Wed.May 18, 2022

Why We Can Send A Rover To Mars, But We Can’t Send An Electron From New York to California

Union of Concerned Scientists

Space missions are a federal matter, but states determine energy policy and infrastructure decisions. Right now, states and the federal government have a choice that will define our country’s options for clean energy and planning the power grid for the challenges ahead.

2022 201

Method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we measure snow depth from space

Frontier Sin

By Simona Pesce, Frontiers writer. Photo of snow taken by crew of the International Space Station. Image: NASA.

2022 111

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A Daughter’s Story: White Supremacy and the Poor People’s Campaign

Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS is honored to be a mobilizing partner for the Poor People’s Campaign , a nonviolent call to moral revival. If you can join us in Washington, DC on June 18 th in solidarity with their march and assembly, I hope you will. Buffalo. Charlottesville. El Paso. Pittsburgh. Charleston.

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How Ailing Strip Malls Could Be a Green Fix for U.S. Housing Crisis

Yale E360

Urban designer Peter Calthorpe has a plan for the shuttered and financially troubled strip malls that dot the suburban landscape: Convert the malls into housing that would be part of green communities where people could be closer to their jobs and get out of their cars. Read more on E360

2022 110

Climate crisis is driving cousins of The Lion King character to local extinction

Frontier Sin

By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer. Image: Nicholas Pattinson. The yellow-billed hornbill, cousins of fan-favorite Zazu from The Lion King , faces local extinction due to the climate crisis.

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‘Micronovae’ explosions on white dwarfs caused by localized accretion

Physics World

The mystery why of small explosive bursts occur on some accreting white dwarf stars appears to have been solved by a team of astronomers led by Simone Scaringi at the UK’s Durham University.

2022 91

Cemex to Use Coolbrook’s Roto Dynamic Heater to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Environment + Energy Leader

Cemex, a building materials company, is the first company to announce it aims to use Coolbrook’s Roto Dynamic Heater to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from cement production. This comes in addition to Coolbrook’s existing partnerships with ABB and Shell.

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Concerning primordial black holes

Physics World

It’s just gone 12:45 p.m. on 30 November 1954 when a lazy Alabama afternoon is suddenly arrested by a fireball noisily rending the air, burning so bright it’s visible from two neighbouring states as it streaks through the sky above Sylacauga.

DOE Announces $15.3 Billion in Energy Savings

Environment + Energy Leader

The DOE has announced $15.3 billion in energy savings through the Better Buildings Initiative, a public-private partnership pursuing energy, waste, water, and/or greenhouse gas reduction goals and sharing their solutions. The post DOE Announces $15.3

Decoy nanoparticles soak up SARS-CoV-2

Physics World

The ACE2 protein is the cellular door through which SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, enters cells. What if we could trick SARS-CoV-2 into binding to decoy cells that render the virus inactive? Nanoparticles may be the answer.

‘Governance’ Impacts Corporate Credit Most among ESG Issues, Report Finds

Environment + Energy Leader

A report from Fitch Ratings shows that governance is the most impactful of ESG topics in terms of corporate credit ratings. The post ‘Governance’ Impacts Corporate Credit Most among ESG Issues, Report Finds appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

A “Hunger Catastrophe” in the Making

Legal Planet

Grain shipments at Port of Novorossiysk. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. The global food system is in crisis for the third time in fifteen years.

Natural Gas-Powered Fuel Cell Used to Power Data Center

Environment + Energy Leader

Atmos Energy recently completed the installation of a natural gas-powered fuel cell at its corporate data center to generate high efficiency, grid-independent electricity with low emissions.

Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 18, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: May 18, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 76

The Scientists Fighting for Parasite Conservation

Scientific American

Parasites play an outsize role in balancing ecosystems, and some species may be in danger. -- Read more on Features Biology Conservation

Operation PhotoTrogon

Reflections of the Natural World

On Monday, 5/9/22, Rich Brown and I (Jim Gain) rendezvoused in Turlock, CA to begin Operation PhotoTrogon. Our target lay deep in the canyons of the Santa Rita and Huachuca mountains in SouthEast Arizona.

2022 69

Equity Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Practitioners

Environmental News Bits

The Equity Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Practitioners is a comprehensive guide to advancing and measuring equity within public sector stormwater management organizations’ green stormwater infrastructure policies, programs, and projects.

2022 68

AI solves complex physics problems by looking for signs of symmetry

New Scientist

Complicated physics problems are sometimes simpler than they appear, so physicists have made a machine learning model to search for the simplicity

2022 97

Earth911 Podcast: HowGood Product Sustainability Data Could Unlock a Regenerative Revolution

Earth 911

Alexander Gillett, chief executive officer at HowGood, discusses the 15-year effort that produced the largest. The post Earth911 Podcast: HowGood Product Sustainability Data Could Unlock a Regenerative Revolution appeared first on Earth911.

