Wed.Oct 20, 2021

Republicans Reject the Freedom to Vote Act

Union of Concerned Scientists

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Scanning the cosmos for signs of alien technology

Physics World

In 1802 the young German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss suggested a way to make our presence known to would-be Martians – by clearing a huge area in the Siberian forest, planting it with wheat, and creating a pattern indicative of the Pythagorean theorem.


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Colorado’s Fossil Fuel Industry Wants to Buy Your Friendship. Don’t Be Fooled.

Union of Concerned Scientists

A new UCS report found that the oil and gas industry has spent massive amounts of money in Colorado to buy political influence and block public health and environmental safeguards. Climate Change Energy Scientific Integrity climate change impacts disinformation fossil fuel companies

Disabled Astronauts Blaze New Space Trails

Scientific American

Efforts are underway to make space missions more accessible. -- Read more on Social Sciences Diversity Space & Physics Space Exploration

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How Much Did Ancient Land-Clearing Fires in New Zealand Affect the Climate?

Inside Climate News

A new study adds to the evidence that forest clearing and the spread of agriculture affected the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature earlier than previously believed.

How Airborne Microplastics Affect Climate Change

Scientific American

Like other aerosols, these tiny particles scatter and absorb sunlight, influencing Earth’s temperature. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Pollution

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Four Success Stories in Gene Therapy

Scientific American

The field is beginning to fulfill its potential. These therapies offer a glimpse of what’s to come. -- Read more on Innovations In Health Medicine

2021 95

Time to integrate global climate change and biodiversity science-policy agendas

The Applied Ecologist

This year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in Glasgow in November. In the lead up to the conference, we’re asking our editors and authors to share their research at the interface of climate and ecology.

Electoral Engineering and the Freedom to Vote

Scientific American

Securing basic voting rights should take priority over more elaborate reforms. -- Read more on Social Sciences Inequality Policy Politics

In Benton Harbor, Residents’ Complaints of Lead-Tainted Water Carry Echoes

Circle of Blue

Carmela Patton said a test in her home revealed lead water levels 47 times above the state action level. She worries that lead exposure could have contributed to her daughter’s developmental challenges. Bridge photo by Kelly House). Kelly House, Bridge Michigan, – October 20, 2021.

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Will Giving COVID Booster Shots Make It Harder to Vaccinate the Rest of the World?

Scientific American

Wealthy countries have bought up most of the available vaccine doses for booster shots but still have far more than they need. -- Read more on Health Vaccines Social Sciences Ethics

2021 89

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Net Zero Homes

Earth 911

An increasing number of cities, counties, and states around the U.S. are committed to reducing. The post It’s Time To Start Thinking About Net Zero Homes appeared first on Earth911. Business & Policy EcoTech Home & Garden net-zero

2021 85

The Quest to Overcome Gene Therapy's Failures

Scientific American

Tragic side effects plagued the field’s early years, but researchers are finding ways to minimize the risks. -- Read more on Innovations In Health Medicine

2021 88

Simulations herald rethink for all-inorganic perovskite solar cells

Physics World

Solar power has a major role to play in cutting carbon emissions, but producing photovoltaic cells from silicon – the long-time market leader – is an energy-intensive process.

How Can an Elephant Squeak Like a Mouse?

Scientific American

New research, using a camera that can "see" sound, shows some elephants can produce high-pitched buzzing with their lips. -- Read more on Biology Animals

2021 87

Searching for signs of alien technologies

Physics World

In this episode of the Physics World Stories podcast astronomers discuss the search for signs of extraterrestrial technologies.

Frontiers’ Volunteers: Giving Communities Time, Talks and Tarts 

Frontier Sin

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers have been at the forefront of community and societal responses.

2021 81

How Airborne Microplastics Affect Climate Change

Scientific American

Like other aerosols, these tiny particles scatter and absorb sunlight, influencing Earth’s temperature. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Pollution

PRISMAP consortium to fast-track nuclear medicine research

Physics World

Working in collaboration: The PRISMAP consortium, highlighting the facilities providing access to radionuclides and biomedical research facilities under development. Courtesy: SCIPROM 2021).

2028 79

Ag & Food Law Daily Update: October 20, 2021

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food.

2021 78

Rising Arctic Temperatures Mean Migrating North No Longer Worth It for Many Species, Study Finds

Yale E360

As temperatures rise in northern regions, migrating species are seeing less benefit from migrating north for the summer months, according to scientists who reviewed 25 recent studies. Read more on E360

2021 74

Opinion: Increased media climate coverage must continue beyond COP26

A Greener Life

Our Planet Matters, the umbrella under which BBC are classifying its environmental and climate coverage in the run up to COP26. Photo credit: BBC. By Anders Lorenzen. As the world is nearing the crucial UN climate summit COP26 , climate coverage is yet again on the up. But will it stay that way?

Meet the Muskrat: Push-Up Champion of Cattail Marshes

Cool Green Science

Meet the small semi-aquatic mammal of the cattail marsh. The post Meet the Muskrat: Push-Up Champion of Cattail Marshes appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching

Why hope and optimism are crucial for fighting climate change

New Scientist

Doom-filled facts will never be enough to tackle climate change. Here is why hope is more important than ever, writes Katharine Hayhoe

Europe’s Post-Pandemic Economic Challenges


By Alfred Kammer. Getting fiscal policy right will be harder than dealing with inflation. Europe has met the COVID-19 pandemic with audacity and imagination and is enjoying a strong but bumpy economic recovery. It now faces two policy challenges: controlling inflation and dialing back fiscal support.

2022 65

COP26: Your essential guide to the crucial climate conference

New Scientist

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow is the world's last chance to spur real action on global warming. But what issues are at stake – and what does a good outcome look like

2021 93

Google Flights adding environmental impact of users’ travel

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in The Hill. Google unveiled a new feature on Wednesday that lets passengers factor in carbon emissions when booking air travel. Read more → Climate change Green lifestyle

COP26: A moment for the world to truly confront the climate emergency

New Scientist

The international climate summit in the UK is a big moment in the fight against global warming. In the spirit of optimism, we look forward to a successful outcome

2021 90

Health impact assessments: A new tool for analyzing land use plans, zone changes, and development projects

Environmental News Bits

Read the full post at the Green Law Blog. Health Impact Assessments have been a tool mainly used by state and federal health agencies to review and avoid the adverse public health impacts of their plans and large-scale capital projects. Local land use officials are beginning to employ Health Impact Assessments (HIA) to review community design issues… Read more → Environmental health Environmental justice Environmental law Land use Sustainable communities

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Watch a wooden knife that is sharper than steel cut through steak

New Scientist

Wood knives sharpened to be three times sharper than steel require less energy to produce than standard tableware

2021 88

Energy from waste: $6.8 million for cow-inspired biodigesters

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from the University of Michigan. University of Michigan leads a collaboration of academic, municipal and private institutions to advance a renewable methane system. Read more → Agriculture Energy

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Fossil Fuel Development to Exceed Global Climate Targets

Scientific American

Planned oil, gas and coal production is not inline with countries’ pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Fossil Fuels

The M?ori meeting house that’s also a research lab

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in Nature. Ocean Mercier researches how Indigenous knowledge and Western science can help resolve environmental issues. Read more → Diversity, equity, and inclusion Tribal/First nations Women in science

Ocean 61

Quick saliva test can reveal cannabis use over the past 12 hours

New Scientist

A sample of saliva placed on a strip and analysed with a smartphone camera can reveal if a person has ingested cannabis in the last 12 hours

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