June, 2021

Can the US Survive California’s Drought?

Union of Concerned Scientists

California's drought is a national and international crisis. Climate Change California California drought climate change impacts disadvantaged communities Drought groundwater Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

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Solar device generates electricity and desalinates water with no waste brine

Physics World

A device that can generate electricity while desalinating seawater has been developed by researchers in Saudi Arabia and China, who claim that their new system is highly efficient at performing both tasks.


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Natural Protectors: Kenyan Women Step Up to Save a Forest

Yale E360

Only a few years ago, Samburu women in northern Kenya were cutting down firewood in the Kirisia forest and burning it to make charcoal. Now, those same women are directly involved in managing the forest, using it sustainably and reporting any illegal activity to authorities. Read more on E360

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5 Facts About the Fabulous Parrotfish

Ocean Conservancy

There’s a rainbow of life blossoming just beneath our ocean’s surface. From the vibrant reefs of the South Pacific to the dazzling shells nestled on Florida’s beaches, you don’t have to go far to realize just how captivatingly colorful and diverse our ocean truly is.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Glyphosate pesticides persist for years in wild plants and cause flower infertility

Frontier Sin

By Peter Rejcek, science writer. Flower of prickly rose, Rosa acicularis. Image credit: BSG_1974 / Shutterstock.com. Glyphosate is an herbicide commonly used in forestry operations throughout British Columbia, Canada.

2021 114

As a Hot, Dry Summer Begins in California, More Water Wells Are Failing

Circle of Blue

Government agencies and nonprofit groups are preparing for difficult months ahead. Guillermina Andrade (left) and Vicente Tapia filled barrels from a water depot outside the East Porterville, California, fire station.

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Artificial intelligence can spot holes in the Sun’s corona

Physics World

Many Suns: this image taken by the Solar Dynamic Observatory shows the Sun at seven different EUV wavelengths (coloured stripes) and magnetic field information (grey scale stripe). Coronal holes are indicated by red contour lines. Courtesy: Jarolim et al. 2021).

As Climate Warms, a Rearrangement of World’s Plant Life Looms

Yale E360

Previous periods of rapid warming millions of years ago drastically altered plants and forests on Earth. Now, scientists see the beginnings of a more sudden, disruptive rearrangement of the world’s flora — a trend that will intensify if greenhouse gas emissions are not reined in. Read more on E360

New Climate Research From a Year-Long Arctic Expedition Raises an Ozone Alarm in the High North

Inside Climate News

Warming of the surface of the Arctic is matched by a colder polar vortex high in the atmosphere, which is speeding the breakdown of the Earth’s shield against ultraviolet rays.

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Breakthrough study shows defining traits are forged the moment we’re born

Frontier Sin

By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer. Image: Oleksii Synelnykov/Shutterstock. A new study published by the open access publisher Frontiers is the first to research the link between functional brain network connectivity and behavioral temperament in newborns and one-month-old babies.

Announcing the 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Ocean Conservancy

Thank you for taking the time to enter your photographs and vote for your favorites during our 2021 Photo Contest this summer. I am blown away by the entries and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the incredible submissions we received from around the world. Love our content?

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When It Comes to Nuclear Power, “Advanced” Isn’t Always Better

Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuclear power proponents have long been prone to wishful thinking. Back in 1954, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss famously predicted that nuclear-generated electricity would ultimately become “too cheap to meter.” Today, nuclear power is among the most expensive forms of electricity.

Huge Oort Cloud object has been spotted entering the solar system

Physics World

Astronomers sifting through data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) have spotted a large Oort Cloud object approaching the outer regions of the solar system.

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Europe’s Drive to Slash Plastic Waste Moves Into High Gear

Yale E360

As part of a broader effort to create a circular economy that reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, the EU will ban a host of throwaway plastic items next month and is creating an expansive and lucrative market for recycled plastics. Read more on E360

Amid Dire Colorado River Outlook, States Plan to Tap Their Lake Mead Savings Accounts

Circle of Blue

This year and next, Arizona and California intend to draw on water they banked in the big reservoir, even as water levels drop. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir on the Colorado River, is a centerpiece for water supplies in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

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Confidence Among Renewable Energy Investors at an All-Time High: Report

Environmental Leader

A new analysis released recently by the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) finds that confidence among both renewable energy investors and developers is at an all-time high.

Surprising spider hair discovery may inspire stronger adhesives

Frontier Sin

By K.E.D. Coan, science writer. Cupiennius salei wandering spider. Image credit: Kevin Wells Photography / Shutterstock.com.

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Undercutting Climate Goals, Biden Administration Greenlights Oil Drilling in Alaska

Union of Concerned Scientists

Common sense says that you cannot approve massive oil drilling projects if you want to swiftly reach net-zero emissions. Climate Change Alaska Department of the Interior

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Indirect 3D printing creates intricate bioscaffolds for bone and tissue regrowth

Physics World

Researchers in fields such as tissue engineering and biomedical device development are increasingly harnessing the countless applications that 3D printing of bioscaffolds has unlocked.

