Sat.Oct 30, 2021 - Fri.Nov 05, 2021

Florida Governor Suppresses the Vote, State University Suppresses the Voting Experts

Union of Concerned Scientists

Scientists everywhere should be outraged at this attempt by the University of Florida to suppress science in a crucial public policy debate. Science and Democracy Scientific Integrity academic freedom florida Ron DeSantis voter suppression Voting rights

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New periodic table focuses on sustainability, gaining a physics PhD age 89

Physics World

We do love an alternative periodic table here at Physics World , so I was chuffed to discover that the European Chemical Society has put a sustainable twist on its version of the table that displays the elements in terms of their abundance here on Earth.


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As Warming and Drought Increase, A New Case for Ending Big Dams

Yale E360

The argument against major hydropower projects — ravaged ecosystems and large-scale displacement of people — is well known. But dam critics now say that climate change, bringing dried-up reservoirs and increased methane releases, should spell the end of big hydropower. Read more on E360

On the wrong path: the proposed Trails Act needs changes to ensure trail management reflects science

Environmental Law Centre

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On the wrong path: the proposed Trails Act needs changes to ensure trail management reflects science Edmonton, Alberta – November 3, 2021.

Law 110

5 Ways Rural Drivers Benefit from Electric Vehicles

Union of Concerned Scientists

Rural drivers stand to benefit the most from switching to an electric vehicle (EV), regardless of the state they live in or the type of vehicle they drive. Transportation electric vehicles EVs rural America rural transportation

Elements may have been forged on Earth, as well as in space

Physics World

Creating elements lighter than iron might not require the extreme conditions found inside very massive stars. According to a group of physicists in Japan and Canada, it is possible that oxygen, nitrogen and all other elements with atomic numbers up to 25 have also been produced inside the Earth.

More Eyes on Polluters: The Growth of Citizen Monitoring

Yale E360

In pollution hotspots like western Pennsylvania — where petrochemical facilities are proliferating — local residents, distrustful of companies and government, are taking advantage of low-cost technologies to do their own monitoring of air, water, and noise pollution. Read more on E360

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More and More: 5 Offshore Wind Stories I’m Watching

Union of Concerned Scientists

As US offshore wind begins to become a reality, it is providing more (and more) reasons to be excited. Climate Change Energy

Industry engagement prepares UK for quantum transformation

Physics World

The promise of quantum computers is starting to turn into reality.

2021 Election Recap: New York Voters Approve Clean Water Constitutional Amendment

Circle of Blue

High-profile water-related issues were also on the ballot in Maine, Boise, and Virginia Beach. The New York City skyline and the Hudson River. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue. New Yorkers approved an environmental rights amendment in their state constitution.

2021 101

Businesses Seek Governmental ESG Standards, Policies

Environmental Leader

Businesses across the United States and Europe reach out to their governments to take standard ESG actions. The post Businesses Seek Governmental ESG Standards, Policies appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Environmental Management Leaders Leading Reporting Supply Chain

Science Is Rising: STEM Students Rocked the Vote in 2020 Election

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science Network community and partnerships manager Melissa Varga shares her rundown of recent student voter data–it's good news for democracy. Science and Democracy 2020 election civic engagement early career scientists science rising student voting voter registration voter turnout

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Superconductor reveals new state of matter involving pairs of Cooper pairs

Physics World

Cool a material below its superconducting transition temperature and you’d expect it to start conducting electricity without resistance and expelling magnetic fields.

Climate Change Grips Trout Streams Across the Nation:

Circle of Blue

Climate Change Grips Trout Streams Across the Nation: How Anglers Are Responding Across the country, anglers have watched as droughts, floods, and high temperatures batter the rivers they depend on. Now, they’re calling for swift action.

How To See More Wildlife

Cool Green Science

Wildlife watching is a skill. Here are some tips to get you started. The post How To See More Wildlife appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist

What is the Supply Chain for Clean Energy and Climate Change?

Union of Concerned Scientists

To deliver new clean energy, the country will need changes in transmission and transmission policy. Climate Change Energy FERC PJM solar wind

Large, defect-free quasicrystals could be made by ‘self-healing’

Physics World

A new way to grow large, defect-free quasicrystals has been developed by researchers in the US.

Glasgow Climate Conference Opens With Dire Warnings and Muted Expectations

Yale E360

Some big international conferences begin with high ambition and end in ignominious failure. Some start with modest ambition and achieve major success. It’s too early to tell how the UN climate conference in Glasgow will go.

Blockchain Aims to Lower Product Waste, Emissions

Environmental Leader

A new blockchain will help businesses and consumers find the value of goods and how they were produced in hopes of lowering their carbon footprint. The post Blockchain Aims to Lower Product Waste, Emissions appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Waste 93

Verdict on First US Fuel Economy and Emissions Program for Trucks: Success?

