Thu.Aug 04, 2022

Arizona and California Farmers, Targets for Colorado River Cuts, Draft Their Conservation Strategy

Circle of Blue

Nearly 1 million acre-feet of compensated water cuts are being discussed. Farm fields resemble a mosaic in California’s Imperial Valley. The Imperial Irrigation District holds more rights to Colorado River water than any other user in the basin.

How Does Filter Feeding Work?

Ocean Conservancy

The ocean is filled with a wide variety of organisms that employ different strategies to survive and thrive in the marine environment.


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Recycling Partnership Launches Center for Sustainable Behavior and Impact

Environment + Energy Leader

The Recycling Partnership announced has launched an initiative to drive measurable improvement in residential recycling behavior and mobilize household participation in the circular economy. .

What is a flash flood? A civil engineer explains

Environmental News Bits

by Janey Camp, Vanderbilt University Flash flooding is a specific type of flooding that occurs in a short time frame after a precipitation event – generally less than six hours.

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Shaping a Resilient Future: Climate Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Speaker: Laurie Schoeman Director, Climate & Sustainability, Capital

During this event, national climate and housing expert Laurie Schoeman will discuss topics including relocation, decarbonization, housing affordability, disparities in climate risks, and the health impacts of climate change.

Efficient Heating Systems Key to Meeting Peak Demands, Decarbonizing Buildings

Environment + Energy Leader

A study from several academic institutions shows more needs to be done to meet the need for decarbonizing buildings. The post Efficient Heating Systems Key to Meeting Peak Demands, Decarbonizing Buildings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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Worrying finding in California’s multi-billion-dollar climate initiative reveals problem with using forests to offset CO2 emissions

Frontier Sin

By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer. Image: Zack Frank/ Researchers have found that California’s forest carbon buffer pool, designed to ensure the durability of the state’s multi-billion-dollar carbon offset program, is severely undercapitalized.

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Who benefits from renewable energy subsidies? In Texas, it’s often fossil fuel companies that are fighting clean energy elsewhere

Environmental News Bits

by Nathan Jensen, The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts and Isabella Steinhauer, The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts Texas is known for fiercely promoting its oil and gas industries, but it’s also the No.

Tillamook to Reduce Emissions 30% by 2030

Environment + Energy Leader

The company plans to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality, optimize water use efficiency while maximizing recycling, and improve water quality, among other efforts. . The post Tillamook to Reduce Emissions 30% by 2030 appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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Clean Water Act Citizen Suits Before Fourth Circuit

National Law Center

An important component of many environmental statutes is the ability for private citizens to initiate lawsuits to enforce the statute. The post Clean Water Act Citizen Suits Before Fourth Circuit appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Market Grows as Investment Increases

Environment + Energy Leader

A report from Transparency Market Research finds that increased investment in infrastructure and compatible vehicles will boost the market. The post Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Market Grows as Investment Increases appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

One in 8 people got long covid after infection early in the pandemic

New Scientist

Researchers estimated the prevalence of long covid using survey data from the Netherlands in the early stages of the pandemic

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Ag and Food Law Daily Update: August 4, 2022

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food. Email important additions HERE. . The post Ag and Food Law Daily Update: August 4, 2022 appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center.

2022 72

Extinction Risk May Be Much Worse Than Current Estimates

Scientific American

A machine-learning algorithm predicts that more than half of the thousands of species whose conservation status has yet to be assessed are probably in danger of disappearing for good. Environment Endangered Species

Typically Rainy Parts of Europe See Deepening Drought, Forcing Water Restrictions

Yale E360

The UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, three countries accustomed to regular rainfall, are seeing intense drought this summer, with unusually dry conditions expected to persist through September. Read more on E360

2022 67

Once nearly extinct, bison are now climate heroes

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in the Washington Post. Indigenous tribes are leading the effort to bring back the bison — a victory not only for the sake of biodiversity, but for the entire ecosystem they nurture. Biodiversity Endangered species Tribal/First nations Wildlife

2022 63

The Risk of Heart Disease after COVID

Scientific American

Some studies suggest that the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack or stroke, remains high even many months after a SARS-CoV-2 infection clears up. Health Epidemiology Health Care

2022 87

Haskell Indian Nations University receives $20 million National Science Foundation research award for Indigenous science hub project

Environmental News Bits

Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland today announced that Haskell Indian Nations University, a Bureau of Indian Education-operated Tribal University in Lawrence, Kansas, is the recipient of a $20 million award from the National Science Foundation for an Indigenous science hub project.