2022 67

How the massive dogs bred to protect livestock could save wolves too

New Scientist

Livestock guardian dogs traditionally used to protect herd animals from predators are now also being hailed as a way to conserve the animals they are trained to scare off

Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury

Scientific American

The stress of COVID fractured a system that was already cracked. -- Read more on Innovations In Health Mind & Brain Mental Health Inequality

2022 91

As reusable takeout container systems expand, logistics questions abound

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Waste Dive. The pandemic threw startups for a loop, but many are still seeing strong demand. Now, companies and restaurants may have to balance brand identity with uniformity. Food service and restaurants Packaging

Waste 62

Watch out for comet SW3, which might cause a meteor shower in late May

New Scientist

Here's hoping that a meteor shower predicted by astronomers for almost a century will be seen this month, says Abigail Beall

2022 87

Sam’s Club outlines new sustainability efforts for its Member’s Mark line

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Grocery Dive. Sam’s Club announced on Tuesday new sustainability efforts, including removing certain ingredients from its Member’s Mark private label line, which spans several categories, including grocery. As part of the work, Sam’s Club said it will unveil a new Member’s Mark logo and design, which will include a “subtle check mark,” … Continue reading Sam’s Club outlines new sustainability efforts for its Member’s Mark line. Grocery stores

2022 62

Why the next big solar storm might hit Earth without warning

New Scientist

A big solar storm could fry the internet, but at least space weather forecasts would give us a day or two to prepare. Or maybe not, because physicists have just discovered a new kind of solar storm that strikes without notice

2022 87

We Shouldn't Try to Make Conscious Software--Until We Should

Scientific American

Eventually, the most ethical option might be to divert all resources toward building very happy machines. -- Read more on Mind & Brain Consciousness Social Sciences Ethics Technology Artificial Intelligence Computing

2022 87

Texas Power Outages Renew Grid Resiliency Concerns

Environment + Energy Leader

Increased demand from hot weather led to power outages in Texas and renewed concerns about grid reliability. The post Texas Power Outages Renew Grid Resiliency Concerns appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader. Conventional Energy Demand Response Energy Management Energy Storage Utilities

2022 60

How Accurate are Rapid COVID Tests?

Scientific American

Two testing experts explain the latest data on how well the assays perform. -- Read more on Health Public Health

2022 87

The female body is misunderstood and this is why, says Rachel E. Gross

New Scientist

From non-consensual vaginal microbiome transplants to misconceptions about the G-spot, Rachel E. Gross discusses the sexism and biases that have led to our fragmented understanding of the female reproductive system

2022 85

The Stream, May 18, 2022: How Some Cities in the American West Have Ample Water Supplies Amid Drought

Circle of Blue

The San Vicente Dam in San Diego, California. Photo © J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue. YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN. A commission in California voted against granting a permit for a proposed desalination plant along the state’s coastline. A report suggests London could be waterless by 2050.

2022 59

Claims that girls have a 'natural' aversion to physics are harmful

New Scientist

Girls are just as capable as boys in science and mathematics, but ingrained attitudes are stopping female students from engaging, says Maria Rossini

2022 85

Wegmans will soon say ‘goodbye’ to single-use plastic bags chainwide

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Grocery Dive. Wegmans announced on Thursday it plans to no longer offer single-use plastic bags by the end of this year. To help customers transition over to reusable bags, Wegmans said it will start charging five cents per paper bag — a move the grocery chain said has been successful in New … Continue reading Wegmans will soon say ‘goodbye’ to single-use plastic bags chainwide. Grocery stores

2022 58

UK expects to produce more electricity than it needs by 2030

New Scientist

A wave of huge offshore wind farms is expected to produce such a glut of inexpensive power that Great Britain soon stops being a net importer of electricity

2030 83

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Living Memorial To Victims Of Violence, Pandemic To Take Root In City Of Harrisburg

PA Environment Daily

Trees to benefit the landscape and remember those lost to the pandemic, violence, and other causes will take root as a living memorial in the City of Harrisburg on Memorial Day weekend. There’s a lot of devastation and trauma in our community,” Harrisburg resident Rafiyqa Muhammad said.

Covid-19 vaccines may ward off long covid even if given post-infection

New Scientist

Researchers compared the rate of long covid among people who were vaccinated after catching covid-19 with those who developed long covid before being vaccinated

2022 83

Federal Court Orders Service to Take a Third Look at Bi-state Sage Grouse Listing Status

Endangered Species Law

On May 16, 2022, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California overturned the U.S.

Night Sky review: Engaging show about a portal to another planet

New Scientist

Sissy Spacek and J. Simmons are the beating heart of this Amazon Prime Video television series about an ageing couple who have a door to another planet in their backyard

2022 82