Union of Concerned Scientists

Last week, EPA released its first scorecard on how truck manufacturers are faring under these new standards. The simple answer is: quite well. Transportation air pollution air quality diesel electric trucks heavy-duty trucks NOx PM2.5 soot truck efficiency vehicle greenhouse gas standards

Cooper pairs spotted above critical temperature for superconductivity

Physics World

The most direct evidence so far that Cooper pairs of electrons can exist in a material above the critical temperature for superconductivity has been claimed by Koen Bastiaans and Milan Allan of Leiden University in the Netherlands and colleagues.

A forgotten mangrove forest around remote inland lagoons in Mexico’s Yucatan tells a story of rising seas

Environmental News Bits

by Sula E Vanderplank, San Diego State University The San Pedro River winds from rainforests in Guatemala through the Yucatan Peninsula in eastern Mexico. There, this peaceful river widens into a series of slow-flowing lakes.

What’s Up With Water – November 1, 2021

Circle of Blue

Transcript. Welcome to “What’s Up With Water,” your need-to-know news of the world’s water from Circle of Blue. I’m Eileen Wray-McCann. ————————. In international news, this week marks the start of a critical UN climate conference, known as COP26.

2021 91

The Clock is Running Out to Protect Voting Rights

Union of Concerned Scientists

Time for the US Senate to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Science and Democracy Democracy Reform John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Voting rights

2021 164

How to build tiny robots from stretchy sheets

Physics World

New research shows that microscale robots can be made from shape shifting 2D sheets. Itai Cohen and Itay Griniasty of Cornell University in the US have developed a mathematical technique for encoding the motion cycle of a tiny robot onto the surface of a flat material.

2021 103

Louisiana Court Considers Buried and Surface Flowlines

Energy & the Law

Co-author Brittany Blakey. In Emerald Land Corp. Trimont Energy (BL) LLC , a Louisiana federal court considered whether a lessee was required to remove flowlines buried beneath the surface and canal bottoms of property subject to mineral leases. What the leases said.

2021 130

Carbon Neutral Silicone to Help Reduce Emissions in Building Industry

Environmental Leader

Carbon neutral silicone products can help the construction industry cut emissions and improve energy efficiency. The post Carbon Neutral Silicone to Help Reduce Emissions in Building Industry appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

2021 89

Perils of Censorship On Full Display in Florida University Fiasco

Union of Concerned Scientists

The firestorm continues to rage at the University of Florida (UF) over its decision to bar three of its professors from testifying in a voting rights lawsuit. Science and Democracy florida Ron DeSantis

2021 156

How Vera Rubin broke barriers and convinced the astronomy community that dark matter exists

Physics World

Lines of enquiry Vera Rubin measuring spectra at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, in about 1970. Courtesy: AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Rubin Collection).

2016 102

Humanity is compressing millions of years of natural change into just a few centuries

Environmental News Bits

by Dan Lunt, University of Bristol and Darrell Kaufman, Northern Arizona University Many numbers are swirling around the climate negotiations at the UN climate summit in Glasgow, COP26. These include global warming targets of 1.5? and 2.0?, recent warming of 1.1?, remaining CO?

HotSpots H2O: The Philippines’ Largest Wetland Faces Prospect of Drilling

Circle of Blue

The newly autonomous Bangsamoro government has invited investors to pursue drilling projects in a marsh critical for both Indigenous peoples and wildlife. The 288,000-hectare marsh is the country’s largest intact wetland, and an internationally-recognized “important bird and biodiversity area.”

The Clock is Running Out on Voting Rights

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS Fellow Michael Latner breaks down the importance of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and its provisions. Science and Democracy civil rights For the People Act John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Senate supreme court voter suppression voting Voting rights

2021 145

Blood tests reveal brain damage following long-term spaceflight

Physics World

For astronauts, staying healthy while in orbit is a top priority. The human body simply isn’t built for outer space: long-term exposure to microgravity can result in muscle loss, weaken bones and even shorten eyeballs. But what happens to an astronaut’s brain once they leave Earth behind?

2021 98

How ‘managed retreat’ from climate change could revitalize rural America: Revisiting the Homestead Act

Environmental News Bits

by Hillary A. Brown, City College of New York and Daniel R. Brooks, University of Toronto Southern Italy’s rural Calabria region announced an innovative project in 2021 to breathe new life into its small towns.

In Glasgow, Experts Warn of Widespread Misspending of Climate Adaptation Funds

Yale E360

Tens of billions of dollars in aid are being poured into helping the most vulnerable nations to adapt to climate change. Rich nations in Glasgow are promising more. But is the money being well spent? Authors of a new report from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) say not.

Is China Doing Enough on Climate Change? COP26 Version

Legal Planet

As COP26 kicks off in Glasgow, Scotland this week, the world is confronted with a basic reality.

Researchers crack challenge of sending control signals to millions of qubits at once

Physics World

Today’s best quantum computers have fewer than 100 quantum bits (qubits), but future applications of quantum computing may require millions or more.