How Returning Lands to Native Tribes Is Helping Protect Nature

Yale E360

From California to Maine, land is being given back to Native American tribes who are committing to managing it for conservation. Some tribes are using traditional knowledge, from how to support wildlife to the use of prescribed fires, to protect their ancestral grounds. Read more on E360

An Unexpected Source of Mercury: Greenland’s Glaciers


By Roberta Attanasio, IEAM Blog Editor Greenland. Credit: Rene Schwietzke (CC BY 2.0). Greenland, the largest island in the world not considered its own continent, lies above the Arctic Circle with the exception of its Southern tip.

Oregon Poised to Become 8th US State to go 100% Clean Energy

Environmental Leader

A bill committing electricity providers to deliver 100% clean power to Oregon customers by 2040 passed both the House and Senate of the Oregon State Legislative Assembly on Saturday. The post Oregon Poised to Become 8th US State to go 100% Clean Energy appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

The Acceleration of an Antarctic Glacier Shows How Global Warming Can Rapidly Break Up Polar Ice and Raise Sea Level

Inside Climate News

New research on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet tracked the disintegration of a floating ice shelf and how that accelerated the flow of the Pine Island Glacier to the sea.

Tyranny of the Minority? — The Filibuster: Democracy at Risk

Union of Concerned Scientists

We must abolish the capacity of the Senate to filibuster questions of civil rights and democracy once and for all. Science and Democracy filibuster For the People Act John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Voting rights

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Novel brachytherapy device treats eye cancer with intensity-modulated radiation

Physics World

“That may be one of the reasons why people in the medical physics world are interested in getting a conformal brachytherapy treatment for the eye.”.

Amid Troubles for Fossil Fuels, Has the Era of ‘Peak Oil’ Arrived?

Yale E360

For years, analysts have predicted that rising world oil consumption would peak and start declining in the coming decades. But with a recent string of setbacks for big oil companies and the rapid advance of electric vehicles, some now say that “peak oil” is already here. Read more on E360



Treatment of effluents from industries before discharge into the environment is a subject of concern today because of the disease burden it creates. Among the pollutants of concern, metals and dissolved industrial chemicals are significant. Though several treatment strategies have been used before, efficiency of pollutant removal still has a long way to go.

Leadership Blog Part 14: The Ecology of Place

NAEP Leadership Blog

How often do we consider our relationship to place? How often is it foremost in our minds and hearts that we belong to and are being shaped by a specific place? We are truly in relationship with the landscape, both the built and natural landscape.

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GE Advances Wind Turbine Blade Recycling With European Partnerships

Environmental Leader

GE Renewable Energy is collaborating with European partners neowa and LafargeHolcim to advance wind turbine recycling and reuse as part of broader efforts to contribute to the European Commission’s (EC) circular economy action plan.

Scientists Cannot Sit Comfortably Around Police Violence. We Have a Role in Helping End this Epidemic.

Union of Concerned Scientists

The lack of a comprehensive and easily accessible federal database to track and publicly report fatal encounters with the police, excessive use of force, and other policing interactions has created a blind spot for police reform and accountability.

2021 260

Caution needed when testing Einstein’s general relativity using gravitational waves

Physics World

Physicists should be wary of data from gravitational-wave observatories that appear to contradict Einstein’s general theory of relativity. That is the message from researchers in the UK, who have analysed how errors accumulate when combining the results from multiple black-hole mergers.

In Push to Find Methane Leaks, Satellites Gear Up for the Hunt

Yale E360

Stemming the methane leaks from landfills, oil fields, natural gas pipelines and more is one of the most powerful levers we have to quickly slow global warming. New satellites are bolstering this urgent mission by pinpointing emitters of this potent greenhouse gas from space. Read more on E360



What do grazing cattle, usage of fertilizers and poor sanitation have in common? Well, these activities affect our drinking water in more ways than we could imagine. GROUNDWATER. This valuable resource of drinking water has hydrated us for ages. Though hardness might be an issue in a few places, groundwater always delivers an epic taste into our mouths. However, the safety of groundwater in some areas is being compromised by a very unlikely pollutant. HIGH NITRATE CONTENT.

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Why Does the Ocean Matter to You?

Ocean Conservancy

It’s somewhat indescribable—our love of the ocean. Since time immemorial, humans have been enamored by our ocean in one way or another.

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US Electric Vehicle Sales up 329% in May 2021

Environmental Leader

The principle of mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between technologies is alive and well as electric vehicle (EV) sales and corresponding EV charge infrastructure spur each other on. The post US Electric Vehicle Sales up 329% in May 2021 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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The 2021 Hurricane Season Begins: Six Major Risks We’re Watching

Union of Concerned Scientists

From COVID-19, to toxics, to health--there's a lot to watch for. Climate Change Energy Food and Agriculture Science and Democracy Science Communication covid and hurricane response COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-Climate Collision

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