March, 2022

It’s About Damn Time to Have a Black Woman on the US Supreme Court

Union of Concerned Scientists

At President Biden’s first State of the Union address, he can tout a historic promise he kept from the campaign trail in 2020: his nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

2022 285

Wild Sounds: The Loss of Sonic Diversity and Why It Matters

Yale E360

From birdsong in the rainforest to whale calls in the oceans, the world is losing the variety of sounds that enriches life. Habitat loss, species extinctions, and industrial noise all contribute to this sonic loss, which cuts off a vital human connection to the Earth. Read more on E360


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Photonic system is very good at locating radio transmitters

Physics World

A new analogue photonic platform that can rapidly identify the locations of radio-frequency sources has been unveiled by Guillaume Bourdarot, Jean-Philippe Berger and Hugues Guillet de Chatellus at Université Grenoble Alpes–CNRS in France.

2022 114

Arizona’s Future Water Shock

Circle of Blue

Arizona’s Future Water Shock. Smaller cities. Soaring water prices. Scorched desert towns. . By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue – March 28, 2022. The Biggest Dry: Arizona, third of three reports. Read the first two reports here and here.

2022 113

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

This sustainable solar oven allows rural communities to cook without coal or firewood

Frontier Sin

By K.E.D. Coan, science writer. Image: Riccardo Mayer/ A new design for a solar cooking system may help rural communities prepare food more sustainably, reports a new study.

2022 114

Shifts in El Niño May Be Driving Climates Extremes in Both Hemispheres

Inside Climate News

Global warming is shifting cyclical temperature swings in the Pacific Ocean, and that affects floods in Australia, fires in South America and even temperature in the polar regions.

Ocean 109

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As Climate Fears Mount, Some in U.S. Are Deciding to Relocate

Yale E360

As wildfires worsen and sea levels rise, a small but growing number of Americans are choosing to move to places such as New England or the Appalachian Mountains that are seen as safe havens from climate change. Researchers say this phenomenon will intensify in the coming decades. Read more on E360

Source of fast radio bursts surprises astronomers

Physics World

The source of fast radio bursts (FRBs) first detected in 2020 is likely to be located within a dense cluster of ancient stars, according to astronomers led by Franz Kirsten at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

2007 114

IPCC Climate Report: Six Key Findings for Water

Circle of Blue

Scientific body warns of ‘rapidly closing window’ for action. A woman reaches for a hose from a water tanker in Rajasthan, India. Temperatures on this day in July 2016 exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue – March 1, 2022.

Sheena Talma – Marine Science is not always rainbows and butterflies 

Frontier Sin

Author: Thimedi Hetti. Sheena Talma , a marine scientist and deep-sea enthusiast from the Seychelles, is a freelance consultant currently working as a science & knowledge exchange program manager at Nekton and D’Arros experience co-ordinator at Save Our Seas Foundation.

Ocean 107

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Save Trillions in Clean Energy Transitions

Environment + Energy Leader

A reports shows how combining artificial intelligence systems with the clean energy transition might save investors trillions of dollars beyond 2050. The post Artificial Intelligence Could Help Save Trillions in Clean Energy Transitions appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Data Doesn’t Speak, People Do!

Union of Concerned Scientists

Science Network guest blogger Professor Barbara Allen describes how scientists can better engage with communities for the best impact from their work.

2022 268

Unnatural Barriers: How the Rapid Rise of Fences Is Harming Wildlife

Yale E360

From East Africa to Mongolia, fences are going up rapidly as livestock farming and border barriers increase. Now, a growing number of studies are documenting the impact of these fences, from impeding wildlife migrations to increasing the genetic isolation of threatened species. Read more on E360

2022 114

Physics equations compete for your approval, exoplanets that never were

Physics World

What is your favourite physics equation and how well would it stand up in the court of public opinion to other equations?

2022 114

War in Ukraine Lengthens List of Violent Acts over Water

Circle of Blue

A new report details the rising number of clashes across the planet that are connected to water. The North Crimean Canal runs near the town of Lenino. In February, Russian forces destroyed a dam that Ukrainians had built to restrict the flow of water in the canal after Russia overtook Crimea in 2014.

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International Women's Day - BreezoMeter Supports ‘Breaking The Gender Bias!


What better time than International Women's Day to celebrate BreezoMeter’s female staff, which span cross-departmental functions - scientists, programmers, product managers, marketers, senior management, legal, finance, HR, and more! BreakingTheBias.

Leftovers in prehistoric pots let scientists peek into the kitchen of an ancient civilization

Frontier Sin

By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers Science writer. Image credit: Marko Kukic / Scientists study animal lipids and microscopical remains of plants in vessels from the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization and preceding Copper Age cultures in northern Gujarat, India.

2022 103

As War Rages in Ukraine, Policymakers Must Reject Fossil Fuel Industry Spin

Union of Concerned Scientists

Deputy Policy Director Julie McNamara urges policymakers to see calls from the fossil fuel industry to invest more in their operations--in response to market instability because of the war in Ukraine--as an opportunistic attempt to lower their costs and increase their profits, at great cost to us.