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Floating platform "blowhole" can generate energy from waves


Wave Swell Energy, an Australian clean energy company, developed an extraordinary wave energy harvesting platform. Named UniWave 200, the platform is capable of harvesting much more energy from sea waves than other similar technologies

Food manufacturers can recycle equipment destined for landfill or incineration

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Food Manufacture. A new range of Zero Waste Boxes has been launched allowing food manufacturers to recycle equipment such as hair nets and gloves that would be destined for landfill or incineration. Circular economy Food and beverage manufacturing Food service and restaurants

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Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership Accepting Nominations For 3rd Annual Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Diversity Award

PA Environment Daily

The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership is accepting nominations for the Third Annual Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Diversity Award , given for conservation work in environmental justice communities in Pennsylvania. The deadline for nominations is September 30.

2023 83

Can the US go green without destroying sacred native lands?

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in Mother Jones. An Apache group is fighting to stop a massive copper mine in Arizona. Environmental justice Metals Mining industry Tribal/First nations

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The Webb Telescope Captures a Stunning View of the Cartwheel Galaxy

Scientific American

Webb sees through dust and gas into regions out of reach of optical telescopes such as Hubble, revealing new galaxy views. Space & Physics Astronomy

2022 83

Urban waters: Discovering the hidden beauty of a Jersey river

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at e360. Flowing through hard-pressed Camden, New Jersey’s Cooper River was long abused and ignored by area residents. Now, following the example of other urban restoration efforts, a campaign is underway to encourage more use of the Cooper and an appreciation of its natural assets. Water

2022 63

Unprecedented, Climate-Driven Disasters Are Stymieing Preparation Efforts

Scientific American

Disasters so extreme that communities have not experienced anything like them before show the shortcomings of current preparedness plans. Environment Climate Change Natural Disasters

2022 82

8 must-read design books this summer

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Fast Company. From fashion wisdom to a fiery analysis of the plastics industry, there’s something in here for anyone interested in design. Books Sustainable design

2022 63

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Feature: Intrepid Paddlers Take On Entire Susquehanna River

PA Environment Daily

By Alana Jajko, Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Paddlers from all over the state and beyond often dream of the day when they can take time off from their day jobs, pack up their paddling gear, and tackle a multiday adventure on the mighty Susquehanna River Water Trail.

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How nursing schools are preparing their students to understand climate change

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Fast Company. A new program helps teach nurses how the changing climate is going to affect the health of their patients—and how they can be advocates for better climate policies. Climate Environmental health

Sunoco Fails To Meet July 1 Cleanup Deadline For Mariner East Pipeline Spill In The Lake At Marsh Creek State Park, Chester County

PA Environment Daily

On August 2, Senator Katie Muth (D-Chester) and Rep.

How can we clean up PFAS, the ‘forever chemicals’?

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Fast Company. They last forever, so they’re going to require some out-there ideas to get rid of—like electrocuting microbes or chemical-attracting bubbles. Environmental restoration PFAS

2022 63

Planetary Debris Disks Discovered with Citizen Scientists and Virtual Reality

Scientific American

Members of the public are helping professional astronomers identify nascent planetary systems. Space & Physics Astronomy

2022 79

The energy transition runs into a ditch in rural Ohio

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Inside Climate News. Resistance to renewable energy is growing in America’s farm country, including in this Ohio village where a solar proposal has divided the community. Here’s how it looks to two families that used to be friends: the Scheins and the Barneses. Renewable energy

2022 63

New Santorini homes are built with processed volcanic ash


Jury prize winner in the "Unbuilt Hospitality" category at the A+ Awards 2022 from Architizer goes to these gorgeous autonomous summer homes designed by iraisynn attinom for Santorini in Greece

2022 74

Racial and ethnic disparities persist in NSF funding decisions

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Chemical & Engineering News. Over the past 2 decades, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) has consistently funded White researchers at higher rates than researchers from other racial and ethnic groups, according to a new study that has not yet been peer-reviewed (OSF Preprints 2022, DOI: 10.31219/ io/xb57u). The study also found … Continue reading Racial and ethnic disparities persist in NSF funding decisions.

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On the Wings of Research

Academy of Natural Sciences

“Butterflies are often a first point of introduction for many into nature,” writes Vaughn Shirey, first author of an astounding paper published in the very prestigious science journal, Nature, that presents the largest and most comprehensive global compilation of butterfly trait data to date.

Are voluntary carbon markets ready for a new type of credits?

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at GreenBiz. Research by BeZero Carbon states that just 19% of the voluntary carbon market today could be classified as ‘removals credits,’ with the market dominated by so-called ‘avoidance credits.’ ’ Carbon dioxide removal Publications