to stabilize other recently-discovered hydride superconductors.

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4 unexpected places where adults can learn science

Environmental News Bits

by Jill Zarestky, Colorado State University Modern society benefits when people understand science concepts. This knowledge helps explain how cryptocurrency works, why climate change is happening or how the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person.

Combined Heat And Power Market To Grow By Billions Over The Next Few Years, Says MarketsandMarkets

Environmental Leader

Market research company MarketsandMarkets recently published a global forecast of the combined heat and power market projecting major growth in the coming years, from an estimated $26.6 billion in 2021 to $35.2 billion by 2026 — a combined annual growth rate of 5.8%.

2026 93

Exposure to CO2 after traumatic experience strengthens fearful memories in mice

Frontier Sin

By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers science writer. Image credit: By Stefan_Sutka / Mice who inhale CO2 within hours after forming a new fearful memory show more distress when subsequently prompted to retrieve the memory.

Theory of teapot dribbling is complete at last, solar panels host astonishing microorganisms

Physics World

Short and stout: a teapot shown pouring, dripping and dribbling. Courtesy: B Scheichl, RI Bowles and G Pasias/ Journal of Fluid Mechanics ).

2009 90

Cities worldwide aren’t adapting to climate change quickly enough

Environmental News Bits

by John Rennie Short, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Climate change is magnifying threats such as flooding, wildfires, tropical storms and drought. In 2020 the U.S. experienced a record-breaking 22 weather and climate disasters that each caused at least US$1 billion in damage.

Energy Management System Designed to Help Corporations Tackle Efficiency in Their Buildings

Environmental Leader

A new energy management system is aimed at helping corporations with multiple buildings create efficient facilities. The post Energy Management System Designed to Help Corporations Tackle Efficiency in Their Buildings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2021 87

CHART OF THE WEEKThe Unequal COVID Saving and Wealth Surge


By Cian Allen and Cyril Rebillard. Household saving increased sharply during the COVID-19 crisis in many countries.

2019 87

Ultrafast photon detectors enable reconstruction-free medical imaging

Physics World

Many medical imaging techniques rely on a mathematical process called tomography, which reconstructs data recorded in one or two dimensions into three-dimensional image volumes.

The #BrandAudit2021 Report

Environmental News Bits

Download the document and view the data. Over 99% of plastic is made from fossil fuels. To truly “turn off the tap” on plastic pollution, corporations must stop producing so much plastic and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

United States and China Agree to Cooperate on Reducing Emissions

Environmental Leader

The United States and China say at COP26 they agree to work together to reduce emissions. The post United States and China Agree to Cooperate on Reducing Emissions appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Environmental Management Leaders Leading

2021 85

As Glasgow Deadline Looms, Key Disputes Hold Up a Climate Agreement

Yale E360

The Glasgow climate conference edged toward a close on Friday, with agreement on a final declaration near.

Scatter imaging during lung stereotactic body radiation therapy

Physics World

Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. Due to breathing motion, lung tumours move during stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Scatter imaging, which collects photons scattered out of the radiation therapy beam, is a potential technique for real-time tracking of lung tumours.

How to meet America’s climate goals: 5 policies for Biden’s next climate bill

Environmental News Bits

by Kelly Sims Gallagher, Tufts University President Joe Biden’s new climate strategy, announced after his original plan crumbled under opposition in Congress, will represent a historic investment in clean energy technology and infrastructure if it is enacted.

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Program Captures Energy from EV Charging to Aid Building Power Efficiency

Environmental Leader

A piolot program in Canada will study how energy from electric vehicle charging stations can be used to improve the efficency in buildings. The post Program Captures Energy from EV Charging to Aid Building Power Efficiency appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Proposed Glasgow Accord Calls for Tougher Targets, Phasing Out Coal, and Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Yale E360

With ministers from around the world back in Glasgow to take control of negotiations, delegates at the UN climate talks Wednesday were digesting the first draft of the pact to be signed at the climate conference’s scheduled close on Friday.

3D printing makes a smaller, lighter cold atom trap

Physics World

A team led by physicists at the University of Nottingham, UK has created a 3D-printed magneto-optical trap (MOT) capable of holding more than 2 × 10 8 rubidium atoms at temperatures a fraction of a degree above absolute zero.

Emissions Gap Report 2021

Environmental News Bits

Download the document and read the addendum released today. With climate change intensifying and scientists warning that humanity is running out of time to limit global warming to 1.5°C C over pre-industrial levels, 2021 has been a fraught year for the planet.

2021 87

Reduce Flooding From Backed up Sewers? There’s an App for That

Circle of Blue

This pond at Mary Beth Doyle Park in Ann Arbor is one of a series of retention basins that slow the rush of water and allow the stuff washed from parking lots and streets to settle out before the water goes into the Huron River. Photo © Lester Graham, Michigan Radio.