Despite Warnings, a Destructive African Dam Project Moves Ahead

Yale E360

A massive hydroelectric dam under construction in Tanzania threatens to flood part of a famed game reserve and deprive villages and mangrove forests of the water they depend on, experts warn. But fear of the country’s authoritarian government has silenced the project’s critics. Read more on E360

Time crystals on a quantum computer reach a record size

Physics World

Researchers in Australia have created the largest time crystal to date, using 57 qubits on an openly accessible IBM quantum computer to construct an exotic phase of matter with properties that repeat over time, rather than in space.

2022 114

Recent Megafire Smoke Columns Have Reached the Stratosphere, Threatening Earth’s Ozone Shield

Inside Climate News

New research warns that wildfire emissions could unravel progress made under the Montreal Protocol to shrink atmospheric ozone holes.

Ozone 103

Guest post: Brazil will have first climate litigation trials in the Supreme Court

Law Columbia

By Isabela Soares Bicalho, Gabriel Mantelli, Maria Antonia Tigre and Carmem Añon Brasolin. On March 30, 2022, the Brazilian Supreme Court, the most important judicial body in the country, will hear seven cases, and all of them are environmental cases.

Wildfire Resilience Treatments Work

Cool Green Science

With the western United States facing increasingly severe fires and a megadrought, active forest management offers a more resilient future. The post Wildfire Resilience Treatments Work appeared first on Cool Green Science. Latest Science

EPA Recognizes Problem of Truck Pollution, But Hesitates on Solution

Union of Concerned Scientists

It's critical that EPA's proposed rule on pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks be stronger. Transportation air pollution air quality diesel electric trucks heavy-duty trucks NOx PM2.5

Can Cloud Seeding Help Quench the Thirst of the U.S. West?

Yale E360

In the midst of an historic megadrought, states in the American West are embracing cloud seeding to increase snow and rainfall. Recent research suggests that the decades-old approach can be effective, though questions remain about how much water it can wring from the sky. Read more on E360

2022 114

Machine learning makes its mark on medical imaging and therapy

Physics World

Artificial intelligence has potential to improve the operation of many essential tasks in various fields of medicine and biomedicine – from dealing with the massive amount of data generated by medical imaging, to understanding the evolution of cancer in the body, to helping design and optimize patient treatments.

Things You Didn’t Know About Swordfish

Ocean Conservancy

Known in some parts of the world as broadbills, swordfish ( Xiphias gladius ) are among the fastest and most powerful predatory fish in our ocean. Their iconic bills are literally like swords—long, flat and pointy, with a strength that mystifies scientists.

Ocean 101

Ancient art and genetics combine to reveal origin of world’s most expensive spice

Frontier Sin

By Mischa Dijkstra, Frontiers science writer. Harvest of saffron crocuses. Image credit: Petia_is / Shutterstock. In a new review, researchers showcase how the first likely depictions of the domesticated saffron crocus date from Bronze Age Greece.

2022 100

Water Law in Alberta: A Comprehensive Guide

Environmental Law Centre

Water Law in Alberta: A Comprehensive Guide In the latest Environmental Law Centre publication, Water Law in Alberta: A Comprehensive Guide, we take a look at the law of. The post Water Law in Alberta: A Comprehensive Guide appeared first on Environmental Law Centre. Water Water management

Law 99

Oil and Gas Industry Hypocrisy Laid Bare By Russia’s War on Ukraine

Union of Concerned Scientists

CEOs of major oil and gas companies have been called to testify before at least three congressional committees about their record profits as Russia wages an unjust war in Ukraine and gas prices remain volatilely high, disproportionately affecting low-income and fixed-income families.

How Climate Change Is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain

Yale E360

The impact of the Covid pandemic on the global supply chain has been widely reported. But extreme weather, from floods to wildfires, is increasingly hammering ports, highways, and factories worldwide, and experts warn these climate-induced disruptions will only get worse. Read more on E360

China overtakes the US in terms of research quality, finds study

Physics World

The quality of China’s scientific research output exceeded that of the US in 2019. That is according to a new analysis by researchers in the US, which also found that China had already overtaken the European Union in terms of research quality by 2015. .

2019 111

The Sound of Merlin: Like Shazam, but for Birds

Cool Green Science

When I began my Zero to Hero Birding Journey (going on seven years ago now), my birding mentor Tim Boucher required that I (a) download the Merlin birding app, (b) learn to be quick with my binoculars, and (c) put… The post The Sound of Merlin: Like Shazam, but for Birds appeared first on Cool Green Science.

Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ From Wildfires Set to Soar

Inside Climate News

New research sees the Pacific Northwest, a future hot spot for dangerous spikes of PM2.5 pollution, getting smoked out every three to five years by late this century.

2022 98

Compressed Air Energy Storage Market Expected to See Growth

Environment + Energy Leader

The compressed air energy storage market will see growth as renewable energy demands and new technology uses increase. The post Compressed Air Energy Storage Market Expected to See Growth appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Energy Management Energy Storage

We Can Electrify One in Three Heavy Duty Trucks by 2030: Here’s How.

Union of Concerned Scientists

The past few years have been ripe with exciting news of new electric vehicle models hitting the market. Recently, the anticipated release of electric light-duty trucks has dominated consumers’ attention.

2030 241